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Do you know so many tips for life? If you don't know, you will lose a lot!

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When frying shredded pork and meat slices, add a little water and stir fry. The fried meat is tenderer than without water.


When cooking vegetables, heat water

When cooking vegetables , Do not add cold water, cold water will make the vegetables old, hard and not tasty, and the vegetables fried with boiling water will be crispy and tender.


Stir-fried lotus root silk does not turn black

Stir-fry When making lotus root, add some water while frying to prevent the lotus root from turning black.


Keep the potatoes from sprouting

I bought it back Potatoes often sprout without paying attention. You can try putting an apple in the potato pile next time.


Easy to peel fish scales

Before peeling fish scales If the fish is soaked in salt water, the scales will fall off easily.


How to get rid of the smell of fried fish

fried Soak the fish in the milk for a while before the fish, which can not only remove fishy, ​​but also enhance the umami taste.


Boil fish soup with milk

is making freezing When the fish is past, add some milk to the soup to make the fish taste more fresh.


Fried transparent shrimps

Put the shrimps Put it into a bowl, add a little refined salt and edible alkali powder, rub it with your hands for a while, soak it in clear water, and then wash it with clear water. This will make the fried shrimp transparent like crystal, tender and delicious.


Stir-fried eggplant coup

Before frying the eggplant, Blanch it with boiling water or salt the water so that it won’t absorb oil. Put a little vinegar when frying, the color will look better.


Put some vinegar in the stew

Stewed ribs Or when stewing soup, put some vinegar, which is conducive to the absorption of calcium.


Add some salt to the steamer for cooking

Use When cooking in a double boiler, add a little salt to the water and the food will cook faster.


Cooking noodles and spooning oil to prevent spillage

Add a tablespoon of oil to the surface of the water when cooking noodles, so that the noodles will not stick, and it can also prevent the noodle soup from foaming and overflowing the pot.


Add some raw oil to the steamed rice

When steaming the rice , Add a few drops of raw oil to the pot and stir, the steamed rice is one by one and non-stick.


Tips for pancake nonstick pan

Sprinkle some salt on the pan to prevent it from sticking.


Washing black fungus

When washing black fungus , Put a little flour, can wash more cleanly.


Boil mung beans and freeze first

mung beans, soybeans Soaked red beans, etc., put them in the freezer for 2 hours, take them out and cook them quickly.


Skillfully peeling garlic

Before peeling garlic, Soak the whole garlic in water, it will be easier to peel.


How to remove the garlic flavor

Drink a glass of milk , Can eliminate the garlic smell left in the mouth.


Fennel after meal

Chew after meal 5 ~10 fennel and swallow it to prevent bad breath and freshen breath. The oil in fennel can also help digestion and remove the odor of the digestive tract.


Cooking dumplings in a non-stick pan

Cooking dumplings Add plenty of water when the water is boiling, add a small amount of salt after the water is boiled, stir well before adding the dumplings, which can increase the toughness of the gluten, the dumplings will not stick to the skin and stick to the pot, and the soup will be fragrant.


Cleverly take walnut meat

put the walnuts Steam it in the pot for 10 minutes, take it out, put it in cold water and smash it, you can take out the whole peach kernel.


Save Coke

Can’t finish drinking Bottled Coke is less likely to leak when placed upside down.


Peeling tomatoes

Mango in gas stove Spin it up for a few seconds and it's easy to peel. Tomatoes can be blanched with boiling water, and the skin will be easily peeled off.


How does the iron pan not stick

Normal When you need to fry something in your iron pan, first heat the pan, pour a small amount of oil, pour out after the oil is hot, and then pour in cold oil, it becomes a non-stick pan, and the fried fish and poached buns are not sticky.


Cut onions without tearing

Cut onions, etc. For vegetables, they can be peeled and stored in the freezer of the refrigerator for several hours before cutting, so that they will not dazzle the eyes and cry.


There are tricks for cutting pineapple eggs

Use a knife Cut the egg yolk, the egg yolk will stick to the knife, you can cut the egg yolk with silk thread, which is even and non-sticky. Hot the knife in hot water and then cut it, you can cut neatly and beautifully.


