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Dapeng was named by the country! Starting today, the value of Shenzhen people will skyrocket again! _ Construction

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Dapeng New District was awarded the National Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration Zone

So far, Dapeng has three national demonstration zone signs:

National Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration Zone

National Ecological Civilization Pilot Demonstration Zone

National Marine Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration Zone

In addition to this

Dapeng New District will also dock with international advanced concepts

Introduce a world-class team

Start area planning with super-class level

Strive to build a world-class high-quality coastal tourism belt span>

The Dapengsuo City everyone knows

was an important coastal defense military fortress in southern China during the Ming and Qing Dynasties

is also the abbreviation of Shenzhen

"Pengcheng" The origin of

From now on, Dapeng will continue to develop

The future of Dapeng is worthy of your and I look forward to.

In the future, Peng traffic is faster!

"Pengba Passage Project "

The Pengba Passage is located in the Baguang area of ​​the Dapeng New District

The starting point is at the Yanba Expressway

Near the planned Xintai Road at the entrance of Baguang

Near the end point to the intersection of Huanba Road

You can travel between Pengcheng and Baguang area in 10 minutes after opening to traffic!

"Dapeng Metro and Cloud Rail Planning "

The total length of Dapeng Cloud Track is about 17.95km

Starting from Dapeng Distribution Center and ending at Yangmei Hang

14 stations are set up

The total length of the branch line is about 1.2km

From the new large distribution center to the new large temporary distribution center

1 station, 15 elevated lines for the entire line

All stations are elevated stations

There are also two planned subway lines:

Line 23 and Line 32

Line 23 will run from Shenzhen Pingshan Station to Dapeng Kuiyong Central District

Connected with Dapeng Cloud Track

The starting point of Line 32 is Yantian Xiaomeisha

Paved all the way west to the Dapeng Center

and set aside the second phase of the project to extend to the new community in South Australia

▲ Route map of Shenzhen Metro Line 32 (under planning)

"South Australia Wharf Project "

The project is located in the central area of ​​South Australia

Mainly construct three links and one leveling project, station square,

passenger terminal project, yacht terminal project,

Passenger terminal and other supporting projects

"Xinbi Road Project

This project is linked to Xindahe Dongshan area

Important tourist connection roads

The project construction will help ease the tourist traffic of the new large distribution center

Share Qiniang Mountain , The tourist traffic pressure of the geopark

The total length is about 2,000 meters, it is a secondary urban road with four lanes in both directions

(Network configuration)

"Dapeng New District" three horizontal two Longitudinal "Road Network "

According to the "13th Five-Year Plan" of Dapeng New District

The new district will speed up "three horizontals and two verticals"

(Three horizontals: Kuiyong-Baguang Channel, Dapeng-Pengcheng Passage ,

South Australia-New Dalongqi Passage; two verticals: Dapeng-South Australia Passage,

Baguang-Pengcheng-New Dalongqi Passage) Road Network Construction

"Dapeng section of nuclear dragon line "

Dapeng section of nuclear dragon line It is the provincial highway S360 nuclear dragon line,

An important part of the emergency evacuation system of the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station

After the transformation, the road will be The two lanes will become four lanes.

"The mountain and the sea are connected by green, and the city and the scenery are in harmony with the flowers."

The design theme integrates green mountains, blue seas, and ancient cities.

The future fun place There will be more!

"Dapeng will use natural gas cold energy to build an ice and snow park"

Located in Dapeng New District, covering an area of ​​1.5 million square meters

With a total investment of nearly 30 billion yuan

Kaisa Sands Bay International Park

is expected to be fully opened in the summer of 2020

Children's shoes that have been to Golden Sands Bay

You should have seen the construction site in full swing!

