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Reassured eight-character five elements, Zhouyi predicts the stock market of the year

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Reassured Eight Characters and Five Elements[ v ]

The company’s main business is forecasting of the week, naming and testing, and the eight-character refining the Yangzhai Fengshui , Company feng shui various spells, dojo rituals, exorcism, exorcism, seeking wealth, soliciting souls and souls, peach blossoms urging marriage and fleeting fortune, five ghosts fortune, Yangzhai Fengshui, company feng shui.

Established in October 2005, it mainly provides netizens with fast and free Bazi calculation services. At present, all Bazi calculation functions are free to use. Everyone is looking for the Bazi calculation system that is powerful, complete, and accurate and accurate in its calculation function! To provide you with more than 200 online eight-character calculation functions and hundreds of thousands of articles about Yixue.

Not conducive to seeking wealth, getting wealth will also break wealth, and even the broken wealth is greater than the wealth gained. I am weak and helpless as a person of wealth. I can only give up my life and earn money. The begging for money is very strong. Regardless of whether you are following a righteous or partial wealth, it can be regarded as partial wealth; because it is more common, it is also partial. As long as such people do not break the rules, or even if they break the rules, they can return to the state of conformity during the transit. If the fortunes are not contrary, they will naturally be able to make money, and the fortune of the partial wealth will naturally also be very good. Those who are transported by food injuries can help the fortune because of the food injury, so they seek fortune smoothly; those who are transported by the fortune star are on duty and will be more healthy and prosperous. Of course, the wealth will be fierce; for those who are transported by the official star, the flow of wealth is useful. , Which is also conducive to seeking wealth, so "money" has a broad path. Of course, it is not lucky to print the stars and the lucky ones. Although I am weak, I am healthy and prosperous every day. People who are rich and prosperous will grow strong every day. It is often the Japanese Lord who is able to get the ground; but the Japanese Lord cannot get orders, and there are more injuries and wealthy officials, so the Japanese Lord is still Weak.

There are many earthly branch penalties, which means that there are many geographical changes, and it is easy to get entangled and get into trouble. Therefore, it is difficult to have peace of mind and body in a lifetime. The stagecoach with many stagecoach stars is the more efficacious one of the four pillars of the gods and evil spirits. They have the image of stagehorses walking and running. They mainly move around, relocate, and mobilize more in their lives. So it is also suitable for developing a career in a foreign land. Stagecoach star search method: The main branch is the year and day branch, and the other earth branches in the four pillars belong to the stagehorse, that is, "Shen Zichen horses in Yin, Yin Wuxuan horses in Shen, Siyou ugly horses in Hai, Haimao not horses Si". Generally speaking, there are four horse stars in Yin Shen Si Hai, and basically they will not work and live in one place for a long time. For them, frequent regional changes are the constant normal.

Zhouyi predicts the stock market of the year [v ]

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If you are right, just because you are not good to Cai, Cai will not come to you or stay with you. If you often fight against your wives, it is equivalent to suppressing your own financial position, and it is easy to indirectly affect the growth of your own wealth. Will the family with strict wife control the wealth of the family? It is said that the families that are afraid are very rich. The so-called fear does not mean fear, but respect, love, cherish, and reluctant to be hurt, sad, and tolerate grievances. Of course, a wife can’t “trample” his self-esteem, like water. Water is pliable, and it is soft. If everything is strong, the husband must be obedient, and control her husband. This is not conducive to family and marriage. Wealth will inevitably be affected. What is the real meaning of Van Fu Van's wife? People often say that Van Fu Van's wife's appearance may refer to appearance, but these are not important aspects.

Zhouyi predicts, named and tested famous family divination, eight characters finely criticized Yangzhai Fengshui, various company Fengshui mantras, Taoist rituals


Exorcising evil spirits, seeking wealth and business, attracting souls and souls, peach blossoms promote marriage and fleeting fortune, five ghosts fortune fortune and Yangzhai Fengshui, company Fengshui

Fortunately, although there are many changes, they are not troublesome. Geminis Can also deal with these sudden changes. andAffected by the conjunct of Saturn and Pluto at the beginning of the year, their work and romance will have new opportunities. Geminis need to seize and make good use of these opportunities to create more benefits for themselves. [Click to view the details of Gemini's 2020 Horoscope] Since the second Mercury retrograde in mid-2020 starts from Cancer and ends in Cancer, this leads to a worse change in the personal fortune of this constellation.

Principle analysis Editing theoretical basis Life is a slightly mysterious metaphysics, based on the "Book of Changes", based on the five elements of Yin and Yang The system is the knowledge based on the theory. "The Book of Changes" originated from Fuxi's Eight Diagrams, and Fuxi's Eight Diagrams originated from the "Hetu Luoshu"; "Yi·Xi Cishang" said: "He is out of pictures, Luo is out of books, and the saints are from Hetu." When it comes to explaining the hexagrams and lines of the gossip, it can be seen that the development trend of Chinese culture is a way of thinking that naturally takes the law and enriches it with people's experience. The theoretical basis of life is "yin and yang, five elements", which is the core of Chinese classical philosophy and is the ancient simple materialistic philosophy; yin and yang refers to the two opposing and interconnected forces in everything in the world; the five elements are derived from "Wood, fire, earth, metal, and water" are composed of the operation and change of the five basic substances, which emphasizes the overall concept; the confluence of yin and yang and the five elements forms the framework of traditional Chinese thinking. Based on the nature of yin and yang, the five elements, and the principles of nature, it transforms into the nature of the ten gods and the principles of human affairs to form a complete calculation system of destiny.

The ten kinds of people who are easy to succeed in their careers who prefer to use money for the use of money, their minds are all on money, therefore, work does not need to be accounted for by others, and they do everything spontaneously and upwards, and don’t care. Face, as long as it is. This kind of person dares to recommend himself, asks himself for a high standard, chooses the right scale, can share worries for others, and is a successful person. Righteous wealth is the use of righteous wealth. The master is thrifty, honest and trustworthy, not clever, not greedy, and cherish time and money. He is a pragmatic, hardworking and rich person. They understand that there is a reward when you pay, and you can reap benefits by saving costs. Therefore, they are also people who slowly accumulate wealth. Zheng Yin is the person who uses the Zheng Yin as the God to be proud, not proud, not to show off, not to show off, not to be qualified, and the more people who do not seek high returns, the more often they gain.

Reassuring Eight Characters and Five Elements

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