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"Oriental Wall Street": You think you are playing stocks, but you are actually being played by others

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In the past few days, Tencent Video has launched a miniseries (only 5 episodes): " Oriental Wall Street"

This drama is a collaboration between Tencent and Fox Pictures , Please come to the financial TV series produced by Andy Lau.

In the play, many acting schools were invited. In addition to the leading actors: Wu Zhenyu and Zhang Xiaoquan, there are also a number of old Hong Kong actors, such as: Tan Yaowen, Liao Qizhi, and The familiar long-winded Tang Seng Luo Jiaying et al.

I watched the first episode the day before yesterday, and I feel it’s okay. I rarely watch TV series because the plot is too long and time is wasted. This mini-series happens to be Financial subjects, just plan to see.

The financier played by Zhang Xiaoquan in the first episode vividly reveals to us how the dealer manipulates stock prices.

Today’s article also borrows this plot to tell you about some of the ways you don’t know about the capital market:


A certain boss wanted Zhang Xiaoquan to help him launder money, but he didn't know if he could be trusted, so he first planned to let Zhang Xiaoquan try his skills in operating a stock.

Zhang Xiaoquan glanced at the boss and said coldly:

"I only need Half a day..."

And I chose a new stock with the code 5201

I told the big guy with confidence: Now when I scan the goods, I promise that it will rise at 1 o'clock.

Next, he started his performance.

Please note that the routine is here...

First pretend to call, and then casually I walked to the desk of a clerk girl, and while discussing with the people on the phone, I picked up a pen and typed a code a few times, and deliberately said "M&A, if you can't make money, you are a fool."

The clerk’s sister is not a vegetarian. After Zhang Xiaoquan left, she picked up the note Zhang just recorded and traced the stock code of Zhang Xiaoquan’s record: 5201 with a pencil.

When eating at noon, the clerk’s little sister chatted with her girlfriend: "5201 will really rise, XX is big What the investors invited by Lao Xin said..."

(Internal news)

Unexpectedly, there are ears in the partition wall, and 5201 is next to the table The man in the suit hears it

The man in the suit quickly called his good friend: buy 5201, call, and go out at the same time...

During the period, my friends might be suspicious, but the man in the suit went back directly: Can everyone know about it?

I didn’t expect the speaker to be unintentional, the listener to be interested, suit The man's call was heard by the owner of the restaurant.

When the man in the suit checked out, the restaurant owner immediately took a note and wrote down 5201...

So, 5201 was spread by the leeks...

Of course, the leeks are not stupid, I know 5201, but I don’t see rabbits or eagles.

Your stock price will not move, and I will not move first.

Zhang Xiaoquan is well versed in the psychology of leek, so he called his subordinates:

first The stock price pushes up a little bit, let retail investors follow to buy...

The trader under his hand may have shaken his hands and accidentally pushed the stock price too fast.

Zhang Xiaoquan hurriedly said: "Don't you rise so fast, can you?" Take care of the chart pie.

Here to explain, the chart pie is the technical analysis pie. People make buying and selling decisions based on various graphs and indicators of stocks.

Zhang Xiaoquan said "Take care of the chart pie", which means to let his people not blindly pull up, but pull out a technical analysis that looks like it will continue to rise. The graphics come out.

In this case, many technical analysts have a look, oh yo, this stock has a good graph, it's going to go up, hurry up and buy it.

Look at how people make graphics:

First draw a head and shoulders, Another bottleneck line in half an hour...

here You don't need to know what exactly it means, as long as you know, the graph will show that the stock looks like a mess.

Sure enough, the chart was fooled.

Many technical analysts began to analyze the 5201 stock:


It’s time to buy 5201.


Here, let’s make up for the situation of many leeks opening trading software to place orders .

At this moment, when the camera turns, these routines of Zhang Xiaoquan are actually longAs expected by Wu Zhenyu (another financier).

In the play, Zhang Xiaoquan is Wu Zhenyu’s apprentice. The apprentice stabs his butt. Of course, the master knows what to pull.

So, Wu Zhenyu’s younger brother came to ask:

Brother, 5201 has risen to 2 It's bucks, do you want to throw it away?

Wu Zhenyu's old driver's side shows:

Throw you at the head, this is just starting to stir , Any stock speculation must tell a story.

Wait, half an hour later, there must be a story in 5201...

Sure enough, half an hour later, the chairman of 5201 company , Was photographed "secret meeting" with the president of another company, it seems that the rumors of the acquisition are confirmed.

However, people are just talking about everyday things:

But leeks don’t care about him so much. The news says it’s an acquisition, so it must be acquired.

As a result, 5201 continues to skyrocket...

Here, let’s make up for many leeks to open Scenarios of crazy orders placed by trading software.

At this time, the screen changes again. Wu Zhenyu, who sits still in the office and blows the air-conditioning, has already seen everything...

(I feel that Wu Zhenyu's role is unfathomable)

Then Wu Zhenyu looked up at the monitor and said to the younger brother:

Sell it for the highest price

Fuck, it’s like a stock god reborn.

Here I still have to complain, the director, can't you be more rigorous? When Wu Zhenyu said the highest price to the computer, the news of the acquisition was shown on the monitor! Anyway, it is reasonable to have a market map in the later stage.

Okay, just express the meaning.

Then the screen switched to the boss at the beginning. The boss with a big face seemed very satisfied with Zhang Xiaoquan’s performance, and he said with a smile on his face

"Now I really start playing..."

So far, the price of a stock has been perfectly speculated.

However, the plot is indeed as the boss said, just started playing......

Later, under the control of Zhang Xiaoquan, he succeeded in using 5201 to achieve his goal by adding leverage and staged Wei Wei to save Zhao. However, the plot was somewhat reversed.

I won’t be spoiled, friends who are interested can check it out by themselves.

This kind of stock price manipulation method, we will stop here...

It is said that this The play also revealed a lot of capital gameplay, but it’s a pity that you have to open a membership to watch the second episode. I haven't watched it yet. Who of you lends me one?

However, after watching the show, you have to gain something.

Finally, to summarize as usual:

1. Stock prices can be manipulated, especially large funds.

Nowadays, I often see the news. The China Securities Regulatory Commission has arrested someone and manipulated the stock price. You know, this is the tip of the iceberg.

2. Don't listen to news about stocks.

I suddenly remembered the sharp fall of Yili and Ping An not long ago. It was because of rumors that I really had money to get a bargaining chip for a good price. Rumors?

3. Technical analysis can’t be trusted.

This skill of looking at pictures and talking is still Just for reference.

In short, everyone who is happy in the stock market, don't let your money go. It is possible that you are being played by an invisible hand.

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