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"15 minutes to learn the method of establishing positions on the source line" 14. The stock market push back chart: the big forecast of China's stock market in the next 60 years (2)

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Section 1 Judgment of the inter-annual cycle of China’s Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets

Since 1986, China has officially After issuing stocks, with real stock trading, stocks go up and down. Who can predict the general rules of the stock market and the stock market will be able to make money. The Chinese stock market is a well-known typical policy market. Is there any peculiar operating law in the policy city?

From the past trajectory of the Chinese stock market, a simple law of the operation of the Chinese stock market has been discovered. The discovery of this law is only derived from the statistical level, but the strange thing is that this law is the same. There is an amazing coincidence in the laws of the Chinese lunar calendar.

We first use the Chinese lunar calendar year to correspond to the rise and fall years of the Chinese stock market, and we will be surprised to find the magical mystery:

The first wealth cycle: lasts ten years, six years Bull market, four-year bear market.

In 1986, Bingyin Year, September 26, 1986, Yanzhong Industry and Feilo Audio took the lead in trading at the counter of Jing’an Securities Department of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Shanghai Trust and Investment Company. This was the first batch of stocks in my country. The stocks listed and traded, Shanghai old stereotypes performed wildly, and the bull market continued.

In 1987, Ding Maonian continued a bull market, and the global stock market crash occurred on October 19, 1987.

In 1988, the year of Wuchen, the bull market continued.

In 1989, this year, the bull market continued.

In 1990, the Shanghai Stock Exchange was established in the first year of Gengwu, and the old eight stocks were listed and traded, and the capacity was expanded to continue the bull market.

In 1991, Xin Weinian continued a bull market until it peaked at 1429.01 points in May 1992, an increase of 14 times.

In 1992, the Renshen year. Since May 1992, the market has fallen for 5 consecutive months. The stock index fell from 1429 to 387, a plunge of 73%. Investors suffered heavy losses and many people lost their money. .

In 1993, the year of Guiyou, the market fell for 17 consecutive months since February 1993. The stock index plummeted from 1558 points to 325 points in July 1994, a 79% drop, and more people lost their money. Return.

In 1994, in the year of Jiaxu, it hit a low of 333.92 points in July, and then rebounded for two months. In September, it reached 1052.94 points. It rose for two months in the whole year and fell for the remaining 10 months, showing the great risk. .

In 1995, after Yihai saw 333.92 points in January, it rebounded to May's annual high of 926.41 points and then fell to 512.83 points at the end of the year. Ups and downs, joys and sorrows.

The second wealth cycle: lasting for ten years, a six-year bull market, and a four-year bear market.

In 1996, the second wave of bull market in Chinese history began in the year of Bingzi. The continuous pull-up of the market has risen from 512 points in February to 1S10 points in May 1997, an increase of 195%. During this period of time, there are not a few people earning 10 times. Many stocks doubled in a month, or doubled in one day, and huge profits abound.

In 1997, Ding Chou undertook the bull market in the first half of the year and adjusted in the second half of the year. From June 1997 to the end of 1998, the Asian financial crisis occurred.

In 1998, Wuyin rose in the first half of the year and adjusted in the second half.

In 1999, after 11 months of adjustments, the famous 5-19 market Internet stocks finally ushered in the famous 5-19 market surge. In just over half a year, the Internet stocks rose by 10 times.

In 2000, since January of the Gengchen Year, the stock index has been rising all the wayBy the end of the year, many concept stocks had risen 5 times.

In 2001, Xin Simian undertook the bull market, but it was the end of the battle, and it was a turning point for the bulls and the bears.

In 2002, the whole year of 2002 showed a downward trend. There were two waves of decline, starting from 1693 points on March 21st to 1460 points on June 5th, and from June 28th. The day’s 1747 points fell to 1,311 points on January 6, 2003.

In 2003, the stock index fell from 1649 points on April 16, 2003 to 1307 points on November 13 in the Guiwei year. Regardless of how little the stock index fell, most of the stocks fell a lot.

In 2004, after a five-month rebound in Jiashen Year, the stock index reached a peak of 1,783.01 points in April, and then began to plummet to a year-round high of 1,783.01 points in 2005. Low point is 1264.15 points.

