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The Book of Changes can also analyze the market, believe it or not?

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The Book of Changes is one of the oldest documents in China, and is respected by Confucianism as the first of the "Five Classics". According to legend, it was deduced and summarized by Fuxi family and Zhou Wenwang based on "He Tu" and "Luo Shu", and was hailed as "the head of the group scriptures and the source of the avenue".

"The Book of Changes" was considered a "Book of Heaven" in ancient times and also a book of divination, so it has been widely spread in Chinese history. As large as emperors and generals, as small as ordinary people, they always use this book to ask for divination before every action or when they want to know the result of an important event. However, it is more than just a book of divination. Academia generally believes that its value is all-encompassing: looking up at astronomy, looking down on geography, and communicating with everything. Therefore, it is another strange book.

For thousands of years, with the advancement of science and technology and the development of economy, the living habits of modern humans have long been different from those in ancient times, and more and more scientific research results are changing. Human understanding and cognition of things. However, many scientists are surprised to find that the ideas contained in the "Book of Changes" and the results of modern scientific theories are so wonderfully consistent, which also makes the "Book of Changes" established a very high position in the history of world philosophy.

"Book of Changes" has a special study on the changes of the fortune of things, and then developed the idea of ​​numerology. Numerology can be said to be a branch of I Ching theory. It has a history of nearly two thousand years since its rise in the Han Dynasty. Numerology refers to the truth of life and the truth of life's destiny. Traditional numerology usually uses a person's birth date to determine a person's time and space position, and uses the change of the Grand Fortune to infer how a person's life is changing. Numerology was mainly used in ancient times to calculate the good, bad, bad, fortune of a person's life, including official career, marriage and so on. In modern life, the application of numerology is becoming more and more widespread.

The editor is a lover of the Book of Changes. I usually like to study various knowledge of the Book of Changes, such as the Eight Diagrams and Five Elements, Yin and Yang Yao. The theory is applied to the Chinese stock market, and the Chinese stock market is also regarded as a part of "the harmony between man and nature."

This person takes December 19, 1990, the first day of the birth of the Shanghai Composite Index as the space-time position, and the space-time character is:

According to his six-year-old Shangyun (starting the Grand Canal in 1996) as the starting point, the Grand Canal is: Ji Chou (1996 to 2005) (6 to 15 years old) ; Geng Yin (2006 to 2015) (16 to 25 years old); Xin Mao (2016 to 2025) (26 to 35 years old)

here It is concluded that in 2017 Ding Younian, the Shanghai Stock Exchange is in Xinmao Universiade.

The author of this article is named Mr. Feng Bo. He introduced the "I Ching, Feng Shui, Numerology, Gossip, Metaphysics, and Heir". How godly is he? Is it true or not? Follow the editor to look down

On August 18, 2017, Mr. Feng Bo published an article titled The trend of the index in 2017 is analyzed and predicted:

In the article, Mr. Feng Bo mentioned: "The month of Gengxu (the ninth month in the lunar calendar is the October in the solar calendar), the month of Xinhai (the October in the lunar calendar is the November in the solar calendar), and Tiangan "Geng" "Xin" Jindu will be defeated by "Ding" fire, and will have a certain degree of adverse effects."

Back Looking at the trend of the broader market, from October to November (September and October in the lunar calendar), the Shanghai Composite Index was in a sluggish trend, the trading volume shrank, and the monthly harvest averaged Yinxian. During this period of time, the market is generally subject to the Fed’s interest rate hike and the negative factors of lifting the ban on restricted stocks. The emergence of flash crash stocks from time to time has also exacerbated the market’s liquidity risk. The Shanghai Stock Exchange Index failed to continue the previous few due to internal and external difficulties. The monthly rally, and finally formed an adjustment of the monthly line level.

Looking at the situation of individual stocks again, the article mentioned: "The fleeting years, the Universiade and the original "Ziwu Maoyou" are complete, which may indicate that there will be some signs of mutual marriage and cooperation between individual stocks in 2017. "

According to data, on November 7, 2017, the 360 ​​backdoor A-share listed company Jiangnan Jiajie completed the transaction. After the resumption of trading, Jiangnan Jiajie directly gained 18 one-word daily limit, and the stock price rose by nearly 6 Times!

On December 8, it is rumored that Tencent will invest heavily in the Yonghui Supermarket’s fresh food supermarket, Yonghui Supermarket The stock price rose in response to the wind and drove the entire new retail sector to soar. After the marriage and cooperation between the two parties was also confirmed, Tencent intends to fight Ali in the new retail field through the cooperation with Yonghui Supermarket.

In addition, regarding the sectors with better fortunes in 2017, Mr. Feng Bo’s analysis is as follows:

The small metals, cement, and pharmaceutical sectors mentioned here have maintained a good upward trend this year, and the annual average of the sector index The harvest is positive, in which the cement sector has risen 21% so far this year. This is not easy when most stocks in the market have fallen throughout the year!

At the end of the article "Xinmao Universiade" Beyond the Shanghai Stock Index, Mr. Feng Bo also predicted the market in 2018. He I think:

Will the market in 2018 be as predicted by my husband? The editor will continue to follow Please wait and see for the relevant articles of Mr. Jinfeng Bo!

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