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Lecture 1: Basic knowledge of stocks

1. Preparations before stock trading

Account opening: Go to the gate of Chang'an Qianzhuang (NetEase is really thoughtful, and stock traders are placed at the gate of the Qianzhuang for easy withdrawal of money) to find a stock trader

click to create a trading account, and read the "Fantasy Westward Journey Stock Trading Risk Tips Book" 》

Pull down to agree (Of course, if you don’t agree, it doesn’t work

), OK, the account is opened successfully.

Deposit funds: (How can you make money if you don’t have money? I want to empty the glove white wolf. There is no such story in the stock market. Of course, it’s okay to put a rich woman empty, provided that you are stylish enough.) Click on the bottom right corner The system (ALT+S is also possible, I like the key combination) to enter the stock window

click on the drop-down menu of the transaction, and then click deposit funds (don't deposit your money all at once, save some milk powder for your child) Money, if you don’t have children, leave some snack money for yourself. Of course, I don’t mind when you save it. It’s not my money anyway

) Enter the money you want to save in the deposit field, and then click OK .

The preparation work is over (it's that end, it's so simple

). The following will be the focus of this article. Friends who are still groggy, please wash their faces and clear their minds. Do not smoke or smoke is harmful to your health. (Let’s take a look at it---Little Shenyang, go quickly and come back, let’s start with the following key points)

Second, snap up new shares

Dafan’s new share issuance will surely cause panic buying The boom, in reality, it is not possible to withdraw orders for new stocks (don't talk nonsense, talk about dream stocks, don't talk about real stocks, we listen to them useful), and the certification of new stocks for dream stocks can be withdrawn. (Term explanation: cancel the order: it’s not nonsense, it means you don’t buy it, return the money to me, and don’t ask for the handling fee) Your IQ is not low (nonsense, all higher than yours

), if it is not low, then you still cancel the order! Dafan (this word is very particular, I leave enough room for myself) buying new stocks are all profitable, of course, there are also some losers. After all, there are few losers. I have too bad luck and haven't encountered stocks in six years. Have you encountered it? (If I can trade in stocks, I still look at your broken article

). Seriously everyone, I am also a person with an ID card after all. Judging from the fantasy stock test in January, in this test, every new stock has doubled several times. It is very popular with daughters (this word is very appropriate), leading the increase from the issue price of 1850 all the way to, how many times has it doubled? (I’m not good at mathematics, you count

), Chang’an Cloth Village is also fierce enough, from the issue price of 700 all the way to the high point, how many times has it doubled? (Am I mistaken, is it the strongest in Chang'an Cloth Village? Have you calculated it, so let me know). The author gives these examples to show you that the new stocks are not earning more than usual. In the past few days, everyone Prepare the money and get ready to do a good job (ready for the money? Why don’t you remind me, now that it’s too late, others have robbed the new stocks), keep in front of the computer and wait for the dream stock to open. The system will flash the new shares issued, brothers rush (I call myself, brothers rush to "me") hurry up to buy new shares (don't lie to me, lie to me to have you good fruit), I am very serious A person will not lie to you.

I will give you a key point: buying new shares is generally very profitable.

(So much nonsense, how to buy new shares) I’m going to talk about it soon, what are you asking, I won’t talk about it anymore, I’m going to bed, and what time is it? (Beijing time At 9 am on July 14, 2009, in order to write it out before the stock market release, I spelled me). Click to subscribe for new shares

In the lower left corner, enter the new share code, enter the purchase price (issue price), enter the purchase quantity (fill in according to the available quantity, system limited, not acceptable), the quantity must be an integer of 100 Times (I don't have that much money, buy some odds! Don't sell odds, don't have money to pool together, don't make trouble. Lower classmate, which new stock do you buy). After inputting, click to subscribe.

After subscribing to one new share, continue to subscribe for other new shares. (I don’t have that much money, I still buy it), I told you earlier, prepare more money, the winning rate of the new stock subscription (that is, the probability of you buying, which is much higher than the probability of the first prize in Shuang Seqiu ) Real stock is about 3% (real stock again!) Fantasy stock is 20%-50%, with fluctuations, calculated according to the number of people who bought this stock and the number of shares.

