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"Middle-aged people are in stocks, young people are in shoes", who is consuming purchasing power behind the sky-high sneakers? _ Yeezy

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​The most recent Yeezy buying boom appeared on June 7, at 10 o'clock in the morning that day, the pure black Yeezy Boost 350 V2 "Black" sneakers were officially on sale. This sneaker has another name: Black Angel. Users who want to buy "Black Angels" need to follow the WeChat official account reservation queuing code, store queuing, and first-come-first-served purchase rules.

​The day before the launch, there were many posts on the Hupu forum asking about the queue status. Some netizens said that at 10pm on the 6th, they saw someone lying in front of the Adidas store in Shanghai Dream Dragon Shopping Center with a sleeping bag. Some netizens said that they went to the Suzhou Olympic Sports Store to line up at 8:30 in the evening, and the number they got was 108. The netizen had been in line for 15 hours when he got the shoes at 12 noon the next day.

On the morning of June 15th, outside the Madness store in Sanlitun, Beijing, middle-aged people gathered together to play cards. In the eyes of many sneaker enthusiasts, the only one comparable to the Yeezy series is the Nike Air Jordan series. In 1985, Nike launched the first pair of Air Jordan 1 shoes named after basketball player Michael Jordan. Jordan's legendary achievements in basketball career gave AJ an irreplaceable position in the sneaker culture. Nike, who is good at marketing, continued to reproduce classic models after Jordan retired, and made the Jordan brand a collection of collections.

​In September 2017, Air Jordan launched the OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1, a joint brand with fashion brand OFF-WHITE. The sale price is 1499 yuan. At that time, sneaker enthusiasts didn't get the qualification to buy pills, so they could only look at "shoes" and sigh. Later, my friend bought the white, black and red AJ1 from the second-hand market for 12,000 yuan.

​In the eyes of Pill, a friend is an ordinary foreign student, not rich. But the practice of wearing AJ1 to play basketball still makes Pill a little shocked. Ten months later, the pill bought the white, black and red AJ1 from a friend at a price of 5,000 yuan. Today, in the second-hand market, the price of the same sneakers in the second-hand market has risen to 70,000 yuan.

​Limited sales, re-engraved classics, and co-branded models, businesses don’t even bother to think of new "routines", they can easily empty the wallets of fans. The same sales method has even expanded to other sneaker brands. Recently, Li Ning recently sold a limited edition special edition sneaker for NBA superstar Wade. The original price was only 1,000 yuan, but now the price has risen to 40,000 yuan.

​In the opinion of Zoom Gui, a postgraduate student and a new media writer for sneakers at the University of Queensland, the significance of limited sneakers has two main points: try and stimulate the market. Zoom Gui explained that when a new product or design style has just come out, the brand will generally produce a small number of products first, which can alleviate inventory pressure and understand the market's response to the new design.

​If the design of this type of sneaker has been accepted by the public, the style is relatively mature, but it is difficult for consumers to generate consumer demand because of a good-looking pair of sneakers. In this case, the limited edition can "improve the whole market".

​Zoom Gui said: "Originally we were only selling sneakers, but in hunger marketing, we used ordinary sneakers as a substitute for limited sneakers to satisfy some consumers who could not buy limited sneakers. This actually stimulates the consumer desire of the entire market from the other side." In other words, there is no limited edition, and it is generally difficult for consumers to have the enthusiasm for ordinary sneakers. When limited editions are not available, regular models become an alternative.​

On the morning of June 15, outside the Madness store in Sanlitun, Beijing, middle-aged women joined the queue.

RetailThe "game" with the dealer

​At 9:30, college student Guo Yu also joined the queue. Guo Yu is not a pure sneaker lover, his main purpose of buying shoes is to sell shoes. In the sneaker circle, players like Guo Yu who grab shoes through official channels and sell them in the market to earn the difference are called retail investors. Shoe players who control the market price by sweeping a large number of goods, raising prices, etc. are called dealers.

​In 2018, Guo Yu obtained the qualification to buy Air Jordan1 black and purple toes through a lottery. After changing hands and earning 3,000 yuan, Guo Yu started reselling sneakers. Later, Guo Yu also drew two pairs of Travis Scott and Air Jordan's cooperation models, commonly known as "barb" sneakers. The so-called "the hook is reversed and the family bankrupted", this pair of sneakers, originally priced at 1,299 yuan, rose to 8,000 yuan less than a month after being sold.

