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Thousands of people gathered in the golden Olympics to take a look at the Country Garden Phoenix Center!

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On the morning of August 26, the Country Garden Phoenix Center was surrounded by flowers and crowds. Leaders from all walks of life, project clients and major media in Jinan gathered together. The model room opening ceremony and Country Garden Phoenix Center and Sweetome Group strategic cooperation signing ceremony Wonderful opening.

Live shooting

Country Garden·Phoenix Center Smart Loft Presents Spring City

Mr. Yuan Wei, the head of project marketing, gave a speech on the spot, explaining the Country Garden·Phoenix Center, which is a Fortune 500 Country Garden in the world. The world-class commercial real estate project built in Shandong Province is committed to creating a new business life with technology and innovation, decorating smart loft products, and meeting multi-functional needs with a variety of spaces, which has won recognition from all walks of life in Jinan.

Live shooting

Country Garden Group joins hands with Sweetome

Introducing a hotel custody operation model

Sweetome Group is an organization that focuses on real estate management in different places in Asia, helping owners to manage their assets And operations. Country Garden and Sweetome have joined forces to formally sign a contract to start cooperation, which will bring heavy benefits to the owners of Country Garden and open a new chapter in Country Garden Phoenix Center.

Real-time shooting

The model room is in full bloom and enjoys the whole city

The highlight of this event-the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the opening ceremony of the model room, which was jointly launched by the leaders of Country Garden Shandong area and Jinan West City Company. The red silk dances and blooms splendidly, symbolizing the Country Garden Phoenix Center Smart loft officially lifted the veil and welcome the whole city.

Live shooting

Tasting smart loft model room


Witness the quality of Country Garden

After the ceremony, on-site customers and media friends walked into the model room to experience the variety of functions and smart spaces of loft products, and observe the essence of Country Garden The quality of the details of the building. Everyone applauded for Country Garden’s understanding of space, the decoration concept is refreshing, the fashion has a pioneering attitude, and the exquisite exhibition has a warm atmosphere, which is amazing!

Real scene shooting

Apartment Appreciation Chapter

The loft design fully considers the customer's use details, mostly using large bays, large bay windows, separation of dry and wet, more gifts, and a reasonable distribution of functional areas. The floor height is 4.49 meters. Buy one floor with two floors to absorb more sunlight and air; focus on storage to make life comfortable and tidy every day; square layout, high space utilization, full-function and practical enjoyment, to meet different needs.

The 4.49m pick is empty, the space is very different

The large open room is lighted and bright

Multifunctional space, comfortable and enjoyable

The large bay window, accompanied by the scenery

All shots are real scenes

Fortune Olympic Sports Rare Seat

See the big future

Country Garden·Phoenix The center, located in the Jinan Central Business District, enjoys the scarce Olympic sports seats, is crowded with political and business resources, and the three major business districts meet. It is the principle of Jinan urban elites.Want to live and work area, the development potential is unprecedentedly highlighted. After Olympic Sports, there is no center, Country Garden·Phoenix Center, Olympic sports wealth hard assets, the value is visible!

Schematic diagram

The collection of Olympic Sports City’s recognition is launched today

The construction area is about 34-86㎡

The decoration wisdom LOFT Recognize 20,000 to 30,000

Custom Office Recognize 50,000 to 100,000

Fengming Olympic Sports will start on August 26 Jin Cai Bi Xian

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Project Address

Southwest corner of the intersection of Jingshi Road and Shunyi Road

(east of Longaojinzuo)

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