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The 3 stories of Guangzhou Fengshui masters that let you remember the essence of stocks_Guangzhou Fengshui Master Wu Shijin _ Sina Blog

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3 stories that remind you of the essence of stock trading

Last weekend, I had a gathering of friends. Some of my friends talked about the recent downturn in the stock market and felt a little suffocated. It must be anxious to get rid of the set, but it is bitter. During the dinner, someone told three stories:

The story of a young man

Once upon a time, there was a young man from the countryside who read a book , Disliked the monotony of life in the country, decided to go to the city to explore the world. Before leaving, he consulted the village chief, who gave him three words of advice: "Don't be afraid." And said that when he comes back, there will be another three words to give away. Thirty years later, the weather-beaten young man with gray hair decided to go back to live in the country. When I came back, I learned that the village chief had died, and felt a sense of loss. I wonder what the other three characters the village chief would give away? The village chief's son handed him an envelope, saying that the elder ordered it to him before he died. The letter has only three words: "Don't regret it."

China Yixue Dean Wu Shijin, Guangzhou Feng Shui master Guangdong TV station consumers trust Feng Shui master Zhujiang TV station Feng Shui master Wu Shijin, focusing on: home Feng Shui calculation planning, office Feng Shui calculation planning, real estate Feng Shui calculation planning, factory and mine Feng Shui calculation planning, company Feng Shui calculation planning, Life calculation planning, fortune calculation planning, Yinzhai Fengshui calculation planning, cemetery Fengshui calculation planning, stimulating wealth and prosperity guidance planning, official promotion guidance planning, marriage reconciliation prediction, entrance examination guide, company name and name, baby name and name change, personal name change , Product naming, brand naming and other easy-to-learn Feng Shui calculation services. [Reservation] The story of gambling

This is an old story. Domino betting was popular in China before. There are 36 numbers in the dominoes, from 1 to 36. The gambler will bet one of the numbers, and the dealer will only open one number. If you are crushed, you lose 35 to 1.

Let’s say there is an old gambler who hasn’t won in a long time. One day, he took 36 bets into the market and told the dealer: "I don’t want to bet anymore, but before I close my hand, I must win once. Today I took 36 bets into the market, from 1 to 1 36. It’s impossible for me to lose even a single number. I’ll stop tomorrow.” After he went to the bathroom, he dropped a red cloth-wrapped bet from his arms on the way. The dealer did not pay attention to it and secretly Put this bet away, open it and see that it is 12.

The gambler came back from the toilet and put all his gambling money on the table, but there were only 35 bets, and the other bet could not be found. He scratched his scalp and said, "Weird, I obviously brought 36 bets. Where did the other bet go? Will it stay at home and not bring it?" But because the dealer has just opened the card, he has already gone home. Before it was too late, he said: "Forget it, only one number is missing, it shouldn't matter." The dealer didn't want to lose the gambler, so he decided to open 12 this time. The people on the gaming table all stared at the 35 small red cloth bags placed on the table, opened the first bag and pressed 12, the second bag, pressed 12, ... 35 small red cloth bags all pressed 12! The dealer went bankrupt.

Story of a thief

Once upon a time, some people lived by stealing. The thief’s son said to his father one day, "Dad, I want to live by stealing like you, you teach me how to steal things!" The thief looked at his son’s sharp-mouthed monkey gills, and his disgusting personality, wondering if he didn’t learn. Steal, the child might starve to death in the future, so he agreed.

One night, the thief took his son to a big house, dug a hole in the wall, and climbed into the big house. When they found the storage room, the thief asked his son to go in and find some valuables. As soon as the son entered, the thief locked the door of the storage room outside, and at the same time ran to the patio and yelled to wake the family, and then the thief slipped out of the hole in the wall. The family knew that it had been stolen, and the whole family came out to check. When they saw the hole in the wall, they thought the thief had slipped away. At this time, the master asked the servant to light a candle and go to the storage room to see what was missing.The thief's son cursed his father thousands of times in the storage room. When he heard that someone was about to check in the storage room, his legs were so frightened. But he had no choice but to hide behind the door of the storage room. As soon as the servant opened the door of the storage room, the thief's son rushed out, blew out the candles, pushed the servant away, and ran away. The family yelled and started chasing behind. On the way to escape, he saw Youkou pond, he picked up a stone and threw it into the pond. While the family was around the pond looking for the "corpse" of the thief, the thief's son had returned home.

