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Longhu·Xing Yao | Shuangtian Street Flow Core Assets Yao Qi is about 500,000 TOD fortune era

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   Buffett once said: How much wealth you can accumulate in a lifetime does not depend on how much money you can make, but on how you manage your finances. There are rich wealth management products on the market. Compared with bank deposits, the income is small, and the stock market, futures, funds and other risks are high. Community shops are undoubtedly one of the more stable channels at present; as a stable wealth creation asset, Longfor Xingyao Plaza is a full-scale gold shop , Multiple actions will take you on the road of "reliable shop" life.

  Since the launch of Longhu Xingyao, it has successfully signed more than 1,200 business owners, and reached over 100 well-known brand merchants such as Huixianlou Restaurant, Boss Lian Shangyu, Zhou Hei Ya, Impulse, Chao Yi Xing, etc. Cooperation, business types include branded catering, children’s education and training, convenience stores, fashion beauty, financial management and other full-format, full-featured wealth neighborhoods, superior geographical location and planning, 500,000 square TOD core traffic guarantee, and Longfor To endorse the full life cycle business operation capabilities, invest in Longfor Star Solar, and start the road to wealth creation!

 Metro shop Condensing wealth "money" tide

  With the announcement of the site selection of Metro Line 6, the TOD of Jinan Xindong Station has become the only three subway surrounds (M1/R2/R3), and enjoy A super urban complex of Shuangtian Street business model. It is located above the TOD of Xindong Station, enjoying the M1/R3 double subway entrance, 2 stops to Xindong Station, 8 stops to Yaoqiang Airport, Olympic Sports CBD, Daming Lake, etc. are one-stop direct access. The traffic along the street at the subway entrance gathers millions of passengers in the city, with unlimited value prospects.


Tianjie Shop Build the "money" path of wealth

  Longhu·Xingyao is close to Beichentian Street with over 100,000 square meters, and Xingyao Plaza will build Jinan’s only Fortune Shuangtian Street, and Jinan Longhu Merchants Center will attract investment throughout the cycle Service, with a 24-hour operation concept, to create a new generation of Dongcheng commercial city that never sleeps, and our shops are all reserved for catering conditions, and it is the core wealth asset under the entire 500,000 square TOD complex.

  Longhubei Chentian Street renderings


community shop Popular home ownership "money" scene

  Longhu·Xingyao surrounding living facilities are available, about 500,000 TOD cities and complexes radiate nearly 400,000 permanent residents in the surrounding area, and the future population growth is expected to exceed 60 Wan; Shandong Provincial Chest Hospital, Jigang Hospital, Qilu Hospital East District and other comprehensive medical institutions are all-round care for health; at the same time Wang Sheren Experimental Middle School, Wang Sheren Second Experimental Primary School, Jinan No. 18 Middle School . Hundreds of thousands of stable and high-spending people have become a source of wealth.


Almighty Gold Shop Enjoy unlimited "money" power

  The building area is about 30-100 square meters, the full-scale gold-absorbing shop, and it is close to the over 100,000 square Beichentian Street. The intersection of Industrial North Road is extremely revealing, and the whole street Reserve catering conditions, operate 24 hours a day, and many brand merchants have settled in. Jinan Longhu Merchants Center has full-cycle rental, operation and management, starting with a shop, easily collecting rents, and opening the road to wealth!

  The built-up area is about 31-39 square meters of subway fine makeup loft, enjoys Shuangtian Street (Beichentian Street + Xingyao Plaza), double subways, and integrates office, apartment, leisure and shopping. Buy one floor and get two floors to create a permanent production of precious gold on Shuangtian Street, rent and sell it ahead of time, and take charge of the future of Jinan's wealth.

  Model room renderings

  About 500,000 square meters of TOD city complex, Yaoqi Wealth Chip age! On Longhu·Xingyao Shuangtian Street, the Fortune Twins are in full bloom, overlooking the future city map, authenticating the new era of Jinan's business!


  100 billion new east station Longhu Shuangtian Street

  about 31-39㎡ subway complex Approximately 30-100㎡ gold-absorbing flow shop

  0531- 8757 9999

  China·Jinan·Gaoxin North

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