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Sex men's tips: the five realms of picking up girls

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Picking up girls is becoming fashionable. It seems that it is right for men to pick up girls, but it is not normal if they don't pick up girls. Either the rank is too low, too bad, can't get or can't get up; or they are "ill" and need to invigorate the kidney or go to the hospital.

After observing and analyzing the phenomenon of picking up girls, it is found that there are actually three or six or nine grades of picking up girls. There are three basic requirements for picking up a girl, and you must have both at the same time before you can pick up a girl: First, you have the desire or need to pick up a girl; Second, there is a girl who may be picked up (a girl is deliberately picked up or may be picked up); Third, it is. You can pick up girls (have the qualifications to pick up girls and master the skills of picking up girls).

According to the different objects of picking up girls, the level and realm of men picking up girls can be judged, and there are roughly five realms.

The first level is Miss Pao, which is the lowest level. The young lady's job is to "accompany", do some skin and meat business, and eat a lot of food. People are now more open-minded, with a large number of employees, and fierce market competition. In addition, the macroeconomic situation is still sluggish, domestic demand is insufficient, the market is weak, and business is not easy to do. Therefore, under the pressure of unemployment and recession, the ladies are eager for someone to make a bubble. Not only do they come, but also when they meet a man who does not make a bubble, the ladies must try to solicit customers and strive to be bubbled, just like the current businessmen. Sales promotion is the same. Therefore, Miss Pao is actually just a kind of consumption. If you have money, you don't need much skill or charm. Just like taking a bus or a taxi, you just pay. Therefore, Miss Pao does not represent the level.

The second level is to pick up chicks, girls in their teens and 20s. This level is slightly higher. But it's not difficult. The new mankind and the new mankind now have a completely liberated mind. Firstly, after watching "Titanic", they are swaying and wanting to be wrong, and then after watching "Shanghai Baby", there is no taboo and dare to do ─ ─ whatever it is, I just want Just be happy! Although the appearance is beautiful, the heart is empty, and there are not many thoughts, like poplar catkins, light and weightless, drifting in the wind, living in romantic fantasy all day (it is not often that female college students and female graduate students are trafficked in newspapers) The report?!). If you meet a packaged "handsome guy", "cool guy", or "gifted" or "mature man", you will inevitably be unable to control it; and then, a vain chick meets a "successful man" who looks rich. , It is even more "sand radish, come here". Therefore, the conditions for making a young girl are not harsh, and the techniques are not sophisticated. You only need to work hard on the three aspects of appearance, temperament and status.

In terms of appearance, if you don’t look too bad, you can pretend to be handsome, if you are not born, you can pretend to be cool. In terms of temperament, there are a variety of options to choose from, such as packaging into a talented person, which seems to be full of talent, and will sometimes throw out some poems, novels, plays, music, aphorisms, and epigrams from ancient and modern times, drama, music, aphorisms, and aphorisms; or pretend to be deep and make weather-beaten , I used to be very hurt and deceived sympathy-this is a middle-level Tesuji that uses the maternal instinct of a woman's subconscious to protect the weak; or pretends to be an insightful and considerate mature man.

In terms of status, it is packaged as a "successful man" with a successful career (usually marked by a suit, a car, and a house). As long as one of the three items is occupied, it is not difficult to pick up a girl; if you occupy two, it is easy to pick up a girl; if you have all three, you will almost never miss. The old cows eat tender grass, basically the result of these techniques. "The Poetry" does not say: "If there is a woman who cherishes the spring, the custard will lure her." Strike while the iron is hot is the key to success.

The third level is to pick up old girls, that is, divorced single ladies, who are generally between 30-45 years old (no matter how old they are, they can't be called a girl, and no one will be interested). It's not difficult, generally, the old girl's wealth is empty. Ordinarily, a woman of this age has certain experience and some insight into the state of the world, and it is not so easy to get soaked. However, the current social reality is very cruel. "A divorced man is a treasure, and a divorced woman is like a grass." The ratio of men to women in this age group is seriously imbalanced. In the marriage market, the supply of women is severely exceeded, so women have to come. One jumped off the building and cut the price, and dealt with it at a big loss.

No matter how good a woman is, after a divorce, she has to get at least a 50% or even a 10% discount. After all, Second -HandedThe market is not very good. What's more, after being traumatized, such women have experienced the tremendous pressure of living alone, hoping to have another shelter from the wind and rain. The long-term loneliness and loneliness has brought them to what the "Book of Songs" said "introduction". The level of "Gangjizhi" belongs to the dangerous zone of automobile gas stations that requires "no fireworks". As long as there is a spark, it must be a raging fire. Therefore, it’s not difficult to make this kind of old girl, even easier than making a little girl. You just need to type the sign of "I want to have a home", and then change the trick of making a little girl.