In 2005, Yiyou Nian took over the decline of Jiashen Year and continued to fall to 998.23 points in June. Individual stocks fell beyond recognition, which is a stock market disaster, but this is the time to buy stocks.

The third wealth cycle: it has just begun, but it is not over yet, we will wait and see.

In 2006, in the year of Bingxu this year, the monthly line of the market continued to pull the Yang line, pulling it until the end of the year, showing a very strong bull market. The index rose from around 1100 points to 2700 points. Some value stocks have 20 times increase.

In 2007, Dinghai continued the bull market in 2006. By June, the index had seen 4,300 points. In less than half a year, many stocks had more than fivefold, but by the end of June, the risks began to appear. Concept stocks have fallen by half, which is basically equivalent to a stock market crash. In October 2007, the stock index peaked at 6124 points.

In 2008, the year of Wu Zi, the stock market crashed, and the lowest fell to 1664 points.

In 2009, the year of ugliness, the state introduced stimulus policies, similar to the soaring bull market in 1999 and 1989.

In 2010, the year of Geng Yin, structural bull market, structural bear market, structural bull-bear conversion, the launch of stock index futures, and stock index adjustments.

In 2011, Xin Mao Nian was a bear market.

In 2012, the year of Renchen, there was a bear market.

In 2013, the year of Guisi, the end of the bear market.

In 2014, the year of Jiawu, the bear and the bull switched.

In 2015, the first year of the bull market.

The fourth wealth cycle: In the future, those who are predestined will continue to grow their wealth.

The following is the forecast content:

In 2016, the year of Bingshen, the big bull market;

In 2017, the year of Ding You, the big bull market, peaking in the second half of the year Bear;

2018, the year of Wuxu, a big bear market;

2019, the year of Jihai, a bull market;

2020, the year of Gengzi, a structural bull Bear market;

2021, Xin Chou year, bear market;

20221, Ren Yin year, bear market;

2023, Gui Mao year, bear market;

2024, the year of Jiachen, the year when the bear market turns to the bull market, the year that bottoms out;

2025, the year of Osi, the bull market;

the year of 2026 , Bingwu year, super bull market;

2027, Ding Weinian, super bull market;

2028, Wushen year, bear market;

2029 The year is a unitary year, a bull market;

2030, the year of Gengxu, is a structural bear and bull market.

From the above summary, I believe that careful readers have already seen the regularity, and now make the following summary:

The Chinese stock market takes a 10-year cycle and starts in the year C. A new round of bull market continued until the first year of Ding. After adjustment, the bull market continued until the year of Xin. It began to fall and take back in the middle of the year. The year of Xin gave birth to a bear market. In Yuren and the year of December, the stock market risks increased and the market fell. Most people started Lose money, then rebound and then continue to fall. After the last downtrend in Year A and Year B, Year B gave birth to a bull market.

Why is there such a phenomenon? We seem to be able to find an explanation in China's Five Elements Theory.

Chinese classical philosophy believes that everything in the universe is composed of five elements: gold, wood, water, fire, and earth.The universe that binds us runs in accordance with the laws of nature.

For the calculation method of time, the ancients used ten days to dry "A, B, C, D, E, Ji, G, Xin, Ren, Kui" and the twelve earthly branches "Zi, Chou, Yin, Mao" , Chen, Si, Noon, Wei, Shen, You, Xu, Hai" to calculate the time. Readers and friends can search the perpetual calendar for each year of the Chinese calendar. For example, 2006 is the year of Bingxu and 2007 is the year of Dinghai.

Since there are ten heavenly stems, the ten-year heavenly stems will reincarnate once, that is, ten years are a cycle. This cycle is the same as Gann’s ten years as a very important time cycle. It is consistent with China's political and economic cycles and cultural cycles.

Why does the Chinese stock market start to soar once it hits the C and D years? To explain this, one needs to understand the nature of heavenly stems and which of the five elements in the Chinese stock market belong:

A is Yangmu, B is Yinmu; C is Yanghuo, Ding is Yinhuo; Wu is Yang Earth means yin soil; Geng means yang gold, Xin means yin gold; Ren means yang water, and Kui means yin water.

The attributes of the five elements of China’s stock market:

Our stock market flows like water, ups and downs, it must be water, it cannot be metal, wood, fire and earth. The stock market is water-based, so is it Renshui or Guishui?

