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[Value Research Report] Pien Tze Huang: National top-secret product, this one has no branch, and is known as the Chinese medicine Moutai!

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"On the morning of June 21, at Pien Tze Huang Beijing Experience Center, each capsule is 590, and each person is limited to two capsules. It’s all sold out within 10 minutes of opening the door."

Why Pien Tze Huang products are selling so well, and we can see that the stock price is also rising very well, this article will analyze it for you, and the relevant views are for your reference. .

1. Pien Tze Huang-this one, no branch

Pien Tze Huang was established in 1999 In 2003, it was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The company's main business includes traditional Chinese medicine manufacturing, pharmaceutical distribution, daily chemicals, food, etc., among which traditional Chinese medicine manufacturing contributes 72.56% of profits, and the main product of this segment is Pien Tze Huang.

Pien Tze Huang has a long history of 500 years. Listed in the national first-class protected varieties of traditional Chinese medicine.

In other words, the company’s products are selling well in the market, largely due to its high-end positioning as a national treasure, a magic drug, and the unique attributes of the product.

2. Good effect + scarcity leads to short supply of products, high-end status is comparable to Moutai

Pien Tze Huang It was originally developed according to the secret recipes in the Ming court. Its raw materials include rare Chinese medicines such as musk, bezoar, snake gall bladder, and Panax notoginseng.

In terms of function, the palace secret medicine and precious medicinal materials make Pien Tze Huang treat acute and chronic hepatitis, knives, guns, fractures, burns, scalds and other traumas, abscesses, innocent swelling and poisoning. All the pain and fever caused by inflammation have a significant effect. Taken after surgery, it can reduce inflammation and relieve pain, prevent wound infection, and speed up healing. Therefore, it is praised by international friends as "China's special antimicrobial", and overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots even call it the "magic pill" of the "sacred treasure".

With such good results, Pien Tze Huang's brand is naturally spread, especially in southern Fujian and its surrounding areas. It can also be seen from the company's performance that the East China region centered on Fujian and Zhejiang provides the company with 63.99% of the profit.

Rare raw materials limit product output. The materials needed to make Pien Tze Huang are unusual, especially musk. Musk is a kind of pheromone or information compound secreted and stored in the scent glands and sachets growing under the abdomen of male musk deer. Various musk animals have become endangered species, and our country classifies them as national class II protected animals. This resulted in extremely scarce musk production, limiting the production of Pien Tze Huang.

Supply exceeds demand, pushing up the price of products. If the effect is good, more people will buy it. The supply of products exceeds demand because of the large amount of buying and the small amount of selling. Supply exceeds demand, and prices naturally rise. Pien Tze Huang tablets have risen from 125 yuan/tablet in 2004 to 590 yuan/tablet in 2020, and the price has been raised 10 times in 16 years.

Pien Tze Huang fist products

Source: Company's official website

Will such a good-selling product sell so well in the future?

From the perspective of the supply side, the secret recipe and technology of the product are strictly kept secret. There are no competitors in the market, and the dominant position will continue to be maintained.

From the demand side, the product quality is good, the product price is high-end, and the gimmick is full. Under the trend of increasing gift-giving demand, it is very in line with the gift-giving standards of high-net-worth individuals, and it can meet the same as Moutai. High-quality products for gift-giving needs of high-net-worth individuals.

3. Excellent financial quality, rising market is unfolding

From the perspective of growth ability, the company has been in the past 3 years The average revenue growth rate has remained at around 20%. Even during the 2020 epidemic, revenue has maintained a growth rate of 13%, and its average net profit growth rate attributable to the parent in the past three years has remained at 27%, showing excellent growth capabilities;

From the perspective of profitability, the company's gross profit margin and net profit margin are relatively stable, maintained at around 45% and 25%, respectively, showing strong profitability.

From the perspective of anti-risk ability, the company's asset-liability ratio is stable and at a relatively low level. In 2020, the asset-liability ratio is 19.1%, which means it has strong anti-risk ability.

In the market, using the two points of predicting the winner to buy can well capture market opportunities.

Take Pien Tze Huang as an example:

Pien Tze Huang daily chart

Source: Winner prediction software

If in April, If this opportunity is successfully captured, 30% of the proceeds will be readily available.

Now that the stock price has once again stabilized and started to break through, the next wave of upswing is unfolding.

Pien Tze Huang daily chart

Source: Winner prediction software

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