The fourth level is to solicit other people's wives. This kind of difficulty is greater, and the success rate is lower than the above three. The key is to remember the old saying "flies don't bite the eggs without seams". For women with famous flowers, although deep down in their hearts, they are sometimes fanciful and even wild, but they are still very calm at critical times, especially when they want to take action. "If you don't work well, it's not easy to use weapons; if you don't have a lot of benefits, you don't change the law", which is very suitable for these women. If the husband is outstanding, the children are clever and well-behaved, the family is harmonious and happy, the husband and wife are affectionate, and the wife has no dissatisfaction with her husband, then it is an unsewn egg. Don't waste your expression as soon as possible.

There are usually three situations in which there are opportunities: First, the woman is very good, but the husband is not good. "Tall women and short husbands" are not a good match. Outsiders talk a lot about this, and women feel uncomfortable. , I just say that I don’t care; the second is that the husband is relatively dull, numb, incomprehensible, does not know how to cherish and pity jade, which makes his wife feel lost, empty, and lonely; the third is that the husband is bothered, has an affair, and the wife wants revenge (it may just be There is a mentality of revenge in the subconscious, even I don’t even realize it)—In a word, there is a crack in the relationship, and the wife is dissatisfied with her husband, and it becomes a seamed egg, then you can take advantage of the vacancy.

The basic stereotypes and actual combat tesuji for this kind of woman are: The first trick is "peacock on the screen": look for opportunities to express yourself, and let the other party see it, so that the other party feels that he is a very special, individual, and very Tasteful men attract the attention of the other party.

The second trick "Weasel New Year's greetings": Look for opportunities to get close to each other, express care, appreciation, and affection, so that the other party feels that you treat her well and are trustworthy or at least a friend who can make friends.

The third trick: "Chen Cang secretly crossing": Create some opportunities for individual communication, seek some common points between the two parties, such as experience, interests, hobbies, values, etc., and take the opportunity to show their knowledge, talents and wisdom. Pay attention to the humor. Of course, it is essential to have a proper respect, care and consideration for women (the degree should be just right, and the other party feels "very comfortable and acceptable". It is too much. It makes people feel nauseous and suspects that you have ulterior motives; it is too weak for the other party to feel, and has no effect. Remember the old saying "to be too late" and grasp the heat), so that the other party feels that you are really your own confidant, and you have a lot of hatred. Feeling late, so I am always willing to contact you (especially alone), until the point of "not seeing you in one day, like three autumns".

The fourth trick: "The fish is about to catch the bait" at this time, but you must not be anxious. You must learn to fish and want to catch it. You can turn down some appointments for excuses, do not answer the phone, and do not respond to paging; after meeting, you will change your usual image of babbling, eloquent, witty words, and lotus tongues, and become taciturn, depressed and unhappy, and you don’t often appear to be worried and ruthless. Thoughtful look: hesitating words, wandering eyes, ambiguous expressions, and the other person can't help but ask you-what's wrong with you? At this time, you can enter the next link.

The fifth trick: "Single-handedly": After the opponent's continuous questioning, you can enter the topic and begin to confess.

First of all, you must be very hesitant and hesitant (for example, constantly smoking, drinking hard-it is best to drink beer, the average man will not be really drunk if he drinks four or five bottles, so don’t drink Too much liquor, otherwise you’re really drunk, and you’re drunk and tell the truth, and things will be messed up)—because this script tells a story about the struggle between reason and emotion. At this stage, the plot is that emotion defeats reason, and the dam of reason will soon It’s about to collapse, so there must be a performance of inner pain and struggle; then, finally made up his mind, vomit quickly, the flood of emotions broke the bank, and calmly "do what you shouldn’t do, love what you shouldn’t love People"; I can say how and how I adore each other, almost to the point of incurable. At this time, the words should be exaggerated, passionate, poetic, and talented in order to impress the other person. The higher the temperature, the better, at least For "hot people", it's best to look through reference books such as "The Encyclopedia of Love Letters" in advance. Fortunately, a lot of such books are now published.

Stealing the lyrics of two popular songs, the effect is also good, for example, "I blame you for being too beautiful", "It’s not that I’m not carefulIt’s just that the truth is hard to resist"; it’s better if you can speak a foreign language. It’s better to choose a wider range and look more tasteful. You can sing (if you don’t know how to sing, just order a song!) "Oh, can''t you see it, baby, you''vegot me goin crazy! "Or "You‘‘re the only one who really know me at all! "Everything I do, I do it for you!" "┅┅If you can play creatively, the effect will definitely be better.

The sixth trick: "Foreshadowing": After the confession, the opponent may be moved, but it is almost impossible to make up your mind so quickly. At this time, you still need to remember to do another job, which is to come to a self-confessional performance:

1. Talk about your own misfortunes to gain sympathy (such as how ups and downs in your own experience, how much you need care; or how and how your wife is not a thing, do not understand feelings, family life is boring ┅ ┅Make up whatever works, anyway, your wife can’t be there to refute, and she can’t do investigations), "I’m like a tired leaf returning to the sail, swaying towards your high-stretched arms" (how many This woman has the heart to refuse!);

2. To express once again that I have fallen in love: I also know that this kind of feeling for her is very dangerous and will not have any results. However, after falling in love, I can hardly extricate myself and lose my reason. Deliberately, I just can't change myself" (This is to prove that I really "love" her very, very much, by contradiction, hehe!).

