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Novel: Metropolis: Getting Rich From Stocks

Author: Stockholder Xiaoma

Type: Urban

Introduction: Li Chenggang, who stands in his 30s, is in After encountering a divorce crisis, he was fired from the company because he went to work and traded in stocks.

After experiencing the double whammy of love and life, Li Chenggang decided to give it a go and make a decision that seemed crazy to outsiders and trade stocks full-time!

He took all his net worth of fifty thousand yuan into the stock market. Started a legendary career.

The delicate and elegant female clerk, the charming and enchanting female doctor, the quiet and beautiful investment manager, the shrewd bank girl, etc. have all had a love-hate entanglement with him...

"City: Getting Rich From Stocks" Chapter 1 Divorce Free Reading

"Get divorced! I can't live this day!"

Liu Jia made a calm face and threw a written divorce agreement on the table.

Li Chenggang picked it up and took a look.

The agreement is simple.

"...The two parties voluntarily divorce, the house is the woman's pre-marital property, the man has no right to divide, the husband and wife have no debts, the joint property is 100,000 yuan, and each person is 50,000 yuan..."

Li Chenggang put down the divorce agreement that Liu Jia had signed, lit a cigarette, took a sip, and asked in a deep voice: "Did you think about it?"


Liu Jia snorted and said with a calm face: "After five years of marriage, how much money did you make for this family? How much did you secretly subsidize your parents? Your brother got married, but you were generous, so you just gave 10,000 yuan. How much is your salary a month?"

"When your brother got married, you gave him 20,000 yuan."

Li Chenggang asked, "What did I say? "

"You are ashamed to say?"

Liu Jia sneered and sneered at each other: "Isn't my parents paying for this house? My brother gets married, and I Get a little more, what's the matter? Isn’t it right?"

"Your parents gave a down payment of 500,000 yuan that year, yes, but my parents also took 100,000 yuan for renovations. , Isn't it?"

Li Chenggang suppressed the anger in his heart, "Why didn't you talk about this?"

"Why didn't I say it? Are you embarrassed to say it? "

Liu Jia said disdainfully: "Now getting married, who is not the man to buy the house, and the woman to pay for the decoration? Come to you, upside down, you still have a face to mention? I am ashamed for you!"

"When we were in love, you didn't know the conditions of my family?"

Li Chenggang took a cigarette: "My parents are ordinary workers, even those One hundred thousand yuan is also saved from the gap between the teeth, and they have tried their best..."

"Stop talking."

Liu Jiada He said: "Sign it, I don't want to continue living like this. My life is a lifetime, very short. It is clearly stated in the divorce agreement. I'll give you 50,000 yuan and you just need to take it and leave. As for you want to divide the house, I’m sorry, no way. This is pre-marital property. It’s no use going to court."

"You think too much."

Li Chenggang flicked his cigarette butt. Stepped on the ground and said coldly: "I'm a man anyway, I'm not shameless to divide your things, as for the decoration of the one hundred thousand yuan, I should be given to you."

Liu Jia sneered: "Otherwise, you plan out the floor of this house and take it away? I don't mind! It depends on whether you are interested. The house was renovated and it cost more than 200,000 yuan. You don't know it?" /p>

Li Chenggang didn't bother to argue with her anymore. He was really tired, so he picked up the pen and signed the divorce agreement, "When will I go through the formalities?"

Liu Jia coldly Said: "Now!" She picked up the divorce agreement and shook.

In the marriage registration hall.

Marriage and divorce are just two rooms.

After waiting for a long time, Li Chenggang only saw twoHappy registration for newcomers.

Behind him, a line of dozens of people lined up.

Li Chenggang suddenly wanted to laugh.

After waiting dozens of minutes, it was finally Li Chenggang and Liu Jia's turn.

"...You are so young, so think about coming back..."

The staff member looked up at the two of them and said blankly.

This, Li Chenggang has heard her say seven or eight times just now, and he suspects that this has become her mantra.

It's like a hotel waiter saying welcome.

"Don't think about it."

Liu Jia throws out the marriage certificate impatiently: "If I didn't think about it, I won't be here."

Li Chenggang saw the writing on the wall behind the staff-Hand in hand is a husband and wife, and break up is a friend.


After Li Chenggang got the divorce certificate, he took a look and paused on the date. On March 21, 2013, he laughed in his heart, the enemy Almost?

Out of the hall, Liu Jia couldn’t wait to take out her mobile phone, made a call, and said happily, “It’s over, you come and pick me up.”

Li Chenggang is not angry. It is strange to say that after the marriage certificate was replaced with a divorce certificate, it was only a one-word change, but his mentality changed drastically.

He looks at Liu Jia now, as if he were looking at a stranger.

He is reflecting, does this certificate have such a magical power?

The answer is no!

This certificate is nothing more than the last straw that crushes the camel.

Their feelings, in countless quarrels after marriage, have already dropped to a freezing point.

When two people are too lazy to even quarrel, it actually means it's time to end.

"Can I ask you one last question?"

After Li Cheng just finished speaking, he regretted a little bit in his heart.

Liu Jia glanced at him, and said in a good mood: "Just tell me."

Li Chenggang saw a black Lincoln Navigator approaching here, with the corners of his mouth sticking out. A sneer: "When did you and him get better?"

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