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Zeng Shiqiang: Children recite three classics, and they can get inexhaustible wealth! _ Book of Changes

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Original title: Zeng Shiqiang: Children recite three classics, and they can get inexhaustible wealth!

Professor Zeng Shiqiang once suggested that children should recite three parts from childhood. Big book!

Because children are characterized by strong memory and weak comprehension, so take advantage of their strong memory and memorize them. As their comprehension increases, many things will naturally be understood. You can benefit for life. This is also the experience of many predecessors in Chinese studies. So, what are the three big books Professor Zeng Shiqiang is talking about?

1. "The Analects"

The first thing to recite is "The Analects".

The reason is very simple. Among all the classics of Chinese studies, "The Analects" is the most down-to-earth one! "The Analects of Confucius" talks about the Confucian gentleman's way and the wisdom of life. These things will never be out of date, and they are also values ​​common to the whole society. Zhao Pu, the founding prime minister of the Song Dynasty, said that "Half of the Analects governs the world" is not an exaggeration.

Many parents may say that it is enough for their children to recite the "Disciple Guidance" and "Three Character Classics". Why bother to recite the "Analects"? The answer is simple. "The Analects" is the "source", and the enlightenment books compiled by later Confucianists are all "flows." If it takes a little time to master the source, wouldn't it be twice the result with half the effort to read everything?

2. "The Book of Changes"

The book "The Book of Changes" is called "the first of the group classics" ", is the source of Chinese culture. As one of the "Four Books and Five Classics", the Book of Changes is a must-read for ancient school children. The ancients said that "not learning Yi is not enough to be regarded as a general", which shows that they attach great importance to the "Book of Changes". "Book of Changes" is incomparable to any other book for the development of children's thinking. Instead of letting children read all sorts of miscellaneous fairy tales and enlightenment books, it is better to read and memorize the "Book of Changes". This is also something that will be used in a lifetime.

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3. "Tao De Jing"

"Tao De Jing" is a world-famous book of wisdom, reaching a peak in the history of Chinese thought. "Tao De Jing" revolves around the basic proposition of "Tao", with 5,000 words, which can be described as a jewel of words. To understand the thinking of the Chinese people and to deal with the Chinese people, one must read the Tao Te Ching. However, the Tao Te Ching and The Theory of Relativity are also called the two most difficult books in the world, so don't care how much children understand, first put the five thousand words in their heads. Don't underestimate the children's understanding, the seeds of wisdom are planted, and it may blossom and bear fruit one day!

These are the three great books recommended by Zeng Shiqiang and other national studies predecessors for children to recite: "The Analects of Confucius", "The Book of Changes" and "The Dao De Jing". The original text totals less than 40,000 characters. Children start to recite from a few years old, even if it takes several years to learn well by the time they are a teenager, it is still an incredible thing.

No child is born to recite, let alone recite difficult ancient texts? Professor Zeng Shiqiang reminded parents that they must stand in the position of the child to think for him (her), and don't follow the child's likes and dislikes blindly. That is tantamount to delaying the child.

In fact, there is a book that children can recite properly, which is the "Huang Di Nei Jing ".

Don't interpret the "Huangdi Neijing" as a medical book. This classic is divided into two parts: "Suwen" and "Lingshu". "Su Wen" mainly talks about health issues and lifethe way. Among them, "Ancient innocence", "Four Qi Tiao Shen Dalun", "Feng Tongtian", and "Jin Guizhen's Speech" are all the essence of the book. Even if you only memorize these few articles, it is of great benefit and helps children form a correct life. View, have a healthy lifestyle. I will learn these in adulthood, and the habits have been formed, isn’t it a bit late?

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