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Not only glory, but also a beacon

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Introduction: In the midst of the war epidemic, cultural travelers from all over the world have gathered together to overcome the difficulties. We have seen the power of role models and paid tribute to the extraordinary.

As our country strides into a new era of "well-off tourism", cultural travelers are struggling The posture of struggle converged into a magnificent and magnificent picture. The 20th China Golden Horse Awards is a tribute to the prosperous years in keeping with the trend of the times. The highly anticipated "cloud awards" was held online on the afternoon of June 19th. More than 1 million industry elites and life-loving Yue Travelers participated in the 20th China Golden Horse Awards "cloud awards" ceremony online.

It is reported that the 20th China Golden Horse Awards will be reviewed by China Hotel Magazine, and will be first published by China Internet News Center, China Net and Yue Travel New Media.

The China Golden Horse Award is derived from the symbol of China’s outstanding tourist city "Ma Talfei Yan" was initiated and founded by Mr. Liu Yi, former director of the National Tourism Administration. It symbolizes the industry leader and is one of the highest honors in the global catering, accommodation and tourism industries. After 20 years of shaping and dissemination, it has enjoyed wide popularity, reputation and influence in the Asia-Pacific region and even the world. It has been hailed by the media as the “Oscar” of the cultural and tourism industry. The award-winning companies are recognized by the industry as a monument of the industry. Recognized by the industry as the industry benchmark.

The Twentieth China Golden Horse And tribute to the writers of a beautiful future in the catering industry. The leading figures who won this award include Christopher J. Nassetta, Global President and CEO of Hilton Group, Arne Sorenson, Global President and CEO of Marriott International, Qian Jiannong, Chairman and CEO of Fosun Tourism and Culture Group, and Mingyu Industrial Zhang Jianming, chairman of the group, Song Yu, chairman of Beijing Capital Tourism Group, and Yao Jun, managing director of Overseas Chinese Town Group. In addition, Tang Ming, vice president of Shimao Group, chairman and president of Shimao Hotel Management Co., Ltd., Wang Jianping, president of Narada Hotel Group, and Lin Xingyu, vice president of Jinjiang Hotels in China, were awarded as

"Influential Figures in China's Hotel Industry" .

The China Golden Horse Award is not only a window for spreading Chinese services, but also a global stage for cultivating the industry and looking internationally. InterContinental, Hyatt, Accor, Guangdong, Jinling, Star River, Evergrande and other wine management companies won the annual

"Top Ten Hotel Management Companies".

In terms of individual hotels and brands, this year's list saw more national hotel brands. Among them, Blue Sea Boutique Hotel and James Joyce Coffetel were rated as the leading boutique hotel brands, Hakka was rated as the best cultural tourism town brand, Pinruo·STYLE Hotel was rated as the best luxury boutique hotel brand, and Linzhi Evergrande The hotel was rated as the best resort hotel, Guangzhou Four Seasons Hotel was rated as a city landmark hotel, and Tianjin Zhaotai Meilun Fraser Place International Apartment was rated as the best serviced apartment.

The list of this year's Golden Horse Awards keeps pace with the times, and strives to provide consumers with reliable travel guides, tasteful travel methods, and new choices for consumers of different levels. The Venice Raytour Hotel Shenzhen was rated as the best wedding hotel, Shanghai Ship Hotel was rated as the best cultural tourism theme hotel, and the Renaissance Sanya Haitang Bay Resort was rated as the best Internet celebrity hotel.

Win in the industry chain! The Golden Horse Awards this year will also be awarded to outstanding merchants in the industrial chain that help the sustainable development of real estate, catering, accommodation and tourism. Delifeng Home Furnishing was rated as the best real estate and hotel furnishing supplier, and Yuanzhicheng Home Textiles was rated as the best The hotel textile supplier, Mengniu Dairy (Group) Co., Ltd. was named the best hotel dairy product supplier, Shenzhen Absen Conference Service Co., Ltd. was named the best hotel MICE partner, and the Suibao mattress was named the best The best hotel mattress supplier, Kohler (China) Investment Co., Ltd. was named the best hotel sanitary ware supplier, etc.

