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2021 Brokerage Stocks Performance Growth Ranking

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The brokerage firm has really hurt the hearts of investors and investors in the past month or so. Many investors are very optimistic about the brokerage firm, thinking that the stocks of the brokerage firm are about to accelerate the launch of the main rise. As a result, the brokerage firm disappointed everyone, and the brokerage firm has been falling and falling. .

There must be many reasons behind why the stocks of securities companies have been falling and falling. According to the characteristics of the securities companies’ market, there are mainly the following major points:

Reason 1: Brokerage stocks are short of funds

The main reason for the continuous decline of brokerage stocks is "funds shortage", which means the speculation of lack of funds in brokerage stocks. Brokerage stocks Can't rise up all the time.

The funds in the secondary market are all hype around Baotuan stocks, and major funds have entered Baotuan stocks, which has led to many brokerage stocks. And many theme stocks do not have capital attention, and they will inevitably fail to rise.

Another factor is the continuous net outflow of funds from securities firms, which has added to the troubles of the declining securities firms.

Reason 2: Brokers have entered an adjustment cycle

Brokers are very cyclical in the stock market, and the rise and fall of brokers are closely related to the stock market. , Brokers rose when the stock market was good, and brokers fell when the stock market was bad.

With the recent continuous decline in the market, the market has undergone adjustments, allowing securities companies to adjust at the same time. Recently, securities companies have experienced an accelerated decline, and the index of securities companies has broken.

Since the brokerage index chooses to adjust downward and enters the adjustment cycle, it is very normal for the entire brokerage sector to fluctuate.

Reason 3: Brokers exploded with thunder

Recently, many brokerage stocks are quite unstable. Some brokerages have experienced thunderstorms. Once thunder explodes, it will drag down brokerage stocks. Fell.

For example, the stocks of some listed companies have experienced continuous sharp declines, leading to the explosion of pledges by major shareholders Warehouse. The reorganization of stocks of brokerage stocks was blocked, and the reorganization failed in the end; there are also some brokerage companies whose performance has exploded.

Actually, I personally think that a big factor in the continuous decline of brokerage stocks is also related to performance, such as performance losses, performance below expectations, and so on. In short, brokerage stocks are eventful, and various factors have led to endless declines in brokerage stocks.

Reason 4: There are too many retail investors in brokerage stocks.

The current A-shares are divided into two groups. The capital is the group stocks in liquor, military industry, tourism and some high-quality Among the stocks, these stocks are too high to be speculated by retail investors.

Brokerage firms have become a concentration camp for retail investors. Many retail investors are very optimistic about the brokerage firms, thinking that the stocks of securities firms are going to rise and the main rise is about to start, so they will attract potential securities firms on dips.

Because there are too many stocks in securities companies, it is impossible for institutions to help individual Reap a batch, only in this way can the brokerage rise up.


According to the above analysis, according to the A-share market and the performance of brokerage stocks, the above four factors are the decline of brokerage stocks The real reason for endless.

In short, those who still hold securities companies, even if they are covered, can increase their positions on dips. Those who have no positions can hold them and wait. The brokers will continue to be optimistic in the later period, and the brokers will certainly rise, wait and see.

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