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500 words for educating children (10 selected articles)

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Education children's experience and experience 500 words (selected 10 articles)

When we have some feelings, we can often write them as an experience, so that we can summarize specific experiences and ideas . Many people have a headache how to write a wonderful experience. The following is a 500 words (selected 10 articles) of educating children compiled by the editor for your reference. Let’s take a look.

Education and experience of children 1

It’s business learning time again, listen to the principal’s explanation that there will be one every day Nice CD-ROM organization for everyone to watch. Early on Saturday morning, I watched the CD titled "Development Education" with all the teachers. Through the CD, I found that I have a deeper understanding of nurturing education. The more I listened, the more I realized that, whether as a mother or as a teacher, my understanding and practice of cultivating habits are far too poor.

What did I do during the critical period of habit formation? Each stage of a person has different periods of habit-forming. From 0 years old to graduation from elementary school, each stage has a critical period of specialized training, focusing on training. Looking back, I didn't take it seriously in the preschool education of my children, so I did a lot of research. At every stage, children need to cultivate those habits that have not been seriously thought or done. In addition, from the first grade to the fifth grade, their own students also have the critical period of habit, such as thinking training and imagination training should focus on training. What have you done? What habits have we cultivated in a scientific and planned way? What habits are formed through repeated training? Reflecting on our education and teaching work, there are more orders and prohibitions, but less guidance. Therefore, we are also suffering from the "habit of sandwiching raw rice", and more and more find that our work is restricted and affected by habit.

Fostering education should focus on being closer, smaller, and more practical. I took this class from the first grade, and I always pay attention to the development of students, but I found that there are still problems of this kind. Through expert lectures, I reflected that my usual education is a "fire-fighting" education, not training all the time, and there is no training education that allows students to transform their hearts from external forces into internal forces. At the same time, I found that the "serialization" of nurturing education is also very important. There should be levels, with different educational content at each stage. For example, the establishment of factors suitable for students' age characteristics, psychological conditions and ideological reality, etc., should be used to educate children in all aspects of habits with patience, love and care.

Habits do not separate families. Study habits, thinking habits, and living habits influence and restrict each other. If a group wants to learn well or have good quality or good discipline, every habit and every aspect of habit cannot be ignored. Especially the saying that moral education in elementary school is to cultivate habit has made me feel for a long time.

I think: the development of habit is the focus of our work as teachers, and it is to give students a lifetime of wealth.

Training children's experience and experience 2

Thanksgiving, let us experience and cherish the people and things around us with a contented heart; Thanksgiving, let us discover in the days when we gradually become dull and numb Life is so rich and rich; gratitude allows us to understand and taste the gift of destiny and the passion of life.

With the end of the gratitude education theme class meeting, my heart is indeed a lot more spacious and thinking a lot. Whenever I see students’ heartfelt articles and hear them express their gratitude to their parents, teachers, and classmates with affection, especially when parents leave sincere tears, students can feel sad for introspection, and classmates get along well. When I became more harmonious and harmonious... I was touched again and again, and I felt a little relief in my heart. What are we complaining about, no matter how tired and busy, when we see these, it is enough.

On the way home, I am happy! I can’t help thinking: If we are to be thankful, who should we thank? Thank you parents, classmates, and yourself. It is the parents' trust in us that gave the children to me, and the parents provided me with the opportunity to communicate with the children. Everyone’s efforts made each other one more time to understand and communicateOpportunity is that we touched ourselves and baptized the soul once again. So, I took up a pen and wrote down my feelings...

As a teacher, I must have a heart of gratitude in the process of education and teaching. Whether it is the attitude towards work, the relationship between colleagues, or the face of students, we should not complain, but should be grateful. It is they who make us work hard in the ordinary work, and gain a lot of feelings and happiness in the ordinary. We must learn to be grateful to our loved ones, to the strangers who passed me by. Our relatives give us unknown support in life; give us the greatest encouragement in spirit. Thanks to those who met me peacefully. It is their smile and eyes that relax my tired body and mind, and make me more courageous and confident to face the days and nights in the future.

Thank you for every success, every failure, every excitement and every loss in life. It is these trivial things in life that make my life richer and more exciting. Let me realize more of the true meaning of life.

Let us be full of gratitude, stretch out our hands to embrace the first ray of sunshine in each morning, and discover the beauty in life with our heart. I believe that we will be happy forever.

Gratitude is a compulsory course in life. Let each of us learn to be grateful! Learning to be grateful, we will be full of love and gratitude for the world, we will know how to respect others, respect every ordinary job and work, we will feel peace of mind, splendid life, and such a beautiful life.