Our stock market can accommodate hundreds of rivers like the ocean. The rivers refer to the gathering place of funds from all walks of life, which can drain the flood of funds. Our stock market is also like a stream flowing to the sea, with a long history and power. The quietest, so our stock market is Renshui, the water of the sea, but also the water of Guishui, the water of small streams. This is the attribute of our stock market-"Renshui".

I still want to explain to you the law of natural growth in short words:

Jin, wood, wood, soil, water, water, fire, fire, gold

Jinshengshui, aquatic woods, fires, soils, and native gold

Then we also need to understand the following simple knowledge of the Book of Changes "Hetu Luoshu":

: Jinkemumu is the wealth of gold, the same sex is partial wealth, and the opposite sex is positive wealth.

The one who denies me is the official killer: Mu Ketumu is the official killer of the soil, the same sex is the seven kills, and the opposite sex is the official official.

I live for food wounds: Fire is the food wounds of fire, the same sex is the god of food, the opposite sex is the wounded official.

The one who gives birth to me is the seal star: the aquatic wood water is the seal star of the wood, the same sex is the partial seal, and the opposite sex is the positive seal.

The one who is with me is the comparison: wood and wood are the comparison of wood, the same sex is shoulder to shoulder, and the opposite sex is fortune.

The relationship between the ten gods is:

The God of Cookery: defuse oneself, control and kill, and make money. Which function to perform depends on the matching stems, such as the "Jiawu" fleeting years (2014, 2074), Jiamu Shishen, Earthly Branches nourish fire and make money, forming a combination of "food making money", the stock market soared.

Wounded officer: let go, kill, make money. For example, in the year of Yihai (1995, 2055), Yimu was the chief of the injured officer in the first half of the year. Injured officials made money more powerful than the God of Cookery. The income from the wounded officer was an innovative business model to make money. The God of Cookery made money by skills. In the first half of 1995, the stock market was the first half of Yihai. In the second half of the year, Haishui was the main issue, and Haishui was shoulder to shoulder and played a role in gaining money. The stock market fell overcast in the second half of Yihai. In the first half of 2015, the first half of the year was also the chief of injured officials. The stock market skyrocketed and the increase was astonishing. In the second half of the year, the local officials were not the chief. The management and government frequently issued various policies to barely maintain the stock market from crashing.

Shoulder to shoulder: helping oneself, gaining wealth, fighting against killing. For example, in the Renshen year (1992) and the Renwu year (2002); in the Renchen year (2012), the stock market rose sharply, then plunged into a high consolidation and then fell. The increase was so sharp because it was compared to the intermediary, and someone helped a little bit, but "helping the emergency does not save the poor" is of little use.

Robbing money; killing together, taking money, sometimes helping oneself and sometimes deceiving oneself. For example, in the year of Guiyou (1993, 2053), the robbery of the fortune is matched with the seal. Jie Cai fiercely intervened to help his fortune. The rising trend was soaring. Looking at the rise, it was actually difficult to make money. When it soared, it immediately plummeted. This was basically the same trend in 2013 in the year of Guisi. Robbery with partial wealth indicates that stocks are generally falling, and the Zhengcai has been robbed.

Zhengcai: Leaving one's body, becoming an official. In the first fiscal year, the stock market is generally rising. Positive wealth is like wages. When wages rise, everyone rises. This is true in 1996 and 2006. This will inevitably be the same in the 2016 Bingshen Year, which will produce a bull market.

Partial wealth: Leaving one's body, being exposed is easy to be robbed. The partial fiscal year is the time when some stocks have doubled. In 1997, the year of Ding Chou, the year of Ding Hai in 2007, the year of Ding Xi in 2017, the year of Ding Wei in 2027, and the year of Ding Hai in 2067.It will rise even stronger. The extreme point of partial wealth is too exposed, and it is also a year of prosperity and decline.

Official: Empowerment, Self-denial, Imprint. The official year is often a year when government policies frequently occur. The stock market tends to be uneven, mainly falling. The government will rescue the market if it drops too much, but the effect of the rescue is unsatisfactory.

