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Model 5, after-viewing, feeling, and experience, 500-word essay

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Population of Model 5, Part 1

At 8 pm on March 22, "Model 5" was broadcast on CCTV. Watching "Example 5" feels a lot to me. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the majority of party members and cadres have come forward to demonstrate the true nature of the Communists. Facing the epidemic is in a climbing stage, I still need to stick to it and not careless. Give full play to the true qualities, "epidemic" for the people The original intention is easy to get, but it is always difficult to keep. In the face of the menacing epidemic, every party member and cadre has experienced the vicissitudes of this battle. Whether it is the medical staff fighting on the front line or the logistics support staff who stick to the back, they all have a common name "Communist Party Member." The original aspirations remain unchanged, the true nature remains the same, the more difficult and dangerous the more forward, the job responsibilities are not missed, and the demeanor of a party member is not lost, and the "epidemic" moves forward.

"All front-line positions are replaced by party members, no bargaining" "For difficult jobs and the most difficult positions, party members must first "This is not discussed." "This is our commitment when we joined the party, and it is our duty." These videos show the era of the Communist Party members who are not afraid of hardships and dangers and bear heavy burdens in the face of epidemic prevention and control, and show that Communist Party members are fighting the "epidemic". "Always strive to be the spiritual character of a vanguard fighter.

To bravely be the vanguard of the "epidemic", we must "I am a party member, I will go first." Big things are difficult to look at, and they show their true colors in times of crisis. In the face of the menacing epidemic, the majority of Communist Party members insisted on treating the epidemic as a "assembly call" and carried forward the struggle spirit of "the harder and more dangerous, the more forward", and they stepped forward in the first place, went retrograde, and charged forward. One by one, the letters of the invitation war sang the oath of the Communist Party members to take the lead and rush forward; the bright red handprints reflect the original intention and mission of the Communist Party members. They took the initiative, took the lead, gave up their small family, and devoted themselves to the emergency and dangerous epidemic prevention and control. Communists will fight wherever they are most needed and where they are most dangerous. Fever clinics everywhere, isolation wards, and critical treatments one after another, batch after batch of Communist Party members charge forward without fear of risk, prevent and control the epidemic without avoiding hardships, and treat patients at all costs, leaving a bright red party flag. Fluttering high on the front line of the fight against the epidemic, the shining party emblems shine on the front lines of the fight against the "epidemic".

I think what a Communist Party member needs is a united ideological consensus, and what it needs is a self-consciousness of action with all-out efforts and selfless dedication. The majority of party members and cadres should consciously fulfill their original mission in the prevention and control of the epidemic, take the initiative to assume responsibility, and actively contribute. With strong belief, strong responsibility, and strong style, they should strive to be the front-line vanguard in the fight against the "epidemic" and polish them with practical actions. The golden sign of the Communists.

The second thoughts of the model 5 observations

Last night, the unit organized to watch "Model 5" on its own. "Model 5" was reproduced through typical deeds, on-site interviews with guests, poetry recitations, and revisited Forms such as the oath to join the party show that Communist Party members who are actively engaged in epidemic prevention and control work do not forget their original intentions, keep their mission in mind, dare to fight, and dare to win. It demonstrates the role of grassroots party organizations as a battle fortress and the exemplary vanguard role of party members, and interprets the supremacy of life. The great anti-epidemic spirit of uniting the nation, giving up life, respecting science, and sharing destiny is a vivid teaching material for party member education. After reading it, I was deeply touched in my heart. I should take these vivid and vivid examples as a benchmark and act actively, selflessly, dedication, firm conviction, truth-seeking and pragmatic, honest and clean, and be a good judge who is worthy of the people.

1. Selfless dedication, willing to be a civilian judge

The execution can be said to be the “last mile” of the court’s work, and it is related to the issue of whether the parties’ right to win the case can be effectively fulfilled. For this reason, I should continue to adhere to the "Four Musts and Four Dons" working methods, that is, to be amiable and not cold; to be calm and not domineering; to be easy to understand and not to follow the text; to be more condescending than to heart, and strive to enhance my sense of intimacy and trust. , To get through the "last mile" of court work.

2. Strengthen the faith and practice the purpose of the people.

Grassroots conflicts and disputes may only be trivial matters such as neighbourhood disputes, such as non-payment of debts, fights and claims. but,The interests of the masses are no trivial matter. A case may be one percent or even one thousandth of the work for a judge, but it is 100% concern for the people. I must always keep in mind the responsibility and mission of "people's judges for the people", and actively use the "four-hearted work method" to work hard to resolve each implementation problem and break through each implementation bottleneck.

3. Honesty and integrity, guarding fairness and justice

Justice is the soul of judges. As a judge, you should live in a clean and upright manner. I should continue to strictly abide by the eight regulations of the central government. , "Judges Law", "Code of Conduct for Judges", "Five Prohibitions" and other regulations, consciously strengthen integrity education, consciously abide by integrity risk prevention and control management measures, and consciously resist the interference and influence of various unhealthy practices. As a judge who has been working on the front line for a long time, he may be challenged by family relationships and lured by money from time to time. However, as a judge, you should admit the law and disregard affection in the face of human favors, and you should admit the law and disapproval of money in the face of money. I am not only a judge, but also a party member, so I should set an example for other police officers in my words and deeds, and use my words and deeds to win the people's faith in the law and respect for judges.

