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Simplified feasibility report format sample

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The feasibility study report means that before engaging in an economic activity (investment), both parties must conduct specific investigations, research, and analysis on various factors from economy, technology, production, supply and marketing to various social environments, laws, etc., to determine the benefits and The unfavorable factors, whether the project is feasible, the estimated success rate, the degree of economic and social effects, are the report documents approved by the decision makers and the competent authority. This article is a sample feasibility report format compiled by the learning editor for everyone, for reference only.

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The feasibility report of the establishment of the Traffic Safety Committee in the development zone

The High-tech Industry Development Corporation is a registered enterprise with a state-owned economic nature. After the company was established in 1992, in accordance with the overall requirements of the development zone’s innovative management system, the head office has firmly established the service level.

First, while efficiency is the first, it has continuously strengthened its internal management and fully mobilized all parties in the society. The enterprising factors in this respect have continuously attracted scientific and technological talents and investors from the whole society to join in, and make unremitting efforts for the joint construction and development of high-tech industrial development zones. With the overall advancement of the head office's strategic goal of "big investment and investment", the establishment of a motor vehicle management agency in the development zone to effectively implement the management of personnel and vehicles has become an urgent need to promote the rapid development and growth of the current development zone.

1. Necessity for the establishment of the Traffic Safety Committee

1. At present, the high-tech development zone currently has various types of motor vehicles _ _ more than vehicles, drivers _ _ more than people, according to the second phase According to the expansion plan, it is estimated that by the end of next year, there will be more than _ _ motor vehicles and more than _ _ motor vehicle drivers.

2. Motor vehicles and personnel that have been and will be stationed in the development zone, as well as other motor vehicles and personnel listed in other transportation safety committees, are waiting for the development zone due to the cumbersome and inconvenient aspects of vehicle inspection and work contact in other places. After the establishment of the Traffic Safety Committee, a group of motor vehicles and personnel will be transferred to management.

3. The high-tech development zone is located in Xuefu Street in the south of Taiyuan City, with a very prominent location. There are various large and medium-sized motor vehicle trading markets around the development zone. In addition to the opening of Changfeng Street, east-west, north-south, extending in all directions, the traffic volume has doubled compared with the past, and it has good conditions for establishment and management.

2. Management plan and management scale of the Traffic Safety Commission

1. Management name and legal person

1. Management name: Taiyuan High-tech Industry Development Headquarters Traffic Management Safety Committee

1, 2 Affiliated unit: Taiyuan High-tech Industry Development Corporation

1, 3 Legal representative: _ _ _

1. 4 Person in charge: _ _ _

2. Organization:

2. 1 Director: 1 person

2. 2 Internal service: 1 person ( Responsible for the file management of vehicles and drivers]

2, 3 car steward: 2 people

2, 4 safety management: 1 person 3, management methods 3, 1 director by the general manager The company selects a technician with many years of practical experience in traffic management to serve as the position. 3, 2 All other required personnel are openly recruited from the society. Choose the best. 3. 3 Formulate detailed rules for post implementation and strict management regulations. 3. 4 Implement annual evaluation, reward the good and punish the bad, compete for posts, and adopt a new mechanism of elimination from the last. 4. Office address: In view of the excellent investment environment of the high-tech development zone, the site selection of the high-tech development zone management committee building is the best plan.

3. Economic analysis:

1. Market prospects

1. Taiyuan High-tech Industrial Development Zone is in the process of structural adjustment, urban construction, During the most critical period of economic development, the growth of motor vehicles and drivers in the development zone was rapid, and the demand for simple and efficient management was large.

1, 2 The high-tech development zone currently has no traffic management organization with the necessary scale and strong competitiveness. The establishment of the Traffic Safety Committee of the head office, relying on the good investment environment of the development zone, through advanced and reasonable computer management methods, will surely implement effective management of drivers and various types of motor vehicles in the development zone, and have a stable management foundation.

1. 3 With the increasing improvement of people's living standards and the popularization of family cars, through continuous improvement of management service awareness and management service quality, strict management, standardized operation, and good service have established honesty A credible management image will surely attract a large number of motor vehicles and drivers in the surrounding areas to call at homes. Gradually expand the scope of management.

2. Sources of funds

2. 1 Apply for national budget appropriations

2. 2 Loans from major domestic banks and financial trust companies

2. 3 Initial investment of self-financing establishment and initial working capital _ _ million

3. Cost estimate: the annual cost of the initial investment is about _ _ more than 10,000 yuan

Among them: venue Rental fee: _ _ _ _ Yuan

Office equipment: _ _ _ _Yuan

Staff cost: 5 staff, annual average salary_ _ _ _ Yuan, the total annual salary cost is _ _ _ _ yuan

Other expenses: _ _ _ _ yuan

4. Benefit estimation

4, 1 At present, there are _ _ _ _ vehicles in the development zone, the annual management fee for bicycles is _ _ _ _ yuan, and the annual revenue is _ _ _ _ yuan.

4. 2 With the continuous expansion of the scale of management, it is predicted that by the end of next year, it will absorb all kinds of relocation motor vehicles _ _ more than, with an annual income of _ _ million yuan.

4. 3 With the continuous improvement of management staff's professional quality and the enhancement of service awareness, efficient and convenient management methods will surely attract many scattered and home-owned private car owners. When the masses of people buy cars and go to their homes, the social benefits produced cannot be estimated.

In summary, the establishment of the Transportation Security Committee of the High-tech Industry Development Corporation has broad market prospects and good development opportunities. The establishment of the Transportation Security Committee based on the development zone has obvious advantages, and the investment profit rate is relatively high. It has the necessary anti-risk ability, is feasible in management, and reasonable in economy. After the establishment of the Traffic Safety Committee, it will have obvious economic and social benefits to the development zone and the society.

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