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Analysis of the causes of acne and introduction of azelaic acid and BPO

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There are too many dry goods in this article, mainly related to the analysis of the causes of acne and the anti-acne ingredients azelaic acid and BPO (benzoyl peroxide)

I don’t have a lot of acne but it’s old and old. ...I don't know why I am so stubborn! ! It's like that in one or two weeks. It gets better, but it will come back next week, it will become swollen and enlarged, which is very annoying! The old acne that has always existed on my left cheek is black when the situation is bad. Even my mother said that this black look is very unpleasant. She took me to the dermatology department, and the result was done in the dermatology department. I have used a calming and anti-inflammatory mask several times, because my cheeks are allergic, red and itchy, I can’t pick it out. I forgot what the black one is called, it seems to be the most serious type of acne, and it has been on my face for a long time. , There have been two or three years.

By the way

Regarding skin sensitivity, it’s really troublesome.

I think it’s related to the weather, which is the humidity of the air. When I was in Guangzhou, if I often When it rains, it’s easy to be allergic. I think there are more

bacteria in the air, and the clouds on the pillow towel cause me to be allergic often, and I have less allergies when I go to school in Xi’an. The air is also relatively dry.

I’m a girl, and I learned that

the secretion of skin oils is related to the hormone levels in the body, and the hormone levels in the body are closely related to the menstrual cycle of girls! ! Knocking on the blackboard is really a close relationship.

Girls with acne, please understand this picture. To put it simply, androgen is a hormone that causes our sebum to secrete vigorously, and at the same time it makes our pores enlarged. On the contrary, estrogen can enhance our skin repair ability, become delicate, and self-repair acne to a certain extent.

So before the ovulation period when estrogen is high, you will find that acne does not seem to be so rampant, the skin will become much better, and the complexion will also improve. In the first few days of menstruation, male hormones are higher than female hormones. This period is the most prone to acne, commonly known as aunt’s acne. I accidentally ate a fried chicken Mala Tang and stayed up all night, and the acne sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain.


I still have to look for the cause of acne carefully, what is causing my acne, so I can overcome it! Know yourself and the enemy.

Finally, I recommend two useful products that I have used. I said the student party,

especially the adolescent younger siblings who are in junior high and high school. I bought those so-called acne-removing products on Taobao. Once I was miserable by this kind of Sanwu products that I just put up a brand and sold it. When I was in high school I wanted to get rid of acne but didn’t dare to mention it to my mother, so I secretly bought acne cream on Taobao. I didn’t know anything about thinking that it’s good to be in the front with the highest sales volume. (Later I learned that there are advertising spots). Ha, it’s not good to mark the ingredients, you don’t know what you put on your face, it’s terrible. It may be a very irritating ingredient. At one time, I thought that the reason why my big oily skin turned into a sensitive skin was due to these three no products. Of course, I have been living in Xi’an for two years now and have turned into a mixed dry skin (the oil is oily in the summer and dry to the explosion in the winter)

Everyone really cherish your healthy skin, don’t be sensitive, you have to rely on the product to restore that health The state of metabolizing fats.

It seems to be digressing. When it comes to products, I became smarter after I was in college, and I don’t blindly listen to other people’s recommendations, which works well,

because no matter what skin care product it is , It is nothing more than three aspects: ingredients (to obtain a certain effect), price, and skin feel. No matter what blogger recommends, these three points are indispensable when evaluating.

Uh, I am still a student party, and the recommended products are relatively cheap. Although the price is not expensive, I have done enough homework and I know what ingredients are effective. Active ingredientsTwo: Azelaic acid is also called azalea, BPO is also called benzoyl peroxide.

First of all, the ordinary one, add 10% azelaic acid, and what does azelaic acid do?

One is anti-inflammatory and sterilization. Azelaic acid has strong penetration in the skin and can penetrate deep into the dermis to kill the acne bacteria that infect the pores, and at the same time it can inhibit The formation of keratin (keratin is a natural substance that promotes the growth of acne bacteria)

Second, it has an effect on pigmentation. It can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase. Tyrosinase is an indispensable enzyme for the synthesis of melanin, which means that azelaic acid can effectively cut into segments to synthesize melanin, which has a certain effect on diminishing pigmentation, such as diminishing acne marks and spots.

So let me summarize,

Azelaic acid has a very good therapeutic effect on acne, acne and acne marks. It can dredge the pores clogged by oil, thereby promoting the skin's own metabolism. In fact, your acne and acne marks will disappear on your own after more than half a year, but there are also old acne like me that are too stubborn. I suggest you try this to strengthen your skin's metabolism.

You must have heard of acid, salicylic acid, and A acid. Why didn’t I choose these?

Because of my sensitive skin, I’m allergic to red and itchy skin at every turn of the seasons. How dare I apply acid? Ah, it's so exciting. Azelaic acid is a relatively mild acid. If you are more conservative in treating acne like me, then I recommend you to buy products containing azelaic acid. The ordinary is just a brand, and many other skin care products also contain this ingredient, so as long as it contains azelaic acid (10% is the entry level), you can try it.

My effect: I use it on my black old acne, it will not become swollen and swollen again, it is flat, but the pigment is still there. After using it not many times, I feel the effect Obviously, because I put on make-up, I am more concerned about acne bulge, black acne marks and other things, there are concealers...

Later, I was too lazy to use it every day, after all. Acid...


BPO benzoyl peroxide, Mentholatum’s product OXY acne pimple medication, has two concentrations of 5% and 10%. So what is BPO?

It is a kind of peroxide that can cure acne by killing pathogenic bacteria. Everyone knows that peroxide has bleaching properties, so BPO is also used Hair bleaching, teeth whitening, textile bleaching, etc.

Then it is similar to azelaic acid in the treatment of acne, sterilizing and diminishing melanin. But be aware that

benzoyl peroxide has certain side effects, which can cause skin irritation, dryness, and peeling. So can the dry girl still use it? The answer is yes. I bought both 5% and 10% at the time. When I read the instructions, he

suggested using 5% for dry, peeling skin. To use it, start with once a day and wait for the skin to tolerate it twice a day.

Hahahahaha, my

old black acne marks are eliminated through 5% BPO. Now my acne marks have faded so much, it is almost invisible. Even if I stay up late, using these two products is enough for me to deal with acne problems.

To sum up, first analyze why you have acne and what type of acne (acne is divided into several types. Next time I have the opportunity to write and type, it’s really tiring)

Secondly, understand what kind of ingredients can fight these acne.

The last step is to choose the product. The brand of the product is really not particularly important. It is mainly the effective ingredients that can exert the effect. The above two products are real and effective after I used them. I used them intermittently for three months, and then I didn’t use them anymore. I don’t need them anymore.

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