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What are the concept stocks of China Horticulture Expo? China Horticulture Expo will be held every few years

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What are the concept stocks of China Horticultural Expo?

[China Youth Travel Service (600138), Stock Bar]: China Youth Travel Service Holding Co., Ltd. is owned by China Youth Travel Service A joint-stock company established by raising funds for the main promoters. It was established on November 26, 1997, and its shares were listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on December 3, 1997. It is the first A-share listed company in the travel agency industry in China. The company is the only one that won the bid for the Beijing Expo 2019 both online and offline Double-signed agent for the ticket sales of the Expo.

Beijing Travel: Beijing Jingxi Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd. is an entire industry chain film and television entertainment media group. Since 2013, Beijing Culture has begun to transform into the film and television entertainment industry. It has successively acquired companies with high reputation in the Chinese film and television entertainment industry, such as Ferris Wheel Culture Media, Century Partners Culture Media, and Galaxy Culture Brokerage. In April 2016, with the formal merger of Century Partners and Galaxy Culture, Beijing Culture officially transformed into a pan-entertainment industry.

BTG Hotel: BTG Group is a strategic industry investment company with investment in tourism service industry and related industries as its core. For 18 years, under the guidance of all levels, In accordance with the requirements of the modern corporate system, BTG adheres to the development strategy of "brand capital". Through the three development stages of strategic reorganization, innovation reorganization, and core competitiveness construction, BTG has basically built a relatively complete integrated tourism service industry system.

China International Travel Service: The company’s industry is tourism. Currently mainly engaged in travel agency business and tax-free business. The travel agency business mainly includes outbound travel, domestic travel, inbound travel, award-winning travel, visa services, business travel services, aviation services and e-commerce; the tax-free business mainly includes the wholesale of duty-free commodities such as tobacco, alcohol, and retail. In addition, the company is also engaged in the development of comprehensive tourism projects.

Straighten out the layout and industrial space, accelerate the regional layout and the production of characteristic and advantageous varieties base, improve the industrial service system that is compatible with the industry and development, and build a collection of flower and tree production, modern agriculture, science, education, tourism and leisure vacation As the largest composite flower and tree base in the industry.

How long is the China Horticultural Expo held?

The China Flower Expo is held every four years.

The China Flower Expo has received strong support from the Ministry of Agriculture and the State Forestry Administration. It is a professional exhibition with large scale, high reputation and good trade effect in the field of flowers, horticulture and gardening in China. It has become a brand exhibition attended by professionals at home and abroad every year.

The purpose of the China Flower Expo is to strengthen the exchanges between domestic and foreign flower, horticulture and garden industries, promote trade and cooperation between enterprises, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry.

The scope of the China Flower Expo covers seedlings, lawns, media, flowers, fertilizers, ornamental plants, garden machinery, pest control, greenhouse equipment, gardening tools, urban greening, landscapes, irrigation systems, etc.

How many years is the World Horticultural Exposition held?

It is held every five years. This is a grand joint exhibition of excellent gardening products and exotic flowers from all over the world. This is the largest A1 level World Horticultural Exposition, which combines cultural and technological achievements to strengthen mutual exchanges between countries.

There are many concept stocks in China Horticultural Expo. The above is for reference only. For concept stocks, you can still pay attention to the analysis when you are in the air. For example, the new retail concept introduced a few days ago, you can take a look.

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