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120 brain teasers, test your IQ! _ Answer

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Answer: Have you ever seen a cat wear eyes

10. What does not have a tongue in its mouth

Answer: Teapot Mouth

11. What kind of officials cannot give orders and always laugh at others?

Answer: Xinlang official

12. "You stand with the pig" , Guess an animal

Answer: Elephant (like)

13. What flower Can’t touch

Answer: Sparks

14. If tomorrow is the end of the world, why is it today? Someone wants to commit suicide?

Answer: Go to heaven to take a place

15. When, when will the big Does the bell ring 13 times?

Answer: When it is time to repair

16. In ancient times, who Be a father-in-law before becoming a father?

Answer: Eunuch

17. How to quiet the sparrow?

Answer: Press it. Reason: The crow and the bird are silent (squeeze the bird and the silent).

18. Please race the tortoise and the hare, and ask the pig to be the referee. Who will win the tortoise and the hare?

Answer: I can’t say! It’s a pig...

19. One day, a piece of half-ripe steak was walking on the street, and suddenly he saw a piece of half-ripe steak in front of him. Steak, but ignored him. Why didn't they say hello?

Answer: Because they are not familiar

20. What door can never be closed?

Answer: Goal

21. There is a soft ladder hanging beside the ship, 2 meters from the sea , The sea rises by half a meter per hour, and how many hours can seawater submerge the ladder?

Answer: The tide rises, so the ladder will never be submerged.

22. When the car turns right, which tire does not turn?

Answer: Spare tire

23. What kind of book you cannot buy in a bookstore To??

Answer: Secretary

24. Which person has run the most in history Hurry up?

Answer: Cao Cao

Reason: Say Cao Cao arrived

25. In today's society, what do self-employed people who get rich rely on for food??

Answer: Mouth

26. A magnifying glass can magnify anything, but there is one thing that cannot be magnified. What is it?

Answer: Angle

27. Wake up in the morning, everyone has to do What is the first thing?

Answer: Open your eyes

28. What kind of game, can you win? When it comes to prizes, those who lose have prizes??

Answer: punch and drink

29 , Xiao Zhang was locked in an unlocked room, but he couldn't open the door even with all his strength. Why?

Answer: Just push it away

30. Two pairs of father and son go to buy hats Everyone bought one, but why did they only buy three? ?

Answer: Three generations of grandparents

31. Why does the four 9s add up to 100? ?

Answer: 99+9/9 = 100

32. Xiao Wang is When standing guard at the post, he clearly saw an enemy sneaking towards him, why did he open one eye and another?

Answer: Aiming Goal

33. There is a person who was born to your parents, but he is not your brother or sister. Who is he? ?

Answer: myself

34. Mr. Xu Made a big mistake. When he was in front of his wife, the moment he took out his pocket, some bar matchboxes, unsuccessful betting tickets, and pictures of old lovers were scattered all over the place. While he was in a panic, in order to avoid quarreling, he immediately covered something with his hands. Excuse me, what will he cover?

Answer: To cover your wife’s eyes

35. There is a medicine, you I want to go to the pharmacy but I can’t get it. What kind of medicine is this?

Answer: Regret medicine

36. What rain can kill people?

Answer: A rain of bullets

37. What will become of a man and a woman?

Answer: Two people

38. A new husband and a newly bought What’s the difference between dogs?

Answer: I’m still very excited to see you a year later when I buy a new dog

39. What cloth cuts continuously?

Answer: Waterfall

40. September 28 is the birthday of Confucius, so October What day is the 28th?

Answer: Confucius Full Moon

41. The wolf is coming (guess the fruit)?

Answer: Carambola (Sheep Escape)

42, an ant actually came from Sichuan Is it possible to climb to Tokyo?

Answer: Climb on the map

43. What People's work is busy all day long?

Answer: Ballerina

44. What is it that people are constantly eating it , But never get enough to eat.

Answer: Air

45. How can the eyebrows grow under the eyes? ?

Answer: Handstand

46. Everyone will never forget before going to bed What's the matter?

Answer: Close your eyes

47. What can be added or subtracted?

Answer: Age

48. What kind of mountains and seas can move strong>

Answer: A sea of ​​people

49. What is the best way to avoid motion sickness? strong>

Answer: Walking

50. "Innate" is the constitution inherited by parents, then " What is "the day after tomorrow"?

Answer: The day after tomorrow is tomorrow

51. People don’t like anything eat?

Answer: Of course it’s a loss

52. Why do swallows fly to the south in winter winter?

Answer: Because it’s too slow

53. The prisoner is most willing to choose death What is the law?

Answer: Old and dead

54. What is the most frequented pedestrian street in Wangfujing, Beijing people?

Answer: pedestrian

55. Who is the least favorite male hairdresser? ?

Answer: Bald

56. The polar bear eats meat, why doesn’t it eat penguins?

Answer: I can’t eat it

57. What makes the people above happy , The people below are happy?

Answer: Concert

58. When you go to the bathroom and take a shower, you must first undress Or pants?

Answer: It’s better to close the door first

59. Why do the two children happen to happen?

Answer: Because of filial piety there are "three"...

60. What gets dirty as it is washed?

Answer: Water

61. Why would someone jump higher than the Eiffel Tower?

Answer: Because the Eiffel Tower can’t jump.

