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Does acne grow for a lifetime?

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The main cause of acne is related to androgens.

What is androgens?

Androgens mainly refer to a type of

endocrine hormones synthesized by the sex glands (testes). Androgens include testosterone, androstenedione, dihydrotestosterone, and Hydroepiandrosterone, etc., among which testosterone is

testosterone with the largest output and the strongest function.

Generally speaking of androgens, it is generally believed that these are unique to men.

Actually not,

Women also secrete male hormones (mainly androstenedione secreted by the adrenal cortex and ovaries), but males have more male hormones than females .

The effect of high androgen

The most common is the appearance of acne

Many people When I get acne, I think about how to "get off the fire". Is the "acne" really so angry?

Androgens are the main inducing factors leading to the hyperplasia of sebaceous glands and the large secretion of lipids, and the large secretion of lipids by the sebaceous glands is considered a prerequisite for the occurrence of acne. When the secretion of androgens is strong, the sebaceous glands will produce more sebum. After the sebum mixes with the exfoliated epidermal tissue, it forms a substance like sand that clogs the pores. In addition, it induces bacterial infections, leading to the appearance of acne.

It should be noted that if women’s androgen levels are too high for a long time and estrogen levels are too low, in addition to the above effects, it will also inhibit the level of follicle-stimulating hormone and cause menstrual disorders and polycystic ovary syndrome. , Which in turn leads to infertility.

What should I do if androgen is too high?

There are many reasons for high androgen. Improper diet, increased mental stress, and environmental factors can all lead to increased androgen.

If you find that the androgen is too high, it is recommended to go to the hospital and use some drugs to adjust it under the guidance of a doctor. At the same time, doing the following 4 points in life can also alleviate the problem of excessive androgen.

1) Eat less high-sugar and high-fat foods, eat more legumes, vegetables and fruits, supplement B vitamins, and improve lipid metabolism.

2) Be regular in your daily routine and don’t stay up late.

3) Appropriate exercise can regulate stress, relax the body and mind and reduce mental stress, but don’t overdo it.

4) Keep your weight within the normal range, obesity will aggravate hyperandrogenemia.

Although diet control and body regulation are very important, the effect is relatively slow. It is necessary to use some anti-acne products to control it.

Before we analyzed the causes of acne formation, then the key point of acne is very clear. It is the strong secretion of androgen


【Azelaic acid】 is a acne-removing product specially developed for oily acne skin. Its main effects are not only "

Anti-acne and light printing", and also have multiple functions such as

antibacterial inflammation, anti-hyperkeratosis, and lightening pigment.

Compared with other acne products, azelaic acid is not only powerful, but also milder in texture, with only a slight itching sensation, and azelaic acid is

U.S. FDA pregnancy grade grade B product,

no teratogenicity, can be used safely during pregnancy, in addition, azelaic acid is also

no photosensitivity,

No drug resistance, is a very safe anti-acne product~

Finally, Xiaopi reminds Everyone~ There are a lot of messy acne removal products on the market. Be wary of some pitted products. Those who promote fast acne removal are likely to add hormones. In the short termIt can indeed suppress acne, but the toxic effect is very strong and dependent. Once stopped, the face will be bad. Or ordinary skin care products that have no effect, let you waste your money~

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