Seven kills: attack the body, transform the power, produce the seal, and join the robbery. The seven killings are killing people. If there is no seal, the God of Cookery will subdue them, and they can even kill themselves. Therefore, the year of the seven killings is a year of tumble. In 2008, the year of Wu Zi, 2068, and the year of Wu Yin in 1998, all fell sharply. In the Year of Wuyin in 1998, it was supposed to fall to the end like in 2008, but the seven kills were sitting on the God of Cookery, and the Yinmu God of Cookery restricted the seven kills at the beginning of the year. At the beginning of the year, it rose. However, the power of the God of Cookery was weak after all, and once he could not overcome the seven kills. Will continue to fall sharply.

"I" here has different meanings in different places. It means that whoever is the research object is regarded as "I". It is a host-guest relationship. The password of the stock market is "Ren" and "I". Renshui meets "C" and "D". It's that simple. If you encounter the "Wu" year, such as the Wuzi year in 2008, Wutu is Renshui's seven kills, and if you restrain Renshui, you will fall sharply.

Year C is the starting point of every bull market in China's stock market.

For substances that belong to water, the Chinese stock market belongs to water. In case of fleeting years, C and D will inevitably lead to wealth. C D is a fire. When water encounters fire, it will evaporate and diverge upward. So for In terms of the stock market, we can see that the red K-line continues to extend upwards, and the higher the fire becomes, the higher the extension height. Therefore, it is advisable to hold stocks in C year and wait for the harvest. The internal fire belongs to the sun. According to the meaning, Binghuo is the brother of fire, which means full of vigor, enthusiasm and cheerfulness, and also suitable for various social activities, but it is also easy to be misunderstood as a great joy. According to the meaning of Binghuo and the characteristics of Binghuo, there must be a wave In the big bull market, stockholders are happy and elated. They make money and spend money very generously. The stock market in Year C is really a rising scene.

In 1986 there was a stock craze in Shanghai. Old stockholders in Shanghai know that making money is simply too easy. In the big bull market in 1996, many stocks doubled in a week. There was no price limit at that time. The big bull market started with the resolution of equity splits. Many stocks rose sharply after the resumption of trading, and many valuable stocks have risen 20 times.

The first half of the year is a bull market that lasts for the third year, and the second half of the year will enter a consolidation and adjustment period.

In the Ding year, when the fortunes are right, many people see that the stock market is booming, they are rushing to enter the market, resulting in a sharp increase in trading volume. During this period, stock indexes and stocks have risen a lot. Whether you can make money depends on whether you can make money. Everyone’s true abilities have become a reality. During this period, there are big differences between being bullish and bearish, and policy adjustments will often make surprise attacks. Dinghuo is overcast, referring to lights, fires, etc., the fire is unstable, powerful in time, and powerless in time. Huo is the sister of fire. She has the personality of being quiet and inwardly thinking, but its shortcomings are suspicion and scheming. According to the characteristics of Ding Huo, the stock market will inevitably go up and down. Many stockholders find that the stock has risen too much and will face adjustments. , Became suspicious of the stock market’s bullish trend, and profit-taking one after another, causing stock indexes to fluctuate up and down, stock indexes showed signs of instability, short-term customers are popular, chasing the rise and falling are easy to lose money, and bargain hunters are easy to make short-term profits. During this period of time, long-term holders will continue to hold stocks, waiting for the end of the bull market, short-term customers are busy every day, and more people are getting thinner.

After the market peaked in May 1997, it first adjusted downward for 5 months, and then began to rise in September. During this period, many stocks also fell miserably, and some investors who entered the market later saw their margins shrink. Many, this year is most prone to financial crises and stock market disasters, and those who borrow high-yield loans to stock stocks have suffered a disaster.

Year W is a consolidation year, and the stock market will fluctuate in a range.

In the first year of the year, the Chinese stock market executives had their luck and were controlled, restrained and continued to adjust in the second half of the year. The stock market rose too fast, which could easily lead to economic crises and huge financial risks. Some policies were introduced in the year to regulate and control the stock market. The regulation and control policies will gradually take effect, turning the stock market from a mad bull state to a quiet state.

