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Three short stories to improve your investment skills

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Kitten fishing

In the woods Next to it, there is a small river with many fish swimming in the water.

One morning, mother cat took her kitten to the river to go fishing. They just sat down and a dragonfly flew over. The dragonfly is so fun, flying around like a small plane. The kitten really liked it, put down the fishing rod, and went to catch the dragonfly. The dragonfly flew away, the kitten didn't catch it, and returned to the river empty-handed. At first glance, the mother cat caught a big fish.

The kitten sat down by the river to fish again, and a butterfly flew over. The butterfly is so beautiful. The kitten really liked it, so he put down the fishing rod and went to catch the butterfly. The butterfly flew away, and the kitten didn't catch it again. He returned to the river empty-handed and saw that the mother cat caught another big fish.

The kitten said: "It's so annoying, why can't I catch a fish?"

The cat looked Look at the kitten and say: "Fishing should be single-minded, not half-hearted. How can you catch a fish if you catch a dragonfly for a while and a butterfly for a while?"

The kitten listened to the cat Mom's words were embarrassing, and since then, she has been fishing wholeheartedly.

The dragonfly flew again, and the butterfly flew too. The kitten seemed to have not seen it, and did not walk away. After a while, hi! The line on the fishing rod sank, and the fishing rod started to move. The kitten flicked the fishing rod upwards, "Oh!" A big fish came up. The fish fell to the ground and bounced around cracklingly. The kitten hurriedly caught the big fish and shouted happily: "I caught a big fish, I caught a big fish!" Later, the cat mother and kitten together Carrying the caught fish, he went home happily.

The Old Man and the Sea

Santiago is an old fisherman in Cuba. When he was young, he was very good, strong and powerful. He once wrestled his wrists against a black man, competed for a day and night, and finally defeated his opponent. In his later years, his experience and reaction were not as good as before. After the death of his wife, he lived alone in a simple hut by the sea.

For a while, the old fisherman was fishing alone in a small boat. He played for 84 days, but he did not catch a single fish. Originally, a boy named Manolin was always with him, but over time Manolin's parents thought that the old man was unlucky and ordered the children to take another boat out to sea. Sure enough, he caught three good fish in the first week. Every time the child sees the old man returning by boat every time, he feels very uncomfortable and always helps him to get things.

Santiago is thin and haggard, with wrinkles on the back of his neck, and pimple on his face, but his eyes are as blue as sea water, without any depression. He and the child are friends at year-end. The old man taught the child to fish because the child loves him very much. Many fishermen in the village made fun of the old man because he couldn't catch the fish, but in Manolin's eyes, the old man was the best fisherman. They are not only fishing to make money, but to see it as a career of mutual interest. The child prepares meals for the old man and commented on the softball game with him. The old man admired the softball player Di Maggio in particular. He is the son of a fisherman. Although he has bones on his heels, he plays the ball for a long time. The old man recognized that he was old and his physical strength was not as strong as that of his prime, but he knew a lot of fishing tips and had great determination, so he was still a good fisherman.

The old man and the child met on the second day, which is the 85th day, and went to sea early in the morning. That night the old man had a dream, dreaming that he was sailing to Africa when he was a young sailor and saw lions playing on the beach. After waking up, he walked in the moonlight to wake up the child, and the two dividedTake two boats and sail to the sea of ​​their choice after leaving the port.

It is still dark, and the old man has already put down his bait. The belly of the bait is wrapped with the handle of the hook, and the protruding part of the hook is wrapped with fresh sardines. The bait is fragrant and delicious.

While Santiago was staring at the fishing line, he saw a green pole sticking out of the water rushing into the water. He gently pinched the fishing line with the thumb and index finger of his right hand. Then the line moved again, and the pulling force was not too strong. The old man understood that in the depths of the sea below a hundred fathoms, a marlin was eating a sardine caught by the fish. He felt a slight tugging from below and was very happy. After a while he felt that there was something hard and heavy, which was obviously the weight of a marlin, and he concluded that it was a big fish. This aroused his determination to challenge it.

The old man loosened the fishing line first, then shouted, using all his strength to gather the fishing line, but the fish did not easily give in. Instead of coming up an inch, Swim away slowly. The old man put the fishing line on his spine to increase the pulling force against the marlin, but it didn't help much. He watched the boat drifting to the northwest. The old man thought that the fish would die soon after using too much force, but four hours later, the fish still dragged the boat to swim to the vast sea, and the old man did not relax the fishing line on his back. They confronted.

