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What is the cause of the acne on the left cheek? What should be done to treat the acne on the left cheek?

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Girls who love beauty are often troubled by acne on their face, which not only affects their appearance, but also is very itchy. Acne on the face is usually caused by physical discomfort, so what is the cause of the acne on the left cheek? Let us take a look today.

Causes of acne on the left cheek. Treatment methods for acne on the left cheek. Young y

Skin problems are very common, and many friends have some more or less on their faces. Adverse symptoms appear, acne is a few types of skin diseases with a relatively high incidence in our lives. Many friends know nothing about these skin problems, so even if this kind of problem occurs, there are no good care measures.

To reduce the appearance of these skin problems, we need to have a full understanding of this disease and understand what causes the skin problems. . So what causes acne on our left cheek?

1. Stay up late: Acne is very common in this situation. Especially in the contemporary society where life pressure is relatively high, many friends are busy with work. Sometimes the work pressure is so high that they can't take a good rest and always work overtime in the middle of the night. This damage to the body is very serious, and sometimes it can cause serious liver fire, leading to some obvious discomfort symptoms on the skin. After this happens, we should be alert. First of all, we should keep our work and rest time. After adjusting, try to go to bed before 10:30 at night, because the liver will be working around 11 o'clock. Then, try to keep a happy mood, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, adjust your work and rest in time, reduce the frequency of staying up late, so that your body can get adequate rest. If you don’t rest well, the acne on your face will grow longer. The more, so everyone should still understand the seriousness of this matter.

2. Failure to remove makeup in time after makeup: This situation mainly happens to some female friends. Nowadays, many female friends have the habit of putting on makeup when they go out. After putting on makeup, everyone will look more beautiful, but the thing to note is that cosmetics can cause damage to human skin, so if we do not remove makeup in time, it will be easy to damage Skin, leading to acne growth, I hope everyone can develop a good habit of removing makeup in time, and don’t always wear makeup to sleep.

3. Do not wash pillowcases often: Pillows are where bacteria are prone to grow. When you turn over, your skin and pillows will be in contact for a long time, so it’s best to take the pillows a week. After drying in the sun once, wash the pillowcases diligently. Of course, it may also be caused by personal hygiene. For example: the towels or pillows you use are not clean, and there are mites or bacteria on them, which will cause your skin to be uncomfortable. If it is caused by personal hygiene, then you only need to pay attention to facial hygiene.

4. Insufficient intake of vitamin C: Vitamin C has the function of inhibiting excessive sebum secretion and anti-inflammatory, so it has the effect of solving the aggravation and inflammation of acne. The recommended fruit is persimmon, one can fully absorb the vitamin C needed for a day.

5. Excessive drinking: Excessive drinking can cause blood circulation problems, and poor blood circulation can cause inflammation to worsen. In addition, alcohol contains sugar that makes sebum secretion vigorously, so it promotes sebum secretion. If you want to heal early, it is recommended to control the amount of alcohol you drink.

6. Wash your face many times a day: Washing your face many times a day in order to remove the grease on your face will not only not clean your face, but will have a counter-effect, because it will Let the skin become dry, but promote the secretion of sebum. Two times a day in the morning and evening is enough. When washing your face, it is important to pay attention and not to wash for too long.

7. Little water consumption: Many people don’t like to drink water, and they only remember to drink water when they are thirsty. This is actually a bad habit. Drinking water Too little diarrhea is prone to constipation, which makes it difficult for toxins to accumulate in the body and makes it easier for the skinAcne.

8. Eating too much junk food: Today’s society is a fast-paced society, everyone is chasing the pace of time, even eating slowly People don’t want to waste time on eating, so they often eat some junk food. Fried chicken beer is a typical type of junk food. Regular eating of these foods is not only bad for the gastrointestinal tract, but also causes our face. A large amount of oil is secreted in the body, and over time, it is easy to cause acne proliferation. Therefore, I hope everyone can get rid of this bad condition and eat well to have a healthy body.

9. Preference for hot food: hot food refers to spicy, barbecued, and fried foods. Regular eating of such foods will increase the burden on the heart and make the blood The quality of vitamins in the vitamins is reduced, which worsens the condition of facial acne. Although these foods are delicious to eat, but if we eat too much, our faces are prone to acne. So everyone should try to eat less, if it is really controlled If you can’t help yourself, then remember to drink more herbal tea to reduce the fire after eating, which can also reduce the growth of acne.

10. Facial cleanser with strong detergency is used: Facial cleanser with surfactant usually cleans The strength is very strong, which will make the skin dry, but will lead to strong sebum secretion. In addition, dryness makes the skin thicken the stratum corneum in order to lock in moisture, and excess keratin can clog pores. Therefore, please choose a facial cleanser that is gentle on the skin.

The cause of acne on the left cheek. How to treat acne on the left cheek. Medicine is youthful

So what are the ways to treat acne on the left cheek?

The first method of conditioning acne on the left cheek: prepare 5 slices of Angelica dahurica, a spoonful of honey, and an appropriate amount of water. First, grind the Angelica dahurica into powder, then add honey and a small amount of water to make a paste. After cleansing the face, apply it to the acne areas on the cheeks. It has anti-inflammatory and acne-removing effects. If the acne is particularly inflamed, take it. Medicine Young Learn more about the treatment of acne!

Left cheek acne treatment method 2: prepare loquat leaves, mulberry bark, skullcap, gardenia, wild chrysanthemum, coptis, angelica, sophora flavescens, red peony 10 grams each, 30 grams of Imperata cylindrica root, 15 grams of raw sophora rice, and 20 grams of honeysuckle. The above ingredients are decocted in water, once a day, and taken twice a day, which can regulate acne inside the body and reduce the occurrence of acne.

Left cheek acne treatment method three: prepare a tablespoon of oatmeal, a proper amount of milk, and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Soak the oatmeal and milk for 10 minutes, then add a teaspoon of lemon juice and mix well. After cleansing the face, apply it evenly to remove aging skin. Lemon juice can adjust the skin's oil balance and improve acne-prone skin.

Left cheek acne treatment method 4: decoct wild chrysanthemum in water, cool it, put it in the refrigerator, take a part of it for application every time you wash your face After 3 minutes, wash your face with water. Wild chrysanthemum has anti-inflammatory and oil secretion effects, which can greatly improve acne-prone skin.

Causes of acne on the left cheek. How to treat acne on the left cheek

In addition, you can usually drink chrysanthemum tea. Has the benefits of clearing the stomach fire. You can also put some natural ingredients you want to add, such as hawthorn, tangerine peel, red dates, etc., drink more soy milk to supplement protein. Promote the internal metabolism of the skin, and be careful not to eat too spicy food. In winter, you can eat some warm lamb and white radish to help digestion. Drink brown sugar ginger tea in cold weather.

Finally, we must strengthen exercise and ensure sleep! Otherwise, no matter how good internal adjustment products or skin care products are, they will not be able to properly solve your skin metabolism problems. I want to know more about the problem of acne marks. Medicine is youthful

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