The soil of the dyke can effectively prevent the river from flooding. The earth is honest, heavy, and has a solid temperament. It is straightforward. According to the characteristics of the earth, the stock index will inevitably undergo interval adjustment and consolidation. The mood of the proud stockholders gradually stabilizes. It is concluded that you should not be too stunned. The motto is that many people have left the stock market again to concentrate on their own jobs. The stock market is still relatively risky this year, and there will be a tragic decline for a while.

After the adjustment that has continued for five years, the adjustment began to end, and the bull market began to continue. In the past few years, ChinaThe stock market executives killed their luck and continued to be restrained, but the restraint gradually weakened. The stock market fell too long and could not go down anymore. Those who left the market became suspicious and began to enter the market one after another. A new round of market sentiment began again. It is yin, referring to the pastoral soil. It is not as broad as E-soil but easy to plant. The already-earth values ​​its connotation, is versatile and obeys the rules, but the measurement is not broad and prone to suspicion. According to the characteristics of the existing soil, the power to restrain the stock market is weaker than E. With soil, restraint gradually weakened, and the stock market has gradually bottomed out. Investors should seize the opportunity to choose stocks with potential in the next stage. Future returns will definitely be high.

The bull market in the year of Geng has begun to excite again, and it is working hard to rise.

In the year of Geng, China’s stock market became better for the stock market, and Jinshengshui was good for the stock market. With the seal attached to it, the policy began to be loose again, funds from various sources began to be active again, and a new upward market began. , But this stage is the last stage of the bull market. Some highly speculative stocks have begun to fall and the market is rising, but these stocks are falling, indicating that opportunities and risks are at the same time. Geng Metal Yang refers to iron, swords, ore, etc. Hard, Gengjin is rough and bold, impetuous, strong and loyal, aggressive, destructive, friendly, easy to get along with, according to the characteristics of Gengjin, the stock market is also very crazy at this stage, and many investors are also enjoying asset appreciation. In his ecstasy, Jinsheng water makes the water that had been evaporated some time ago to be replenished, rising and falling.

The bull market in Xinnian reached its peak and the bear market began.

In the Xinian year, China’s stock market is going to be printed, and institutions sing a lot. Everyone is optimistic. No stockholder is willing to say that they have lost money. This is the time for a positive decline. The stock index may be at any time. Significant decline,

Xin metal yin, refers to jade, gems, sand gold, Xin Jin is more gloomy, gentle and delicate, emphasizing feelings, strong vanity and face-loving, with strong self-esteem, but lacking strong will According to Xin Jin's characteristics, at this stage, the stock index wants to go up and down, and to go down and up, the stock market risks are gathering and gradually appearing.

In the next year, the stock index fell sharply.

In the next year, China’s stock market has become more fortunate. There is a term called "Ren Jian Ren, Kui Ruo Cai". Why do you say that? Everyone already knows that C and D are the wealth of Ren and Kui. , Ren is Ren's brother (by shoulder), Kui is Ren's sister (Jie Cai). Wealth must be shared by everyone. We cannot use it alone. If there is more water, there will be no fire. It will rise up like heavy rain. The water turned into a cloud, and now the cloud began to turn into rain. Everyone started to ship faster than anyone else. The stock index fell all the way, and the profit turned into a bubble. Renshui belongs to the sun, referring to the water of the sea, and the brother of the water, containing Clear and turbid. Generosity means being latent and tolerant, and courageous, but it also means strong dependence and carelessness. According to the characteristics of Renshui, funds have cashed out at this stage. Some investors still think this is a correction of the bull market. The dips are still buying people, but they can't stop the stock market from falling resolutely. In 1992, 1993. The stock index plummeted in 2002 and 2003 and suffered heavy losses. This is an example. So in 2012 and 2013, should everyone be extremely vigilant about the stock market?

In the coming year, the stock index had its own repetitions, and the overall decline was still there.