The experience of educating children 3

Because I have a little time to learn the experience of parents when I change classes with the English teacher.

xx parents say: The rules are not only to give The children's establishment is even more for the adults. I agree with this understanding.

Children not only inherit our looks, temper, even hobbies, strengths, and weaknesses. They are like SpongeBob with no choice, learning whatever they touch. And very sensitive. When one of our unconscious actions is captured by us, our performance will exaggerate the action. For example, the child took us a glass of water. After our great appreciation, you will get more active water transfers. If you continue to praise, you will find that the child has already made water transfers to us a habit that he must do. For example, we do everything we do in advance, and when we say that we have a date, we must have a certain time. You think the child will never be a chronic child.

Of course, there is always a gap between knowing and doing well. The reason why it is difficult to educate children is that we cannot go to the front of the time to see which ones should be done and which ones can be done to what extent.

Just take me as a concern. A few days ago, I was distressed for my children to practice sports hard. 5.3 Conduct the first mock physical examination. One morning, my son was in a particularly bad mood. After a while, he found faults and said that the shoes were not suitable. I found fault again and said that my feet hurt, and finally threw us a sentence: Today is to get acquainted with the venue, and I must not do my best. If you don’t meet the standard of sports, you’re not trying hard. As a result, the results were unexpected, not only up to the standard but also exceeding the standard full mark. I have been very excited about this in the past two days, and I have been actively exercising every afternoon, and the speed is getting faster and faster. He himself said, I love running now, but I didn't expect that I am so good. No more pain on his face.

It seems that whether you are tired or not, does not depend on the amount of tasks, but on the quality and mood of the completion. The same is true for learning.

But I’m reflecting on it, if at first, because of my worry, I felt sorry for my child and prevented him from practicing, sometimes I would ask the physical education teacher for leave. If you didn't persevere, would you be so happy now?

So look, sometimes no matter how hard it is, it hurts again. If you stick to it and stick to it, your child’s potential will be discovered.

The experience of educating children 4

Dear parents, do you know how to truly educate children? Many people’s answer is, of course you do, but in fact, you are wrong and you don’t really understand. Let me explain it to you.

To educate a child is not just to educate her (him), not only to educate her (him), but also to know some other things, and not to instill in her (him) when the child is very young Seeds of violence, her (his) hobby, if there is no harm, do not force her (him) to change it, it can also be called "killing fun", she (he) does not like the hobby, do not force her (he) just because you like it ( He) also likes it.

Next, I will explain to you: children must be educated, but they are indispensable to the parent’s education methods and methods. If you are educating your children, she ( He) If you don’t listen, you can’t beat or scold, and it’s best not to watch violent movies in front of children, such as: wars, wars, otherwise, children like to use violence to solve problems.Small mistakes are unavoidable. If small mistakes lead to big mistakes, or even illegal crimes, it is not good.

"Killing fun", let me explain to you, for example: your child likes dancing, and you like singing, and you say to your child: "Let’s not learn dancing, let’s learn to sing. "If your child agrees and loves it, you can’t call it "killing fun". Of course, if your child doesn’t like it and agrees to make you happy, you can also call it "killing fun." 'S child doesn't like it and doesn't agree, you still insist, then it is the real "killing fun".

If you like to play the piano, your child doesn’t like it, and you force her (him) to learn, you can call it "enhancement" and impose on the child what she (he) doesn't like Hobbies, can only be said that it is not good for children, and may even cause pressure for children.

Therefore, parents must also pay attention to methods and methods to educate their children. The above are my personal views as a sister and a daughter.

The experience of educating children 5

Children are the parents’ hope, and children’s physical and mental health and happy growth are the wishes of parents for their children. Parents should lead by example, live in harmony, consider each other, learn from each other and trust each other, and treat others with courtesy.

I suggest that children review the relevant content of the homework first, and then do the homework. She will also be reminded often that she should be taken seriously when doing homework, and she should be strict with herself like usual tests and exams. Do the questions you know how to do first, and do the questions you can’t do until the end, so that you won’t waste it. time.

