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Why do you eat health care products "acne"? ...How to break?

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(This is an old article review)

Eat health products "Acne" may be a problem encountered by many people. In the previous article, I also wrote about the reasons and solutions for acne outbreaks caused by eating evening primrose. Link to the article: "Breaking acne" by eating evening primrose? ! Teach you [three tricks] crack!

However, it was later discovered that the phenomenon of acne exploded after taking health care products,

It is by no means confined to the evening primrose product,

Almost all health products have been "successful."

Take a look at the screenshot of the user’s consultation:

Cranberries, rose hips, collagen liquid, grape seeds, liver protection tablets, multivitamins... and so on. Some people will "explode acne" after taking them. Everyone is worried about whether this phenomenon is normal. ? Can I continue to take it? ...Today's article will give you a comprehensive summary.

Is taking health care products to get acne "detoxification"?


There are some claims on the Internet that acne is "detoxification" after eating health products. In fact, there is no scientific basis for this. Indeed, the skin can regulate body temperature and excrete waste through the secretion of sweat and the excretion of sebum. However, this is not directly related to the "toxins" in our body.

Let’s look at the reasons for the formation of acne: During the formation of acne, first the sebaceous glands are stimulated to secrete oil, and the oil It is a hotbed for the growth of various bacteria and microorganisms, such as "Propionibacterium acnes". This bacteria usually lurks in the sebaceous glands of hair follicles. If the sebaceous glands secrete too much, they may accelerate reproduction, decompose saturated fatty acids, and produce a large amount of free fatty acids. These fatty acids penetrate into the skin through the pores, causing skin stress response, activation and aggravation of inflammation, and eventually acne or acne.

In other words, the cause of acne is oil + The result of the dual action of Propionibacterium acnes, and the so-called "toxin "It's not directly related. The true meaning of "detoxification" is the process of expelling toxins from the body outside the body surface, and this is mainly achieved through our "gut".

So, what is the real reason for eating health care products to burst acne?

I think it can be divided into the following five categories:

1. Impact on the "intestinal" function

Possible health products: liver protection tablets, chlorophyll, spirulina, etc.

As mentioned above, our skin does not help us expel toxins from the "body", but health care products may indeed help us do this. For example, liver protection tablets, the active ingredient silymarin, can effectively prevent toxins from invading liver cells and damaging the liver. Silymarin can also send out signals to kill toxic cells and promote the regeneration of liver cells to prevent the toxin reaction that has entered the liver cells from further occurring. Therefore, when we take the liver-protecting tablets, it may help the liver to expel the accumulated toxins and restore the health of the liver. In addition, health products such as chlorophyll and spirulina also have the effect of binding harmful substances and promoting their excretion from the body.

Toxins are mainly excreted through the "intestine", which may interfere with our intestinal function and cause changes in the balance of flora, and these intestinal The problem may eventually be reflected in the skinOn the skin, it triggers the formation of inflammation of the skin. Simply put, skin acne is not detoxification, but when our body detoxifies through the "intestinal", the skin may be interfered by the gastrointestinal function and cause the formation of acne.

The cracking method: Continue to take it for a period of time, let the health care products regulate the organs to a better level, and the body will remove excess toxins through the intestines Later, the "side effects" that appeared on the skin usually disappear naturally.

2. Excessive intake of vitamins

Possible health products: Contain B12, VA, VD Products with other ingredients, multivitamins, etc.

Vitamin B12: A study done at the University of California, Los Angeles concluded: taking vitamin supplements Acne often occurs in people of, and this phenomenon is related to the B12 contained in vitamins. B12 is very important to the body. Vegetarians or insufficient intake of B12 in the diet may cause serious health problems. However, Excessive B12 has been shown to interfere with the growth and reproduction of the skin bacteria of "Propionibacterium acnes", possibly prompting them to grow several times faster than usual. As a result, people who take it will explode. Immediately this research was published in the journal Translational Medicine Science in 2015.

Not only that, but more interestingly, many studies have shown that vitamins that have "curing" effects on acne are usually supplemented in excess It has the opposite effect, but it will cause acne formation!

Vitamin D: A small study published in the "International Journal of Dermatology and Venereology" in April 2009 It was found that there is a potential link between higher vitamin D intake and the occurrence of acne; and another study published in the 2014 "Journal of Investigative Dermatology" showed that vitamin D supplementation is likely to help suppress The formation and development of acne.

Vitamin A:According to a study published in the "Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dermatology" published in May 2006, insufficient vitamin A in the diet can increase the incidence of acne risk. Because vitamin A has antioxidant properties, it helps neutralize free radicals that may cause cell damage, prevent these cells from becoming overactive, and can help calm inflammation. But in the same year, a similar study was published and pointed out: Although vitamin A does not cause acne, excessive vitamin A supplementation may aggravate the development of existing acne or promote the formation of new acne.

Therefore, for multivitamins or health products with complex formulas (containing various vitamins), it is likely that the diet of the user does not lack the intake of this vitamin. "Excessive replenishment" causes a "resistance" reaction in the skin and forms acne. Especially products containing vitamin B12, vitamin A, and vitamin D are more likely.