​At the beginning of March 2019, Guo Yu went to the Adidas Wangfujing store to line up 3 hours in advance in order to queue up to buy the Yeezy350 Asian limited color edition. About 500 meters long Wangfujing Pedestrian Street, people in line stood two-thirds of the street. "It's really cold in Wangfujing after 7 o'clock." Guo Yu had a lingering fear. In the end, Guo Yu bought Yeezy 350 as he wished, but this time, he chose to keep the shoes for himself. "A few pairs of shoes are also my dream." Guo Yu did not disclose how much money he made by reselling sneakers, but he said that the income can at least sustain his daily living expenses since he went to college.

​In the face of limited edition sneakers, the dealer does not have the feelings of Guo Yu. For them, the core of speculating shoes is nothing more than exacerbating the imbalance between supply and demand. According to "China Business News" reports, market makers will control market prices by sweeping a large number of goods and raising prices.

​After the limited edition sneakers are on the market, the dealer will scan the goods to grab the gold code, namely 40-45 size for men and 36-37.5 size for women. "The price increase caused by the shortage of gold size will drive other sizes to control the overall price." When a large number of sources are monopolized by the dealer and there is no new increment in the market, the control of the price is in the hands of the dealer.

​According to the "Beijing News", an industry insider said that he had seen a bookmaker's bill, and the purchase amounted to 1.1 million yuan a month. Some people have made nearly 300,000 yuan in two years by reselling sneakers.

​"If you want to buy a limited edition lipstick, you can purchase it on Taobao, but sneaker brands only sell specific styles in specific channels. The lack of product channels requires a long lottery queue after the release of new shoes. As a result, it is almost impossible for sneaker players to buy their favorite sneakers in the primary market at the original price." An insider said in an interview with the media.

​This time, instead of relying on the gray Yeezy 700 to make money, Guo Yu valued the points gained from purchases. This can help him obtain the status of an Adidas Golden Member and thus have a new purchase channel. According to the consumption amount, you can become an Adidas Gold member if the accumulated actual payment amount exceeds RMB 8,000 for shopping in designated online channels, adiCLUB retail stores or adiCLUB outlets or discount stores.

​In addition to the 200 yuan voucher, Gold members will also be eligible to purchase some limited products. Compared with the ordinary limited edition, only the gold members have the qualification to purchase the sneakers, the quantity is smaller, the purchaser is more restricted, and the price on the secondary market will be higher.

​On June 7th, a coconut shoe named "Man's Breath" chose to register for sale via SMS, inviting a small number of gold members to the Adidas flagship store in Shanghai to register and buy shoes. The mode of SMS registration and sale not only means that "Gypsophila" directly closed the sales channels for ordinary consumers, but also means that this sneaker will become a limited edition. A day later, the prices on the secondary market showed the value of "Gypsophila" as a "super limited edition": the original price of 1899 yuan for sneakers, the popular size has reached 17,000 yuan, the price has risen nearly 10 times.

​In the view of Chen Heda, general manager of Sole What, a multi-brand sneaker store in Malaysia and managing two Adidas authorized brand stores, the domestic sneaker market has grown too fast, coupled with the market’s enthusiasm for hype, leading to many Hot money enters the sneaker market, and the hobby of sneakers is no longer pure. Scalping sneakers has huge profits. Under this circumstance, the entire industry has attracted more and more people to join. "Who is the real sneaker lover? Just like in the crowded sea, how can you know who is swimming naked?"

​Grand View Res, an American market research agencyEarch predicts that by 2025, the global sports shoe market will exceed 95 billion U.S. dollars. According to data released by Stock X, the largest sneaker e-commerce platform in the United States, in the second-hand sneaker market share in 2018, Nike's Air Jordan brand accounted for 44%, Nike brands (except Air Jordan) accounted for 26%, and Adidas brand accounted for 24%. . Compared with the selling price, the second-hand prices of the three major brands of Air Jordan, Nike, and Adidas are respectively 59%, 58%, and 25% premium.

At noon on June 15th, in the Beijing Workers Stadium, people waiting for the sneaker draw.

It is difficult for fans to break through

​In the sneaker market, sports brands have the absolute right to speak. Hiring people in line is the bottom-most existence: with the least money, doing the most tiring work. In the end, all additional costs will be paid for by sneaker enthusiasts.

