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The Animal Crossing Club sold 300 at a loss! Not only can you get rich overnight, but you can also make money with the goods? _ Player

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The kid can say without exaggeration, "Assemble! As part of the ashes predicted before the game’s release, "Animal Crossing Friends" has become a blind medicine to cure the anxiety of players around the world during the global epidemic.

So, what kind of "bells and whistles" will these players who do nothing at home work out in Dongsen?

Wonderful island construction

"Animal Crossing" is the most An attractive way to play is to build a highly free island. Due to the existence of the painting system, in addition to placing the furniture at will, the player can also create some unique props according to his own mind, and the player can operate quite a lot of space.

Some Sony players who "defected" from Nintendo, in order to express their determination to live in Cao Ying and their hearts. In the most conspicuous place of his own Dongsen home, Sony’s exclusive 3A masterpieces such as Kuiye, Connor, and Little Spider were hung up. It is really the ashes of the old Sony!

In order to cooperate with the daily notifications of the small animal Rick, some players specially arranged for him on their island to listen to the audience carefully. , The atmosphere of the meeting suddenly became strange!

Of course, some players with nasty hobbies have also made major changes to their islands. Clever use of toilets, stoppers, trash cans and other props have built a multi-functional outdoor toilet, which solves the daily needs of small animals.

Across the screen, the young man can make up the inner taste of Lao Ba. Not much to say, this island "Oli "Give" and it's over. Brother, go here for dinner, you have to eat more today!

In the house design, some female players also use the portrait of Yue Yunpeng to cleverly combine the warm interior design with the funny The role of warding off evil is organically combined. Inexplicably, the visiting visitors will have uncontrollable happiness.

Such impressive funny designs are countless under the creativity of Dongsen players all over the world. Have you got inspiration from them?

Strange gameplay

In addition to the main line of island construction In addition to the methods, players can also use their own creativity in "Assemble!" In "Animal Crossing Friends", a variety of weird and unique gameplays have been developed.

For example, to achieve the ultimate doll operation of selling Dongsen limited edition console in Dongsen, you thought I was playing Dongsen, but I didn't expect it, in fact, I was using Dongsen game to sell Dongsen console !

Some big fishing guys even catch the big fish with their heart, and carry out live fish kills in the game business. Fresh shark, 5 bells per piece, kill and sell now, no refunds are allowed~

If you participate in buy and sell now For transactions, you can also ask Meituan to run errands between the two islands and deliver the goods that others want directly to the buyer. As for tips? If you don’t give more, just cut down your tree as a mortgage~

After the Meituan takeaway brother gets off work, Players can also send online emails through Dongsen's internal email system. Some smart players have even grasped the business opportunities and opened their own micro-business transactions within Dongsen. XX fresh fruit, national free shipping, 10 packs of imported high-quality apples, fresh and juicy beautifying fruits are picked on the same day, new users only need 1999 bells for the first order for a limited time! There are more exquisite gifts to give away!

Undoubtedly, these players have mastered the wealth code in Dongsen. Regardless of the dream of becoming the richest man in the world, the younger brother thinks that at least he Can achieve the small goal of earning 100 million in the game.

In addition to business opportunities such as reselling fish, shrimp and fruits, some gentlemen In the spirit of humanitarianism, he also held a color picture exhibition on his own island for free (knowing that everyone doesn't like to watch it, my brother gave it to P).

Some frenzied players have even invited multiple players to carry out online COS show activities in the island. One piece is the old two-dimensional!

For otaku players, comparing the fancy color map exhibition and the Coser show, they prefer to play in the forest Hearthstone. With the Blue Dragon Aodan in hand, he has already begun to calculate the kill line of the hunter on the opposite side!

Here I also suggest players to take personal protective measures when visiting between the islands. Wear masks and sunglasses frequently. When passing by the temperature measurement station set up by the player, actively cooperate to check the body temperature and work together to overcome the epidemic.

Players who don’t want to go out to take their temperature, You can also experience singing, jumping, rap and playing basketball at home. However, it is obvious that the little animals in the game can't understand this kind of abstract art. Youth is not you, each is wonderful.

Built-in gameplay drives "crazy" players

Finished by the player Discovering various innovative gameplays of sand sculptures, let’s talk about the two built-in gameplays. First, in the early stage, to help the novices get through the difficulties as soon as possible, there will be places with shining lights on the island. After digging up, they can get a small amount of ring money. At this time, players can choose to bury their own ring money in this In a lucky place, plant a lucky tree to get more bells.

But when you see the neighbor next door excitedly digging up the place you use to collect money, will there be a problem? What about the feeling of wanting to break up with this "pig teammate"?

In addition, in the "Assemble! In the stock-like kohlrabi gameplay built in "Animal Crossing", many players have personally experienced a crash in the price of kohlrabi like the meltdown of the US stock market, and lost all the money they earned from their hard work. It's you, Nintendo!

Finally in "Assemble! The various sand sculpture behaviors in "Animal Crossing Friends" have actually affected the three-dimensional reality. At present, the price of game cartridges on a certain treasure has been fired to a confusing figure of more than 600. Although some of Nintendo’s products can indeed become wealth management products, it is clear that the digital version of the Hong Kong service only costs 391 yuan. Why bother with this money and energy to buy a cassette?

The gameplay itself is quite confusing, but I still suggest that everyone be rational and don’t pay unscrupulous merchants "IQ tax".

My brother has something to say: I believe many players will still be interested in "Assemble!" The gameplay of "Animal Crossing Friends" creates doubts and a wait-and-see mentality. In fact, simply because there is nothing in "Dynamic Forest", players can do everything in the game.

If you want to ask the little brother what is so interesting about "Dong Sen", or what tricks can be played by sand sculpture netizens? I'm afraid I can't imagine it!

A positive question: Do you know what other sand sculpture operations exist in Dongsen?

[Edit: Qing Yunian]

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