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Shanghai Jiaotong University Practical I Ching Series Course "Predictions of Zhouyi—Prediction of Six Lines and Divination"

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Curriculum Background

Moutang Yijing Research Institute has offered practical Yijing training courses since 2007. Ten years of unremitting efforts have gradually formed a series of I Ching practical courses featuring four-pillar numerology, Zhouyi divination, Yangzhai Fengshui and other practical applications, becoming the only I Ching highest school for practical teaching in Shanghai; I was fortunate to be recognized by Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2016. Enter Jiaotong University to teach.

Teacher Zhang Zhibin is one of the first batch of correspondence students of Teacher Shao Weihua, the "Master of Yitan". Divination prediction and feng shui studies have in-depth research, through a large number of rich practical experience and successful cases, summed up and created a unique Yi Xue prediction system, which greatly improved the prediction accuracy of Yi Xue in practical applications. The training course aims to promote the classics of the Book of Changes and make the practical Book of Changes acceptable to more people.

Course Value

The vision and decision-making of business leaders affect the height that an organization can achieve. The Chinese Book of Changes culture is broad and profound, and it contains profound decision-making and management wisdom. Teacher Zhang Zhibin gathers ten years of professional teaching experience, and carefully developed the Zhouyi Predictive President's Advanced Training Course, which aims to lead the social elites from all walks of life to learn from the classic Chinese traditional culture the shining wisdom of the ancient sages and sages gifted to future generations, master the strategy of winning strategies, and thus Achieve more modern business leaders with profound cultural literacy and talents!

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Do you want to know how your wealth is?

Want to know the prospects of investing in a certain project?

Want to know if the lawsuit can be won and how to resolve the crisis?

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I want to know how my health is, whether my existing illness is serious, and how to resolve it?

Course Outline

Basic knowledge:

The basic knowledge of six lines lays a solid foundation for learning actual combat courses, learns to pretend in the simplest way, and masters the relationship between the prosperity and decline of the five elements and the change of lines

1. Earthly Branches and Principles of the Five Elements

Twelve Earthly Branches Yin and Yang, Earthly Branches Direction, Earthly Branches Sanhe, Earthly Branches Liuhe, and Earthly Branches Six Chongs


2. The relationship between the five elements: the explanation of life, restraint and loss of consumption

3. Explanation of the five elements and twelve longevity and Wangxiangxiu's death of prisoners (four seasons and five elements in time)

4. The twelve earthly branches of yin and yang and their directions

5. Specific installation of hexagrams

The concept of world Yao and Ying Yao. The concept of the hexagram palace. The hexagram defines the six relatives. The installation of the six gods


6. Explanation of the specific terms of six lines

Moving line. Quiet line. Terminus line. Flying line. Changing line. Dark motion. Moon breaking .Sun break. Six relatives. Void death. Anti-yin. Fuyin and so on

Actual combat analysis:

1. Guayao pattern, Guayao auspicious and bad luck, six relatives relationship

1. Definition of monthly construction, definition of daily construction

2. Definition of moving line, definition of changing line. Relationship between moving line and changing line

3. The definition of terminus hexagrams. The relationship between hexagrams and termas

4. The relationship between monthly construction and hexagrams

5. The relationship between the hexagram line and the hexagram line

The relationship between the dynamic line and the dynamic line, the relationship between the dynamic line and the static line, the dynamic line and the change The relationship between the function of the line

2. Specific analysis of the hexagrams and lines of the hexagrams, the analysis of the hexagram examples

1. Steps and essentials of breaking the hexagram

2. Summary of prediction methods

The correct relationship between the establishment of the month and the day establishment and the role of hexagrams

3. Multi-angle analysis

one for each test Mr. Zhang will analyze all hexagrams and lines one by one, explain one by one, make comprehensive conclusions, and predict the results accurately.

4. Classroom measurement of six lines

Selection of representative examples of hexagrams in previous classrooms


Detailed analysis of the students shaking their hexagrams on the spot

Answers to the students’ difficult questions

Actual test theme

1, Official career

Promotion, promotion, power, future, performance, leadership, seniority, relegation, colleagues, competition, position

2. Wealth management

Operation, development, goals, market environment, profit, consumption, surplus, cooperation, liquidity, fundraising, debt collection


3. Marriage and relationship aspects

Relationship development, cohabitation, relationship establishment, conditions of both parties, attitudes of both parties, relationship basis, happiness index, depth of relationship between both parties

4. Predictive bidding aspects

Bidding on the strength of the other party, our bidding ability, competition situation, bid bottom, Bid-rigging planning, bid-rigging method, bidding level

5. Anticipating lawsuits

The level of experience in litigation, our Lawsuit ability, our lawyers, petitions, the strength of the opponent, the opponent's lawyers, personal evidence, the judge, the lawsuit, the issue of compensation

6. Forecasting the stock market

Market trend, individual stocks rise and fall, main force, accumulation, shipment, news, buy and sell orders


Suitable object

Senior executives such as corporate chairman, directors, presidents, general managers, etc.;

Middle and high-level decision makers in finance, securities, wealth management and other industries;

Other elites who have a keen interest in Zhouyi forecast.

[Organizer] Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Continuing Education, Moutang Yijing Research Institute

core teacher

Professor Zhang Zhibin

International China Vice President of the Zhouyi Association, President of the Shanghai Branch; Vice President of the International Academy of Architectural Design, President of the Shanghai Branch; Standing Director of the China Planning Association; Distinguished Professor of Shanghai University; Deputy Leader of the Expert Group of the Chinese Academy of Sciences I Ching Research Center; Chinese Academy of Sciences Professor of I Ching Studies of Chinese Studies at the I Ching Research Center; expert member of the Advanced Seminar of East China Normal University School of Oriental Real Estate; China's Top Ten Real Estate Planning Experts;

Mr. Zhang Zhibin is the first batch of correspondence disciples of the master of Yi Tan, Mr. Shao Weihua, and has won many famous international and domestic masters of Yi learning (Liao Moxiang). Teachers, etc.) personally taught him, and received the secrets of the folk non-five element prediction method. For more than 30 years, I have been persevering, deep in my rationality, and diligent in practice. I have in-depth research on Bazi numerology, Zhouyi Liuyao prediction, Fengshui environment science, name science, etc., personally test tens of thousands of cases; especially for enterprises and large-scale real estate projects With a large number of rich practical experience and successful cases, we have summarized and created a unique forecasting system of I-Ching, which greatly improves the forecast accuracy of I-Ching in actual application. is the first person to offer a practical I Ching course in Shanghai. The whole course is taught through on-site example analysis.

Course location

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Qibao Campus

Certificate: (free lifelong refresher) Those who have completed the course and passed the assessment will be awarded the "Shanghai Jiaotong University Moutang I Ching Research Institute" training certificate.

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