The solution: You can consider the conversion from a complex vitamin product with a complex ingredient formula to a single vitamin, so as to gradually eliminate acne-causing factors. For example, convert multivitamins into single vitamin supplements (vitamins B, C, etc.) and gradually add types so that you will be more likely to find out which vitamin is responsible for the formation of acne. In the future selection of health products, you can avoid taking health products containing this vitamin as much as possible.

3. Fluctuations in hormone levels

Possible health products: grape seed (moonlight treasure box), evening primrose, sacred berry, etc.

The above health products all play a role in the regulation of "endocrine" in women. .

Like the evening primrose I wrote before, because it acts in the regulation of female endocrine, after taking it, GLA fatty acid will eventually be converted into a "hormone-like" substance, and although this substance has a balance of hormones in our body The role of secretion, however, in a "short" period of time, will cause a small "fluctuation" in the level of hormones in the human body, and it is also a "transition" before a new balance is reached. And this "fluctuation" of hormone levels may stimulate the skin's oil glands to secrete too much oil, which can cause acne.

Similarly, sacred berry, grape seed, these health products that have a regulatory effect on female endocrine, may be due to the same reason And cause acne.

The cracking method:

1. Reduce the dose and gradually increase: You can start taking half a pill to give the body a process of adaptation , And then consider gradually increasing the amount;

2. Supplement Omega-3: omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids have a mutually competitive effect. Because they use the same invertase. This also means that excessive intake of omega-6 will affect the absorption of omega-3. The lack of Omega-3 may also be one of the reasons for skin "breakout" because Omega 3 has the effect of inhibiting inflammation. Therefore, while taking evening primrose, you can consider taking some fish oil appropriately, which may prevent the formation of acne;

3. External oil control products: use some daily Skin care products with "oil control and anti-inflammatory" ingredients (tea tree, aloe vera, mint, etc.), or the frequency of using "cleansing masks" (such as masks containing volcanic mud or bamboo charcoal ingredients) can be increased, which can help effectively control oil and reduce inflammation , To help deep clean the grease accumulated in the pores.

4. Absence and no compensation

Possible health products: rose hips, collagen, cranberry, etc.

The above products do not act on the regulation of female "endocrine", but they may also make some people Acne develops after eating, the main reason is that the human body is "weak" and cannot adapt to the high content of ingredients.

The fundamental reason for the so-called "deficiency without supplementation" is that our "spleen and stomach" are not powerful enough. For example, when you are sick or during confinement, it is usually not recommended to take too nourishing "tonics", because the patient's weak spleen and stomach cannot digest and absorb these ingredients, but will "get angry" and endanger health. Therefore, we usually recommend that patients drink porridge or eat some low-fat, digestible and nutritious foods. This is the reason.

Health care products advocate "targeted" supplementation, so the content of active ingredients is usually high, but in fact, the function of "tonic" is similar. For those who are relatively "weak" in physique (especially the spleen and stomach), skin inflammation or irregular menstruation may occur due to "deficiency and no tonic" after eating.

The cracking method: You can consider supplementing some probiotics or drinking some enzymes while taking health care products, which is useful for enhancing gastrointestinal function. And it is very helpful to promote the effective absorption and utilization of the ingredients of health products. At the same time, try to avoid intake of high-fat and high-calorie foods that increase the burden on the stomach and intestines. In addition, if you have already experienced acne outbreaks, you can consider stopping the administration for a period of time, using probiotics to regulate the lower intestines and stomach, and then start taking it again. The improvement of gastrointestinal function coupled with the body's second adaptation to the composition may make the phenomenon of acne burst better.

5. Allergies

Possible health products: bilberry eye protection tablets, holy berry, lecithin, grape seeds, etc.

Can’t deny Yes, allergies are also one of the main reasons for health care products to treat acne. In other words, we are "intolerant" to certain ingredients in health care products, which leads to the body's immune stress response, which is manifested in acne or rash on the skin. So, how do you tell if your acne is due to allergies? A relatively simple method is to observe whether there are similar acne or rashes on the body except for the facial skin, especially on the back of the neck, back and other places. If, in addition to the face, skin redness, rash, acne, etc. are also found in these places, it can basically be judged that this is a kind of allergic reaction.

How to crack: If you are sure that you are allergic to a certain ingredient in the health care product, the only thing you can do is to stop taking it immediately . Because allergy is the body's immune response, it cannot be solved by "adaptation". Severe allergic symptoms may even be life-threatening and must be treated with caution.

In short, taking health care products will explode acne is not just a case. We should make judgments based on the ingredients of the product and our own physical condition to find out the possible causes. As for whether you should continue taking it, it should be analyzed based on specific conditions. For example, if you are allergic, you must stop taking it as soon as possible. Finally, I want to remind everyone to buy health productsBe sure to choose credible and formal channels. In order to pursue short-term results, bad merchants add hormones to fake and substandard products, and the possibility of causing acne is also widespread. Therefore, these reasons given in the article cannot be generalized, there are special cases after all.

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