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Shenzhen new crown vaccine is free! 453 institutions in the city are available for appointment, no household registration! 44 of Luohu are here

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Shenzhen and Luohu some social health gates

There has been a long queue again

It is not a nucleic acid test, nor is it a group to see a doctor.


Get free new crown vaccine!

That’s right

According to the unified deployment of the country and Guangdong Province

Shenzhen is now facing

18-59-year-old mainland Chinese residents

Carry out free inoculation of new crown vaccine

Maybe at this time, you are hesitating

It’s not safe and effective.

But those with a long-term vision have already seen the facts.

China’s new crown vaccine

Over 100 million inoculations at home and abroad are safe and effective.

This unprecedented "strong push" in the country this time

To achieve universal immunization

Because this is the only way


The epidemic can be fully controlled

Everyone’s life will return to normal

Here, even the "hardcore doctor" said so

You know, it really can't be faked!

So, what are you waiting for? !

Hurry up and go to these 453 institutions in Shenzhen

Get the new crown vaccine for free!

In order to make your play more smoothly

Where to go to make an appointment, we are all ready!

About the new crown vaccine

8 things you most want to know

1. Is it necessary to hit it?

Very necessary!

One is to protect yourself. Vaccines can stimulate the body's immunity, even if it is infected, it can effectively reduce severe illness and mortality.

The second is to defend the country. When enough people are vaccinated, the transmission chain of the virus will be interrupted and herd immunity will be realized.

At the same time, please rest assured.

Preliminary trials have shown that more than 90% of the recipients of the vaccine developed in my country will produce protective antibodies 28 days after the entire course of vaccination. A small number of people have symptoms such as redness, swelling and induration at the inoculation site after vaccination, and usually do not need to be treated. Generally, they can recover by themselves within 1-2 days.

2. Who can call?

Chinese mainland residents aged 18-59, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and foreigners have not yet been released.

When vaccinating, please bring your ID card.

Next, the state will uniformly deploy based on the results of relevant clinical trials, and implement large-scale vaccination in a timely manner for people aged 60 and over.

Source: "Guangdong Disease Control" WeChat official account

3. Who is not suitable for playing?

Pregnant women

Breastfeeding women

People who are in the acute phase of fever, infection and other diseases, who are suffering from immunodeficiency or immune disorders

SeriousPeople with liver and kidney diseases, drug-uncontrollable hypertension, diabetic complications, malignant tumors, etc.

Persons in the gout attack period (the vaccine instructions include all severe acute diseases and chronic diseases in the acute attack period)

Women who are preparing to become pregnant are advised to get pregnant 3 months after being vaccinated with the new coronavirus vaccine.

4. How many shots do you need? How long is the interval between each stitch?

Currently, the new coronavirus inactivated vaccine used in Shenzhen requires 2 doses, with an interval of 14-28 days, and the site of the inoculation is the deltoid muscle of the upper arm.

Different vaccine products have different vaccination procedures and locations. For details, please refer to the vaccine product instructions. Arbitrary adjustment of immune program may affect safety, immune response effect and immune durability.

Source: "Guangdong Disease Control" WeChat official account

5. Can the two shots be mixed?

At this stage, it is recommended to use the same vaccine product to complete the vaccination.

In case of special circumstances such as the inability to continue the supply of vaccines, or the recipients being vaccinated in different places, and the same vaccine product cannot be used to complete the vaccination, the same type of vaccine products of other manufacturers can be used to complete the vaccination.

6. Can I fight with other vaccines?

It is not recommended. It is best to be administered at least 2 weeks apart from other vaccines (except for rabies vaccine).

Among them, it is recommended that the interval between inactivated vaccines be more than 14 days, and the interval between live attenuated vaccines is 28 days, and it is also necessary to closely observe the reaction after vaccination.

7. How long does it take to produce antibodies after vaccination?

After the first dose of vaccination, at least 14 days apart, and then the second dose of vaccination, about two weeks later, a better immune effect can be produced.

Current evidence suggests that antibodies can still maintain a high level for more than 6 months, meeting the requirements of the WHO.

8. Do I still need to test for nucleic acid after typing?

When necessary, you should still cooperate with relevant departments to conduct nucleic acid testing. The protective effect of any vaccine cannot reach 100%.

Source of information: Shenzhen Health Commission, Shenzhen Disease Control and Prevention

Editing: New Era Xinluo Lake

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