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Henato Boom: Quick check list of causes of acne in different locations! Hurry up and take a look

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Acne grows in: Yintang

Body warning:

Yintang: Ischemic heart disease. There are also arrhythmia, chest tightness, palpitations, and sometimes symptoms such as dry eyes, redness and bloodshot eyes at the inner corners of the eyes.

The brows on both sides: cold symptoms are not healed, or the performance of lack of sleep.

On the eyebrows: the cervical spine is too tired and the female hormones are insufficient.

Reason analysis:

The huge work pressure and the tense pace of life have caused the hard work, which is becoming hot day by day.

Acne treatment suggestions:

1. Diet: Eat more walnuts, fish, apples, bananas, and cherries. Avoid eating high-salt, bitter cold, tobacco, alcohol, and spicy foods.

2. Consult a heart expert for treatment as soon as possible.

3. Pay attention to protect the heart, do not do strenuous exercise.

Acne grows on: the eyes

body Warning:

Usually caused by poor liver function.

Acne treatment suggestions:

1. Eat more seafood, soy products, watermelon, onions, corn, and milk in your diet.

2. Quickly adjust your life schedule, don't stay up late, don't drink or smoke.

Acne grows on the nose/both sides of the nose

Body warning:

Excessive stomach fire and indigestion. Ovarian function, reproductive system problems, poor blood circulation.

Suggestions for removing acne:

1. Excessive stomach fire and indigestion are related. In terms of diet, drink more Pu'er tea, mung beans, loofah, and white radish. Wait for clearing away heat and detoxification, removing stomach fire, and promoting the metabolism of food. Take vitamin C, vitamin E, high calcium, and folic acid. Reduce meat intake, and refrain from hot pot, frozen food and spicy food.

2. For ovarian function or reproductive system, you can take "Huanglian Jiedu Decoction" to clear away heat.

3. It is related to poor blood circulation. You can massage appropriately to strengthen the blood circulation of this part of the skin. Or supplement with zinc, vitamin b2 and b6.

Acne grows in: hairline, sun

The reason for the formation of the hairline:

The make-up is not removed completely, or this small detail is ignored when cleaning, resulting in too thick keratin, clogged pores, easy to be in the dull bun or between the eyebrows Forms small acne.

Acne treatment suggestions:

When cleansing your face every day, pay attention to clean the edges of the hairline, and promptly remove the pore metabolites that can block the pores around the hairline.

Reasons for the formation of temples:

Blocked gallbladder may be caused by eating too much processed food and greasy supper. Insufficient bile secretion, eating too much oil makes the gallbladder more burdensome.

Suggestions for removing acne:

A glass of bitter gourd juice a day is the quickest way, or eating other melons is better thanSuch as cucumber and wax gourd, these can absorb oil very well.

Acne grows on the left cheek

Body Early warning:

Liver and gallbladder problems, fatigue easily, or blood detoxification, circulatory function failure.

Reason analysis:

It’s most common for people who are under pressure or often stay up late to work overtime.


1. Diet: The diet must be controlled, not overeating, and eating less greasy food. Eat more foods that have the effect of reducing liver fire, such as mung beans, winter melon, cucumbers, loofah, dried persimmons, bamboo shoots, etc. Drink more cassia tea and chrysanthemum tea. Avoid alcohol.

It can nourish the liver and bring the sour taste into the liver. Green grapefruit, kiwi fruit, loquat, green orange peel, apple cider vinegar, etc. can be used in diet therapy.

2. Pay attention to caring for the liver, relax the mood and eliminate tension.

To nourish the liver, it is necessary to sort out its temperament, to maintain a soft and comfortable spirit, and to avoid anger and depression. Engage in outdoor activities.

3. Ensure adequate sleep.

Acne grows on the right cheek

Body Warning:

There is a problem with the lungs and spleen.

1. Lung dysfunction, pulmonary fire is vigorous, and inflammation is reflected.

2. There is a problem with the spleen, which leads to problems with the digestive system, unhealthy diet, overeating, and large intestine dysfunction.

Suggestions for removing acne:

1. In terms of diet: lily is most suitable for reducing fire and nourishing the lungs. Lilies are sweet and slightly bitter. They are good at moistening the lungs and relieving coughs. Peace of mind and tranquility. Eat more foods such as barley, fungus, almonds, cabbage, pears, carrots, and soy milk. Drink more honey tea, green tea, etc., all have the effect of moisturizing the lungs. Fast allergic foods: such as mango, taro, seafood, alcohol, etc. Allergies will make your trachea, bronchi, and lungs more uncomfortable.

2. Daily maintenance of lungs: Do some aerobic exercises, such as jogging, to strengthen lung function.

Physical warning:

1. Problems reflected in the mouth: spleen and stomach Discomfort.

2. Problems reported in people: urinary and reproductive system problems.

Women with irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, yang deficiency, fear of cold, excessive leucorrhea, rheumatic soreness, frequent urination in men as usual, must seek medical treatment.

3. The corners of the mouth reflect the problem: iron deficiency requires iron supplementation.

Reason analysis:

1. Irregular eating time for three meals with tight work rhythm, hunger and fullness, eating too much spicy, fried food The food puts the wet and tropical into the stomach.

2. For those who do not like vegetables and fruits, about 20% will develop acne, and 85% will grow around the mouth.

Suggestions for solution:

1. Meal time is regular. Don’t eat too much for lunch. Dinner should be lighter. Eat more sweet potatoes, corn, barley, yam, hawthorn, and white radish. Don't eat heavy-tasting, cold and greasy foods too much to reduce the burden on the stomach.

2. Develop the habit of regular bowel movements.

3. Avoid cold, cold, and spicy foods during the menstrual period. It is advisable to eat less on weekdays.

Acne grows on the chin

Body warning :

1. Kidney deficiency.

2. Endocrine disorders, irregular menstruation, leading to excessive estrogen.

Reason analysis:

Indulging yourself, eating and drinking, drinking and singing at night, leading to the dissipation of kidney essence.

Suggestions for removing acne:

1. The theory of the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine is black and salty. Kelp, cuttlefish, black beans, black fungus,Mulberry and so on.

2. Eat more annealed foods, such as winter melon, watermelon, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, spinach, bamboo shoots, etc.

3. It is not advisable to stay up late, be overworked, avoid spicy, hot tonic and irritable foods, and do not eat too many health products.

Of course, just paying attention to diet and conditioning in daily life cannot completely eradicate acne. If you want to completely eliminate acne, you need to use Henato Zhen Run Huan Yan series of products for auxiliary maintenance, so that the acne will disappear in a short time!

Friends who want to get rid of acne, hurry up and buy gou!

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