62. What is your relationship with your father’s mother’s sister’s daughter’s uncle? ?

Answer: Relatives

63. How long does it take to study "from elementary school to university" ?

Answer: Less than 3 seconds. If you don’t believe me, read it again: elementary school to university

64. Can’t the mobile phone be dropped into the toilet and get wet (guess the 4-character idiom)?

Answer: The machine must not be lost (the machine must not be wet)

65. On the road, It turned over a somersault, and then another time (guess the 4-character idiom)?

Answer: three times and twice

66. Where does the world's largest sweet potato grow?

Answer: Soil

67. Where does the world’s largest rooster come from? of?

Answer: In the egg

68. What should I do if raw rice is cooked into cooked rice? do?

Answer: Let’s have dinner

69. What is illegal to steal?

Answer: Giggle

70. Someone is starving to death while in the refrigerator There are cans of chicken, fish, pork, etc. What should he open first?

Answer: Open the refrigerator first

71. What every couple has in common Yes...?

Answer: Get married on the same day in the same year

72. Public toilets (guess a foreign capital)

Answer: London (round squat)

73. Which European country does business not wholesale?

Answer: Denmark (sold separately)

74. I can’t see anything but It can be touched, what if it scares people if it is not touched?

Answer: Pulse

75. What can you never catch with your right hand?

Answer: Right hand

76. What is the same between "laugh" and "cry" Where?

Answer: all are 10 paintings

77. This stuff looks like on the left An electric light looks like an electric light from the right side, just like an electric light. But it just won't light up, what the hell is this?

Answer: Broken electric light

78. Who is the king of beasts?

Answer: Zoo director

79. What has five heads, but people Don’t you think it’s weird?

Answer: hands, feet

80. Human What is the secret of longevity?

Answer: Keep breathing, don’t stop breathing

81. The more angry something is, it The bigger it gets?

Answer: Temper

82. Why does Chang'e like to live on the moon? on?

Answer: Moths love to eat rabbit meat

83. The smallest island in the world What is it?

Answer: A safe island on the road

84. What is the middle of the Pacific Ocean?

Answer: It’s flat characters

85. A child and an adult are in darkness Walking at night, the child is the son of an adult, but the adult is not the father of the child. Why?

Answer: Because they are a mother-child relationship

86. World boxing champions are easy What knocked down?

Answer: Sleepy

87. How much is 8 divided in half?

Answer: 0

88. When will the sun come out from the west?

Answer: When swearing

89. In winter, without heating, how to To turn ice into water immediately?

Answer: Remove the two points on the ice

90. A hungry cat from A fat mouse walked by, why was the hungry old cat indifferent and continued to walk its way without even looking at the mouse?

Answer: The blind cat meets dead mice

91. Xiao Ming’s mother has three One son, the eldest son is Daming, the second son is Erming, and what is the third son’s name?

The answer is of course Xiaoming

92. There is a young man who wants to pass one The river goes to work; but this river has no boats and no bridges. So he swam across the river in the morning, and in only an hour he swam to the opposite bank. In the afternoon, the width and flow rate of the river did not change. More importantly, his swimming speed did not change, but he actually used two. It took an hour and a half to swim to the other side of the river. Why do you say?

Answer: Two and a half hours add up to one hour

93. On the sea There is a very large ship with a capacity of 60 people. As a result, when it reached the 59th, it actually sank into the sea! Why is this (there are no pregnant or overweight people in the boat; there are no heavy objects on board)?

Answer: Don’t worry, it’s a submarine

94. What is known from heaven and earth, you don’t know what I know?

Answer: The sole is torn

95. Which one is better to start with coconut or watermelon? pain?

Answer: The head hurts more

96. What can I borrow?

Answer: Borrow light

97. The first animal I saw in the zoo was what?

Answer: The conductor

98. What will increase by half after standing upside down?

Answer: 6

99. You just call it by its name and you will call it Destruction, what is it?

Answer: Silence

100. Something often comes, but never Have you really been here?

Answer: Tomorrow

101. Xiao Wang and his parents traveled abroad for the first time because The language is blocked, his parents seem at a loss, Xiao Wang doesn't understand the slightest foreign language, he is not deaf and mute, but he has never felt inconvenience like in his own country. Why is that?

Answer: Xiao Wang is a baby

102. How to write with blue pen The scarlet letter is coming?

Answer: Write a "red" word

103. Foxes are best at confusing men , Then what "fine" men and women are fascinated together?

Answer: Alcohol

104, Why would a healthy couple give birth to a baby without eyes?

Answer: Chicken lays eggs

105. Why do two tigers fight, you have to fight to death and life before you stop?

Answer: No one dares to persuade the fight p>

106. You can do it, I can do it, everyone can do it; one person can do it, but two people cannot do it together. What is this for?

Answer: Dreaming

107. I found out that I forgot to bring the key when I went home in the middle of the night , There is no one else at home, what is your biggest wish at this time?

Answer: I forgot to lock the door

108. What are the benefits of black hair?

Answer: Don’t be afraid of getting tanned

109. Some people say that a woman is like a book , So what kind of book does a fat woman look like?

Answer: Bound volume

110. What is the main cause of divorce?

Answer: Get married

111. Why does the Statue of Liberty always stand in New York Harbor?

Answer: She can’t sit

112. Do you know where modern scientists are generally born? ?

The answer is in the hospital

113. There is a word that everyone will read when they see it wrong. What is this word?

The answer is a "wrong" word

114. What kind of car is difficult to move?

114. strong>

Answer Windmill

115. How many sides does a box have?

Two sides of the answer. Inside and outside

116. Which month has 28 days?

Answer There are 28 days every month

117. If there is a car, Xiao Ming is the driver, Xiao Hua sits on his right and Xiao Hua sits behind him, may I ask this Who owns the trolley? ?

Answer: "If"

118. Two people fell into the trap Now, the dead are called dead, what is the name of the living?

Answer: Call for help

119. Which animal has the least sense of direction?

Answer: Elk (lost)

120. Whose child is in Nanguo?

Answer: Red beans (red beans are born in the southern country) Return to Sohu to see more

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