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Conference-style training company boss reveals the inside story of making money: earning 3 million yuan in two years-Stock

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The fee standard is low, and the profit mainly depends on the scale

Now that classes are held, price competition is fierce. Whether you can make money depends mainly on the scale. For a two-day meeting, the price is generally 980 yuan, anyway, it cannot exceed 1,000 yuan. If a class is less than 50 people, basically it is impossible to make money. After 2003, when it was the hottest, we could run eight or nine hundred people in a class, and when it was the most, there were thousands of people. At that time, the money was so profitable. If our class is ideal now, it would be good to have 150 students.

The scale of our company's conferences is not very large in the industry, that is, it is a medium scale. Now there are more than 70 conferences held in a year. It is estimated that 20% will lose money, 30% will not lose money, and 50% will earn money. A company I know has a relatively large-scale meeting. It is estimated that five or six meetings will be held at the same time in the country every week. At least 80 people will be on average, and there will be about 500 people every week. It is estimated that there will be about 300 meetings every year. With around 30,000 people, it is easy for people to make money, and earning several million a year is a piece of cake.

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Preferred tourist city for class location

Is there any interest in participating? It mainly depends on where the meeting will be held. Have you been there before? If you haven't been, your interest will be particularly great. Therefore, we usually choose to run classes in tourist cities. Depending on the season, we generally choose different cities.

Sometimes a new topic is introduced. It is estimated that the market is relatively large. There are several issues in different cities. There are always places you haven't been to, right? In other words, there is always one suitable for you.

Eat "legs of bed", and see benefits at all food labels

Sometimes we also do meetings with a small number of people. We can still make money from meals, accommodation and travel expenses. Ever heard of eating "bed legs"? This is our jargon, which is to take the difference from arranging accommodation. We will cooperate with several hotels that we have been with to earn the room difference between the students and the hotel. If you count as 100 people in one period, you can stay in 50 standard rooms, and each room difference can earn 40 yuan per day, 2,000 yuan per day, two or three. Earn 5,000 yuan a day. This is just an average price. For high-end hotels, such as 4 stars or more, the difference will be even greater. If 4-5 periods are run in a month, the amount of hotel accommodation in a year will be more than 200,000 yuan.

There is a price difference for meals and travel expenses. The cost of meals per person is only about 10 yuan per day, and there is a lot of money in a class. For meetings in tourist cities, tourism is a must. We generally arrange for participants to travel locally in the middle or after the meeting. This requires cooperation with local travel companies and scenic spots to earn the difference.

In the past two years, there have been a lot of conference tourism. In recent years, the Internet and the media have made tourism quotations open and transparent. Many students will not travel with conference companies, but choose to play by themselves. The price will be cheaper, so they Will directly connect with local travel companies. For training institutions, this part of the benefits is also declining year by year.

The industry chain is compact and the division of labor is clear

When the class starts, we are not responsible for the organization of conference affairs. We mainly cooperate with the local conference company. They are responsible for the students' pick-up and drop-off stations, arranging check-in, accommodation, and travel. Because they have long-term cooperative relationships with local hotels, travel agencies, and tourist attractions, they can get more favorable prices. We only need to send one person, arrive one day in advance, and contact the teacher responsible for the lecture.The work of the conference is handled by the conference company, and even the collection and invoice are issued. After all kinds of money are collected, the expenditures that should be paid, the rest will be brought back by our people. Generally, we have relatively fixed partners, and sometimes we choose two or three conference companies in one place to try to cooperate, and finally select the more suitable ones.

We usually run classes on weekends. When we run more classes, we have to send several people to different locations at the same time. I usually don’t go to other places. As long as the people we send outside don’t call back on Friday night, everything is normal. I can spend the weekend steadily at home, and wait until Monday and Tuesday, the people sent back to hand in. Account, even if this class is successfully completed.

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