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How to use the "Book of Changes" to get through the two pulses of the stock market (2)? _ Gossip

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Why is it used to describe lace news again?

Because in the 1980s and 1990s, especially in Hong Kong and Taiwan, when the lace news, indecent videos, photos, etc. could not be broadcast directly, or when the true face of someone could not be revealed, they were often used With our national quintessence-the innate gossip map, the invisible parts or heads are covered with the innate gossip map. Over time, it becomes entertainment gossip, and gossip becomes gossip.

Well, good things have been vulgarized! Isn’t fortune-telling?

This is also our goal of correcting the source and returning the "Book of Changes" to its essence and to the height of philosophy Can we have a guiding effect on our securities investment, otherwise, they are all stale things, so what's the point of using them?

What do you mean by the gossip in the Book of Changes?

When it comes to this, friends who understand may express their own opinions. I know a lot of theories, but from regular books, it is relatively common to talk about knotting.

If the gossip is derived from the knotted notes, then this gossip diagram is really not worth discussing. I might offend many people by saying that.

Why do I make such a judgment?

Because knotting notes are records of human activities, and I also talked to you about the "very quasi-stable" thinking process from individual to general, extracting general from doing mathematical multiple-choice questions. Then, in general, we will go to the individual and interpret the stocks from "very quasi-stable". Then this kind of summary is very fluent.

If the knotted note is only talking about human activities, then "very accurate and stable" is also talking about human activities, if the knotted note can be raised to a very high height, and "hard and accurate" can also be raised. At a very high altitude, then, in this way, the activity of knotting and remembering things is not essentially different from "reliable and stable", so why do we need to discuss the wisdom of two thousand years ago? Wouldn’t it be better to talk about what’s in front of you?

The knotting notes should be used after the sixty-four hexagrams. Compared with the congenital gossip, the difference is estimated to be hundreds or thousands of years.

The Xiantian Bagua diagram, which is the most primitive graphic of the "Book of Changes" we have seen, what are you talking about? ?

Regarding the source of the innate gossip diagram, the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees the wisdom, but we are learning, and we cannot say that everyone is right in general. This is too lack of academic spirit, such as Li Gua, of course, many records are The "net" of fishing, nevertheless, as I have discussed above, if this is the case, it is not enough for us to spend so much time studying.

And someone in the Song Dynasty gave a very satisfactory explanation. I think it is very good. In the middle, the Tai Chi Yin and Yang fish, two parabolas connected to form the ball to separate, are actually the rays of light when the earth revolves around the sun. The curve formed by the mapping, and in the yin-yang fish, the yang point in the extreme yin is the winter solstice. Friends who know Chinese medicine know that the winter solstice is the extreme yin and the one yang. The shortest day of the year is the shortest day of the year, and the yang is from This day began to rise; on the other hand, at the mid-yin point of the extremely yang, it was the summer solstice, and the yang became overcast.

Therefore, the Taiji Bagua Diagram is a summary of the changes in the world, that is to say, just like we did the multiple-choice question "Accurately quasi-stable", pulled out from the math problem, the yin and yang fish in the center of the Tai Chi diagram is also the change in the world. What comes out, the change of heaven and earth, is the way of heaven, and the way of heaven guides the way of humanity. This is the essence of our ancient philosophical thinking.

Qian hexagram, the most familiar sentence in classical Chinese biography: aligning with the heaven and earth, aligning with the sun and moon, aligning with the bright, aligning with the four seasons, and aligning with the ghosts and gods. It means that humanity follows heaven.

The eight hexagrams and the eight hexagrams are the abstract records of the moon's full circle around the earth for one month. Why? Must be abstract?

Abstraction means raising the heights, summarizing the law into general, and summing up the law to guide us to do more individual things, that is to say, it is not only used in the movement of the moon, but transformed into the five elements, mutual generation and mutual restraint, the traditional Chinese medicine thought is derived from Here, Yiyi is of the same origin.

Once you think about it in this way, the eight hexagrams can be easily imagined. From the beginning of the moon, the hexagrams are shaken, and then the hexagrams of Li and Dui hexagrams gradually become fuller, to the full moon of Qian hexagrams, and then the moons of Xun, Kan and Gen hexagrams gradually decrease. When the moon disappears in Kun Gua, a very abstract astronomical description.

From the eight hexagrams, the same is true of celestial phenomena. The moon will be full, and the water will overflow. This is the avenue summed up from the celestial phenomena, and this kind of avenue, which can also be called the heavenly path, is equally applicable to our human life activities. This is the charm of philosophy.

Because it is the way of heaven, the way of heaven is more lasting. Only the principles extracted from humanity will cause problems. Sometimes they will be wrong, sometimes they will be wrong, because they have not experienced the test of time. .

Because of the heavens, such as the movement of the sun, the moon, and the earth, are they hundreds of millions or billions of years old?

The Tao of Heaven is more lasting, and the principles summarized from more lasting rules can withstand the test of time. This is why I have repeatedly emphasized the above, our "Book of Changes" innate gossip map , Is derived from celestial phenomena, heaven, rather than from the humanity's reason for the knotted record.

Because of this reason, the rules of operation under the guidance of heaven are more instructive for our life choices. As we often talk with you,

Sometimes when we play in stocks, sometimes there are times. No, the reason why many people are often confused when playing stocks is also derived from this, because most of the time the experience summarized is humane, and humane cannot last for long. Sometimes only a few rules are found. Isn’t it funny to think that you have the investment password?

Let’s talk about it today, and then we will talk to you about how to use the "Book of Changes" to guide investment, which can also guide our lives.

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