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Is Xi'an Huafu Real Estate Huanggang Xuefu City worth buying? Opening special

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————Huanggang Xuefu City————

【】Huafu Real Estate

【Core location】The 4A-level scenic spot next to the famous Huanggang school

[Planning] To create an all-age health circle where the elderly can provide for the elderly and the less enjoyable.


【Comfortable Habitat】2.0 floor area ratio, 47% greening rate, small and high-rise buildings are enclosed Layout, the building height is increased from south to north, in a sense of scattered space, distinct levels, and a villa standard community.

【Ecological Resources】Jinghe Wetland Park, with 80,000 square meters of park park.

【Product Type】The first 2T4 households are 82㎡/120㎡ hardcovered house.

【】Huanggang Huanggang Huanggang

【Product Highlights】

[Fresh air system], a harvestable garden landscape system.

[Commercial support] Comes with 7900 flat-bottomed business, Huafu Real Estate self-built large-scale comprehensive land on the south side of the project, Jing'an International·World Club, Project Future Planning City Comprehensive, Red Star Macalline, Electrical Appliances, Datong Lee Trade City, Runjia Shopping Plaza. Lehua City and Outlet are within easy reach.

[Tourist landscape] North to Chongwen Tower, Fucha Town, Wu Family Courtyard, Lehua City Happy World, 88 Degree Hot Spring Park.

[Convenient transportation] Zhengyang Avenue, Fengjing Avenue, Gaojingda; 10 minutes to North Railway Station, 15 minutes to the center, 20 minutes to Xianyang. The starting point of Line 10 branch line, Line 16 Lehua North Station, and Line 17 Lehua City Station.

[Heart-warming Hardcover]

[Fresh air and haze], a full range of Wrigley products , The kitchen is equipped with rail sliding doors, Wrigley hardware is made of copper; all bedrooms are equipped with USB sockets, and the bathroom floor tiles are anti-collision rounded and other warm-hearted designs.

[Project address] West of Jinghe School of Huanggang Experimental Middle School in Xixian County.

This is indeed a problem that requires serious consideration. When you spend a lot of money in your life-when you buy a house, ask the house inspector to avoid many problems, if you move into a new home And found that the power system is aging, the roof is leaking, etc. Don't worry too much, please remember that the property to be purchased is a normal procedure. This is the bottom line for buying a house. You can't ignore the inspection room because the housing market is too hot. 10. Sad reminder. The house is small. It sounds like many people ignore their demand for living space when they decide to buy a house. As many as 34% of homeowners say they regret not buying a larger house. With more and more children. Family members need more and more space, and the original house is really not enough. In the case of high housing prices, it is really difficult to use small to large. Houses are sexual property rights. The term of property rights mentioned daily refers to the period of land transfer.

It will open the market to the world and will not attract buyers. If local residents buy under rigid demand Houses are not within the purchase limit. If it is demand, the market depends on income. As house prices fall, the demand rate drops. There is no price, and it is difficult to provide future property taxes. Inheritance taxes are also overshadowed by people, and housing inventory does not seem to be as high as rigid demand. The issue is. If the population is not mobile, most of the rigid demand comes from one's own family. The research result of the Ganli Research Group of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics is that the housing ownership rate is as high as 89%, and the existing real estate industry's production capacity only needs one third. The new demand can be complete. It is that there are only two ways to solve the inventory problem, or to create rigid demand through population movement, urbanization and other methods. You have to remove it and re-paste the wallpaper when you reinstall the wallpaper. The decoration company will calmly tell you that you need to paint the wall once, can you still calm down? The guerrillas routinely reform, 1. First report, after making the price, decorating the guerrillas will first attract customers who need decoration, for example . wooden product. The price of ceiling and wall is 25,000 yuanCompared with other decoration companies, the price of this decoration team is very "real" after repeated prices. I finally finalized this, and the actual cost of the renovation is enough to have 40,000 yuan. During the decoration, the decoration team stated that the 250,000 yuan does not include the video wall, and the result is more than 1,000 yuan. There are many such cases. When decorating the kitchen, the other party said that it does not include the kitchen countertops, and the owner can only use stainless steel countertops and extra Money.

Legal person, signed by the signatory, signed by the owner), 06, pay the deed tax. Copy of salesperson's application for transfer transaction. Purchase a copy. Housing transaction certificate and real estate information query, deed tax application report. Owner and copy. Photocopy. The deed tax will be paid at the tax window in the lobby of the copy of the book for children under 18 years of age. The window sales staff will issue the deed tax. (The owner must show his signature and press), submit information 1. Copy of transfer application. Housing transaction certificate and property information query, deed tax application, photocopy, a copy of the child’s 18-year-old account book, 07, transfer processing, the salesperson scans the original information required for the transfer and transfer in the lobby system, and prints out the house after submission Confirmation information. And keep it as the transferred information; submit the information again. It will be more cost-effective, at least the big disaster is that I only have one set. The house is at least an asset, 3, the house is durable. There is no need to consider depreciation. Everyone knows that second-hand goods are not valuable, but the house is an exception. Sometimes the elderly are more valuable. If you don’t believe it, please ask for the price of Beijing Siheyuan. Land is scarce. Residential land is being used due to scarcity of land. There is less and less residential land available for sale, and the supply cannot keep up with the demand, and the house is just needed. In the future, everyone will buy a house. This is what people eat. To drink, a strong desire to live, has been housing, relocation and revitalization, and has a fundamental concept and family culture. This house is suitable for everyone, and sooner or later you will buy a house. 6. It is okay to buy a house, at least the amount is OK, and the house has been confirmed. House prices will not fall sharply, and will rise steadily.

Why is Xi'an Huafu Real Estate Huanggang Xuefu City worth buying? Opening special

Because the channel of real estate trust is blocked. It has begun to package almost all first-tier and high-quality second-tier city projects into perpetual bonds, although the capital leverage has been greatly increased. But the cost of capital paid for this will swallow the profit cake, a very important part. Once the market is cold. The capital turnover rate will fall, and then the structure will rapidly break out of capital pressure. In addition to continuing to work in the real estate industry, diversification is also noticeable, with frequent actions in the fast-moving consumer goods, agriculture and animal husbandry sectors. These strategies can be reliant on the real estate industry. In the short to medium term, it will inevitably be under financial pressure. It is difficult for the outside world to truly understand how these large companies evaluate and respond to the current uncertain market structure. If history is an empirical reference, Then with the adjustment of the policy.

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