​At the sneaker sale site, who is the real sneaker enthusiast can have a simple distinction from the appearance. Young people, wearing trendy brand, foot-on brand sports shoes, especially limited edition sports shoes, are generally hobbyists. If there are young people wearing errand platform overalls, brightly dressed middle-aged aunts, and uncles with small benches, they are usually people hired by shoe vendors to line up.

​This set of distinguishing standards also applies to people queuing at the gate of Madness. At the gate of Madness, dozens of gray-haired elderly people in their 60s were sitting on the pony ties, gathering together to play cards. Most of the old people wear loose, thin coats and hold a thermos cup in their hands. Not far away, the young man in short-sleeved shorts stood crookedly against the wall, even sitting directly on the ground. As a fashion brand sought after by young people, no one would think that these old people would be Madness's target users.

​As it approached 9 o'clock, the Madness clerk began to pull out the isolation belt at the door to guide the crowd to change the direction of the team. When two middle-aged men with a northeastern accent saw this, they waved to the old man playing cards. The old people quickly put away the things on the ground and turned to join the line. There was a brief commotion at the end of the line. Everyone knew that the old people were hired to line up by two middle-aged men.

​In order to cope with the speculators of shoes, all sports brands have introduced strict purchase restrictions. Under normal circumstances, only one pair of designated sneakers can be purchased with one ID number in designated online channels and offline brand direct stores. But for brand-owned stores with per capita purchase restrictions, there is essentially no difference whether it is an 18-year-old college student or a 60-year-old retired aunt who buys the goods.

​In some stores authorized by brands, the situation is somewhat different. In order to cope with the shoe dealers, the stores have come up with many additional restrictions on purchases, such as the requirement to wear sneakers of the same brand when buying sneakers, and the sales method is to queue up on the spot and then draw lots and so on.

At noon on June 15, in the small park of Beijing Workers’ Stadium, people preparing to participate in the lottery were changing shoes.

At 12 noon, Guo Yu, who bought Yeezy700 in Sanlitun, changed to a new "battlefield" and turned to a store specializing in limited-edition sneakers at Workers Stadium. At 1 p.m., the store will sell the sneakers Patta x Air Jordan 7, which is a collaboration between Amsterdam street brand Patta and Air Jordan.

​According to store requirements, in order to prevent queue jump, the staff will take photos in groups of 5 for all customers participating in the queue before the sale time. The staff will issue the signatures according to the order of the customers on the photos. For customers who are not on the photos, the staff has the right not to issue the signatures. At the same time, in order to "reduce price speculation," customers participating in the draw need to wear Nike brand sneakers. Those who change shoes on the spot will be disqualified for numbering once discovered.

​Different from the queuing situation at the entrance of brand-owned stores, almost all young people participated in the lottery. Many people are also wearing the collaboration T-shirts jointly sold by Uniqlo and artist KAWS that were snapped up some time ago. In a blink of an eye, the unit price of sneakers worn by many people exceeded 10,000 yuan. "This is an offline gathering of senior shoe friends." Guo Yu said jokingly.

​After Guo Yu took the queuing code, there was still some time before the draw, and several people went to the small park opposite to enjoy the cool. There are more than a dozen young people sitting on the benches in the small park. They don't know what they are talking about. It sounds very lively.A few minutes later, a middle-aged man dragging a 24-inch suitcase came into the crowd. As soon as the suitcase was opened, it contained all Nike sneakers. Young people put on Nike sneakers one after another, and then flooded into the queue.

​All the criteria for judging traders and enthusiasts by appearance will not work in the hands of experienced shoe-shoes players.

At noon on June 15, in the Beijing Workers Stadium, people waiting for the sneaker draw.

The business of second-hand trading platform

​At 1:30 in the afternoon, everyone in the queue received a number plate, and the store will determine the final Of buyers. According to the number plates issued on the spot, a total of about 800 people participated in the queuing lottery, and in the end only less than 50 people won the lottery. Among them, some people are only eligible to purchase peripheral products, and less than 20 people can actually buy sneakers. Guo Yu, who has participated in many draws, said that winning the lottery is as difficult as winning the lottery.

​While lining up to take pictures, in order to make up 5 people, Guo Yu recruited an unknown boy to join his team. In the end, the only boy in the five-member team who he didn't know won the lottery. Guo Yu was a little depressed. When he walked out of the Gongti, Guo Yu turned and entered the lottery shop next to him, hoping that his luck in buying the lottery ticket this time would be better. As the unsuccessful crowd went out, the impatient had already opened the second-hand trading software and began to browse the price of the same sneakers.