This is the first hard-core "cloud awards" of global cultural tourism"At the 20th China Golden Horse Awards Ceremony, some of the winners shared their acceptance speeches. More than 1 million industry elites and life-loving Yue travel experts participated online, applauding and sending flowers to the hardworking cultural travelers. !

The 20th China Golden Horse Awards List


The first part of the character award

1.1 Global Cultural Travel Influential Person of the Year

Christopher J. Nassetta Hilton Group President and CEO

Arne Sorenson Marriott Global President and CEO of International Group

Michael Issenberg Chairman and CEO of Accor Group Asia Pacific

David Udell Executive Vice President of Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, President of Asia Pacific

Zhang Jianming, Chairman of Mingyu Industrial Group, Chairman of Mingyu Business Travel Co., Ltd.

Qian Jiannong, Chairman and CEO of Fosun Tourism and Culture Group

Zhong Wei and Qiaoxin Group Jointly President and President of Qiaoxin College

Song Yu, Chairman of Beijing Capital Tourism Group

Feng, Chairman of Jinlingnan International Enterprise Group

Yao Jun, Director and General Manager of Overseas Chinese Town Group Manager

1.2 China Cultural Tourism Top Ten CEO/General Manager of the Year

Stephen HO, President of Asia Pacific Development and Operations, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts Group


Jolyon Bulley, CEO of InterContinental Hotels Group in Greater China

Cheng Xinhua Dongcheng Founder, Chairman and CEO of International Group

Sun Jian, Beijing BTG Homeinn Hotel (Group) General Manager of Co., Ltd.

Tang Yong Jinmao (China) Hotel Investment Management Co., Ltd. Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

Zhang Yuenong, Chairman of China Merchants Meilun Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

Zhang, Chairman of Gang Blu-ray Cultural Business Travel Group

Yang Xiulong, Chairman of Beijing Banquet, CEO of South Beauty Group

Zhishi Qilin Songzan Cultural Travel Group CEO

Shu, General Manager of Tencent Cultural Tourism Development

1.3 Influential figures in the hotel industry in China

Xiao Xuzhe Chairman of Poly Commercial Real Estate Investment Management Co., Ltd.

Poly Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Chairman

Tang, Vice President of Ming Shimao Group, Chairman and President of Shimao Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

Wang Jianping President of Narada Hotel Group

Bai Chafley Group Assets General Manager of Management Center

Huang Guiqin General Manager of Joy City Holdings Hotel and Long-term Rental Apartment Management Company

Lin Xingyu Vice President of Jinjiang Hotel China

Wang Zhizhongzhou International Chairman of the Hotel Management Group

Wang Wei Yuehai (International) Hotel Management Group Managing Director

Lu Jian Yajule Group Hotel Management Company General Manager

Zhou Tao General Manager of Huatian International Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

Chairman of Zhong Beifang Xielong Cultural Tourism Group

1.4 World Hotel Design Leader of the Year

George Yabu, founder and chairman of Yabu Pushelberg Design Company

Ji Yutang, founder and chairman of New York Ji Yutang Design Office

Zheng Zhong Zhong CCD Hong Kong Design Founder and chairman of the firm

Wu Zhongkuang, co-founder and chief designer of AB CONCEPT

Hong Zhongxuan, founder and chairman of HHD Holiday Oriental International Design Agency

1.5 Meritorious figures in promoting industrial development/new leaders/founders of the most commercially valuable brands

Guo Wanyi Zhang Shunan Deng Dezhi Lu Siyun Wang Zhiwei

1.6 China's hotel industry leaderPresident/Management Master/Professional Manager Platinum Award

Ding, Xi Ye Weixiong, Yu Changrong, Song Yuliang, blog, Le Liu Hongliang, high, fly

1.7 Gold Chef/Star Chef

Wang Xiaojun Ruan Bihao

Part Two Enterprise Awards

2.1 Group Awards

2.1.1 Top Ten Hotel Management Companies

InterContinental Hotels Group (Greater China)

Hyatt Hotels and Resorts (Greater China)

Hilton Group (Greater China)

Accor Group (Greater China)

Guangdong (International) Hotel Management Group

Jinling Hotel Management Company

Guangzhou Star River Hotel Property Management Co., Ltd.

