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Reader recommendation rankings for the first week of March

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Author: Chen Yan, edited by Yang Peng

Publisher: Tsinghua University Press

ISBN: 9787302391388

Price: 59 yuan span>

"A Book to Read the World's Famous Schools" mainly targets domestic students who have received secondary, higher education and postgraduate education. . "A Book to Read the World's Famous Schools" provides readers and friends with the latest information, application skills and guidance on all aspects of studying abroad for the above readers. It is a rare practical guide for studying abroad.

3. "Return of Strategy"

Author: Jeffrey L. Sampler

Publisher: Machinery Industry Press

ISBN: 9787115206218

Price: 49.9 yuan

"Return of Strategy" is based on the author's in-depth research on the unpredictable global market, the book boldly proposes a new normative model . This model introduces four kinds of abilities that organizations must possess: accuracy, flexibility, motivation and predictability. These four abilities influence each other and cooperate with each other.

4."Myanmar Years"

Author: Orwell

Publisher: Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press

ISBN: 9787568011327

Price: 48 yuan

As Orwell’s first novel, it presents a very real colonial life: the whites are corrupt and degenerate, and the natives are muddled. However, as the white protagonist, Flory is suffering in an identity crisis. Struggling, on the one hand, he sympathizes with the eastern peoples, hates imperialism, and is eager to find a friend to share his Burmese life with. On the other hand, he "knows that he may become an upright person" is afraid that "redeems his soul." I have lost the whole world", so I can only "watch my life, corrupt and degenerate in this humiliating and terrible futile."

5."101 Extreme Adventures around the World"

Author: Discovery Journey Editorial Board

Publisher: Tsinghua University Press

ISBN: 9787302405825

Price: 198 yuan

Adventure, not only can you find the beautiful and magnificent scenery in the world, but you can also find a more perfect self. This book selects the 101 most typical adventure resorts in the world, including canyons, deserts, rainforests, mountains, islands, glaciers... In these places, you can hike, glide, and enter caves. Adventure, you can climb those majestic peaks and mountains. These places not only have thrilling secrets, but also have picturesque scenery, which are good places for adventure tourism.

6. "Living in the Hometown"

Author: Chen Ziming

Publisher: China Overseas Chinese Press

ISBN :9787511366337

Price: 32 yuan

A piece of time, a piece of history, there must be a taste. This kind of taste makes my hometown different from other hometowns. The theme of this book comes from the famous ancient city of Zhangzhou. It describes the not-lonely life in this quiet town, a kind of artistic conception outside of trivialities, between the flying eaves and swallowtail ridges and the Baroque architecture, between hundreds of years of singing and dancing, and gluttony. Between the cheeks and cheeks...a piece of time, a piece of history, there must be a taste. This kind of taste makes my hometown different from other homes.

7. "The Healing Power of Mind"

Author: [nice] James Joseph Walsh; Translated by She Zhuohuan span>

Publisher: Renmin University of China Press

ISBN: 9787300165189

Pricing: 36 yuan

As a famous American neuromedicine expert and writer, James Joseph Walsh believes that current education One of the drawbacks of the system is that too much time and energy are devoted to the level of training the brain’s memory and intelligence, while hardly any attention is paid to the training of the will, which makes the mental energy of many people not fully released and developed at all. . In fact, the training of ideas is extremely important, even more important than accumulating knowledge.

8. "A Cat's Life Opinion"

Author: Wei Fenqing

Publisher: Beijing Times Chinese Bookstore

ISBN: 9787569908756

Price: 38 yuan

From the perspective of a cat, write out the various puzzles and solutions of the earthlings. It is divided into three parts: 1. In the heads of earthlings What are you installing? 2. How did the people on earth destroy their own lives; 3. How did the people on earth live out their inner self? With 30 days of inspirational meowThe language brings out profound philosophy from the life experience of an adopted stray cat. The author uses a psychological background to cut into life issues commonly faced by modern people from the three aspects of cognition, emotion and action. His views are sharp and heal, and it is a practical book that is both healing and instrumental.

9. "I Met the Little Prince"

Author: Slow Study Room

Publisher: East China Normal University Publishing House

ISBN: 9787565542839

Price: 68 yuan p>

"I Met The Little Prince" condensed the content of "The Little Prince" in the form of a "notebook", with "Meeting Everyone of the Little Prince" as the main line, from the author and translator To the rose, the fox, the lamplighter... to form a guide to the whole book, unlike traditional notebooks, he has interactive reading. In the notebook, the original author's process manuscript and Zhou Kexi's translation manuscript are presented at the same time. "I Met the Little Prince" is a gift, collection and memory that is hard to give up to literary lovers and fans of the little prince.