He was about to accuse his father of cruelty, and his father had already spoken: "Son, tell me how you came back?" After hearing his son's story, the thief said: "Child, you have learned how to steal Something."

My friend said to the frustrated investor friend, when you are playing the most exciting game in the world and want to become an expert, I will give Your advice: don’t be afraid, and don’t regret; before playing the game, figure out the rules of the game, and in the face of man-made gambling, you must understand the other party’s psychology; finally remind you that the thief’s ability is not to steal, but to How to escape in a crisis.

Love love

I have read the story of a netizen, and I feel good, intriguing and enlightening. I reposted it and shared it with you:

I have seen many children who study because of love. But I have also seen some people who turn rejection and love into motivation, and the two people cleverly supervise each other and grow up happily together. There is such a girl. In her second year of high school, she received a confession from a boy in the same class. The intense study makes the girl afraid to think about love. But this boy is definitely not annoying. Although his grades are not as good as those of girls, it should be no problem to take an average college. The girl is afraid that direct refusal will affect the boy's mood, and then affect his study. But she definitely didn't dare to talk about love at this time, because they were all climbing, and there was absolutely no way to slack off the test point. The girl was bored for three days, and saw that the boy's expression became increasingly unnatural. He handed over a note and wrote: "Whatever you want to do to me, you must surpass me. Otherwise, there is no way!" The boy saw the note, his face brightened after a few days of gloom. He replied to the note: "Over you, you are my wife!" It is not an easy task to rush forward to the position of the big list. But the boy still came to the spirit, because after all, the girl did not refuse. A week later, the boy handed a note to the girl: "Wife, don’t make progress too fast!" The girl returned a piece of writing: "The title is wrong, and three sets of grammar papers will be penalized, otherwise deprived of it. Right to participate!" The next day, the boy would really throw the extra papers to the girl for her to check. As the days go by, the boy will write on the note when he gets tired and anxious: "Wife, wait for me!" The girl replied: "Wait for you, at Peking University." Later Every time he took the exam, the boy improved, and his ranking jumped forward and again on the big list. But the girl was not to be outdone, and jumped forward. However, until the college entrance examination was completed, boys did not rank higher than girls. After evaluating the score, the boy sent a text message to the girl: "There is no hope for you to be a wife, but I want to say thank you. I lost to you, but I won myself." Girl The reply was: "Thank you too, my dumb husband! You forced my high score." Although they were not admitted to Peking University, they were admitted to the same national key university. When sharing their story with me, the girl said they were in love. Compared with those who fell in love and missed their studies in high school, they have a double harvest. There is a vast sea of ​​learning, and hundreds of birds compete for current. Anyone who deviates from the direction or loses energy a bit during the struggle may become an academic loser. And in this special age group, that love and that emotion will breed in an instant and spread wildly. If you follow the trend, your limited energy will inevitably be involved. And like this pair of boys and girls, in a special form, let love become a driving force, surpass each other in motivation, and get different results. Let love wait on the other side, this is a very good choice.