Educating children should be more encouraging and less condemning. There are various competitions in the school, and there are tests at various stages in the subject. Whether a child’s grades are good or bad, it is the result of the child’s efforts. The poor grades are the result of the child’s poor performance. Don’t criticize the child too much. Encourage the child to "not be afraid of kung fu Deep, the iron rod is ground into a needle" As long as you put in multiple efforts in your studies, I believe you will definitely gain something. For those with outstanding grades, praise is to affirm that the child has paid something, but also to remind the child that "humility makes one progress, and pride makes one lag behind." I remember that there was a language test, reading a short essay to answer the question, because the child misunderstood, the result was that "parallelism" was written as a rhetorical device of "personification". The picture of parents and children reading books carefully together conveys the parent (mother) relationship, and shows the spiritual communication of friends. The children are interested in learning, have a learning plan, improve learning efficiency, and improve their own thinking ability.

Parents hope their children can read more useful books to improve their reading ability. Now their children's reading ability has improved.

The child said that he was not good at painting and asked him to sign up for a painting interest class. The parents said: "If you want to learn, you must study seriously." Later, the child's painting level has improved.

The child's current study is for future work.

Experiences in educating children 6

When it comes to children’s education, every parent has something to say. Although the family situation is different, the education method has its own merits, but the purpose is They all hope that their children can grow up happily and healthily. As parents, how should we educate our children? I have bought a lot of books and CDs for this, and I have consulted many colleagues. The children grow up day by day, and their grades have gradually stabilized, but I still dare not relax in my heart.

The formation of good study habits is very necessary, and it should be reflected in the details of life. Everyone in our family has the habit of reading books. When a child is young, he develops and exercises his literacy ability early, which has laid a very good foundation for his future study. After the child is a little older, we help the child develop the habit of reading and let him spare a little time every day to read. We can often see such a picture in our home: a family of three people each holding their own books and reading. Moreover, as long as he has the opportunity, he buys various books from the bookstore for him to read. The gifts for Children’s Day and the Spring Festival are all kinds of interesting or useful books. After a long time, the child likes to read. Also developed good reading habits. It also played a great role in promoting learning.

From the time the child goes to school, I pay attention to cultivating his study habits, and finish the homework left by the teacher every day after returning home. Before learning a new lesson, preview the following content. Communicate with his teacher in time to help children develop good study habits.

In family life, always pay attention to the habit formation, tidy up the toys you have played with, wash your face and brush your teeth before going to bed at night, etc. Sometimes, if the child wants to be lazy, just give him reason. And tell him that that is not possible. Slowly he recognized this behavior, and the habit was naturally formed.

The experience of educating children 7

When we were young, we longed to grow taller and taller again.When we can stand at the same height as the adults around us, we always feel that we can't be ignored. At that time, we were young, but we were so afraid of being ignored. Although we didn't understand anything, we knew that it was something we didn't like.

When I stand in front of the children, I seem to see who I used to be. More than ten years ago, I was running carefree, laughing, acting like a baby, and enjoying everything in the world. Beautiful. It's hard to describe how it feels to look at the innocent smiling faces of these children standing so high now, so innocent and so beautiful. My little world seems to be happily full of flowers. What kind of flowers can be more beautiful than a child’s sincere smile.

But I know that children must be more willing to run with me and have fun with me. Like to run with children, stand at the same height and listen to everything about them, and participate in their growth and happiness. The wind is warm in the ears, and it is also dancing with us. That warm afternoon, I became one of the children. I was their eldest child. I had no sense of distance. I was very close to them. near. In my opinion, teacher-friend interaction can be at any time, as long as the child needs you, that is the best time. Educating for the sake of education, requesting for the requirement, and tasking for the task seems to only build a bridge with the child, and the child is afraid to approach.

The teacher Chen who appreciates our class always wears a warm smile and is willing to listen to the child's heart. He bows his head and bends down to maintain the same height as the child. For those exaggerated, superficially formulaic classroom images, I think such images are more thought-provoking. They are teachers and children, as well as partners and partners. A few days of observation and small details made me feel good about this teacher, at least she did a good job of respecting the child.

Please be happy to stand at the same height as your children!

Experiences in educating children 8

From the moment a child is born, parents have to bear the responsibility of educating their children. I hope that he will be principled, kind, caring, and grow up in a healthy and happy environment. In a blink of an eye, the child has entered the third grade of elementary school. In the process of growing up over the years, we grow up together, share together, and feel the sweetness, laughter, and tears that it brings together. Here are some of our experience in educating children!

The parent is the child's first teacher. For children, understand him and feel him. Children’s good behaviors come from family education. Like most parents, I hope to develop my child into a useful person.