10. "I look ugly, you all have to let me"

Author: Tang Ziyan

Publisher: Sichuan People's Publishing House

ISBN: 9787220096563

Price: 36.8 yuan span>

At first glance, most of the stories in this book are stories about "me" and my friends, but after you take a closer look, you You will find that, in fact, all of us play a role in this book, either high-spirited or defeated, but this is a certain segment of your life. After all, there are many people, things, and things in life. As long as you leave, you will never see them again. At least in this book, you can meet them again.

1."Looking for new possibilities in literature"

Author: Yang Qingxiang

Publisher: Peking University Press

ISBN: 9787301265673

Price: 36 yuan

"Looking for Literature The text collected by New Possibility-United Literature Class is organized by the special discussion of the famous scholar Yang Qingxiang, a number of writers, editors and students born in the 1980s. On the basis of adequate preparation, they discussed Jiang Yitan's "Transparency", Xu Zechen's "Jerusalem", Lao Cun's "Sao Tu", Wen Zhen's "We Love in the Art Gallery at Night", Li Jingze's "To Ideal Readers", Li Shaojun" The texts such as "Nature Collection" and Fang Wei's "Bad Boys Under the Revolutionary Starry Sky" cover many aspects such as literary writing, social status quo, and literary criticism.

2. "The Place That Was A Great Temple"

Author: Su Wen

Publisher: Tsinghua University Press

ISBN: 9787302424123

Pricing: 52 yuan

Many of the stories recalled in this book are not too long in the time span. It is the beginning of China’s reform and opening up to the transition period. Against the background, in the place translated as "great temple" in Chinese, too many human truths have occurred. Half of the chapters describe the people and events in the brain-bundled beach of hometown, which will keep the land of China never extinguished. Public memory.

3. "A Picturesque Area"

Author: Zhan Liangzhen

Publisher: Beijing University of Technology Press

ISBN: 9787563945559

Price: 30 yuan

I think of Wang Ji’s "The cicadas are noisy and the forest is more quiet, and the birdsong mountain is more secluded", and I miss Wangwan’s "Passenger road outside the green hills, sailing in front of the green water" , I miss Wang Wei’s "The sound of spring and the throat of the rock, the color of the sun is cold and the green pine"...

4. "The View of the Other Side" Interlingual Poetry Communication"

Author: Sun Xiaoya

Publisher: Peking University Press

ISBN: 9787301266083

Price: 69 yuan

"The View of the Other Shore— —Cross-Language Poetry Exchange" contains "live" records of many Chinese and foreign poetry exchanges organized by Sun Xiaoya in the past six years. Participants include Adonis, Gu Bin, He Maixiao, Claude Musa, and Ales ·Sidge, Tony Barnstone, Xichuan, Wang Jiaxin, Ouyang Jianghe, Shucai, Xinxing, Xu Shuang, Lanlan, Mingdi and dozens of famous Chinese and foreign poets and scholars. The content of the discussion involves the tradition of new poetry, poetry writing practice, the influence and heterogeneity of Chinese and foreign poetry, poetry translation, cultural promotion and exchanges, etc.

5. "Chinese Ceramic Culture History"

Author: Zhao Hong

Publisher: China Yanshi Publishing House span>

ISBN: 9787517116066

Price: 115 yuan

This book is a history of the development of ceramic culture written with a brand-new concept. In terms of essence and soul, ceramic culture is realized through its specialization, that is, it is necessary to establish a specialized ceramic culture discipline, and it is juxtaposed with ceramic archaeology, ceramic scientific experiment, ceramic art... and other disciplines as a discipline. . Ceramic art culture is embodied in the artistic techniques used on porcelain under the control of craft culture, social relationship culture, spiritual culture, and custom culture, that is, the way of artistic behavior. Art is a meaningful form of expression, so the expression of art is a form, and the internal dominant factor is meaning, so is ceramic art and culture.

6. "The Book of Songs" Ernan"

Author: Guo Yuspan>

Publisher: Kyushu Publishing House

ISBN: 9787510840296

Price: 32 yuan

This book analyzes the "Book of Songs" "Zhou Nan" and "Zhao Nan" in the book. Through analysis of the original meaning of Chinese characters, bold imagination and careful reasoning, the author confirmed that there are close internal connections between the poems in The Book of Songs. In other words, in terms of content, the eleven chapters of "Zhou Nan" and the 14 chapters of "Zhao Nan" tell two complete stories respectively; Progressive. Therefore, "Zhou Nan" and "Zhao Nan" are like the upper and lower parts of a novel, the Chinese version of "Gone with the Wind".

7."Ming Dynasty Ci History"

Author: Yu Yizhu

Publisher: Peking University Press

ISBN: 9787301251119

Price: 65 yuan

"The History of Ming Dynasty Ci" has expanded the research scope of Ming Ci in many ways. Ci, Zhonglie Ci, etc. have made a special investigation, and put forward more new insights on the characteristics, value and evolution of Ming Ci.