Feng ShuiSchools . (1) Luantou School: (1) Situation School (2) Image School (3) Xingfa School . (Two Li Style: . (1) Eight House School (2) Numerology School .(3)Sanhe School(4)Turn Gua School .(5)Feixing School(6)Five Elements School .(7)Xuankong Dagua School(8)Bagua School . (9) Jiuxing Feibo School (10) Qi Men School . (11) Yangzhai Sanyao School (12) Twenty-Four Shantou School . (13) Stars School (14) Golden Lock Yuguan School . .1. Principles of the Situationist .Whenever you mention the situation, people will think of Guan Ren and Guo Pu, the ancestors of Fengshui who use the situation to discuss the good and bad. The situationalists emphasize the geographical situation, mainly based on the dragon, Cave, sand, water, and ancient evil have always been discussed. Although the situation school is divided into the three small schools of Luantou school, image school, and Xingfa school, in fact, these three small schools are related to each other and are not completely separated. .1. Luantou school. Luantou refers to the situation of mountains and rivers in nature. Natural geographic ridges include dragons, sands, and mountains. Dragons refer to mountains that stretch out from a distance; sand refers to three hundred and six around the cave. The hills within ten degrees; the mountain refers to the mountain in the distance outside the cave. .2, image school. Image is actually a profound knowledge of feng shui, because it brings the situation of the mountain to life The earth is regarded as a certain animal or other object. For example, a mountain is shaped like a lion. There are many names of related images, such as the beauty in the mirror, the seven stars with the moon and so on. .3, Xingfa school Xingfa refers to some of the laws in Luantou developed on the basis of the figurative school, mainly discussing the law of the image and the acupuncture site. For example, there is a road and the acupuncture site, which is called "in the Xingfa school" An arrow through the heart". In short, the image is inseparable from the mountain (mountain head): the mountain is inseparable from the image and shape. In many places in China where the mountains are noble, because of their mountains The influence is great, and many Fengshui masters attach importance to the image of mountains and the heads of the mountains. .2. Li style is also known as the house house style or the three yuan style. Because of the style style, the yin and yang, five elements, gossip, river map, Luoshu, and astrology are used. Almost all the theoretical viewpoints of five techniques, such as Shensha, Nayin, Qimen, Liuren, etc., are incorporated into its theory and form a very complicated Feng Shui theory. It is precisely because of the complexity and complexity of Li and style that many small schools are separated, which is also correct. Because of this, people who learn Feng Shui must pay special attention to their choices, otherwise they will not only fail to learn something, but they may also make a catastrophic Feng Shui. The following author will give some introduction to some of the theories of the school, which is not only It is helpful for beginners to choose, and at the same time it will be helpful for those who have already learned Feng Shui. .1. The Eight House School. The Eight House School has only two points in total: One is to sit on the mountain and travel through the stars. The so-called travel star is: Fu Position, Heavenly Medicine, Anger, Four Good Fortune Stars and Five Ghosts, Destiny, Disaster, Six Evil Stars and Four Fierce Stars. According to the ups and downs of the Bagua Mountain in the house, the eight stars are matched with the congenital gossip position, with good fortune, and bad for bad. Second, according to the house gossip, sitting on the mountain, divided into East Four Houses and West Four Houses, and then combined with human life, that is, the East Four Houses match the East Four Houses, and the West Four Houses match the West Four Houses. Generally speaking, the calculation of life hexagrams of the Ba Zhai School is based on the annual payment. In other words, people born in the same year have the same fate hexagram if they are of the same gender, and their Feng Shui layout is also the same. Then there are millions of people born in one year. According to the Feng Shui viewpoint of the Eight House School, they all have one thing in common. Therefore, the Feng Shui theory of the Eight House School is too simple and rough. In particular, the view that things match the East Four Houses and the West Four Houses match the West Four Houses is even more crude and difficult to be accurate. Readers who wish to learn Feng Shui should never copy it. However, if you use the star to talk about good or bad, it