Population of the role model 5 comments on the third chapter

[All connected with one heart]

At 8 pm on March 22, 2021, _ _ Party branch of a company limited by shares Organizing all party members and activists to watch the "Model 5" special program at home, setting off an upsurge of learning advanced grassroots party organizations and outstanding party members in anti-epidemic prevention and control.

This special program of "Model 5" was jointly produced by the Central Organization Department and China Central Radio and Television Station and broadcast on the CCTV integrated channel. The main purpose of this episode is to promote the great anti-epidemic spirit, which embodies the advanced examples of grassroots party organizations and outstanding Communist Party members who sacrificed themselves, made selfless dedication, strengthened their original intentions, and did not forget their vows in the face of the major health and epidemic prevention incident of the epidemic.

The show selected 7 model representatives. Although they have different positions, regions, and nationalities, they all have a common identity. Communists, watching a role model revisit the party's oath. Inadvertently, the dignity and sacredness of joining the party are vividly remembered. The clan and national sentiments of the communists come to mind. Although the environment is different, every communist has the same original aspiration, in order to realize the Chinese clan’s identity. Great Renaissance strives to dedicate a lifetime.

After watching the advanced stories of your role models, it seems as if you are back in the spring of spring but overcast with clouds. The virus has swept across the land of China, and all parts of the country are in emergency. The people of the whole country are undergoing a major test in their hearts, but Just like at the beginning of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, in the face of difficulties, the Communists played a positive and correct leadership role. Under the leadership of the party, we won the defense war in Wuhan and Hubei. Production work was carried out effectively.

Through the program of this issue of "Example 5", we only know some of the hidden touching details in this battle. Comrade Zhang Xijing, in the most difficult and difficult time, resolutely led 19 party members The backbone rushed to the front line of the fight against the epidemic, adhering to the party’s concept of putting people’s lives as the first priority and working hard; the party organizations of the Huoshenshan and Thundershenshan hospitals completed the large-scale construction of the hospital in 10 days with a thunderous momentum. The speed of China was once again shown in the eyes of the world; Comrade Dawa Cangjue used flesh and blood as anti-epidemic supplies to prop up the green channel.

“It’s not because of hope that we insist, but because of persistence, we have hope.” The party branch secretary stated that we should follow the excellent Communist Party members in "Example 5" as an example and stand on their posts. Forget the original aspiration, keep the mission in mind, and turn the lofty admiration of the role model into a powerful driving force for hard work, innovation and hard work, and make due contributions to the development of the new era.

The deeds of every role model representative in the program moved the party branch members and made us admire them, and let every party member and comrade have a clearer and deeper understanding of the Chinese Communist Party members should maintain in the face of big right and wrong. What kind of values, this time watching the program not only washes the mind of every party member and party activist, but also establishes a more correct world outlook and values ​​for party branch members, and strengthens the original aspiration of joining the party. We will not forget the original aspiration. , Forge ahead.

Population of Model 5, Part 4

"Building the Great Wall to Fight the Epidemic"

Watching "Model 5", I have learned a lot.

Looking down at the long-lost and quiet city, there will be a sense of strangeness. At the end of the new year and the New Year, the new coronavirus that swept through has caused panic among hundreds of millions of people, and made the supposedly lively Spring Festival freeze in people's confusion.

I often complain, why is the epidemic still not going away? It's too uncomfortable to stay at home every day. Until one day, a song tribute to the angel in white was broadcast on TVQu, their tired faces, the bright red fingerprints on the few thin "Books of Life and Death" linger in my mind, my heart is gently moved, I put down the things in my hands, and let the water be as moving as water The song penetrates the soul and cleanses the soul. I seem to have awakened, and I realized that I really have no reason and no right to complain about the boring life. Because, in such panic, the soldiers in white clothes were also helpless and helpless, but they kept fighting and worked hard. Their solid backs give people a sense of security. At least, they stabilized my swaying heart, like a ray of breeze, blowing away all my grievances, cheering me up, protecting myself, and protecting my family.

I know very well what the ambition and determination of our country are. Nowadays, we are united in a city, billions of people are united, and we work together. With 1.4 billion people and 1.4 billion bricks, this Great Wall stands firm and immortal.