8. "Walk in Western Painting"

Author: Wang Xiaosheng

Publisher: Shaanxi People’s Publishing House

ISBN: 9787224116939

Price: 39.8 yuan

"Walk in Western Painting" takes the representative painters of various genres as the point, and takes the time as the axis to comprehensively sort out The history of Western art from the Greek period to modernism. Giotto, Botticelli, Three Masters of Fine Arts, Titian, Dürer, Picasso, Matisse... these shining stars in the history of Western art, and the analysis of their representative works are all wonderful and wonderful in "Walk through Western Painting". Concise analysis and comments.

9."Chinese Go Culture History"

Author: He Yunbo

Publisher: Wuhan University Press

ISBN: 9787307171367

Price: 98 yuan

The whole book attempts to explore the relationship between Go and Chinese culture from many aspects. Culture is generally divided into three levels: material, system, and spirit. As far as Go is concerned, Yigu and Yidimin have shown their material and cultural aspects. Game equipment is not only an indispensable tool for chess, but also a kind of handicraft. Different people's choice of game equipment and playing place also reflects their own life attitude, spiritual pursuit, and aesthetic taste; chess rules and rules, competition system , Organizational structure, and game methods constitute a kind of institutional behavior culture; of course, culture is more embodied in the spiritual aspect. The author's discussion of the Chinese Go culture also focuses on the spiritual and psychological aspects.The relationship between Go and life, various philosophical and religious thoughts, and national psychology and ways of thinking.

10. "The Classics of Chinese Studies to Read in Your Life"

Author: Wang Siyuan

Publisher: Yilin Publishing House

ISBN: 9787547763158

Price: 30 yuan

The ancient books recommended in this book lasted from the pre-Qin period to the end of the Qing Dynasty. There are various types, including "Historical Records" and "Zhizhi" Masterpieces such as "Tongjian" and other historical works; "Book of Songs" and "Shuyu Ci" and other poetry collections; "A Dream of Red Mansions", "Liao Zhai Zhiyi" and other novels; "Summary" and other literary and artistic theoretical works; there are also scientific masterpieces such as "Shui Jing Zhu" and "Qi Min Yao Shu".

1. "Cultivation"

Author: Zeng Zhizhu

Publisher: Tsinghua University Press span>

ISBN: 9787302387602

Price: 32 yuan

"Cultivation: Accumulation of Positive Energy in the Workplace" takes "Harem·Zhen Huan Biography" as the starting point, starting from entering the workplace "on the doorstep", combining some well-known film and television works and their storylines, making the workplace different People at this stage can see their own shadows, and through the growth experience of the characters in the story, they can learn their wisdom in dealing with people in the workplace, and know how to exercise their own strength through internal and external practice, accumulate positive energy in the workplace, and enhance interpersonal relationships. Management ability.

2. "All Things Are Miracles"

Author: Rachel Carson

Publisher: Peking University Press

ISBN: 9787301260449

Price: 45 yuan

"All Things Are Miracles" is Carson His masterpiece was published after his death. In this book, Carson tells about her experience and experience of exploring the coast, woods, wilderness and observing nature in Maine with her young niece Roger. It tells how to cultivate a child to watch plants, animals, stars and moons, clouds, listen to the singing of insects and birds, and how to enrich and sharpen our long dull senses and aesthetic abilities.

3."The Diffusion of Innovation"

Author: (United States) Everett M. Rogers (EM Rogers), translated by Tang Xingtong, Zheng Changqing and Zhang Yanchen

Publisher: Electronic Industry Press

ISBN: 9787121277498

Pricing: 68 yuan

This book is the most authoritative exposition of innovation diffusion theory. It is a bible in the field of innovation research. It is suitable for almost any innovation and innovation. Innovation in production and life, as well as product and promotion are closely related to this theory.

4. "Positive Energy Mind Coach"

Author: Zhongyuan Works

Publisher: Lujiang Publishing House

ISBN: 9787545911213

Price: 58 yuan

This book is divided into five types: mentality coaches and mentality coaches. There are five basic skills, the five-step strategy of mentality coaching, the seven basic training of mentality coaching, and the seven principles of mentality coaching. The main contents include: mentality determines fate, cause and development, the positioning of mentality coaching, and getting out of the misunderstanding of mentality coaching.

5. "Being a Woman Like Audrey Hepburn"

Author: Zhong Xiaomeng

Publishing House: Democracy and Construction Publishing House

ISBN: 9787513909822

Price: 32.8 yuan

This article introduces Audrey from many aspects such as Audrey’s own elegant cultivation, cultivation, and sincere sincerity when interacting with others. The life of Li Hepburn allows readers to not only have a deeper understanding of Audrey, but also cultivate themselves and improve their qualities like her, thus becoming a respectable person like Audrey Hepburn. People.