3. Prove your kindness: show that you really don't want to ruin her family and happiness, but if you lose her, you can't survive in this life, because the decades before you met her were simply useless! ("The most recent you are my deepest pain!") ──The effect of this trick has two aspects, one is to subtly prove that I really love her, at least this feeling is very sincere and ardent, so as to promote The other party "make up her mind and be not afraid of sacrifice" (note: let her go "not afraid of sacrifice", don't be mistaken!!); the second is to lay the groundwork for future escape and irresponsibility (I didn't know this Is there no result in the relationship, nor deliberately destroying other people's families?!), and you can also push the fault to the other party in advance. If the future outcome is a tragedy (eight out of ten, nine out of ten), then "willing to gamble to lose": do not blame the heavens or the ground, and get together again in the next life; do not blame you, let alone me, "It's all the moon To blame"!

The seventh trick "like a fish in water": After six tricks, it can basically be done. If you can't get it right for a while, just use the fourth, fifth, and sixth trick repeatedly until you get it done. After getting it done, a man can do it, so there is no need to say more. Everything is difficult at the beginning, there are two if there are two, three if there are two, and so on.

The eighth trick: "Riding a donkey to find a horse": The sugarcane is almost chewed, and there is no taste. It is time to look for the next target, find another love, and then repeat the first to seventh tricks. The ninth trick is to get out of the whole body: the most difficult, but it must be unscrupulous, and successfully withdraw, otherwise, picking up a girl and becoming a husband is the same as stock speculation and becoming a shareholder. It is a failure.

When you break up, you might as well give a farewell speech "As long as we have had it, it’s enough for me" (she thinks that it’s her business that it’s not enough, anyway, you’re enough!), and another "As long as you live "Be better than me" blessing-remember, be generous, don't be stingy, anyway, it's just a sentence, don't cost!

The above nine tricks can be fully mastered and used flexibly, as powerful as the nine dungeon swords. Dugu Nine Swords are invincible in the world; nine tricks for picking up girls will make the world no lady! ! !

The fifth level of picking up girls is to pick up your own wife. This is the highest state of picking up girls, and the world's men can reach this state, I am afraid that only less than 1%. There are three reasons: one is that he didn't realize that his wife needed to be soaked, the other was that he didn't know the fun of soaking his wife, and the third was that he didn't know how to soak up his wife. Therefore, many people spend their thoughts on picking up girls, picking up girls, picking up old girls, or picking up other people's wives, but it is really sad that their own wives don't go to pick up girls!

Since God created Adam and Eve, men and women have been the protagonists of this world. Women have high demands on men, and men have higher demands on women. To sum it up, it is nothing more than three aspects: life needs, psychological needs and physical needs. Therefore, women want three men: the first is a husband, the second is a confidant, and the third is a lover; a man wants his wife to "like a lady in the living room,"The kitchen is like a working woman, and the bedroom is like a *woman.” It seems that husband (wife), confidant, and lover are the common requirements of men and women of the opposite sex, satisfying people’s daily, psychological and physical needs. , People have the same heart, the same heart is the same-it is justified and justified!!! Understand this truth, the reason why your own wife needs to be soaked needless to say, just to remind you, your own wife, if you don't go soaking, maybe it is. Someone will help you soak, and it will be uncomfortable to wear an environmentally-friendly hat.

The fun of soaking up your own wife needs to be roughly said. If the rank is high enough, soak your wife into a perfect trinity of "wife + confidante + lover", then you will benefit infinitely throughout your life; you will also become your own wife. "Husband + confidant + lover" man is intoxicating when I think of it.

It is said that a woman is a book and must be able to read it; in fact, a woman must not only be able to read, but also write, to be a truly outstanding man. There are many tricks to pick up your own wife, and you can use all the tricks of picking up a lady, a chick, an old girl, or another wife. Tactics are secondary, and the key points must be three-minded: one is love, the other is concentration, and the third is perseverance. As long as there are these three hearts, it can be said to be invincible to get a wife, and everyone can become a master of getting a wife!

Soaking your own wife's three hearts is more powerful than soaking other people's wives. It's no exaggeration to say that by soaking up your own wife's three-heartedness, you can make the world free from complaints! ! ! The most powerful and last resort of the "dog and stick method" of the treasure of the beggar gang is called "there is no dog in the world". If all men in the world use their three hearts to pick up their own wives, no one will want to pick up girls again by then-young ladies, chicks, old girls, and other people's wives, and there is no girl to pick up, then it is really "no girl in the world"! Haha! Hahahaha! ! !

Closing remarks: ──The lower the level of picking up girls, the closer you are to animals and the farther you are from people

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