can be of reference value when you put it out or in the indoor layout and the Xuankong flying star. The specific usage will be discussed later. .2, numerology school. Using the five elements in the homeowner's life bureau to coordinate with the five elements and the Xuankong flying stars in the azimuth of the Twenty-Four Mountain to carry out feng shui layout, with decorative colors, etc., it has a great guiding effect on the interior decoration and feng shui adjustments of various sun houses. .3. The Sanhe Sect and the Twenty-Four Shantou Sect. Taking landscape as the main theme, the relationship between Twenty-Four Mountains and Zuozhai Mountain is discussed. The so-called Zuozhai Mountain actually refers to the relationship between the five elements on the compass and the peaks or buildings outside the house. . Water distribution is based on the twelve longevity position to judge good or bad. The twelve longevity refers to longevity, bathing, crown belt, temporary officialdom, emperor prosperity, decay, disease, death, tomb, extremity, fetus, and raising in numerology. Generally speaking, the good and bad are judged by the upward distribution of water and the coming and going of water, which is mainly used for the house. But in the triad faction, the water is allocated upwards and the twelveLong-lived in the yin and yang mixture, the use of it is often biased. Therefore, the author reminds Yiyou who are studying Fengshui, that the good and bad of the twelve longevity on water cannot be used in full. It must be distinguished from yin and yang, and it is good to make the best of yin and yang. .4. Turn Gua School. Take the gossip to turn out the nine-star hexagram, and then cooperate with the landscape to discuss good and bad. There are several ways of turning the hexagrams of the hexagram school, such as the auxiliary star turning the hexagram, also known as Huangshigong's turning the hexagram. It is based on Najiaqi to greet wolves, giants, Lucun, Wenqu, Lianzhen, Wuqu, and Pojun. , Zuo Fu, You Bi nine stars to infer good and bad luck. .5, Xuankong Feixing School. It is to match the direction of the mountain with the Yuan Yun and line up the direction of the mountain, and the Yuanpan Jiuxing, so as to see the prosperity and decline of the water and mountains with the indoor layout. The so-called Xuankong Nine Stars refers to: one white is in the ridge for the greedy wolf, the two black is the giant gate in the kun, the three blue is in the earthquake for the survival, the four green is in the sunda for the literary song, the five yellow in the center is the Lianzhen, and the six white is doing the work. In Wuqu, Qi Chi is in red for breaking the army, Babai is in Gen as Zuo Su, and Jiu Zi is in Li is Youbi. The essence of metaphysics is to pay attention to the prosperity and decline of Yuan Yun, as well as the restraint of the nine numbers from 1 to 9 and the coordination of joys and taboos in the fate. As long as the reader can grasp this point, even if the metaphysics has been introduced, it is generally In other words, indoor Feng Shui can be adjusted for people. But to grasp the essence of metaphysics, of course, you must study in depth. .6, Astral Sect. Astrology school refers to the twenty-eight constellations, such as Kangjinlong, Clan raccoon dog, Fangyue rabbit, Xinyue fox, tail fire tiger, etc., which respectively represent the attributes of the five elements. According to the theory of sitting direction, surviving gram is mainly used to control the good and bad qi of the twenty-four shantou. The Qimen School, the Five Elements School, the Xuankong Dagua School, the Jinsuoyuguan School and the Ziwei Dashu School, etc. of the Li style style, I will not introduce them one by one here. . Strictly speaking, the Fengshui faction is the situationalism and the rationalism style. Their theories are also infiltrated and integrated with each other, which is the meaning of the return of all laws to the sect. Therefore, to learn Feng Shui, the best of the two schools must be collected. It is necessary to be proficient in rationality and style, but also to absorb the essence of situationalism. However, due to the many schools of Fengshui, useful and useless are mixed together, learners must go to the false and keep the truth, take the rough and get the essence, and don't get into the misunderstanding of Fengshui. The schools of Chinese Fengshui are divided into the Inland School and the Coastal School according to the region. According to the Yang School and Jiang School, they are divided into the Luan Style School, the Li Style School, and the Form and Li School in Academic Division. The theories of Chinese Fengshui are mainly divided into three categories: Physique, Li Qi, and Day Lessons.