"Dapeng will build Legoland "

Shenzhen Legoland Project

was listed in Guangdong Province in 2019 Key construction

Preliminary project planning is underway

The construction area of ​​this large theme park is about 550,000 square meters

At present, the site has been preliminarily determined to be located in Shenzhen Dapeng New District

(Network map)

"The "Eye of Dam Light" will be built"

The Baguang Cultural and Sports Center is located in the central area of ​​the Baguang area

The location is only 20 meters away from the Baguang Bay

Will become Shenzhen’s closest cultural and sports center to the sea

Expected to be completed in August 2020

is divided into three parts: cultural center, central park and sports center

"Shenzhen's first country sports theme park "

as Shenzhen Supporting projects in the Baguang core launch area of ​​the International Bio Valley

South of Paiyashan Road and north of Huanba Road

270,000 square meters of hilly area

The planned construction of Jiangwushan Country Park

This will also be the first in Shenzhen Park with the theme of countryside sports

"Dapeng New District Head District-level investment wetland park "

Construction scope of Dongchong Mangrove Wetland Park

Mainly located in the experimental area of ​​Dapeng Peninsula Nature Reserve

An area of ​​49.43 hectares

The project focuses on mangrove protection, integrating ecological education,

cultural heritage and outdoor leisure tourism As one

Build an ecologically civilized wetland with Dapeng characteristics

Dapeng supporting facilities will be more and more perfect in the future!

"Dapeng New District People's Hospital "

The People's Hospital of Dapeng New District is located in Baishigang, Kuiyong Office, Dapeng New District


Covers an area of ​​97019.88 square meters

Planning 2000 beds

Positioning To be a municipal tertiary first-class general hospital

Strive to complete the main construction of the project by the end of 2021

"New District Maternal and Child Health Hospital "

New District Maternity and Child Health Hospital will rebuild the original site

Construct according to the standards of a tertiary maternity and child health hospital

The total investment of the project is about 970 million yuan

The Maternal and Child Health Hospital will focus on the development of gynecology, obstetrics,

neonatology, children Rehabilitation, Reproductive Medicine, etc.

"Nan'ao People's Hospital

South Australia People’s Hospital will also be relocated and rebuilt

It is proposed to be located in Lot 05-11 of the South Australia Office

The total land area is 17,815 square meters

Press three Construction of a Class Rehabilitation Hospital

The total investment of the project is about 713 million yuan

"New district-level cultural and sports center project "

New district-level cultural and sports center project

The planned land area is 25,000 square meters

Including the new children’s palace, cultural center, books Hall etc.

The project investment is about 300 million yuan

"Nine-year consistent school for talent housing support

Talent housing project in Dapeng 08-13 plot

Talent housing will be built in 202214 3050 sets of buildings

After completion, it can accommodate about 2,600 talented families.

And it will also build a nine-year consistent system School

The school organizes 54 classes and provides 2520 primary and secondary school places

"Demolition and reconstruction of Kwai Chung Central Primary School "

The reconstruction of the original site of Kwai Chung Central Primary School

The school size is 48 classes and 675 new places are added

The newly built school will have science classrooms, music classrooms,

Instrumental music rehearsal rooms, dance classrooms, art classrooms and other special classrooms

At the same time equipped with multi-function hall, mapStudy room (library),

Physique testing room, gymnasium and other public teaching rooms

"Reconstruction and expansion of Dapeng Central Primary School"

Dapeng Central Primary School Expansion Project

A total construction area of ​​22,965 square meters will be added

Including teaching And auxiliary rooms, academic lecture halls,

libraries, other teaching auxiliary rooms,

office rooms, Swimming pool, parking lot and equipment room etc.

"Kwai Chung Middle School Reconstruction and expansion "

The reconstruction and expansion project is planned to be constructed according to 60 classes

Newly built teaching rooms, auxiliary rooms, office rooms,

living service rooms, special teaching rooms, parking lots, etc.

Approximately 19,096 square meters of new buildings are added

1,800 places will be added after the expansion

In the future, Dapeng will be the envy of the whole country!

Xiantouling Site is the Pearl River Delta region

The most important neolithic remains

The ancient and exquisite pottery pushes the history of the Pearl River civilization

to 7000 Years ago

As everyone knows

Big Pengsuo City

was an important coastal defense military fortress in southern China during the Ming and Qing dynasties

was "Shenzhen The first of the "Eight Sceneries"

It is also the origin of Shenzhen's abbreviation "Pengcheng"

In 2005, Dapeng Peninsula was selected as one of "Chinese National Geographic"

One of the "Eight Most Beautiful Coasts in China"

The selected review is:

The golden beach and the blue sea are integrated

The most suitable beach resort on the coast

Water shell Village, Wangmuwei and other ancient villages carry the most beautiful hometown love

Taiping Qingjiao, Dapeng Folk Songs Other folk customs and folk customs

Listed in the intangible cultural heritage of Guangdong Province

Shanhai Dapeng is so beautiful that I don’t want to leave!