6. "Bogutongjin"

Author: Jiang Zhengcheng

Publisher: China Fortune Press

ISBN: 9787504597764

Price: 38 yuan

China has a long history of official historians, and the Twenty-Four History of Emperor Huang recorded the course of Chinese civilization. The civilizations of ancient Egypt and Rome have long been interrupted, leaving only ruined walls for people to mourn; although the civilization of ancient India is extremely long, they have only myths and no history. The Chinese civilization has inherited the same origin, carrying forward the past. A scroll in hand tells the past and the present, and all historical events are known. Understand Chinese history, appreciate traditional culture, and learn survival wisdom.

7. "What is Life"

Author: (O) Erwin Schrödinger

Publisher: Beijing World Book Publishing Company

ISBN: 9787519209667 span>

Pricing: 32.8 yuan

In 1943, Nobel Prize winner Erwin Schrödinger gave a series of lectures at Trinity College in Dublin, which aimed to explore the material basis of life and assembled them into a book. A young man named Watson saw this book and was deeply inspired and decided to change his research direction. In 1962, he won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. This book is "What is Life". In 1991, British physicist Penrose, who was as famous as Hawking, said after reading this book: "This book is indeed worth reading and rereading."

8. "Lifelong Reading Project"

Author: [United States] Clifton Feldman, John S. Major

Publisher: Yilin Publishing House span>

ISBN: 9787544757348

Price: 45 yuan

This is a This is a novel, interesting and valuable reference book. For all those who are looking for a guide to the treasure house of world literature, "The Reading Project of a Lifetime" is a good choice. It provides a path to the greatest achievement of the human spirit. Based on many years of reading experience, the author has selected and reviewed more than one hundred famous works of ancient and modern worlds for readers. Each one uses only 500 to 1,000 words to outline the work or the outline of the author, enticing readers to read every book he introduces. , Let the readers dig out the endless treasures of their lives, constantly deepen the field of knowledge, and achieve profound knowledge.

9. "100 Beliefs"

Author: Editor-in-chief of "New Weekly"

Publisher: Modern Publishing House

ISBN: 9787514330274

Price: 39.8 yuan

"New Weekly", a keen observer of current affairs, Recorder, advocate of new lifestyle. "New Weekly", a cutting-edge publication trusted by industry leaders such as Hurun, Pan Shiyi, and Yi Zhongtian. "New Weekly", a weather vane for entrepreneurs to play in the arena.

10. "A Minimal History of the Universe"

Author: Christopher Galfa in German

Publisher: Shanghai Sanlian Publishing House

ISBN: 9787542654434

Pricing: 49.5 yuan Garfad leads us on an amazing journey about the past, present and future of the universe. Without graphs and equations, we can walk towards the declining surface of the sun, fly over distant galaxies, and feel the charm of death from black holes... You can easily understand the magic of the universe today. Continue ExploreInvestigate about the existence of God, the origin of time, and the future of mankind.

1."Andersen's Fairy Tales"

Author: (Dan) Andersen, translated by Meng Yi

Publisher: Baihuazhou Literature and Art Publishing House

ISBN: 9787550007598

Price: 35 yuan

"Andersen's Fairy Tales (Full Translation)" collects more than 100 fairy tales created by the famous fairy tale writer Andersen throughout his life, including "The Daughter of the Sea" and " "The Ugly Duckling", "Nightingale", "Tinderbox", "Thumbella", etc. Each article is a widely circulated and well-known masterpiece. As a classic children's literature, Andersen's fairy tales bring joy to children all over the world and are very suitable for young readers to read.

2. "Aesop's Fables"

Author: [Ancient Greece] Aesop

Publisher: China Overseas Chinese Press

ISBN: 9787511358264

Price: 32 yuan

"Aesop's Fables" is short and concise, with appropriate metaphors, vivid images, profound meaning, not much language, approachable, and memorable. It has a high artistic achievement and has a great influence on future generations. Among them, "The Farmer and the Snake", "The Fox and the Grape", "The Tortoise and the Hare", and "The Crow Drinking Water" have become household stories. This book is not only an enlightenment textbook for children to establish the concept of good and evil, but also a textbook for life.

3.《The Selection of Grimm's Fairy Tales》

Author: [German] Brothers Grimm

Publisher: Overseas Chinese Publishing House of China

ISBN: 9787113358271

Price: 32 yuan

"The Grimm's Fairy Tales" is a collection of stories written by the Grimm brothers in Germany in the 19th century, also known as "Children and Family Fairy Tales". "The Grimm's Fairy Tales" spread to every corner of the world with a unique literary style, becoming a shining jewel in the world's literary treasure house, and its influence far exceeds its national boundaries and times.

4. "Mom Running Forward"

Author: [law] Sevier-Laurent Petty; painted by Chen Fox

Publisher: Lijiang Publishing House

ISBN: 978754772413

Price: 18.5 yuan

Softer than "The Little Prince", stronger than "Guess How Much I Love You". A marathon race against life, a touching bond between mother and daughter.

