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Let's start with the numerology of professional stock trading

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Let’s start with the numerology of professional stock trading

Wen, Dong Yan

From the time of the author's stock trading, I am an out-and-out old stock investor. When I first entered the stock market, I still had a dream. I insisted on doing my homework every day. After I chose the stocks, I had to check it out. In the end, I would lose money. When I think about it, I feel that I was really childish at the time. If you have the ability to predict the stocks accurately, then you don't need to predict the industry, just count the money at home every day. This is the way of heaven, this is the law, trying to use one's own skills to break through the way of heaven, that can only be idiotic dreams.

Seeing that many masters of Yi Learning also teach Yijing to predict the stock market, I think it is ridiculous. You really have this kind of ability. You just need to invest in stocks by yourself. Why bother to teach others to earn this. Small money.

But having said that, the I Ching forecasts are all-encompassing. It has nothing outside but nothing inside. Heaven, earth and personnel are all in it. It must be possible to predict the stock market, but I wait for ordinary people. It is bound to be difficult to be accurate just to go for the sake of inner greed.

I remember many years ago, the author once met a friend who specialized in stocks and stock index futures. He went short in 2008 and made hundreds of millions of fortunes. Unfortunately, his horoscopes are nowhere to be found. Time to receive a client, he brought a professional eight characters for stocks, as follows:

Dry production:





In 2010, he started to take the first and the Shenyun.

In this eight-character character, Yimu was born in Chenyue, still in spring. Sitting down and half fit, he is undoubtedly strong. Guan Xing Geng Jin fits and comes to grams, Chen Xu is a wealth star, and Ding Huo is dry.

It should be said that the bull market is coming, everyone will make money, but in the end, this money may not belong to you. So, do professional stockists have certain numerological characteristics that can be explored? The author thinks:

First: the official star is the god of use, power, and the official star brings wealth. Because official stars represent the society, the rulers, and the elite group of stocks, they must know the trends of the society, know the intentions of the leaders, and make money for the policies.

Second: Take money from robbery. The stock market itself does not produce money. If you make money, then someone else must have lost money. This is a competition for each other.

Third: Sheep's blade is useful for making money. The image of a sheep blade means risk, while bringing wealth means seeking wealth through risk.

The above eight characters, Yimu Tonggen and Maomu, Maoshuhe, Maochen Banhui, all indicate that the main purpose of life is to make money, and the official star of Gengjin fits the body to use the god, indicating The master has a good grasp of the trend of the policy.

The contradiction lies in this Chenxu confrontation. The two fortunes confront each other. What is the symbolic meaning? The author thought for a long time and finally figured it out. This is the typical horoscope characteristic of stock index futures.

Friends who only make stocks may not understand, because stocks can only make money if they rise, while stock index futures can make money by short selling. The horoscope of Chenxu Chong is short and long. It's just that whether people go short or long, this money has something to do with Umu.

Remember that the expert in stock index futures told the author that he likes the word "politics" most in politics, because it can be positive or negative, and this is the case with politics. If it is an upright "right", it is estimated that it will not enter the officialdom.

Or some people say, according to this pros and cons, isn’t it that people in politics are not good people? Both are two-faced. In fact, this is also the great wisdom of life. According to the "Tao De Jing": Dao is abolished, there is benevolence and righteousness. Wisdom comes out, there are big falsehoods. No matter if you practice Buddhism, Cultivating Tao, returning to the main body of Tao, there is no distinction between good and evil.

Some people say that at the beginning of man, nature is good; some say that at the beginning of man, nature is evil. The author believes that there is no good and evil in the beginning of man. If you don’t believe it, then go and see the newborn baby. Does he understand good and evil? His body and mind are almost completely integrated with nature. He only knows that he needs to eat milk when he is hungry and sleep when he is full. What Taoism says is "special energy to soften and be able to be like a baby." It is most in line with Tao at that time to go back to the original me in practice.

Wang Yangming, the master of mind learning in the Ming Dynasty, wrote a poem: Hunger comes to eat and sleeps, only this practice is more mysterious. Said that the world didn't believe it, but looked for gods from outside. This hungry comes to eat and sleeps, but it comes from Buddhist Zen Buddhism. Someone asked how Zen Master Dazhu Huihai worked hard. He replied, "Hungry comes to eat, sleeps and sleeps." The other party said, "Everyone is like this. Yeah! Do they work as hard as you do?" Zen Master Dazhu said, "It's different. He doesn't want to eat when he eats, he needs a hundred kinds of things; he doesn't want to sleep when he sleeps, he cares about everything."

There is one reason for cultivating Buddha and Taoism.


Since the announcement of work After the room was disbanded, I received many letters from my friends. I would like to say thank you. Because I was busy preparing for the lesson, I won’t reply one by one. Here is a letter from a student in Zibo for the author I was deeply moved. In fact, I put aside a small studio, and I want to prepare for a broader world. I hope everyone will understand and support. The full text is as follows:

The studio is disbanded!

My heart is sour!