At this time, the old man looked back, and the land had disappeared from his sight. The sun is falling to the west and the sky is full of stars. The old man made a judgment based on his observation of the stars: the big fish did not change direction all night, the weather was cold at night, and the old man's sweat dried out, and he felt cold all over. He put a sack under the fishing line on his shoulders to reduce friction, and then bent over and leaned on the bow of the boat, and he felt much more comfortable. In order to stick to it, he kept talking to fish, birds, and the sea, recalling the past, and thinking of Manolin, he said to himself loudly: "If the child is here, it would be nice to let him help. I, look at all this again."

The day before dawn was very cold, and the old man leaned against the wood to keep warm. He wanted to support the fish for as long as I can. He said loudly in a gentle tone: "Fish, as long as I am not dead, I will deal with you to the end." After the sun rose, the old hair felt that the fish was not tired, but the slope of the fishing line indicated that the fish might have to jump up. It was something he couldn't ask for. He said: "Fish, I love you, and I respect you very much. But I must kill you before dark today." The fish became restless, and it suddenly swayed the boat. The old man touched the fishing line with his right hand and found that the hand was bleeding. After a while, his left hand cramped again, but he still tried his best to hold on. He ate a few pieces of tuna to increase his strength to deal with the big fish.

At this moment, the fishing line slowly rose, and the big fish finally came out of the water. In the sun, this body is bright and dazzling, colorful. It was 18 feet long, which was bigger than his boat. Its beak grows like a softball bat, and it is pointed like a slender sword. When its scythe-like tail fell into the water, the fishing line slid down quickly.

The old man and the big fish held each other until sunset. The two had been fighting for two days and one night. The old man couldn't help but recall the experience of playing a wrench with a black man in Casalanca when he was young. They put their elbows on the chalk line on the table, their forearms were straight, and their hands were clenched, and they held each other for a day and a night. Eight hours later, referees will be changed every four hours and they will take turns to sleep. Both he and the black man's fingernails were bleeding.

Once a black man drank sweet wine with all his strength, and pressed his hand down nearly three inches, but Santiago pulled his hand back to its original position. And at the dawn of the next day, he struggled to knock down the black man's hand, and he became a hero in people's minds ever since.

The protracted battle between the old man and the big fish continued from night to dawn. After jumping a dozen times, the big fish began to circle the boat. The old man was dizzy and saw the black spots shaking in front of him, but he still pulled the fishing line tightly. When the fish swam to him, he put down the line and stepped under his feet, then lifted the harpoon high and plunged into the fish. The big fish jumped into the air, fully demonstrating its beauty and power, and then fell into the water with a bang. The waves splashed all over the old man and wet the entire boat.

The fish turned upside down, the silver belly turned up, and the blood flowing from its heart stained the blue sea water. Old man bigThe fish was tied to the side of the boat and returned victoriously. But more than an hour later, the shark smelled the bloody smell of the big fish and followed and grabbed the fish. The old man saw the blue back of the first shark that swam. He prepared the harpoon and tied it with a rope. When the sharks approached the stern to bite the tail of the big fish, the old man killed the two offending sharks with a knife, but the knife broke in the ensuing fight, and he switched to a short stick. However, when sharks came in groups in the middle of the night, he was no longer able to deal with them.

When the boat entered the small port, people saw the huge white fish spine beside the boat. Looking at the skeleton, the old man asked himself what defeated him, and the conclusion was: "Nothing, I went to sea too far."

The next morning, the child I came to see the old man, and couldn't help crying when he was too tired to wake up. When the old man woke up, the child brought him a cup of steaming coffee. The two met in a few days to go fishing together, and the child said he still had a lot to learn. After the child left, the old man fell asleep, and he dreamed of African lions again.

The above three stories can all improve our investment and cultivation.

First of all, the little horse crosses the river and tells us that the same river, the old cow thinks it is a creek that is no more than knees, and the squirrel thinks it is an unfathomable natural danger. But the horse thinks it is just right for it to be neither deep nor shallow. If you compare investment to a river, due to differences in age and experience, perhaps some investors are like squirrels and some investors are like old cows, and they will all have their own different investment experiences. And you are the little horse-listen to other people's opinions, but you have to experience it yourself.

From the cat fishing, we can know that the most important point of investment is concentration. The investment products are complex and there are many tricks. If you are affected by these "butterfly", Dongtou One investment, one rationale and the other, often fail on the investment road. Only by identifying one direction and focusing on research is the right way to invest.

In the end, the story of the old man and the sea tells us that water can carry a boat and it can overturn it. The fisherman’s fishing process is like a stock investment—a small amount of interest is exchanged for a large amount of interest. Then it was the result of huge profits: the tree caught the wind. The smell of blood dissolved in the water attracted the crazy predator shark, almost swallowing the fish with the old man. Such a thrilling experience tells us: Investment is risky, and we need to be cautious when entering the industry.

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