5. "Alice in Wonderland"

Author: [English] Lewis Carroll

Publisher: Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House

ISBN: 9787532154241

Pricing: 88 yuan

"Alice in Wonderland "The Adventures (Illustrated Collector's Edition)" is a story told by the author Carol Hing to his friend's daughter Alice, which was written and given to her. The story tells the story of a little girl named Alice who chased a rabbit in her dream and fell into the rabbit hole. She embarked on a long and thrilling journey until she finally collided with the red queen and the red king of playing cards, and she screamed anxiously. With a sound, I woke up from a dream. With magical fantasy, humor, and bold poetry, this fairy tale broke through the stereotyped formulas of traditional Western European children's literature moral preaching. Since then, it has been translated into many languages ​​and traveled all over the world.

6."Weird Girl Diary 2"

Author: [nice]Rachel Renee Russell span>

Publisher: Hunan Literature and Art Publishing House

ISBN: 9787540473419

Pricing: 32.8 yuan

A good novel for adults and children to talk together! The author Russell is like another successful J.K. Rowling-style female writer. She has been reborn from Nirvana with "The Diary of a Strange Girl" and created her kingdom of picture novels. Chinese and English are contrasted, and you can fully enjoy the pleasure of reading. English teacher, parent and child Highly recommended by experts!

7. "Stupid father is a gift from God: a kindness that we can't ignore"

Author: Zhe Zi edited

Publisher: Huaxia Publishing House

ISBN: 9787508061498

Price: 22 yuan

"Stupid father is a gift from God: a kindness we can't ignore" is the essence of the book series of China Publishing House's "Extracurricular Reading" magazine. For middle and high school students, we actively provide them with rich and high-quality spiritual food, and are well received by the majority of students, parents, and teachers.

8. "This year, children are not easy to mix up"

Author: Zhezi edited

Publisher: Huaxia Publishing House

ISBN: 9787508061481

Pricing: 19.8 yuan

"Children are not easy to mix up these years: Our Growth Story 1" is A spiritual book tailored for the majority of young people’s friends, with the purpose of focusing on the healthy growth of young people; taking family, friendship, and youthful love as the main line; taking our growth story, our youthful time, between two generations, The themes between teachers and students, man and nature are series, and each child will happily spend his adolescence!

9."Super Invincible Earthman"

by Jiang Fengjiao

Publisher: Huaxia Publishing House

ISBN: 9787508070629

Pricing: 19.8 yuan

"Adolescent Holiday Reading: Super Invincible Earthman" uses a childlike tone to "squat down and talk to children", narrates science fiction stories in a black humor style. The plot is ups and downs, interlocking, and blending absurdity and science. It is also true. It is also illusion, and the real and the virtual intersect. Strive to awaken and warn people from a special perspective: the pollution of the earth's environment by mankind has reached an extremely serious level, and it is urgent to protect and save the earth.


Author: Zhong Hailan

Publisher: Beijing Institute of Technology Press

ISBN: 9787564052034

Pricing: 39.8 yuan

"Late Night Story: 100 Growth Stories for the Little Prince" brings together many beautiful growth stories and rich announcements, presenting a colorful world of knowledge for children in an all-round way. These stories tell the boys how to face adversity bravely and how to be stronger and smarter. I wish every boy can grow up healthily and happily and become a unique little prince of wisdom.

1. "China Economic Guide"

Author: Zou Zhizhuang

Publisher: Tsinghua University Press span>

ISBN: 9787302394754

Price: 58 yuan

This manual mainly covers 18 topics of the Chinese economy: the history of the economic system; the Qing Dynasty and China Republic of China; China's planned economy; economic reform process; economic growth and development; population; labor; consumption and investment; macroeconomic policies; income distribution and poverty; agriculture; state-owned and non-state-owned enterprises; foreign trade; foreign investment and Chinese foreign investment; Banking and financial systems; legal systems; energy and environmental policies; future growth prospects and economic systems. These chapters are written by professionals.

2. "100 Tips for Stock Investment Masters"

Author: Bai Qingshan

Publisher: Machinery Industry Press

ISBN: 978711517764

Price: 45 yuan

includes white Nearly 70 private masters interviewed by Qingshan have used 100 tricks to win the stock market. All the content comes from real people and real events in the first-line interviews of Bai Qingshan. It is a record of the real tricks of civilian masters in winning in actual combat.

3. "Lighting the Heart Lamp: Gu Huailiang, a Man of the Wind"

Author: Zhang Yihan

Publisher: Xinhua Publishing House

ISBN: 9787516621721

Price: 39 yuan

This book is a true record of 150,000 words, with 10 clear chapters, counting the 30 years of Gu Huailiang His entrepreneurial situation, 60 years of ups and downs, shared his views on the world and life with young people. Through 8 years of understanding and familiarity, the author has realized a 5-year agreement with simple, delicate, fluent and sincere language and writing.