Dapeng at 22° north latitude

abundant mountain and sea resources

is the place to welcome the first ray of sunshine in ShenzhenFang

Shenzhen’s 56 beaches, 54 of which are in Dapeng p>

Dapeng’s sea area of ​​305 square kilometers

accounts for about a quarter of Shenzhen

The coastline is 133.22 kilometers long, accounting for about one-half of the city

"Dongshan (Yangmei Keng) Area

Also known as the North Coast Scenic Area of ​​South Australia

The main attractions include Judiao Sand, Yangmei Pit, and Marine Sports Base

Dongshan Pier, Luzui Villa, etc.

Yangmei Hang

Wedding A beautiful paradise for photography

Orange Fishing Sand

The fine white sand is called "Silver Beach" by the locals

Dongshan Pier

Quiet time in the setting sun

Picture: [email protected] Starman II

Luzui Villa

Primitive ecology, feelings of mountains and seas, honeymoon paradise, sports coast

"East and West Bayshore"

is the southern coast scenic area of ​​South Australia

Including Tung Chung and Xi Chung communities

Including Xi Chung Beach, Tung Chung Beach, East-West Coastline

Sai Chung Observatory, Sai Chung Traditional Village and other attractions

Xiyong Beach

Encounter the most beautiful evening sunset

Tung Chung Waterfront

Crossing Dongxi Chong is a very popular hiking route

Xiyong Observatory

Shenzhen’s easily forgotten attractions

Picture: Dapeng New District Government Online

"Dapeng Peninsula National Geopark"

Currently the only "Pure Public Welfare, All Free" in China

National Geopark

Geopark Museum

One of the core landscapes of the Geopark

Qiniang Mountain

Yunfeng shuttles in the endless sea of ​​clouds

Dapeng with boundless scenery

There is also the sixth highest peak in Shenzhen

Pai Yashan

Via Dapeng New District Government Online

The scenery is pleasant and the waves are bursting

Nan'ao Moon Bay

Via Dapeng New District Government Online

One of the most popular locations for wedding photography

Rose Coast

via Dapeng New District Government Online


Where art meets Xiaoqing

The end of the competition

Via Dapeng New District Government Online

And last year, the big donkey brother for everyone


Jinshawan, Guanhujiao, Shayu Bay

Hetou Ancient Village etc.

Beautiful Dapeng is really a treasure "boy" That's right!

Shenzhen is again entrusted with important tasks

In addition to quietly looking forward to the rise of the Dapeng

A few days ago, I had been preparing for a long time

"Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Development Plan Outline"


Shenzhen is once again entrusted with the important task of the state

"Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Development Plan Outline"

Make detailed planning and guidance for Shenzhen’s technology, finance, humanities and other aspects

Make detailed planning and guidance

Among them,

The cultural and tourist life that Shenzhen people care about

will become more and more abundant!

"Culture and Tourism Go ahead together"

The Palace Museum will go out of Beijing

Go Hong Kong has built a new museum!

In the future, people in Shenzhen want to see the Forbidden City

No longer have to go all the way to Beijing span>

Sit at the door and you can see~

The best Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, Shunde

Planning requires these 4 places

Promote characteristic food culture Build the world gourmet capital together

This also Your wife is so happy!

Could it be that... Big Licge is going to gain ten pounds again?

Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen international cruise ports

Increase international liner routes

Simplify immigration procedures for cruise ships, yachts and passengers

Mainland cruise passengers

can go to Hong Kong to participate in all cruises


On the sea will open Macau and neighboring cities span>

The tourist route of the island:

Hong Kong-Shenzhen-Huizhou-Shanwei sea travel route!

Free roaming in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Going to Hong Kong for shopping or traveling to make phone calls in the future

Just like in Shenzhen, there is no long-distance roaming fee

In the hot spots and key transportation routes of the Greater Bay Area

You can roam freely and free internet Internet

Shenzhen is a city

It exudes its charm all the time

Rejuvenating every day~

Shenzhen in the future will be unstoppable !

So no matter what the reason is for you to stay here and fight

The future of Shenzhen will definitely make you look forward to it!

People living in Shenzhen will be worth more.

Let us wait and see!

You originally chose to come to Shenzhen to work hard

What attracted you?

Let’s talk in the message area~


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