How to cut peppers?

cut peppers , For hot hands, you can try to wash your hands with toothpaste, the effect is notwrong.


What should I do if my eyes are so spicy?

Eat What should I do if it's so spicy or so spicy? Eating food that is so spicy that you shed tears and drinking water will not relieve the spicy food, but will make it more spicy. The best way to relieve spiciness is to drink milk, which can relieve the spiciness.


The clothes are stained with wine

The clothes or Don't worry if the tablecloth is stained with wine, sprinkle with salt and rinse with cold water. Similarly, clothes stained with coffee can also be washed with salt.


How to remove the hot pot smell from clothes

Pour clean water into the watering can, add 1-2 drops of lemon juice and shake it well, spray on the outside of the coat. After spraying a layer of water on the surface of the clothes, hang them up and place them in a ventilated place to air dry naturally, and the smell will disappear.


Clothes wrinkle removal

Clothes are wrinkled, Not only looks old, but also looks untidy? To teach you a little trick, add one part vinegar and three parts water to the spray bottle and spray it on the clothes to dry for a while. After drying, the folds disappeared miraculously!


The magical effect of expired milk

cannot expire milk When drinking, you can soak the cloth and use it to wipe the floor of the table, and the dirt can be quickly removed.


Cleaning the top of the refrigerator

The top of the refrigerator Put a layer of plastic wrap on it and change it after a while to keep the top of the refrigerator clean, saving you the need to wipe it every day.


Regain the sharpness of the scissors

Use aluminum foil , Stack two or three sheets together and cut them with scissors to make the scissors sharp.


Maintenance of cutting boards

New cutting boards are up and down Coat both sides and the surrounding area with edible oil, and then coat it three or four times after the oil is dry, so that the cutting board treated in this way is durable.


Repair cracked plates

Put the cracked plate into the pot and pour milk and heat it for four to five minutes. After removing the plate, the cracks almost disappeared.


Maintenance of casserole

Newly bought casserole The first time it is used, it is best to cook porridge or thick rice water to block the fine pores of the casserole and prevent water seepage.


Remove rust

Use cut shallots , Freshly peeled potato chips or radish skins are dipped in a little salt, and the rusty areas can be rubbed hard to easily remove the rust.


Teeth Whitening

Sprinkle some on the dry toothbrush Salt can make teeth white.

43Clean the gold jewelry

The surface of the gold jewelry is worn out, soak a little toothpaste gently Wipe, just lightBright as new.


Homemade safe and efficient cleaner

Go to one Fill the spray bottle with one-third of vinegar and two-thirds of water, add a few drops of detergent, and shake well. A bottle of safe and efficient cleaner is born.


Remove cup stains

Beat the baking soda down Put a little water on the scouring pad and wipe the inner wall of the cup back and forth to remove the stains inside.


Prevent the mirror from misting

Bathroom mirror The mist on the surface is difficult to clean with wet and dry towels. You can apply a layer of soap on the mirror first, and then wipe it dry with a dry cloth, the mirror can easily restore its clarity.


Clear hair on fabric sofas and sheets p>

If you clean it by hand, it takes time and effort. You can stick a circle of double-sided tape on the surface of a long object, such as a paper roll of plastic wrap, and roll it on a sofa or bed sheet to quickly remove hair.


Remove musty

Drawers, closets, When there is a moldy smell in the suitcase, put a piece of soap in it to remove it.


The stove is greasy and not clean

Mix two spoons of white vinegar with 200ml of warm water, then use a sponge and environmentally-friendly loofah to clean the stainless steel stovetop with this "hot vinegar water" to make it as bright as new.


Cleaning and cleaning the cooker hood

Every cleaning After the range hood, you can apply a layer of liquid glue on the surface of its fan blades, operation panel, etc., and wait for it to dry before using it. In this way, the oil stains are not only difficult to adhere to the surface, but it is also much more convenient to clean it again. If necessary, you can gently tear off the glue film completely, and the range hood will have a new look.


Decontamination of noodle soup

Basin and bowl If it is stained with oil, it can be washed with noodle soup (dumpling soup) and rinsed with water after washing. The effect of decontamination is no less than that of detergent.