4. "Global Economic System"

Author: (US) George Chaco, (US) Caroline L? Evans, (US) Hans Gunawin waiting, translated by Zhang Yugui, Yin Wenqi and Wan Chunyang

Publisher: Electronic Industry Press

ISBN: 9787121280405

Pricing : 39.8 yuan

This book comprehensively explains the currency liquidity risk and how it affects the current world financial system. The book discusses the role of banks, hedge funds, insurance, central banks, financial markets, and others in the management of liquidity risks, inadvertently transferring liquidity shocks to other industries through the financial system. In particular, the author reveals the central role of currency liquidity in major market crises and economic recessions, including the Great Depression, Japan's lost decade, and the current economic recession.

5. "Sharing Economy Trends"

Author: Ni Yunhua Yu Zhongyi

Publisher: Machinery Industry Press

ISBN: 978711521099

Pricing: 49.9 yuan

This book is based on the in-depth study of nearly 100 sharing economy companies in the world in nine major business fields, combining 27 case studies. Detailed discussions and a holistic business analysis framework provide answers to the above questions one by one. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a manager of a traditional enterprise; whether you are a practitioner in the Internet industry or a new entrant in the Internet + field, I believe you can understand the general trend of the sharing economy from this book.

6. "Stanley Ho, if you don't bet, you win"

Author: Liu Zhize, Cao Jun, Wu Qi span>

Publisher: Beijing United Publishing Company

ISBN: 9787550270251

Pricing: 48 yuan

10 Hong Kong dollars bravely rushed to Macau; CIMB has emerged; maritime trade is almost in danger of pirates; underworld entanglement during the entrepreneurial era; the counterattack in the gambling king's battle for hegemony, what are the advantages of Stanley Ho? From a poverty-stricken teenager, finally achieved the prestige of the king of gambling? This book will unveil the mysterious veil of the gambling king and let us encounter a real story of the rise of struggle from one to billion.

7."Internet +: Entrepreneurship"

Author : Fang Lifei

Publisher: Beijing University of Technology Press

ISBN: 9787563945887

Pricing: 35 yuan

The author of this book has been engaged in entrepreneurship and industry consulting for many years, has rich entrepreneurial experience and industry consulting experience, and has consulted and coached many companies to successfully transform The Internet field has achieved rapid development. From the actual perspective of Internet entrepreneurship, this book guides entrepreneurs of different types and industries on how to seize the Internet era through in-depth analysis of industrial development trends, types of entrepreneurs, cycles and forms of industrial development, etc. Industry opportunities to successfully achieve their own entrepreneurial goals.

8.《Tencent Biography》

Author: Wu Xiaobo

Publisher: Zhejiang University Press

ISBN: 9787308164207

Price: 58 yuan

This book comprehensively records the experience of Tencent’s rise, and reinterprets the twists and uniqueness of China’s integration into globalization from the perspective of the Internet .

9."Chu Shijian"

Author: Zang Guangzhou

Publisher: New World Press

ISBN: 9787510455933

Pricing: 36.8 yuan

Participated in the revolution at the age of 19; in his 20s, he was in charge of the personnel work of the Yuxi District Committee, but was wrongly classified as a "rightist" after a while; at the age of 50, he took over the dying Yuxi Cigarette Factory and developed it as the number one in Asia The tobacco group in China went to jail before retiring; he started his business at the age of 80 and became the "Orange King" of China. Chu Shijian's life path can be described as magnificent. What kind of belief, perseverance and wisdom does he have between every time he gets down and stands up boldly again? This book will tell you the answer.

10. "The Era of M&A"

Author: Nuo Man W. Hoffman

Publishing House: Machinery Industry Press

ISBN :9787111532026

Price: 69 yuan

In the era of globalization, industry restructuring has become the new normal. "The Era of Big M&A" will lead us to step through the M&A mileage step by step, and make the integration of M&A once again a key link in our business strategy. With this landmark strategic guide, we will surely increase our chances of defeating our competitors and reaping extraordinary returns, and creating a return on investment that cannot be matched by other large-scale mergers and acquisitions.

1. "Weibo Zhenghao"

Author: Su Ya

Publisher: Tsinghua University Press

ISBN: 9787302388579

Price: 56 yuan

these The mellow wine brewed by the years brings memories, just like your years, the art of aging, but it better preserves the beauty of youth; these mellow wines, which are sipped in one sip, put a trace of heat in the chest and abdomen. It exudes, little by little, warm people, just like the passionate and trivial life that his wife brought to Monet. The wine road can be thrilling, but it is more of firewood, rice, oil and salt, a cup of life on the dinner table.

2. "I am a microlifeHome》

by Lin Lan

Publisher: Beijing Institute of Technology Press

ISBN: 9787568207324

Price: 68 yuan

Life is an art, the author is a living family, loves food, loves travel, loves parties, loves painting ……The author shows us her colorful life through beautiful words and rich pictures. There are travel experiences, cooking demonstrations, paintings, party scenes, and brand activities in the book. The author records his daily activities in an all-round way. These activities reflect the author's attitude towards life that he loves life and knows how to be grateful.