The key points of these paragraphs: find stocks with low issue prices to purchase, maximize the use of limited funds, and subscribe for a few more new stocks to increase the probability of buying new stocks (the odds are magical) .

After the new stock purchase, if you are not at ease, whether you have subscribed, you can click the query drop-down menu to entrust it, and the new shares you subscribed for are displayed below.

Three. Historical review

Dream stocks have just been tested for more than one month. Because the system gives us money to trade in stocks, let everyone practice. Of course, spending other people’s money doesn’t hurt. I can do whatever I want. Speculation, and because of the excessive investment of test funds and the issuance of too few stocks, each stock is advancing violently. This is not in line with the laws of economics and has a lot to do with the mentality of fantasy stock players. The Chang'an Cloth Village I bought was purchased with 720 original shares (new shares) and sold when it rose to 5000. I thought I had already made a lot of money (in reality, stocks generally have a profit of 30% and are sold out or cleared out. It’s to sell the stock in the warehouse) and just hang and sell. Who knows that this stock is very good and has reached the high point all the way. Of course, I don’t regret it. Can grasp the highest point.

Let’s show you what I have gained. Note that I didn’t lose money. I was busy with work for 3 days and didn’t go to Fantasy Westward Journey. Of course, I didn’t trade stocks. It’s okay to eat. Don’t envy others who show off that you have billions now. They used their own multiple numbers (that is, the funds of multiple numbers are transferred to one number), and it’s meaningless to reverse in your own area. It only makes sense to go to the area where the game currency is expensive. How to do it, I will talk about it in the next episode. (Is this a loophole, remind the planning, the work room can use this to pour stocks and gold to the new area or the game. The currency expensive area for sale, ordinary players can also pour it to other areas for sale, and then in their own In order to make a profit by purchasing game coins in the district, we can see the true meaning of the fantasy stock system from this question. Personally, if the stocks are speculated in full server, it can promote the influx of game coins in the old district into the dream. In areas with low Renmin currency ratio, the number of game coins in the old area will be reduced, and inflation will be reduced or eliminated, so as to achieve the goal of balancing the fantasy economy of the whole server. Please remember that the stock is to promote the circulation of the game currency in the whole server, not the recycling of the game currency. In the end, to achieve this goal, the author had to be convinced by the genius of the plan.) The friends who mixed with me would not suffer (of course, there is no way to return it).

Draw the key points for everyone:

1. Stocks should have a good attitude, which is the basic quality necessary for successful people; according to their economic strength, stocks can be long-term Hold or short-term speculation.

2. The true meaning of the fantasy stock system (personal opinion): to promote the circulation of fantasy currency in the whole server and balance the fantasy currency in the whole server to achieve the purpose of eliminating inflation and saving the fantasy economy. (Genius planning, I admire you)

Four. Views on the prospects of fantasy stocks

In the past two days, six stocks have begun to fall, which shows that everyone’s psychology has begun to mature. . After a month of practice, I believe you must have your own experience and stock trading experience. As the players mature, the fantasy stock market will definitely be booming, and the fantasy stock market will become another beautiful landscape of the fantasy westward journey. As long as the fantasy has a stock system, I will continue to accompany you in the speculation.

Those who seize the opportunity can seize the future. Will you seize this opportunity when the dream stock is officially issued soon (of course, opportunities and challenges coexist), let us use our wisdom to create wealth myths, The wisdom of the crowd is endless.

This is the end of this article (July 14, 2009, 1:00 a.m. Beijing time). According to the author, the stock price will generally rise steadily a few days before the issuance of new stocks. As for how to understand the complex analysis Figure, how to buy in a bull market, how to sell in a bear market, how to buy at a low price and sell at a high price and other technical issues, the author will continue to post articles to learn and explore together. Finally, I remind everyone that no matter how much you gain or how much you lose, you must have a good attitude. Only with a good attitude can you stay still and become a big winner in the big waves of the stock market.

I’d like to draw a point for everyone: Stocks’ confidence is the most important. If you’re not confident in fantasy stocks, then you should stop trading in stocks.Confidence is the truth).

Finally, we shouted our slogan together (pay attention to lipstick): "Knowledge creates wealth"!

Thank you for watching, thank you! See you next time!


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