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"Reader" magazine was founded in January 1981. It is a comprehensive digest magazine sponsored by Gansu People's Publishing House. Originally known as "Reader's Digest", the "Reader's Digest" when it was first published in 1981 was only 48 pages, and it was a bimonthly, newsprint printed in black and white, with a triangular price. The magazine was first published one year, and its circulation reached 160,000. At the end of 1982, the circulation reached 420,000. In 1983, the circulation exceeded 1.36 million. Finally, I used the "reader" one. In the seventh issue of 1993, "Reader's Digest" was officially renamed "Reader".

"Reader" magazine explores the truth, goodness and beauty in human nature, and reflects humanistic care. "Reader" keeps pace with the times in terms of the content and format of the publication, pursues high taste, high quality, and strives for quality. With its richness and diversity of form and content, it has won the love and support of readers of all ages and different classes. . The circulation ranks first among Chinese periodicals, first among Asian periodicals, and fourth among comprehensive journals in the world. Known as "Chinese people's mind reader", "the first brand of Chinese periodicals".

TOP3. "Baby Pictorial"

"Baby Pictorial" is Provide the best reading content for babies aged 0-4, creating the first brand of baby magazines. "Baby Pictorial" emphasizes knowledge and education, guided by the Ministry of Education "Kindergarten Education Outline", aims to cultivate smart and healthy babies, and uses happy education and game education as means to focus on the cultivation of good quality and good habits for babies Cultivation, cognitive ability cultivation, behavior ability cultivation, imagination cultivation; popularize educational elements to make it easier for parents to accept. "Baby Pictorial" has large pictures, large text, cute images, and bright colors. It is the first choice for babies to read and enlighten.

Based on the principle of serving children and parents, the magazine focuses on scientific parenting and early education. For a long time, the magazine has invited well-known domestic children’s writers, children’s painters, and experts and scholars in education and health care to write articles to dedicate the best spiritual food to children and parents. The magazine is tailor-made for babies aged 0-4: it has large pictures, large text, cute images, and bright colors, which are especially suitable for the characteristics of infants and young children's age reading. Today, every baby pictorial magazine has 500,000 small readers reading together.

TOP 4. "Vista Watching the World"

"Vista Watching "World" was founded in 2005. In just four years, it has grown into China's first weekly news magazine with a circulation of over 500,000, creating the "seeing the world model" of Chinese media.

The goal of "Vista Watching the World" is determined to be "China's best news weekly", covering current affairs, finance, society, technology, culture, fashion, entertainment and other fields, and responding to the new era with a keen attitude , New ideas, new trends; comment on new arguments, new humans, and new lives with distinctive personalities.

In "Vista Seeing the World", there are no heavy expressions, no sturdy faces, only unique perspectives and wonderful words, presenting the most exciting stories that have occurred in the world in the past 10 days to readers. "Vista Watching the World" mainly focuses on politics, history, and society (including finance and economics). It reviews wonderful historical events, reports and comments on current political hot spots. There are also texts about entertainment, common sense of daily life and introduction of the latest technological gadgets, as well as some interesting pictures of world news. The highlight of "vista sees the world" is that it is very objective about the historical or political events reported, as far as possible to allow readers to ignore some events as an independent observer, without being influenced by the writer's subjective feelings. , That is to say, "vista sees the world" contains few subjective emotions of the writer. But for some incident reviews recognized by mainstream moral concepts, the author’s irony can also be felt in the words, but it is only one point, compared with some newspapers and magazines that are irresponsibleIt is very precious to make some extreme remarks to sensationalize and distort the facts and mislead readers with vague words. "Vista Watching the World" is not a boring magazine because it has no fierce words. The world that it shows to readers, just like its name, can make people feel like looking at the world through this bright window.

TOP 5. "Natural Science"

"Natural Science" is 2004 The magazine published by "China National Geographic" magazine in the year, "Museum" is the youth edition of "China National Geographic". It is two magazines produced under the same brand of CNG and based on different readers' positioning. It is beneficial to "China National Geographic" magazine. Supplement. With teenagers as the main target readers, it guides students into a world of nature, courage to practice, knowledgeable, and realistic exploration. The magazine is a comprehensive natural and humanistic knowledge journal for young students. It advocates the revival of natural history, and guides students to walk into nature, be brave in practice, be knowledgeable, explore and seek knowledge. It integrates knowledge, interest, and interaction, with pictures and texts, and keeps up with the times. The content covers a wide range of fields such as astronomy, geography, biology, history, etc. It is scientific, authoritative, and interesting, and plays a positive role in guiding the healthy growth of young people. Natural history emphasizes the subject's emotional penetration, to personally understand the wholeness and mystery of nature. Natural History sees nature as a closely connected organism with a broad perspective, and we humans are only a part of this organism. Natural history will lead to a way of life, an art of living in harmony between man and nature.

It is impossible for everyone to become a scientist, but everyone can become a naturalist enthusiast. Don't you want to try it with "Natural Science" magazine? You will not lose anything, but you will have the whole world. ——Liu Huajie, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Peking University

Many celebrities’ biographies began in the backyard of their teenage homes: Lu Xun’s Baicao Garden, Yang Zhenning’s Tsinghua Garden, Rousseau’s walnut tree, and the woods behind Fabre ...A backyard is a small natural world. It represents the earliest play and knowledge in the beginning of man. It is the wisdom and enlightenment from the beginning of man, and it is also the reason for the birth of natural history.

TOP 6. "Children's Pictorial"

"Children's Pictorial" Founded in 1982, it is managed by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and sponsored by the my country Children’s Press and Publishing Group, the largest and most authoritative children’s media publishing group in China. In 2009, the target audience was adjusted to 3 to 7-year-old children and their teachers and parents.