3. "Exclusively Enjoy Your Food"

Author: Drunk Sleep

Publisher: Machinery Industry Press

ISBN: 978711532842

Price: 35 yuan

The recipes introduced in this book not only allow you to finish in minutes, but are also nutritious and not monotonous. It is just right to eat by yourself. Food can bring healing power to people. In the book, the author not only introduces the practice of food, but also uses food as a metaphor for life, giving readers full positive energy with healing brushstrokes and warm and powerful words.

4. "The Private Secrets of Succulents"

Author: Chen Liang's work

Publisher: Fujian Science and Technology Press

ISBN: 9787533548513

Price: 45 yuan

This book mainly introduces the basic habits of succulents , Novice common mistakes in planting and breeding methods, correct planting and breeding methods, succulent reproduction and pest control, succulent combination landscaping and other new ways to start. Mainly include: Thin-leaf Bluebird, Mexican Giant, Green Claw, Sirius, Violet Queen, White Peony, Frost Dynasty, etc.

5. "Southern Red Playing Art"

Author: Bawan Art Studio

Publisher: Modern Publishing House

ISBN: 9787514346046

Price: 38 yuan

Southern red is quiet The leisurely and poetic life is a leisurely look at the blooming of flowers in front of the court, a pot of wine among the flowers, the loneliness of drinking without a blind date alone, and a touch of spring sorrow and autumn thoughts. This book is an introduction to southern red agate in the art series. The five chapters of the book introduce the formation, origin, identification, classification, collection and maintenance of southern red agate.

6. "You can sleep better"

Author: Edited by Wang Zunlai span>

Publisher: Jiangsu Phoenix Science and Technology Press

ISBN: 9787553756523

Pricing: 28 yuan

The main contents of this book include: Do you know about sleep; Is your sleep normal; The hidden dangers of insomnia revealed in small details; What type of insomnia do you suffer from? Insomnia; check early to determine the cause of insomnia; insomnia is a signal of physical and psychological diseases; actively treat to get rid of the trouble of insomnia; medication is only an auxiliary method for the treatment of insomnia, etc.

7. "Super Popular Mini Potted Plants"

Author: Zheng Shuncheng

Publisher: Fujian Science and Technology Press

ISBN: 9787533548469

Price: 45 yuan

This book introduces all aspects of mini potted plants, including potted tree types, materials and utensils, propagation, basic creation, fun potted plants, potted plants Performance elements, potted plant management, moss cultivation, pots, tree species, etc. In particular, the management, pruning, posture adjustment, pot changing, combination and other potting operations that novices will encounter are demonstrated in a step-by-step diagram.

8. "Only Fragrance Like Old"

Author: Song Yuan Works

Publisher: Lujiang Publishing House

ISBN: 9787545910964

Price: 48 yuan

The author of this book, Song Yuan, calls himself "Queen of Perfume". He has collected more than 100 bottles of perfume and has appreciated more than 1,000 bottles of perfume. The book is fresh in writing, beautifully equipped with pictures, strong in literary and artistic atmosphere, and good in knowledge and readability. Twelve stories about people and perfumes. The stories contain knowledge of perfume classification, which are both knowledgeable and readable.

9. "Sweet Food Light"

Author: Chief Editor of Carambola Foods Editorial Department

Publisher: Jiangsu Science and Technology Press

ISBN: 9787553575513

Price: 39.8 yuan

This book describes how to make bread, toast, cake, biscuits, pastry, midpoint...time It also has a sweet taste! The main content includes: a small surprise in the morning, a small butter meal bag, a person who loves to laugh, smile bread with no bad luck, and the most acacia bread with red beans.

10. "Life-changing Organizing Magic"

Author: (US) Smelin, translated by Hu Wenhui

Publisher: Machinery Industry Press

ISBN: 978711518662

Pricing: 32 yuan

Do not Use no time as an excuse to postpone your actions. Organizing can be done right now. Start with the easy things at hand, 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes...This way, you will accumulate the fragmented time of tidying up your life. Will be very different. The organization of the physical space will not only help you improve the comfort of your life and bring you a good mood, it will also help you organize your thinking and improve your efficiency in handling things.

1. "Data Structure and Algorithm-C++ Version"


Author: Cao Rongrong et al.

Publisher: Tsinghua University Press

ISBN: 9787302119982

Price: 69 yuan

This book comprehensively and systematically introduces an important part of computer science education-data structure, and implements related algorithms in C++ language. The book mainly emphasizes the connection between data structure and algorithm, and uses an object-oriented method to introduce data structure. Its content includes algorithm complexity analysis, linked lists, stack queues, recursive techniques, binary trees, graphs, sorting, and hashing.