The cutting board has a peculiar smell

The cutting board has The peculiar smell can be soaked in the rice washing water, then scrubbed with salt or alkali, or wiped with ginger several times, and then rinsed with hot water. After cleaning, sprinkle some vinegar on the cutting board, dry in the sun, and then rinse with water.


New wok maintenance

new wok The fried dishes will turn black. You can put an iron pan on the fire to boil, pour in 200-250 grams of vinegar, scrub with a brush, and wash.


Cleaning the casserole

Crock pot, casserole To remove the dirt, you can soak the rice water to heat it, brush the inside with a brush, and then rinse with water.


Dredge the sewer

take some vinegar and smallSoda, pour half a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar into the sewer in turn... A lot of bubbles will be generated, don't panic, after the bubbling stops, rinse with hot water. The problem is solved!


Cleverly remove the rancid smell of the trash can

Take a piece of bread and soak up the vinegar, then put it in the trash can and let it sleep. After taking out the bread the next day, there will be no more disgusting smell! This skill is also applicable to all kinds of stinky things~


Wiping glasses

My glasses are dirty, how can I wipe them to make them brighter? Spray some water on the glasses and take a soft cloth dipped in vinegar to remove all the dust~ It will give you a clear vision!


Prevent spectacle lenses from fogging

Coat the lens with soap, detergent or shower gel and other surface active substances, and then wipe it evenly with a glasses cloth.


Banana preservation

Friends who love bananas The most worrying thing is that the stocked bananas will soon change color and spoil. You can try to wrap the roots of the banana with plastic wrap to extend its preservation time!


Cleverly cut mango

Cut in the middle, leaving out the core layer. Scrape off the mango flesh with a thin glass mouth, a whole piece of flesh, just think about it!


Cleverly cut pomegranate

Use a knife to cut the pomegranate skin in the middle of the pomegranate, make a circle, twist the pomegranate into two halves in two different directions with your hands. Break loose the pomegranate grains that are close together, tap it with a spoon: let them come into the bowl, it's very simple.


Cleverly cut oranges

Use a knife to cut the orange zest in the middle of the orange, make a circle, and then put your fingers in to loosen it, and after digging it out, half of the orange peel is completely peeled off.


Skillfully cut strawberries

Poke the straw in the bottom of the strawberry and push the leaves out. There is no need to waste the strawberry meat in the straw.


Cleverly cut watermelon

After cutting the watermelon in half, make three deep cuts on the side. Be careful not to cut it completely. Cut the watermelon in a circle along the melon skin in both directions to separate the flesh and skin, and then use a knife to cut it Cut into grids, making sure to cut deep enough inside! Pour them all out and eat them with a toothpick or spoon.


Cleverly cut peaches

First prepare a pot of ice water and a pot of boiling water. Cross the end of the peach with a knife, put the peach in boiling water and cook for about 35-45 seconds, remove it with a colander, then immediately put it in ice water, and tear off the peel by hand. This trick can also be used when peeling tomatoes Oh!


Skillfully cut pineapple

Remove the head and tail of the pineapple, stand it on a cutting board, then cut it in half, and then cut the flesh in half, then cut the core After a few rough cuts, the pineapple became diced pineapple. It tastes better with a little salt.


Skillfully cut kiwi fruit

Cut off both ends, insert it with a spoon and turn it around, and a whole sweet and sour kiwi comes out.


To buy food, please refer to the ingredient list

When shopping for food, do not buy the list of ingredients that is too long. The shorter the ingredient list, the safer it is.


The eyes enter the small dust

The eyes enter To get rid of the dust, close your eyes and cough a few times, and the dust in your eyes will come out by yourself.


Plastic bottle cap is too tight

Plastic bottle The lid is too tight to open. Put it in the refrigerator and freeze it for a while, then it can be easily unscrewed.

Life Tips

1. Roll paper core And the magical effect of the fresh-keeping bag core

There is no fold when the scarf is stored like this. Also save money for hanging clothes.

2. Mobile phone holder

3. It’s really comfortable to store it like this

4. This is convenient and easy to find

5 、You can do this for unused lines, which is very convenient and easy to find when used.