My connection with the road of practice originated from the studio; the first time I came to the studio was because of the miss of Master Wang, a classmate of Master University; at that time, Wang’s business was not very satisfactory. With the expectation and admiration for the master, I moved me to the studio. And I’m not willing to do anything... now that I think about it, fate is so wonderful. Once we meet, the wisdom of the master, the honesty of the senior sister Xuanming, the sharpness of the renamed senior sister, and the frank meeting between the wine and the happy I decided to join this team and become a part of this big family.

The expected course is coming as scheduled; I haven’t sat down to learn anything for so many years, excited, nervous, and even a little bit shy about my ignorance; but more , Is the joy and comfort that the heart belongs to! During the beginning of the class, it is most interesting to listen to the masters and senior brothers and sisters, and see things; each master shows his magical powers, and answers questions for everyone without reservation; let me see the fraternity and selflessness of this team, and follow everyone with sincerity and conviction. Walking on the long road of spiritual practice. Ashamed, I am probably the least learned and unskilled among all the students. I have no magical powers and cannot understand the horoscopes. The drawing symbols and broken hexagrams were also forgotten shortly after returning. But for me, the significance of joining this team is much more than that; first of all, on this platform built by Master, I was able to get to know the brothers and sisters from all over the world, and their love and enthusiasm made me feel so much. Brothers and sisters, no matter where you go, there are relatives by your side, you will not be lonely. Secondly, I have found the place where my soul belongs. Every time I meditate, my soul will no longer be lonely. I have the grand and solemn love and guidance from the ancestors.

For the re-intersection with my brothers and sisters, I would like to thank the studio for organizing the Mid-Autumn Festival gathering; I took my son there that time, and Master and fellow practitioners gave us so many blessings and blessings, except Moved, or moved. During the dinner, we talked about confusion and ideals, and realized more about everyone's level and the strength of the team; together and walking, this voice has been echoing in my heart, until after returning, I remembered that everyone was still excited; how long have we been living numbly In this world, there are no touches and no tears; it is a common hobby and selfless trust. Let us hold out the truest selves in our hearts and grow and progress together with everyone!

Life needs a beacon. It will ignite your hope again and again and illuminate the direction you are going forward. I have found it in this team. Whether it is feeling the blessing and guidance of the patriarch during the course, or the selfless help and sincere blessings of the brothers and sisters after class; it makes me feel that in this vast world, I will no longer Lonely and at a loss; and Master, like a bridge, allows us to save us from the hardship of trekking through thousands of mountains and rivers, so that we can follow the right path and avoid detours on the road of spiritual practice. Writing here, I remember every time I go to the studioDuring the gathering, Master will take us across the bridge next to the studio to talk about the sadness and joy in the world. At that moment, there is no sadness and loneliness. The happiness of family together is beyond words, only walking. Only after passing, can I have the experience. The little bridge that carries our joy and memory is named by Master: Naihe Bridge. Thinking about it now, the laughter and laughter are still in our ears, and we, wonder if we will still meet on the bridge?

I passed the annual meeting in 2015. I originally signed up because my cousin could not get married. With deep regret, I read Master’s article countless times. ; Snowflakes can’t cool our confidence, tears are pouring our hope of going forward; on the road, we are in the dust; on the road, we are both up and down; but as long as we are on the road, we are firm and calm, we will not leave; how difficult tomorrow will be It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter how wonderful tomorrow is. The mutual support and company let us go on unswervingly!

The days are like running water, so I slip past my fingertips calmly; I am ashamed, I think of the mentor who has both ability and political integrity every time I encounter upsets (Master don’t be angry, I will make corrections in the future), The respect for Master is not only because of his professionalism and dedication; in many cases, his extensive and profound Chinese studies can point me to the direction of dealing with people. For example, he will tell us how to be humans in Buddhism and Taoism to do things; for example, he will tell us how to run a marriage and family; for example, he will tell us that children are friends of ours and we must respect his true life... The love of mentor and apprentice, but like a friend, like a elder brother, awakening the confused and dazed again and again!

When I couldn’t let go of the studio’s dissolution, the long-lost fairy sister called me because of work. During the period, she talked about the studio. Her words let me Relieved instantly. Little Sister still knows Master better, and he told me that our Master is going on the road again! Yes, give up, just to pack lightly on the road. If you don't hesitate, you will go farther and longer! On the other hand, I wander outside the door of my heart again and again, whether it is for survival or the world; in short, draw yourself as a prison, surround yourself in a seemingly comfortable area, go around and do not want to make progress! Where is my courage? What is my ideal? And me? The road came out, not thought out; thank you Master for waking me up again, I want to find the real me, according to Master’s teachings, follow the right way, do not hesitate, do not hesitate; no matter how many ups and downs on the road, I have passed by, no regrets!

Because of Master’s tolerance, our team is all-encompassing, crouching tiger, hidden dragon; various concepts and ideas collide and collide here, converging into clusters of sparks, illuminating our way forward. The road to practice is bumpy, and the road to practice is difficult; however, since you have chosen a distant place, you have to take care of both winds and rains. We, on the road, we, together, we, forever!

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