Evergrande Hotel Group

2.1.2 Best Hotel Asset Operator

Fengyue Hotels and Resorts

2.1.3 Best Boutique Hotel Group in China

The Mulian Hotel Group

2.1.4 China Hotel Group preferred by the investor

Dongcheng International Group

Zhongzhou International Hotel Management Group

2.1.5 The most popular Chinese national brand hotel group by consumers

Mingyu Business Travel Co., Ltd.

2.1.6 China's most promising hotel group/management company

Jiangxi Qinlu Hotel Asset Management Group Co., Ltd.

Wei Perth Hotel Management Company

2.1.7 China's Most Valuable Hotel Management Company

Hangzhou Zunlan Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

2.1.8 China's most promising cultural tourism enterprise

Xielong Cultural Tourism Group

2.1.9 China's best cultural tourism industry Service Provider

Leading Show Cultural Tourism Group

2.2 Brand Award

2.2.1 Best of China Leading Boutique Hotel Brand

Blue Sea Boutique Hotel

James Joyce Coffetel Hotel

2.2.2 Most popular Chinese ethnic hotel by consumers Brand

Xian Hotel

2.2.3 China's Most Valuable Hotel Brand for Investment

MGM Hotel

Jinling Chain Hotel

Shenggao Hotel Chain

2.2.4 China's Best Cultural Tourism Brand

Guangdong Ketianxia Industry Co., Ltd.

2.2.5 China's best luxury boutique hotel brand

Pinruo·STYLE Hotel

2.2.6 Business Travel Preferred hotel brand

Mulianzhuang Hotel

2.2.7 The most recommended coffee brand in Guangzhou by consumers

C22 Artisan Coffee

2.2.8 China's best investment hotel brand

Beijing Huayi Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

2.3 Individual Hotel Award

2.3.1 China's Best Tourist Destination Hotel Supreme Award

Dusit Thani Suzhou New District Health Resort Hotel

2.3.2 China's Best Convention and Exhibition Hotel Supreme Award

Meizhou Island International Convention and Exhibition Center Junya Hotel

2.3.3 Preferred Hotel for Domestic Business Travel

Shenzhen Zhongzhou Pavilion Hotel

2.3.4 Best Wedding Hotel in China

The Venice Raytour Hotel Shenzhen

2.3.5 Best Service Hotel in China

Chateau Star River Hotel


Zhuhai Guangdong Hotel

Wuhan Chutian Guangdong International Hotel

Meizhou Island International Convention and Exhibition Center Junya Hotel

2.3 .6 Best Business Hotel in China

Crowne Plaza Wuhan Bohe

Crowne Plaza Taizhou

Guangzhou Evergrande Hotel

Sharan Hotel

2.3.7 Best Resort Hotel in China

Pullman Changbai Mountain Jishi Media Resort

Nyingchi Hengda Hotel

Tianjin Hengda Hotel

Tianjin Dongli Lake Hengda Hotel

2.3.8 Best Conference and Exhibition Hotel in China

Shenzhen Airport Hyatt Hotel

Foshan Golden Sun Hotel

Guangzhou Zengcheng Hengda Hotel

Guangxi Qinzhou Tianjiao International Hotel

2.3.9 Best Hot Spring Resort Hotel in China

Yichun Mingyue Mountain Holiday Resort

Meilin Lake Hot Spring Hotel

Xilegu Hot Spring Resort

Lanshanyuan Lingnan Oriental Hot Spring Hotel

Liaocheng Arcadia International Hotel Co., Ltd.