2. "Word/Excel/PPT three-in-one high-efficiency office from entry to proficiency"

Author: Mai Guiying and waiting

Publisher: Science Press

ISBN: 9787030364029

Price: 34.8 yuan

This book is aimed at the needs of beginners, Systemically explain the relevant knowledge of Office 2010 computer office.

3."MAYA 3D Animation Digital Design"

Author: Li Qiyan, edited by Qin Guofeng

Publisher: Tongji University Press

ISBN: 9787560844107

Price: 30 Yuan

This book takes the project design process as the main line, integrates the use of Maya software, rich in content, detailed cases, step by step, and easy to understand. Avoid simple and boring Maya software manual introduction, and vividly explain the 3D animation digital design process with rich design examples.

4. "C Language Programming"

Author: Luo Yonglong, Chief Editor Fang Qun

Publisher: Science Press

ISBN: 9787030361820

Price: 26 yuan

"C Language Programming" mainly describes the C language The basic knowledge and preliminary methods of program design. The book consists of 11 chapters, among which chapters 1 to 6 mainly introduce the basic concepts, basic structures and functions of C language programming; chapters 7 to 11 mainly introduce complex data such as arrays, pointers, structures and unions structure.

5. "Adobe Flash 11 Stage3D (Molehill) Game Programming Beginner's Guide"

Author: (plus) Christer Kaitila, translated by Bufan

Publisher: Science Press

ISBN: 9787030363985

Price: 51 yuan

"Adobe Flash 11 Stage3D (Molehill) Game Programming Beginner's Guide" is a Stage3D introductory book published shortly after the launch of Flash Player 11. In the period when this new technology was just introduced and related resources were relatively scarce, it can be said to be a rare textbook, which will be very helpful for learning Stage3D. It can be said to be those Flash programmers who do not know much about 3D graphics. We can't ask for timely rain.

6. "Photoshop Digital Photo Post-grading Collection"

Author: Edited by Rongke Design

Publisher: Chemical Industry Press

ISBN: 9787122124432

Price: 58 yuan

This is a collection of color theory knowledge, photography knowledge and Photoshop color grading core techniques in a digital photo grading book. The book combines the current popular photo tones, starting from the basic theories of color, layer by layer, explaining in detail various methods and techniques of color grading. Numerous classic color grading cases provide readers with a wider range of new ideas.

7."Photoshop Cutout Synthesis Practical Secret Skills 208"

Author: Haitian Digital Edited

Publisher: Chemical Industry Press

ISBN: 9787122155672

Price: 45 yuan

"Photoshop Cutout Synthesis Practical Secret Skills 208" is a Photoshop cutout A comprehensive collection of synthetic secrets, the main features of this book are: detailed explanations of more than 100 kinds of matting secrets, more than 200 classic tricks, 208 detailed operation steps, 450 minutes of video presentation, and more than 1,100 exquisite pictures to guide readers. Quickly master the methods and techniques of Photoshop cutout synthesis.

8. "AutoCAD Quick Commands One Book"

Authors: Jiang Jun, Jiang Yong, Zhou Keyuan, etc.

Publisher: Chemical Industry Press

ISBN: 9787122134134

Price: 29.8 yuan

Based on AutoCAD2010, this book systematically introduces the use of AutoCAD shortcut commands and the drawing skills of two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics through examples. The shortcuts of commands are listed in the catalog. Way to facilitate reader retrieval. The content of this book mainly includes AutoCAD user interface and basic operations, using and setting layers, drawing and editing commands, methods and techniques for drawing complex graphics, writing text and dimensioning, parametric drawing methods, querying graphics information, and application of blocks , The methods and techniques of drawing engineering drawings and architectural drawings, graphic output, creating three-dimensional solid models, etc., basically cover all the applications of AutoCAD commands.

9."Flash Character/Background/Animation Short Film Design Complete Manual"

Author: Zhou Guodong Edited

Publisher: People's Posts and Telecommunications Press

ISBN: 9787115299604

Price: 69.8 yuan

This is a book Flash animation skills reference book, the "Complete Handbook of Flash Characters, Backgrounds, and Animation Short Designs (2nd Edition)" is not limited by the Flash software version. Starting from the main points that should be mastered in commercial animation on the market, it explains the basic Flash operations, Flash technology upgrades, character design, animation design, scene design, mechanical design, special effects, Flash animation integrated application and Flash animation production common problems, etc., using actual cases in paperless animation to show how to draw images in Flash software to animation production The problems were analyzed one by one.

10. "Niaoge's LINUX Private Kitchen: Server Setup"

Author: Brother Bird

Publisher: Machinery Industry Press

ISBN: 978711384991

Price: 108 yuan

You already have a Linux foundation and want to learn more about server setup ? Also want to know how to maintain and manage your server? "Niaoge's Linux Private Kitchen: Server Setup (3rd Edition)" is your best choice. Return to Sohu to see more

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