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Causes of Acne and Solutions _ Suggestions

Release Time:2021-06-26 Topic:Analysis of the causes of skyrocketing acne Reading:290 Navigation:Stock Liao information > Healthcare > Health > Causes of Acne and Solutions _ Suggestions phone-reading

Suggestion: Reduce the burden on the gallbladder. A cup of bitter gourd juice a day is the quickest way, or eating other melons, such as cucumbers and winter melons, can absorb fat well.

Pox position 3: Yintang

Analysis: The acne that appears in the middle of the eyebrows should not be underestimated. Recall whether the symptoms of heart palpitations and chest tightness often occur recently. Here when the vitality of the heart is weakened. Will get acne.

Suggestion: Pay attention to protect the heart, stay away from strenuous exercise, increase sleep, do not stay up late, stay away from tobacco, alcohol and stimulation, and consult a cardiologist as soon as possible to find out the problem.

Acne position 4: Nose

Nose: Long upper nose Acne is particularly common, not only because of the strong secretion of oil, but also because of poor appetite, which may result in excessive stomach fire and poor digestive system. People with bloating and constipation are prone to acne on the nose.

Nose: It is related to ovarian function or reproductive system, so you should pay attention to body maintenance.

Nose bridge: There may be minor problems with the spine

Acne position 5: Left cheek

Analysis: Acne on your left cheek indicates that your blood detoxification ability is reduced. It may be a problem with the liver or a problem with blood circulation. If the tongue is purple Darkness may lead to stagnation of liver qi and heat toxins.

Generally, it means liver qi stagnation and excessive pressure. If the pressure is usually too high, and there is no person who has not learned to adjust properly, and does not have a person to “decompress” himself, he will often feel inexplicably upset and even thunderous for a little thing. This is a manifestation of liver qi stagnation.

Suggestion: Accelerate blood circulation (lack of liver function, heat toxin. Pay attention to normal work and rest, keep a good mood, blow on cold air, don’t let your body get stuffy )

Don’t let your body be in the sultry heat. You can take a bath with water at a temperature slightly lower than your body temperature. Go outdoors and eat some cold blood foods, such as loofah, winter melon, persimmon, Mung beans and so on.

1 to 3 in the morning is the strongest time for the liver. What we can do is sleep and create a good working environment for the liver; the weakest time is 1 to 5 in the afternoon, so it is recommended Try to pile up hard work in the morning.

The liver is afraid of fatigue. Although you should pay attention to rest at any time of the day, the period from 1 to 5 in the afternoon is more important. If you have to work, the liver opens up to the eyes on the body surface and rests the eyes for 5 minutes at least every hour.

Acne position 6: Right cheek

Analysis : Acne on the right cheek is a reflection of inflammation in the lungs. If your lung fire is rising, your throat is dry, and you have a phlegm cough, look out for acne on your right cheek. However, this kind of acne mostly appears in autumn, and it is often accompanied by symptoms such as cough, itchy throat, sore throat, and sputum.

Recommendation: Fast allergic foods. Pay attention to the maintenance of the respiratory tract and try to avoid allergic foods such as mango, taro, and seafood.

7-9 am is the time when the lungs are strongest. Any exercise is best done here. Do some aerobic exercise when the lungs are strongest, such as jogging, to strengthen lung function. The most vulnerable time for the lungs is from 9 to 11 in the evening, so we often find that the cough is worse at night. It is recommended to take a tablet in the mouth after dinner.Pear, throw up when brushing your teeth before going to bed. Lung moisturizing is most suitable for eating lily. Lily is sweet and slightly bitter. It is good at moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough, clearing the heart and calming the mind, and is very helpful in the treatment of lung diseases.

Acne position 7: Chin

Analysis: Generally, it means that the hormones in the body are out of balance and the cycle is out of balance. Some women have passed their thirties, but "acne" is still more serious, and it usually only grows on the chin, and gradually forms a regular pattern. The period of menstruation is long, and it disappears at the end of menstruation, and so on. This is mainly due to the strong secretion of hormones in the body, a relatively large range of changes, and endocrine disorders.

Suggestion: Eat less cold things and use anti-inflammatory and calming skin care products during menstruation.

Acne position 8: Mouth week

Analysis : Constipation or intestinal heat, eating too much spicy, and fried food are the causes of acne around the lips. Of course, if you use toothpaste that contains too much fluoride, it can also stimulate acne.

If it grows in the middle part of a person, it may be caused by urinary and reproductive system problems. Women may have leucorrhea problems, and men often have frequent urination.

Suggestion: You should eat more detox foods such as high-fiber vegetables and fruits, and adjust your eating habits. People with severe constipation can take a laxative to help relieve symptoms, and can cooperate with abdominal massage to help discharge stool.

Acne position 9: Hairline

Analysis : Because the remover did not remove cleanly, or this small detail was ignored when cleaning, the keratin was too thick, the pores were clogged, and it was easy to form small acne on the hairline or between the eyebrows.

Suggestion: Clean and take care of the edge details. Pay attention to the cleansing of the edges of the hairline when cleansing your face every day, and promptly remove the pore metabolites that will block the pores around the hairline. Extremely strong makeup remover and cleansing work, exfoliating work once a week to keep the secretion of sebum normal.

Acne position 10: cheeks

Analysis : After the long-term burden on the liver increases, acne will occur at the junction of the ears, neck and face, which will erupt repeatedly at the same location, which will lead to poor lymphatic circulation.

Recommendation: Promote liver and gallbladder detoxification. Don't work hard, eat well, increase sleep time moderately, so that the large amount of blood supplied to the brain and stomach has sufficient time to supply liver and gallbladder to detoxify. In particular, it is necessary to reduce the habit of eating before going to bed so as not to increase the burden on the stomach. Return to Sohu to see more

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