2.3.10 Best Wedding Conference Hotel in China

Crowne Plaza Wuhan Bohe

2.3.11 Best Tourist Destination Hotel in China


Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16

Merlin Lake Hot Spring Hotel

2.3.12 China's Best Internet Red Hotel

Sanya Haitang Bay Renaissance Resort Hotel

Shangri-La's fifth meteorite·Lightyear Hotel

2.3.13 China's most anticipated Newly opened hotel

Pullman Yueyang Hotel

2.3.14 China's best vacation apartment

Haikou Bay Evergrande Yige Holiday Apartment

2.3.15 City Landmark Hotel

Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou

2.3.16 China Best Cultural Tourism Theme Hotel

Shanghai Ship Hotel

2.3.17 Best Green Hotel in China

Nanchang Hengda Hotel

2.3.18 Best Airport Hotel in China

Meilan Airport Yitang Flying Hotel

2.3.19 Best Natural View Hotel in China

Kaisa Keyu Resort Hotel on Dongao Island

2.3.20 Best Hotel in China Serviced Apartment

Tianjin Zhaotai Meilun Fraser Place International Apartment

2.3.21 Best Family Hotel in China

Emei Mountain Wulala Resort Hotel

2.3.22 New name card commercial real estate project in Chinese cities

Blu-ray·Crown International

2.3.23 Preferred hotel for business travel in ASEAN

Prince Hotel Sihanoukville, Cambodia

2.3.24 Hong Kong tourist landmark restaurants


Hong Kong Old Restaurant

2.3.25 Vietnamese Cuisine King Supreme Award

Lao Zhao Vietnamese Restaurant

2.3.26 The most popular restaurant in Hong Kong by international tourists

Mak Man Kee Noodle House

2.4 Famous Chinese Dishes Award

Abalone Xi·Liuxin Jipin Abalone (Guangzhou Yupinshang Trading Co., Ltd.)

Yutianshenghai·Fish Maw Soup (Guangzhou Yupinshang Trading Co., Ltd.) Co., Ltd.)

Fire pupilStewed pork ribs with chicken (Hong Kong old restaurant)

Steamed big anchovies with wine lees (Hong Kong old restaurant)

Bawei Xiang Xiaoding Fang Pork Belly (Ba Wei Xiang Emperor Bon Choi Special Shop)

Liaobu Simmered Zhizhu (Bawei Xiangdihuang Boncai Specialty Store)

Tu Xiaole Baiwei Chicken (Guangdong Hantang Kungfu Catering Management Co., Ltd.)

Signature champion and No. 1 congee (Shatin Yizun Specialty Store of Roasted Goose and Rolled Congee)

Shanshui Tofu Cake (Shatin Friends Ice Room)

Shangtangyuan Tiger Prawn Wonton (Mak Man Kee Noodle House)

Collagen Southern Suckling Pig Hand (Mak Man Kee Noodle House)

2.5 Industry Chain Award

2.5.1 China's best real estate and hotel furnishing supplier

Delifeng Home Furnishing

2.5.2 China's best real estate and hotel furnishing supplier Plate supplier

Gold Medal Asian Ceramic Tile

2.5.3 China's Best Hotel Textile Supplier

Guangzhou Yuan Zhicheng Home Textiles Co., Ltd.

2.5.4 China's best hotel dairy product supplier

Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) Co., Ltd.

2.5.5 Best Hotel Sanitary Ware Suppliers in China

Kohler (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

2.5.6 Best Hotel Sanitary Ware Suppliers in China Best real estate and hotel sanitary ware supplier

COSO Goss Sanitary Ware

2.5.7 China's best hotel mattress supplier

Suibao mattress

2.5.8 China's best hotel furniture supplier

George Home

2.5.9 China's best hotel bedding supplier


2.5.10 China's best hotel intelligent control interconnection supplier

Shenzhen Yuwei Vision Technology Co., Ltd.

2.5.11 China's best smart hotel operation solution service provider

Guizhou Wisdom Hotel Information Technology Co., Ltd.

2.5.12 The best hotel room refrigerator supplier in China

Qingdao Delaware Refrigeration Co., Ltd.

2.5.13 China's best hotel bedding protective equipment supplier

US Protect A Bed (China)

2.5.14 China's best coffee brand supplier

Xiangji Coffee Group Co., Ltd.

2.5.15 China's best hotel smart unmanned Vending machine supplier

Rongda Tianxia (Guangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd.

2.5.16 China's best hotel MICE partner


Shenzhen Absen Conference Services Co., Ltd.

2.5.17 Asia-Pacific Hotel Association recommended brand

Foshan Badis New Building Materials Co., Ltd.

2.5.18 Asia-Pacific Hotel Association recommends the best food central kitchen manufacturer

Guangdong Shifu Dian Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

2.5.19 China Gold Medal Dried Seafood Supplier

Guangzhou Haizhanhang Trading Co., Ltd.

2.5.20 China's Best Cultural Tourism And hotel lighting and audio suppliers

Shenzhen Dadi Feige Stage Planning Co., Ltd.

2.5.21 Best (mid-to-high-end) hotel design and decoration company

Guangdong Jiananju Group Co., Ltd.

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