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What is the potential of brokerage stocks today? Can it return to glory and rise rapidly?

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Everyone in brokerage stocks is definitely not unfamiliar, because every investor must have his own Stock account. However, everyone loves and hates brokerage stocks. What I love is that as long as the stock market is good, it is inevitable that the stocks of securities companies will rise, and the increase will not be small. When the market is not good, even the soup stocks of brokerage stocks are hard to drink.

We look back on the market for the past two years. Every year when a new round of market for A-shares appears, brokerage stocks are always on the front lines, and even usher in Doubled the increase. Therefore, from this perspective, we all hope that there will be a round of market quotes every year, and then brokerage stocks will eat a wave of meat.

Therefore, whether brokerage stocks can return to glory this year depends on the trend of the market. If there is a market situation this year, then brokerage stocks will return to glory, and even usher in a doubling of the increase.

So, let’s analyze whether the market will appear next year?

(1) A-share market situation

The market trend of the stock market is related to the dividends of securities companies, so as long as the market trend can be predicted, the trend of securities companies' stocks is not difficult to predict.

We can see that before The market fluctuated at around 3400 for a few months. Then there was a wave of quotations, breaking through 3,500 and reaching 3,600. Then it fluctuated for a period of time around 3,600 points. This period of time was quite the demeanor of a direct 4000 points predicted by an agency before. But then there was the triple-yin, which has caused many investors to worry about it recently. This wave of triple-yin directly killed the index by 100 points, and now the market has returned to oscillating around 3,500 points.

But from the current situation, the trend has not changed. The previous consecutive declines were more based on sudden market panic (dollar interest rate hikes, etc.), and after the landing of many boots, the market immediately stopped falling and stabilized. Judging from the current situation, there is still a rising trend in the later period, and the rising market still exists.

However, if the market really continues to fall and falls below 3,500 points, then the market may really be wrong. The market trend is really not good. It will return to the low and volatile market a few months ago. At that time, it would be difficult for the stock market to appear in the market this year.

(2) Brokerage market quotes

In the middle of last month , Brokerage stocks finally stopped the downturn in the market for about half a year, and there was a round of daily limit tide, which seems to indicate that the bottom of brokerage stocks has been constructed and is ready to start a new round of market.

In addition, the brokerage index has been in a continuous downward trend since it reached a high of 1962 points in July last year. Judging from the current situation, technically speaking, the current brokerage firm is indeed at the bottom position, and the main force layout has been relatively deep. Now waiting for an opportunity, we can start to increase the market. This opportunity is the market trend. Once the market trend improves, brokerage stocks will begin to charge.

However, we have also noticed that the recent performance of banks and insurance in the three major financial sectors has not been very good. The bank index began to fall and broke from the recent high of 2211 points, and insurance continued to be in a downturn. We all know that various industries in the financial industry are closely linked, so there may also be situations where banks and insurance drag down brokers.

In short, there is still a chance that securities companies will re-open the market of last year. It just needs the cooperation of the broader market and the attention of the market and funds. If the conditions are in place, the rapid rise of securities firms will still occur.

Also, if everyone currentlyIf you are caught in the stocks of securities companies, you don't have to worry too much, because as long as the market is there, the stocks of the securities companies will be there. If you have firm confidence and patience, the stocks of securities companies should not let you down.

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