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The 2020 management staff debriefing meeting of Houpu shares was successfully held

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(The meeting site)

1 month 18 day—— 1 Month 20, the three-day Houpe shares 2020 The annual managerial debriefing meeting was successfully held in the West Headquarters Base Convened. Chairman Wang Jiwen, President Huang Yaohui, Vice President Zhong Xiao, Hu Wanling, Guo Zhicheng, Lin Yuanhua and other management team members attended the meeting. Professor Zheng Jingpu from Oceanview Management Consulting Co., Ltd. attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates.

(Work report)

At the meeting, various departments and members of the company The company 29 senior management personnel from 2020 annual work objectives and completion status, core work review, /span> 2021 The work objectives, strategies and main tasks of the year were reported. In the report, everyone summed up the details, reviewed thoroughly, had a clear understanding, and planned concretely, and made full preparations for the smooth development of the work in 2021.

( Communication link)

In the communication and discussion session, everyone actively thinks, asks questions, and provides suggestions and suggestions on development strategy, business thinking, R&D innovation, Lively discussions and exchanges were held in product marketing, production delivery, technical services, safety quality, team building, corporate culture, etc., and many suggestions were made on the improvement of company management level, marketing business expansion, product technology innovation, and production efficiency improvement. Constructive suggestions for improvement have also laid a good foundation for the company to make correct business decisions in the future.

(Professor Zheng's summary and comments)

Professor Zheng of Haichuan Vision According to you The leader’s debriefing conducted a targeted summary and comment, and carried out heuristic thinking and guidance on the company’s strategic planning, development positioning, management mechanism, performance appraisal, decision-making mechanism, collaborative communication, talent training, etc., and provided management personnel from a management perspective. Many scientific and professional suggestions have been put forward for better management and decision-making.

The managers who participated in the debriefing said that this debriefing meeting provided a good platform for communication and building mutual trust. Through debriefing, they realized their own shortcomings and learned Many new ways of thinking, thinking dimensions and management methods will be implemented after the meeting in accordance with the spirit of the meeting.

(General Huang's work report)

President Huang Yaohui in his work report It is pointed out that in 2020 the company has achieved certain results in information construction and team building.2021 Continue to consolidate the management foundation, improve the employment evaluation and salary system, optimize and reengineer the process, break through the communication bottleneck, strengthen the information construction, and empower the team and individuals. She emphasized that core technology and manufacturing capabilities are Hopu's city walls, and the conversion of intangible assets, capital contracting cost advantages, and network advantages are Hopu's moats. It is hoped that managers can uphold concise, efficient and applicable working principles, strengthen talent cultivation and incubation, vigorously implement various tasks, and enhance the company's management efficiency.

(Chairman's concluding speech)

Chairman Wang Jiwen delivered a concluding speech. He pointed out that this meeting is a heuristic debriefing meeting, through flat communication, inspire Thinking, broadening is now thinking , increased Mutual trust leads to managers in-depth thinking , is a gold for management improvement Key. I hope that after the meeting, human resources will take the lead, solidify the debriefing meeting model, implement the second and third levels of debriefing, and consolidate the results of the meeting . He emphasized that 2021 is the first year of Houpu’s 14th Five-Year Plan. For those who want to come, and for the future, consolidate management, improve management, and lean management. The Houpe team should move forward together move towards compact move forward hand in hand , Managers should pay attention to sinking and adhere to the working method of "I do it, you see, I say, you do it, I see, you do it, I do it again, and you see it again", adhering to unity, Rigorous, pragmatic and responsible work style, concentrating efforts, improving quality and efficiency, and accumulating.

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