​According to the second-hand sneaker industry observation report published by the trend media website Highsnobiety, the global second-hand sneaker market may have reached 6 billion US dollars. Overseas, it is composed of Stadium Goods, Grailed, StockX, GOAT, etc. The platform echelon has gradually stabilized.

​In StockX, every pair of sneakers has a stock code. The seller marks the asking price and the buyer bids. Users can view recent sales of sneakers, price fluctuations, and the highest and lowest prices in the past 52 weeks. Once the selling price and the bid agree, the transaction will be automatically concluded. After the transaction is concluded, the seller will send the sneakers to StockX headquarters, and there will be a dedicated team to confirm the authenticity of the sneakers, and then send them to the buyer after confirmation.

​In addition, StockX also counts the constantly floating "total value of personal assets" for each user. Users can see that the total value of their sneakers is increasing or depreciating at any time, even in " On the "Portfolio" page, StockX also counts the price fluctuations of all commodities on the entire platform, like a real sneaker stock trading market.

​In China, most sneaker enthusiasts are more familiar with the second-hand trading platform "Poison". According to data from Tianyan Check, the main company of the "Poison" APP is Shanghai Shizhuang Information Technology Co., Ltd., which was established in July 2015. In April 2019, "Poison" APP completed the A+ round of financing. The investor was DST (Digital Sky Technologies), and the amount was not disclosed. However, according to people close to the transaction, after the completion of this round of investment, the valuation of "Poison" APP reached 1 billion U.S. dollars, becoming the number one "shoe dealer" in China.

​Reports show that the monthly GMV of the "Poison" APP in mid-2018 has been close to 200 million yuan, and the annual GMV of 2019 can reach 6 billion to 7 billion yuan. In March 2019, the monthly life of the poison exceeded 1.4 million. According to Aurora Big Data statistics, in March 2019, the penetration rate of "Poison APP" increased by 68.7% month-on-month, ranking third. During the "Double Eleven" period in 2018, the "Poison" APP surpassed Taobao and JD in one fell swoop, and ranked 4th in the total free download list of Apple's APP Store and 1st in the sports download rankings, becoming last year's "Double Eleven" "The biggest online shopping platform dark horse.

At noon on June 15th, in the Beijing Workers Stadium, people waiting for the sneaker draw.

Among the user portraits of "Poison" APP, young users under 30 account for 60%, and more than half of them are male users born in the 90s. According to a data from, in China, the monthly living scale of high-spending men (that is, online spending more than 1,000 yuan) and men with mobile shopping behavior preferences is about 87 million. Among them, unmarried men under the age of 30 are the main force, and they are the group that likes "buy, buy, buy" the most.

​The founder of Meituan Wang Xing once mentioned a conclusion of market consumption value summarized by investors. Male consumption power is at the bottom, even the most popular.Behind the thing. Now it seems that, at least on the issue of sneakers, the investor's conclusion is invalid.

​"The economic and cultural conditions under which they grew up determine that their understanding of consumption is relatively mature, and their needs are more personalized. They do not reject emerging brands or even domestic brands at all, which brings trends to e-commerce platforms. Here comes a great opportunity." Xu Ying, the managing partner of Xiangfeng Investment, said in an interview with the media.

​After the barbaric growth, "poison" also encountered doubts on the issue of authenticity. According to the "Securities Daily" report, some consumers bought a pair of Nike Air more liquid silver on the "poison". After receiving the goods, they got the appraisal on the trendy sports equipment community "Get", but they were identified as "fake goods". result. Some users broke the news that the shoebox sold by "Poison" did not match the shoes. After being questioned and complained about selling fake goods, the buyer's account was permanently banned. The "Poison" customer service offered to give the buyer 300 yuan as a sealing fee. Was exposed.

​Even the manufacturers of "Putian shoes" are eyeing "poison". Many people even started to imitate "poison" identification certificates and openly sell them. The price of "Putian shoes" with imitation certificate is also higher than that of ordinary imitation shoes.

​"The sneaker itself is an accessory with a lot of heritage and many elements. Wearing the most expensive and trendy sneakers all the time does not represent yourself, but can only be regarded as a trendy puppet." Chen Heda added : "The hobby of sneakers, I hope that all friends can play rationally and do what they can." (At the request of the interviewer, some of the interviewees in the article are pseudonyms)​​​​

(The original title is "" Young people in stocks, young people in shoes", behind the sky-high sneakers, who is consuming the purchasing power of straight men?")

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