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The I Ching Forecast of China's Stock Market Trends in 2012

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I Ching predictions on the trend of the Chinese stock market in 2012

Laiming layman

Yes Many friends have asked me about the forecast of the stock market this year, and I specially wrote this article to feed the needs of my friends. Note: This article is only for the reference of my limited friends (people who are destined are limited friends), if others read and believe it or not, I am not responsible for it! I have said long ago: All my predictions on the stock market are all "lunatics", and I have to take responsibility for this.

My general view: 2012 China’s stock market will be on the rise. There is a big chance; but there is also a sharp drop in the meantime, which is also thrilling. The difficulty is to grasp it in time.

me In 20121 month 20 day, specifically for 2012 China’s stock market trend has a divination, and a pure "Gu Gua", the senior six students have "involved class", "retirement class", "liuyi class" ". (See the end of the article for examples of hexagrams)

First analyze the Four Pillars and Eight Characters of the stock market (also refer to Ziwei Doushu). This year, in the fleeting market of Ziwei Doushu, the Shenzhen stock market entered the "husband and wife palace". Of course, the husband and wife of the Shenzhen stock market are the Shanghai stock market. Therefore, the stock market trend this year should be dominated by the Shanghai stock market.

The eight characters of the Shanghai stock market, I am based on the 1991 year7Month8 Daily Time Record . The eight characters are: Xinwei year, Yiwei month, Jimao day, Jisi hour. From the point of view of the eight characters, the eight characters are "seven evil spirits". It is true that the seven evil spirits also carry the "sheep blade". The Shanghai stock market has a strong hit and hard fate, but a strong "official" but no "fortune": It shows that this market has a background, is highly regarded by the state, and has the status of a big brother in the Chinese stock market. It is the leader and weather vane of the Chinese stock market; however; , Because there is no money in Ba Zi, but it is not a good "market", it is not easy to make money here.

The problem with this eight-character is: Japanese yen is ji soil, but soil has four layers, which is too strong for fate; , The qi is not enough to vent; there is no water in the horoscope, but there is a lack of "money" (water is money). Therefore, the eight characters like gold and lack water, or like gold and hope for water. See you in the Universe or fleetingGold and water bring joy.

Those who are pleased, 2012 The year stem and branch is the Renchen year, Chen Soil is the "reservoir of water" and Yangshui. The Shanghai stock market and even the Chinese stock market this year are promising.

And 2012, the eight characters of Shanghai stock market coincides with 21 New Year’s luck, its eight characters20 During the New Year’s Grand Canal of the 10 year, I just transferred the trunk and branch "Dingyou", and Dingyou sees the gold (you is gold). Therefore, in 2012, the Shanghai stock market has seen water and reservoirs; the great luck sees gold. Chentu reservoir is inexhaustible, and Chentu is still able to lock the excess rusticity, and the great fortune is showing up. This year, the stock market is very promising.

Note: Chentu is a reservoir that can add wealth; Chentu is a soil that can control too much. However, Chentu is still the place where the evil spirit is Tiangang, once its evil spirit is unstoppable, it has its extremely fierce side.

So on the Shanghai Stock Market’s Ziwei Doushu chart, this year’s Tai Sui Linchen Palace, the good ones, "Fuxiang Gongfu", The purple house meets, and the career palace is next to Lianzhengxing Jushen, which is a very strong pattern of "Xiongsu Chaoyuan". It is said that once it goes well, it will rise to the sky. But there was another charge against Gong Qing Yang Xing, saying: If you lose, you will suffer a thousand miles. It is the momentum of great ups and downs.

An example of analyzing the hexagram: Gu, the word "Gu" is now interpreted as "bewilderment", which means it is not understood. The ancients said: There is leftover rice in the rice bowl, so that it is wasted by worms. The ancients had a hard time living in the era of writing characters. If there are leftovers and insects, one is a bumper harvest; the other is laziness and waste. Therefore, when it comes to the stock market, many parties will be overjoyed when there is a big market; but don't be careless, if you don't master it well, you will lose all gains.

As for the monthly trends, the hexagrams are fully explained, and there is a detailed description in Da Liuren. It’s just that the secrets don’t dare to leak! Every time I write specific content about the trend of the stock market, I will lose a lot in stock trading. Therefore, God's will can not be exhausted, I would like to talk about the big situation, or rely on those who are predestined to realize themselves.

The hexagram example and the crape myrtle life chart of the Shanghai stock market and the four-pillar horoscope chart are as follows:

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