The child is dependent, but he must have the ability to do it alone. I think we must first cultivate his consciousness. Consciously, let the child complete it slowly in study and life. I often teach my children to unite with classmates, be helpful, polite, and be an honest child. In addition, I also cultivate children's ability to take care of themselves. I often ask him to do things within my power. Because the child started training in the big class to play table tennis, and gradually became his hobby, now he needs to go out to play alone, so he must be able to manage his daily life. Such as: sweeping the floor, washing dishes, washing one's own socks, etc. Slowly, the child can take the initiative to help with some housework. Although not much, he will be interested.

Insist on reading and signing your child's memo every day. Whether the child can grow up smoothly, parents are very important, and the teacher is the key. Help your child complete and understand homework. Although there is less free time in the evening, it is still necessary to cultivate good reading habits. Encourage him more and praise him more in the process of learning, so that he has confidence in himself, and the child will become more and more interested in learning.

To fully respect the nature of the child, the child has a strong curiosity, rich imagination and aggressiveness. In this regard, it is necessary to ensure that the child has plenty of time to play and relax, to be himself Like things.

Every child is smart. As long as we can discover and cultivate him, he will become a useful person.

Experiences in educating children 9

First of all, I want to talk about some of the wrong methods of education as a parent:

First, I always think it is I "cannot do without" the children, not the children "cannot do without" our parents. I always feel that my children can’t do well without me, and I can’t do anything well, because this often leads to unhappiness among adults because of the children, and it also interferes with the children’s independent growth.

Second, I often like to help children solve problems. Sorting out clothes, quilts and even toys for children, and reluctant to let children take the initiative to do housework, are all done by themselves. I always feel that the child is still young and cannot do it well, and always feels that it is still too early for the "thirties".

Third, I understand that I respect personal confidentiality, but sometimes when a child has something on my mind, I immediately want to understand my personality, and I will try to ask questions. In fact, I just want to understand the reason so that I can satisfy my desire to help my child solve it. But it's really counterproductive, the child doesn't want to sayYes, I don’t want to tell the parents, so don’t force them to tell the secrets they don’t want to tell.

To set an example in the education of children, including being a person, being polite to others, and treating the elderly kindly. No matter how poor a family is, it can’t be poor. If you don’t understand how to treat others well and respect others, no matter how knowledgeable you are, it is equivalent to having no culture.

In fact, when it comes to the education of children, we are all "students" who have not yet graduated. There is no single method to teach. I believe all parents are at a loss, and I just listen to some good recommendations. I also care about the children's grades, but there is no need to care too much about the children's rankings.

I don’t like children who read dead books. They have good grades but lack character. They are selfish and have no sympathy. It is a complete failure to educate such children. I still think that we should promote traditional Chinese culture and start with "benevolence, justice, courtesy, wisdom and trust". Learning to be a human being is easier said than done, not as simple as a trash.

The first teacher of the child is our parents. A good family education is vital to the growth of the child. Being a "human" is the ultimate goal, and learning to be a human is the foundation of everyone.

The experience of educating children 10

To be a good parent, you must first be able to put yourself in the shoes of your children, treat your children with a normal mind, understand children, and cultivate children. They must learn to communicate with their children, try to enter the children’s inner world, treat them as friends and confidantes, so that they can develop independently and healthily in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere.

The first grade children have just come out of the stage of playing in kindergarten, or they are not ready to learn in their hearts, so they are only concerned about "playing", so that they can be serious in one lesson. It may be a little harder to listen attentively. Therefore, we must cultivate their good life and study habits at this time, which is very important to their study career for many years in the future.

As a parent, you need to constantly charge yourself. I carefully extract the titles of the books introduced by Principal Wang, and I will borrow or buy them to read. I believe that after reading it, it may be very useful for educating good children. benefit.

Now I know that breakfast is not only to be full, but also to eat well, vegetables, fruits, and milk must be eaten, so as to satisfy his strength and energy for the whole morning to study. This point needs to be strengthened.

From the beginning of school in September to now, in more than a month, I have seen my son make progress every day and never like to read Pinyin (I asked him to read Pinyin twice, but he didn’t want to read it. I have shed tears), and now I will take the initiative to pick up Chinese books to read pinyin and nursery rhymes. I am very happy for him! In sports, skipping rope and throwing sandbags, from the beginning can only jump 20 or 30 per minute, to now can jump more than 100, throwing sandbags, under the guidance of Teacher Wang, he has improved compared to before. I am very happy for him! Sometimes my son is naughty and disobedient. I may not be patient enough to teach him, but I will scold him. Now it seems that sometimes he is also playing tricks and making you happy. Give a child a lot of encouragement, it will make him more confident!

Be a friend of your child, communicate with him more, let him study happily, play happily, and grow up healthily and happily!

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