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Regardless of a bull market or a bear market, investors always have different profits and losses. In addition to technology, mentality, and wealth, the influence of Feng Shui cannot be underestimated.

Did you get shot in the following Feng Shui taboos:

1. The house is out of sight

There is very little sunlight in the house. Long-term gloominess leads to aggravation of yin qi. As a result, yin is prosperous and yang declines. People tend to be gloomy and weak in body resistance, and wealth will follow When it falls, the complexion of the residents will be darker and the complexion will be bad.

2. Houses high on the right and low on the left

Feng Shui speaks of a green dragon on the left and a white tiger on the right. If you live in a house with a very tall house on the right side, but not on the left, then your family will continue to have minor health problems and many troubles. Of course, it depends on the shape of the house on the right.

3. The door faces the balcony or window

The door is the air inlet, facing the balcony or window, It prevents the qi from gathering in the house, straight in and out, it is not easy to gather money in the home, and there are many financial problems.

Fourth, you can’t sit with your back empty

Many people trade stocks at home. Due to space constraints, they support computers , Just have a place, don’t care about the surrounding environment. Sitting empty means no backing, that is, when you are trading in stocks, your mind is uncertain, and you have no bottom in buying stocks; for example, sitting with your back facing the window, or there is no strong and solid fixed object behind your seat.

Fifth, Mingtang should be spacious

Mingtang is the front of the table, this space is called Mingtang. Mingtang should be wide and not small, because Mingtang is a place where qi gathers, and how much qi gathers represents how much profit is related to the longevity. Generous and gathering Qi Mingtang means that wealth is prosperous and lasting for a long time.

Many people think that it is enough to have a computer for stock trading, so you don't need to pay so much attention. Therefore, at home, the computer desk is facing the wall, or the computer desk is placed in the corner of the wall, so there is no bright hall in front of the desk at all, so how can you make a fortune?

VI. Cross beam topping

That is, there is a cross beam above the seat just pressed down. In this case, it is called cross beam topping . Cross-beam pressure is a bad feng shui pattern. After a long time, there will be a sense of depression. In severe cases, depression will occur. How can stocks win in this state?

Seven, seat avoid rushing

Many people have mentioned such a phenomenon, that is, he did not trade in stocks. Earning less, but you can't control it, and you lose out again, that is, you earn a loss, you lose your earnings, and you lose your money. In addition to the influence of numerology and fortune, this is also related to the feng shui of your seat. This mainly depends on the position of the seat outside the window or what is in the room that is blasting you (angle brakes, mirror reflective brakes), which will cause the above problems. There will be an unstable state if there is a charge. If this is the case in your home, then you will immediately make adjustments.

8. The computer desk should be placed on the financial position

This is the most

important One point, that is, the computer desk used for stocks must be placed in the home's financial position and be decorated with prosperous wealth, so that the effect is the best. If you accidentally put the table at the fierce position, then stock trading is definitely not going well, seeking money is rare, and losing money is a trivial matter. In serious cases, it will cause financial trouble, physical or marriage. Take the Zishan Meridian direction as an example, this year's fiscal position is due to the south, and the northeast and northwest are unfavorable. Note that not all houses are in the southThere are twenty-four mountain directions in Feng Shui, and different mountain directions have different financial positions and fierce positions. Therefore, when adjusting Feng Shui and placing money-enhancing ornaments, it is recommended to consult a professional teacher.

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