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What is the cause of acne?

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After looking at the answers in a circle, none of the answers are systematically scientific, and some answers are outrageously scary, as if they are in Baidu Tieba.

After finishing the acne part in class, I will summarize the homework. This article mainly summarizes

the types and causes of acne.

First, distinguish the types of acne first:

1. Non-inflammatory type

Including whiteheads and blackheads.

2. Inflammatory type

Improper treatment of acne can cause inflammation. According to the severity, there are the following classifications: Papular acne: Initial or mild In the stage, red small papules with black pimples in the middle; Pustular acne: Small white pustules can be seen in the middle of the acne, with slight pain; Indurated acne: red or dark red induration, the inflamed area is already deep , Usually developed from pustular acne; Cystic acne: Sebaceous cysts, no obvious protrusions are visible on the surface, and there are cysts under the skin when you feel it with your hands. A series of different sizes will be formed when inflamed Cystic papules;.

Oh, I won’t look for pictures on the Internet anymore, I just didn’t have the courage to look for them after eating. For a acne-fighting party like me, I know at a glance when I have had this kind of acne.

2. What are the causes of acne?

I searched a picture on the Internet and added a label

Look at the picture and talk,

Acne There are three reasons for this:


The hair follicle is covered by the stratum corneum, forming whitehead acne. The oil accumulated in the hair follicle mouth is oxidized, and the air pollution is getting more and more serious, and it becomes dirty to form blackheads.

2. The skin is infected with

bacteria (mainly Acne bacillus), a series of immune reactions occur in the skin, inflammation and pus are formed, and pimples of varying severity are formed.


The sebaceous glands secrete vigorously, and the accumulation of excess oil aggravates the occurrence of the above two conditions.

These three reasons are scientific, but they are not close to life. Specifically, what caused the above three situations to happen?

Analysis of the specific causes of acne:

1. The influence of women's menstrual cycle

The picture comes from the Internet and is a bit complicated. Here we only need to pay attention to the estrogen secretion curve.

According to the menstrual cycle, let’s analyze the situation of girls in the four weeks of a month:

The first week: menstrual period, 0-5 days in the picture . The blood circulation is poor, the body temperature is the lowest, the metabolism is slow, and the complexion is easy to be haggard and pale, and he is tortured to death by the aunt.

The second week: the week after menstruation. Looking at the estrogen secretion curve in the figure, it reached its peak in the second week, the skin was delicate and shiny, there was no acne trouble, and the metabolism was also very vigorous. At this time, weight loss was twice the result with half the effort. There is only one theme this week: You are the most beautiful in the world! On my next birthday, I am going to make a simple wish: May all the memorable events in life happen this week. This is the life that a fairy should have! Manual dog head!

The third week: After ovulation. The secretion of estrogen begins to decrease, and the body temperature rises. Under the influence of hormones, it becomes easy to become anxious.

Week 4: The week before menstruation. The ugliest and most anxious time! ! The secretion of melanin is strong, and the secretion of sebaceous glands is strong.

Acne bursting stage. Conscience advises that, whether it is a blind date, engagement or marriage, or making any major decisions, do not choose this week. Especially girls who are severely affected by the menstrual cycle, you are not you this week!It's the devil!

2. Gastrointestinal and diet Excessive intake of sugar or fat will cause too much sugar in the blood, which is easy to cause acne. That’s right, it refers to cakes, snacks, drinks, ice cream, hot pot, fried chicken steak, greasy and greasy food stalls, our paradise, will get acne after eating (manual smile, desperate smile)

Some people have gastrointestinal discomfort Or improper diet because of constipation, indigestion, is also one of the causes of acne, but not too serious.

3. Lack of vitamins A and B Lack of vitamins can lead to abnormal epidermal metabolism. If you often have mouth ulcers and acne, buy a bottle of vitamin B family, it should be effective.

4. Irregular work and rest Including lack of sleep and stress. Stress includes visible work and life pressure, as well as the pressure imposed by oneself invisibly, including being careful, jealous, thinking too much, and so on. Facts have proved that being a broad-minded man is good for your health~

5. Genetics Some people just eat fried chicken, snacks, ice, and alcohol. Acne, no darkening, and no weight gain can only show that mother is giving birth well. Don't be adulterous, neither you nor I are this kind of person.

Human skin quality is greatly affected by genetics. The size of the sebaceous glands is genetically determined, and the secretion of male hormones is also genetically affected. Some people are born with high levels of male hormones and rich oils. Many boys will have pustules and acne on their faces, even on their backs and arms in severe cases, which must be caused by genetic factors.

6. Air Pollution Since the emergence of PM2.5, it is the right thing to blame it for problems. I grew up in Zhengzhou, and when I was young, I thought from the bottom of my heart that nose is black. I didn't know that nose can be colorless until I went to school in Chongqing and Taiwan. . . For the skin, hair follicles are blocked by dirt particles, which can cause acne and exacerbate acne that has formed.

7. Cosmetic raw materials that cause acne Genetics and air pollution are uncontrollable, let’s analyze one that can be avoided: avoid the following cosmetic raw materials

Butyl stearate, sodium lauryl sulfate, cocoa butter, corn oil, octyl palmitate, red pigment, isopropyl isostearate, isopropyl myristate, isostearyl pivalate Base ester, isopropyl palmitate, isocetyl stearate, acetyl lanolin, laureth, propionate myristate, propylene glycol stearate, sesame oil, stearic acid, stearin Octyl ester, olive oil, decyl stearate, menthyl oleate, oleic acid, oleyl alcohol, linseed oil, myristyl lactate, petrolatum, mineral oil, peanut oil

The raw materials for acne cosmetics were published by Dr. Draelos in the United States in "Cosmetics in Dermatology". Dr. Draelos used the

applied experiment to conduct research:

The experiment was probably as long as this. The subject is a person with normal skin condition, usually male (because female upper body is embarrassing, haha), each sample patch is about 1 square centimeter, and each patch contains a different test sample. Subjects posted for 30 days, eating and bathing normally. After 30 days, Dr. Draelos took a sample from the hair follicles in the patch area to test whether it produced

Acne bacillus. The chemical name in bold above is the detection of cosmetic ingredients that cause acne bacilli. If anyone wants to see the analysis of the use of these raw materials, I will update it another day, and I will conclude today~

Let me update it! ! It’s too long to put here, and the full version of acne-causing cosmetic ingredients is stamped here.Know the column

Follow the public account: rigorous research laboratory, a fresh, interesting, informative, and available science Skin care laboratory. To you who are struggling to be beautiful, export more scientific skin care knowledge! There are surprises waiting for you!

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