One: Physique, also known as morphology and mountain physique. It is the theory that the ancients chose suitable places for humans to live or bury the bones of ancestors based on the natural topography. It is mainly based on the sentiments of mountains and waters, divided into six processes: searching for dragons, tapping acupuncture points, eliminating sand, receiving water, standing and working. The main factions are: 1: Wuseixue 2: Jiuxingxue 3: Drinking shape studies 4: Inverted rodology The representative works of physique studies are: Qingwujing , Burial Sutra, Suspicious Dragon Sutra, Shaking Dragon Sutra, Xuexin Fu, Instructions for the Son of Man, Songs of Entering Style, etc. Physique is the core theory in Feng Shui. Judgment is judged based on its body, whether it is big or not, heavy, light, noble and inferior. The author believes that physique should be changed to morphology or morphology as appropriate. Fengshui masters first see the form (appearance), and then analyze its meaning (connotation), and then comprehend its qi (essence). Only in this way can we distinguish good and bad points and choose good acupuncture points. On Qi, the article "Feng Shui's Good Qi and Fierce Qi" gives a more detailed description. Friends who are interested may wish to take a look. Feng Shui is an academic subject with strong theoretical and practicality. The landscape of the world is endlessly changing. "Looking for a dragon in three years and tapping acupuncture points in ten years" and "moving steps and changing shapes" are all about the difficulty of learning and using Feng Shui. The true biography of the ignorant, the wide-ranging book, the painstaking research, and a lot of empirical evidence make it difficult to enter the room. Two: Liqiology, also called Confucianism and Orientation. It is based on four dimensions, eight hexagrams, nine stars, twenty-four mountains, sixty-to-earth, seventy-two traversing mountains, sixty-four hexagrams, one hundred and twenty cents of gold, three hundred and sixty-five constellations, three hundred and eighty-four lines, etc. As a basis, the dragon point is the main point, the sand and water on the inside and outside are verified, and the acupuncture points and directions are determined according to their interaction and influence. Among them, there are the most methodological schools on sand water. The main ones are as follows: 1: Tripartite 12th Bureau Twenty-fourth Bureau Forty-eight Bureau 72nd Bureau, etc. 72nd Bureau, etc. Two: Nine Star Group Starting upwards and assistingGreed the palace Fighting stars to eliminate sand 3: Sanyuan faction Heaven, earth and human ternary Upper, middle and lower ternary 4: Heluo faction 5: Xuankong faction Xiaoxuankong Daxuankong Jiang's Xuankong Shen's Xuankong The representative works of Liqiology are: Qingsangjing, Tianyujing, direct reference to Yuanzhen, Lead marble , Geography Five Jue, Yangzhai Three Keys, Compass Thorough Explanation, Shen's Metaphysics, etc. Three: Day class studies, also called selective studies. According to the selected acupuncture points, the four pillars are formed by choosing yuan, luck, year, month, day, time, and according to various five element theories to supplement the dragon and support the mountains and avoid evil to carry out the construction operation. The main schools of daily classes are: 1: Life-making 2: Tianxing 3: Fighting head 4: Purple and white 5: Qimen 6: Yan Qin 7: Liuren 8: Taiyi The representative works of the Japanese class school are: Songs for Life, Qingding Association Records, Xiangji Tongshu, Hufu Tongshu, Yongji Tongshu, etc. There are many mainstream factions, and they are all different. And there are many tribes in each school and school, which are complicated and dazzling. What is even more difficult to understand is that some factions are completely different and devalue and attack each other. The ancients were like this, but the present is even worse. Feng shui knowledge, feng shui layout, feng shui taboos, feng shui furnishings, feng shui diagrams, feng shui transforms evil, feng shui lucky feng shui book teaches you to learn feng shui, make sure to find the right feng shui auspicious position, avoid feng shui taboos, design building layout Bazi fortune-telling birthday Bazi fortune telling Bazi marriage company naming shop name Brand name Caesarean section Selecting date Product naming floor basin Named opening date of housewarming Selecting date of marriage Selected date of child's name depends on the hour of the date of the child's name change according to the Feng Shui of the new building See the Feng Shui of the new house See the Feng Shui of the second-hand house See second-hand building Feng Shui Feng Shui second-hand building Feng Shui survey Feng Shui selection building marriage marriage selection date Feng Shui Kanyu eight-character fortune-telling prediction of the name change the name of the week to choose auspicious marriage marriage eight-character name eight-character prediction Feng Shui increase fortune prediction of wealth fortune, urge peach blossom Feng Shui to attract wealth and change fortune fortune prediction of building Feng Shui Surveying the town house to attract wealth and treasure marriage love promotion promotion Guangzhou fortune telling master Guangzhou fortune telling eight-character fortune-telling eight-character Guangzhou fortune-telling Guangzhou fortune-telling master approved the eight-character fine-tuned eight-character, high accuracy Guangzhou Feng Shui supplies town house-making evil fortune and treasure marriage Love promotion and promotion Feng Shui training Feng Shui teaching Feng Shui learning learning eight-character eight-character training class Feng Shui training class Yi Jing training Yi Jing learning residential Feng Shui housing Feng Shui office Feng Shui office building Feng Shui stalls Feng Shui shop head Feng Shui shop Feng Shui Yang Zhai Feng Shui look at the hands and the real estate Feng Shui, Investigation and layout of real estate fengshui, villa fengshui, home fengshui, urban feng shui, garden feng shui, tourist scenic feng shui, hotel feng shui, shop feng shui, yin and yang house feng shui, feng shui lecture, date selection, naming, marriage, life prediction Guangzhou residential feng shui design layout Guangzhou office feng shui design layout Guangzhou office building feng shui design layout Guangzhou store feng shui design layout Guangzhou Yinyang house feng shui design layout design architectural layout

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