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How do you think that the incomplete leeks of Zhihu [email protected] and @Investor shares Hamming Lantern have become public?

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I am a new leek, and I saw a high praise answer on Zhihu, "What stocks are suitable to buy in 2020" I feel that the analysis is very good, I Just pay attention to investor stocks Hamming Lantern.

After paying attention, I put his message on the top every day, and watch his review analysis every day. I can’t extricate myself. It feels like he is a great god, worship, although he also has losses, but he will analyze the lessons of losses, sum up, and feel very real! It is also very logical to give a prediction every day. For example, Jiangnan Gaoxian for masks, Changfeng Aerospace for Ventilator, and Aier Ophthalmology for long-term, these tickets are all well done! Objectively speaking, I admit that he does have the skills, otherwise he will not be able to make a big v, at least much better than our new leeks! Believing slowly became blind faith, and began to make some votes.

On 5.27, he said that the baby bunny was a golden needle to the bottom, I bought it, and it was covered with more than 10 points;

Now, some people in the bunny stock bar are saying that at least three big players are recommending buying this ticket to receive the order

Yonghui The supermarket also listened to him. He bought the high-end quilt as soon as he recommended it. Later, he said that he could take it with ease when re-listing. The dealer was definitely washing the plate. I took it again.

There is also an oriental garden. I bought it after the recommendation and is now covered in quilt

Now think about such simple technical indicators. I am a novice who looks back and knows that it is wrong. Will he read it wrong? It must have taken other people's advertising expenses and became the owner of the team! If you have bought one, remember what he said at that time, it will be clear if you are inducing you to buy it. Fortunately, the money I invested is not a lot. . .

In addition, I now see that the big v who knows what is on the bjj is sniping against him in the door. At the beginning, I watched the hamming lamp replay. When I was spraying him, when I was a fan of him and did not realize the issue of recommending stocks, I did not watch the battle on Zhihu, and complained for him. Now Chairman Mao is right, "Practice is to test the truth." The only criterion for "

First of all, I did not pay attention to bjj, and I don’t know how he is. The focus of attention is the p-picture problem of the Haiming Lantern! This should be true! I looked at the review on the day of the p-picture review, and it turned out that the review was deleted.

Let’s take a look at the day’s review

After opening it

Although he can’t see it now, he deleted the review, but Indirectly proves that he is indeed p-picture!

And once someone mentions the Bunny quilt on Weibo, he replied not to mention this. It may be that he didn't want others to expand the influence, and he knew what to do as Zhuangtuo.

The last thing I want to say is that he said he graduated from 985, I want to say that he is sorry for these three words!

He does have a bit of strength. Now he can support his family by trading stocks. By building a few groups, he can collect membership fees, and he can also make money from fans. But by selling his fans to make money, will he feel at ease if he eats this kind of human blood buns?

I hope that if he sees my answer, he can reflect on himself, be a person who is truly responsible to his fans, and don't let down their trust in you! ! ! (Instead of spraying me, )

If you are really a fan for the sake of fans, even if you make a mistake, it’s not intentional, you don’t count it. After all, people are not gods, every time That's all right!

In addition to our new leeksI want to say, don’t be too stupid, you will have to dialectically watch other people’s replays in the future! I believe there are a lot of Zhuang Tuo in the world. We must sum it up carefully and strive to become a master stock trader in the future, with our own thinking, and we are worthy of our fans.
The dragon slayer should not become a dragon in the end!

(By the way, fans of Ming Deng should not target me. At the beginning, I was just like you, trust him, and even support him without knowing about the battle between others and him. , This is foolish loyalty, right? "
Listen to the bright, while listening to the dark", before diss, I will go to see other people’s analysis, right, if it’s not right, show my own evidence, if you’re right , I will take it seriously! )

Postscript: This is the first time I know the answer, just give me the idol that I used to be, and it’s right to start him!

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