Many heroes have emerged in this extraordinary period. Their stories make me sigh and affect the hearts of the public. There is one person who is suffering from frostbite. But he didn't care about himself, he knew his duty as a soldier in white clothes, and he was fighting on the front line, robbing him of life and time from illness. He faltered, but every step was undoubtedly the firmest step. His wife, who was also fighting on the front line, was infected and quarantined. He hurriedly said cherished words, turned his head and devoted himself to busy work. He built a great wall of soul with his body that was gradually freezing. Someone said, "Thank you, life is not only lengthy, but also brighter. The light of your life has ignited the hope of many patients." He is Zhang Dingyu, president of Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital. The picture of his work seemed to be close at hand. When I was depressed, this incident hurriedly jumped out of my mind, urging me like a nightmare, making me more courageous and confident. Let those who look up to him step forward, this may be the meaning of a hero's existence. He must not want to leave regrets, he must want to see the happy appearance of the city. He used his gradually frozen life to let people see the light and hope. I admire all the medical staff who put their life into their career and their soul into their mission, just to let the sun shine on everyone's face.

Staring at the quiet city, I am no longer at a loss, no longer unfamiliar. I saw through the busy staff under the calm appearance, saw the ordinary and greatness of their personality, saw the exhaustion and fullness of their souls, heard their silent sighs, and touched their invisible firmness.

People who have resentment in their hearts, don't worry about it, you can take it as a lesson in life. The soldiers in white will use actions to teach you: growth, struggle, warmth and courage. They invite you to create miracles together.

China will surely create miracles, because China is a miracle.

Population of Model 5 and Afterthoughts Chapter 5

[Color of Model]

The special program "Model 5", which was broadcast recently, focuses on learning and propagating the great anti-epidemic spirit , With an ordinary and touching vision, reproduces the scene of a bright red party flag flying high on the front line of epidemic prevention and control, and shows the shining party emblems on the battlefield. The hero, the stem of the country, the soul of the family, the scenes of surrendering one's life and forgetting to die during the anti-epidemic period, reflecting the backs of each retrograde, all show the power of the role model, interpret the spirit of the role model, and shine a role model Colors.

If the role model has color, it must be the "military uniform green" of "an inch of loyalty to serve the country". The armor is rolling, the warship gallops; the silver eagle howls, the sword points to the sky. The Chinese People's Liberation Army not only defends every inch of the country and protects the lives of the Chinese people, but also always adheres to the party's leadership in the face of catastrophes, always charges ahead, and always fulfills its mission. In the face of the sudden epidemic, People’s Army Doctor Zhang Xijing took the initiative to call for battle and led 19 leading party members into the intensive care unit. Wearing 13 pieces of equipment every day, walking 30,000 steps, 4 hours without eating, drinking or going to the toilet, and "wrist-wrist" with the god of death, just to save one more person. The sound of "The People's Liberation Army is here, we will be saved" vividly explained that when the masses saw the military flag, they found the "centering plate" and took the "centering pill." Hunting the army flag, shining brilliantly, no matter when and where they are, Chinese soldiers show their loyalty with their actions, interpret their responsibilities with dedication, accumulate yesterday’s merits and honors, and condense today’s struggle and dedication. The glory and mission of the future.

If the role model has color, it must be the "angel white" of "wax torch turns into gray and tears begin to dry." The state is difficult, the white clothes hold the armour, and the pot hangs to help the world. Zhang Hong, the head nurse of the Department of Gynecological Oncology, Tongji Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, went retrograde. His professional nursing knowledge brings hope and care to the patients. The pandemic is impermanent and righteousness is priceless. The virus may destroy a person's health defense in an instant, but it can never shake the spiritual defense of a nation. In themIt is their lifelong pursuit to have the courage to assume their mission and practice medicine to save people. They used practical actions to interpret the noble spirit of the Communists who dare to take responsibility and are not afraid of sacrifice, and fulfilled the clamor of the party’s “ready to sacrifice everything for the party and the people” under the party’s banner, and put the party flag on the front line of the fight against the epidemic. Flying high.

If the role model has colors, it must be the "guard blue" that "remains strong after hard work". Nagqu, Tibet, China's current city with the highest average altitude, is full of majestic "power for the people" in its thin "oxygen content". Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Dawa Cang, the director of the police station, has adhered to his original aspirations, practiced his original aspirations, continued to work with illness, dedicated himself to his work, and was so tired that he was almost deaf in his left ear, just to protect the safety of the people. The glorious call of duty takes the iron responsibility, and the grand journey requires iron protection. The faith and loyalty under the police badge are never empty and vague, but concrete and practical. It is reflected in whether you can firmly refuse and face temptation. Difficulties whether you can bravely carry heavy burdens every time you choose, every time you stick to it. The role model always has a deep love for the people, abides by the responsibility for the people, always follows the party with the original heart, strives to serve the people, and bears the mission bravely in mind.

Life has no years of peace. It is you who are bearing the burden for us to move forward. Although you are not born and brave and invincible, you have chosen steadfastness and fearlessness, bold loyalty, and responsibility for the people. It is these touching stories about the fight against the epidemic that let us understand what is righteousness in the world, what is a country and forgetting one's home, what is mutual help and friendship, and what is an ordinary hero. If there is color in the role model, it must be perseverance, dedication, and love without borders; if the miracle has color, it must be the "Chinese Red" of perseverance, unyielding, and forge ahead!

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