6. It looks beautiful and cleans up

7. This is so good, not easy to mess up

8. Hot mom plans to do this too. The shoes that can’t fit in the shoe rack are so good

9. Broken gloves can also be used like this, cut into a section

10. Don’t throw your fingers.

11. Cut the apple so that it won’t turn black, and how easy it is to eat when it’s cut for children!

12. Nail art, you can turn to the hot mom before " "Nail" article, you know how useful it is

13. Don’t worry about your child locking the door

Hanging clothes Time will not drop

14. Drink bottles after drinking are very useful, so Easy to use and clean!

15. Rice, vegetables...

Daily life precautions

1. When you go out, pack light and do not carry large amounts of cash and valuables to crowded places. Beware of pickpockets; strong>

2. When riding in the car, do not stretch your head or hands out of the car window to prevent bumps during meeting. Do not put important documents such as ID card and ID card in your backpack to prevent Stolen; Do not put your ID card and cash together, and be wary of your ID card being stolen when a thief steals money.

3. When riding a bike, you should drive at a medium speed, hold the handlebars with both hands, and do not ride a "hero bike."

4. When crossing the road, you must consciously abide by the traffic rules and be careful to avoid vehicles and pedestrians.

5. When swimming, you must correctly estimate your own water level, and do not try to do it; do not swim in lakes, ponds, etc., and do not swim after drinking to prevent drowning.

6. When mountaineering, you must go hand in hand. When mountaineering in heavy rain, you must prevent lightning strikes. Don't shelter under trees from rain. Strictly abide by forest fire protection regulations.

7. Eating life should be moderate, avoid overeating and alcoholism.

8. When you are confused, don’t blindly impulsively make regrets for life. You can confide in your parents and friends. Remember: the real strong has a smooth path under your feet. .

9. When you encounter someone fighting, don’t add fuel to the fire. First of all, you must not watch, be uncomfortable, and not intervene; secondly, try to persuade or stop, and report in time; when you encounter external nuisance, you must rely on the organization to actively intervene, pay attention to strategies, and avoid entanglement.

10. The authenticity of network information and the prevention of mobile SMS scams are all issues that must be paid attention to in security prevention.

When there is no water at home, remember to turn off the faucet tightly to prevent falling asleep at night, or when water comes to work during the day, the water floods the bedroom.

When frying food, avoid cold water dripping into the oil pan to avoid being scalded by the explosive oil.

Put household garbage into garbage bags and place them in designated garbage collection places regularly.

Before carrying items, do warm-up exercises to protect your body balance; when carrying things, you must exercise your strength and pay attention to the correct posture to avoid spraining the waist due to excessive force or incorrect posture .

When sorting items, pay attention to classification, positioning, and quantitative placement, and dispose of unnecessary items in time.

When stacking items, bulky or large items should be placed on the bottom layer, and smaller or commonly used items should be placed on the top; long items should be placed horizontally and flow It must be fixed, fragile items must be stored separately, and loose items must be bundled and then stacked.

High voltage is dangerous. Keep away from high-voltage power lines or transformers when flying kites, fishing, installing TV antennas, and pruning trees. If you find a broken wire, do not approach it, let alone touch it, and notify the power supply department immediately.

Do not plug multiple plugs into the same socket; copper wire can not be used to replace the fuse; in case the switch is broken, remember to turn off the main switch before repairing.

After using the electric stove or iron, you must unplug the power plug.

In the event of an electric shock, turn off the power immediatelyIf you cannot turn off the switch immediately, you can use dry wooden sticks, bamboo sticks, etc. to separate the power supply from the person who has been shocked.

Do not place knives, scissors, medicines, matches, thermos bottles, tea sets, mosquito killers and other items within the reach of children.

Don’t let children play games on the stairs.

Don’t let children play with gas stoves, electrical appliances, electrical sockets, etc.

Don’t let children get into old refrigerators, large closets, and large boxes to play.

When taking a child to the street, it’s best to make a decorative cloth strip with the child’s name, home address, phone number, etc., sewn on the child’s clothes; when an adult is out, Never lock children alone in the house.

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