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Analysis of the location of acne

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This article uses a phenomenon that is easier for ordinary people to perceive, starting from the different parts of the growth of acne, to analyze the corresponding cause and which visceral dysfunction caused acne. It specifically summarizes the 12 major parts that are usually prone to acne, and analyzes the causes of acne in each part.

1. Forehead

It means that the heart is overwhelmed and the blood circulation is problematic. It is related to overwork and sadness; it also means that the liver has poor detoxification function and accumulated toxins in the body. You may have a bad temper during this period, so you need to sleep more, drink more water, and drink less alcoholic beverages. Drinking some chrysanthemum tea during this period can help clear away heat and detoxify, and is also helpful for respiratory diseases and respiratory sensitivity.

2. Temples

Indicates that the gallbladder is overburdened. Shows that your diet contains too many processed foods, causing gallbladder blockage, and you need to have your body cleaned up quickly. Long-term recommendations: a cup of bitter gourd juice a day is the quickest way, or eating other melons, such as cucumbers and winter melons, can absorb oil well.

3. Between the eyebrows

It may be accompanied by chest tightness, arrhythmia, and palpitations. It is recommended not to do too vigorous exercise, avoid smoking, alcohol, spicy food. Sleep at night to avoid sleeping on your side to press your heart, and women should not wear tight bras.

4. Nose

Acne grows on the nose, which is caused by excessive stomach fire. Or the digestive system is abnormal. If it grows on both sides of the nose, it may be related to the reproductive system or ovarian function. Seek a doctor for examination.

5. The bridge of the nose

There may be problems with the spine, so go to the hospital for examination. In addition, excessive oil secretion and lack of water are also major factors. Drink plenty of water and take appropriate vitamin B2 and B6 tablets to improve symptoms; or put 2 drops of chamomile essential oil in a plate of hot water, steam your face for 3 minutes, and wash your face when the water is cold, which will improve nose oil secretion Excessive troubles.

6. Wings of the nose

The wings of the nose have acne, and there will be blackheads and dryness near the wings of the nose. Striae and broken skin generally indicate poor metabolism. Use baby oil or add one or two drops of chamomile essential oil to massage, there will be good results.

7. Cheeks

It may be a malfunction of the lungs. Symptoms include frequent swelling of cheeks and bursting of capillaries, which are due to insufficient skin oxygen.

8. Lips

Lip peeling, ulceration, acne and other phenomena, indicating lack Vitamin B2. You need to eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin B2, or take a proper amount of vitamin B2 tablets.

9. Corners of the mouth

The bursting of the corners of the mouth may be related to insufficient iron. Eat more apples, Spinach and pork liver are good choices.

10. Chin

Indicates endocrine system disorders or impaired renal function. Girls with acne around the chin may be caused by irregular menstruation.

11. Cheek and cheek pox

It means that the lymphatic circulation is not smooth. When the burden on the liver increases for a long time, acne will occur at the junction of the ears, neck and face, which will erupt repeatedly in the same position, and will rise to poor lymphatic circulation. Long-term recommendations: Promote liver and gallbladder detoxification, do not work hard, eat full, and moderately increase sleep time, so that the large amount of blood supplied to the brain and stomach has sufficient time to supply liver and gallbladder detoxification. Especially reduce the habit of eating before going to bed, Does not increase the burden on the stomach.

12. The front and back of the chest

The number of sebaceous glands on the front and back of the chest is second only On the face, although some people are lucky, the acne does not grow on the face, but the acne on the chest and back makes people afraid to wear low-cut and open-back clothes. This situation is related to excessive secretion of oil on the chest or careless cleaning of the close-fitting clothing and bed sheets, which causes excessive keratinization of the front chest skin, which causes blockages, sebum cannot be secreted normally, and bacteria breed, causing pimples to grow on the chest.

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