In the decennial year, the Chinese stock market was robbed of wealth, and many investors turned from profit to loss, especially those who entered the market later. The loss was heavy, but the stock index still rebounded during this period, and the decline was relatively small. Kuishui is yin, which refers to the water of rain and dew, and it also implies hiding and inner growth. Guishui is the sister of water, and she is calm, gentle, and introverted. , Diligently, but every time I like guessing, paying attention to principles, and not being practical, my heart is often unbalanced and sometimes destructive, and there is a tendency to emphasize sentiments and love to be horny. According to the characteristics of Guishui, the stock index is down, and there is Repeatedly, and at the same time, when there is a sharp fall and soaring, the risk is still very high. Investors with no short-term experience should take an avoidance approach and wait for a new round of bull market to reappear a few years later. In Year A, it was the year of bottoming for the stock market. The God of Cookery makes money, and the God of Cookery consumes himself. Many stocks have run to the bottom, a large number of stocks have fallen below the net asset value, and a large number of stocks with a price-earnings ratio of only five times appear in the market, and they can't move. However, the funding is relatively tight, and if there is a policy to harvest grass and materials, it will trigger a wave of market trials. In the second year, it is the year of injury to officials. The stock market is a real bear-bull conversion year. Funds continue to flow in and out, and good stocks and bad stocks are rising. This is a wave of rising.

After the popular rise, the bull market has started to split and rise. It is the rise of the C-Working Year. Wolf. Maybe you think the above things are too complicated, so simple What is the logic?

First of all, let me popularize the knowledge of heaven. The Tianyu in the Chinese Book of Changes and the mantissa of the AD era correspond fixedly.

We will be surprised to find that 10The annual cycle is basically consistent with the current change of government in China; of course there are many magical places (more magical places – let’s talk about it), which is actually very simple: China’s stock market is participated by Chinese people, which is in line with China’s "Hetu Luoshu" couldn't be more normal. This once again proves that stocks have nothing to do with academics and fundamental analysis. They are purely a social tool, a political tool, and a cyclical game of wealth transfer. "Futures Investment Strategy-What the Futures Master Says"-the book also explains this principle in detail. If you use fundamental analysis to hold bank stocks and blue chip stocks with low price-to-earnings ratios from 2010 to 2014, you will get nothing for four years. The nature of the stock is not clear, and it is difficult to speculate well. In the same way, if you happen to enter the bull market and make money, then you will have the illusion that you think that you are super capable and mistake the gift of the market as your own ability. Then in the next few years, you will Very hurt, this is what Buffett said, "When the tide recedes, we only know who is swimming naked."

Don’t ask the bull and bear the reason, what is the policy? Everyone in that position will exercise the corresponding authority and introduce the corresponding policy. These are just appearances, and the essence is this. That will happen in that year.

Many powerful market makers have been wiped out because they do not understand the big bull-bear cycle of China's stock market. For example, Xinjiang Delong was the most powerful market maker in China at the time. In 2002 and 2003, it held full positions and even pulled up. The capital chain finally broke in the summer of 2004 and the entire army was wiped out. In fact, the stock market will enter a bull market cycle after a few more months. It's terrible to have no culture! Of course, there are also many big players who broke their positions due to full positions in 2002. It can be seen that the bull-bear cycle is not shifted by people's will. Stocks must follow the times and follow the bull-bear cycle. We must respect Chinese culture. This is determined by the characteristics of society.

Of course, due to the different earthly branches and different market conditions in different years, the Gengzi year and the Gengyin year are definitely different. The market in the Gengzi Nian is not as good as in the Geng Yin Nian, and Yinmu Chichi is the god of food for the stock "ren" water. The year of Ding Hai and Ding Younian are not the same. The year of Ding Younian in 2017 is not as good as the year of Ding Hai in 2007; because the West Golden Seal star is pure, it consumes the God of Wealth.

Therefore, the next big bull market in 2026, in the year of Bingwu and Ding Weinian in 2027, will be so broad. We need to expand the wings of our imagination. Pure fire, Wuzi hedge, all impurities and robbery are washed away. Heavenly stem is wealth and the branch is also wealth. In 2027, Ding Weinian, Weitu is the surplus of Dinghuo, sits on its own strong roots, and Weitu is Yimu's Library, Otsuki's wounded officials are bound to lead the world in making money. I can assert here that in the big bull market of 2026 and 2027, the Shanghai Composite Index will break through 50,000 points and move towards 100,000 points.

In 2026, large and small stocks will rise together. There will be no two-eighth phenomenon. As long as high-quality stocks, there will be a magnificent spectacle of daily daily daily limit for several months, which shocks the people of the earth; we will wait and see . If you have purchased this book and read this passage, please copy it down and paste it on the office or bedside, and we will verify it together at that time.

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