"Children Pictorial" is published by the China Children's Press and Publication Corporation. It is loved and affirmed by the readers, and is a good friend of children, a good assistant of teachers and parents. In 2004, "Children Pictorial" was changed to a ten-day issue.

"Children Pictorial" is guided by the "Guidelines for Kindergarten Education" issued by the Ministry of Education to establish a high sense of responsibility and create columns and content suitable for the physical and mental development of Chinese children, such as: "The self-protection story of red kangaroos" "Good habit story" "Baby singing idiom story" "Olympic castle roaming" and other columns. Each story is guided by well-known early childhood education experts, ensuring the professionalism and authority of "Children's Pictorial".

The protagonists of "Children's Pictorial" books and periodicals: Red Kangaroo, Fire Hat, Leaping Frog, Strawberry Rabbit, Snoring Pig, Jingle Dog, Lele, Yoyo and Dudu Bear.

"Children’s Pictorial" became an excellent children’s journal recommended by the Ministry of Education, and the only children’s journal recommended by China Post Newspaper Distribution Network, and won the China Excellent Children’s Newspaper Gold Award. Department of the highest quality certification. Its monthly circulation has exceeded one million, ranking first among similar periodicals.

TOP 7. "Art and Design"

"Art and Design" "Design" magazine is the world's largest circulation of creative magazines, monthly publications. Founded in 1997, the founder is Qian Zhu. Supervised by the General Administration of Press and Publication of the People's Republic of China, it is the national design journal of China.

"Art and Design" magazine is an avant-garde and authoritative publication. The magazine can always grasp the current art and design hotspots and provide readers at home and abroad with first-class information with a high-end vision, including fashion avant-garde The design concept, calm and tolerant design attitude, provide high-quality reading enjoyment with multi-perspective dimensions. It is an important journal most popular with creative people in China. At present, the National Library of China, Tsinghua University, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Harvard University, Yale University, etc. are all long-term subscribers of the journal, and the journal is distributed to 37 overseas countries and regions.It is one of the most exported journals in China.

"Art and Design" is the most professional professional magazine in the field of design in China. The magazine has been published for more than ten years and is committed to reporting the latest global design concepts and design fashions. The customer provides a comprehensive service. Magazines include global creativity, foreign periodicals, special planning, graphics, illustrations, decoration, products, fashion, video, advertising, branding, design backfield, city and architecture, contemporary art, exhibitions, design reports, trilateral talks, etc. Column; introduces excellent graphic design, advertising design, contemporary art, packaging and display design, fashion and trend design and architectural design; the content of the publication also includes introductions to domestic and foreign design masters and design studios; major art and design Information on exhibitions and major design and art exchange activities. Among them, the "Three Changes and Joint Talks" column discusses all aspects of art, design and civil society with a keen eye, and its high-level manuscripts and open design concepts are more recognized by readers.

TOP 8. "HBRC Harvard Business Review (Chinese Edition)"

"HBRC Harvard Business Review Chinese Edition" Harvard Business School's iconic publication, disseminating the most cutting-edge ideas and theories in the field of business administration. (Harvard Business Review, HBR for short) was founded in 1922 and is the iconic magazine of Harvard Business School. At the beginning of its establishment, its mission was to devote itself to improving management practices. After 90 years of development, HBR has become the birthplace of advanced management concepts, committed to providing professionals around the world with careful management insights and the best management practices, and having a positive impact on them and their institutions. Currently, HBR has 11 authorized versions in 10 languages ​​around the world, including the traditional Chinese version issued in Taiwan and the simplified Chinese version published in the mainland from July 2012.

TOP 9. "Youth Digest"

"Youth Digest" Sponsored by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and sponsored by the China Youth Publishing Corporation, it was founded in January 1981 and changed to a bimonthly since 2000. It is China's largest youth magazine with a single issue of 1.45-1.5 million copies.

"Youth Digest" is a comprehensive publication of abstracts for the whole country, with adolescents as the core readership. The publications collect masterpieces from newspapers, periodicals, books and other popular media, aiming to create for young people A rich, vivid, healthy and progressive spiritual space. Publications are divided into upper and lower half-monthly (first half-monthly red version, second half-monthly green version) and color version (half-monthly).

"Youth Digest" is a comprehensive digest publication sponsored by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and sponsored by the China Youth Publishing Corporation. It is the country's largest circulation youth magazine.

TOP 10. "Children's Literature (Juvenile Double Edition)"

"Children's Literature" was co-founded by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Chinese Writers Association in 1963. It has nurtured three generations in 50 years of wind and rain. It has brought together several generations of the most prestigious children's literature writers, and is known as "the number one children's literature in China." Journal".

The literary works published in this journal are clear and clean, with elegant taste and strong readability. They not only teach reading, but also teach how to be a human being. It can improve the writing level and comprehensive quality of young readers in a subtle way. It is an exam-oriented education and quality. The perfect combination of education. In January 2014, "Children's Literature" was changed to a weekly magazine, which was divided into two sets of "Juvenile Double Book Set" and "Childhood Double Book Set".

"Children's Literature" double book for teenagers, composed of "Children's Literature" (Classic Edition) and "Children's Literature" (Selected Edition), combining original boutique children's literature and quintessential abstract works, It can not only allow children to read the wonderful contemporary literary works, but also enable them to enjoy rich and varied reading fun. While cultivating the soul, it can improve the writing level. It can be described as one set in hand, reading and writing without worry!

The above 10 classic readings are ranked TOP10 best-selling magazines in 2017. Friends who like to subscribe to magazines can go to the magazine cloud official website to subscribe, thousands of magazines, one-stop subscription.

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