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"Black Technology" Products Going to Space" Big Test

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Original title: Black Technology "Products Going to Space" Big Test Source: Guangming Daily

What happens to the human body mass of astronauts in the weightless environment of space? How to ensure that the astronauts in the cabin have a suitable working environment? The Tianhe core module was successfully launched, and "black technology" products such as quality measuring instruments, gas flow control valves and special pipelines have once again accepted the space "big test".

The new-generation quality measuring instrument is developed and manufactured by the relevant Aerospace Sanjiang team of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation ("Aerospace Science and Industry"). As early as 2007, the team began to develop equipment to measure the quality of astronauts. At that time, there were spring vibrator technology and linear acceleration technology in international astronaut mass measurement. The project team decided to use the latter and creatively used air floatation to simulate the microgravity environment. In May 2010, Tsinghua University carried out the conceptual design, and the aerospace Sanjiang related team carried out the industrial design, and successfully completed the production of the first set of mass measuring instruments.

Subsequently, in September 2011, this mass measuring instrument flew into the sky with the Tiangong-1 target aircraft for the first time. In 2012, on the Shenzhou 9 spacecraft, three astronauts used this mass measuring instrument to successfully conduct various tests on the human body, food bags, urine bags, and condensate tanks, with high measurement accuracy. In June 2013, on the Shenzhou 10 spacecraft, female astronaut Wang Yaping explained and demonstrated the working principle and workflow of the mass measurement instrument to the world in the space class. China has become the third country that can measure body weight in space after the United States and Russia.

Innovation never ends. Since 2015, this team has improved the quality measuring instrument from both software and hardware aspects, opening the road to the development of the second-generation quality measuring instrument . In August 2018, the first sample appraisal part of the second-generation quality measuring instrument was delivered, and the first sample product was completed in July 2019.

The second-generation quality tester starts with test stability, surge current suppression, software algorithm optimization, ergonomics design, etc. to improve stiffness and strength. At the same time, optimizing the cable layout, improving the circuit and electromagnetic compatibility design, doing a good job of electrostatic protection, strengthening the control of excess and microorganisms, and derating the components, so that the accuracy of the quality tester is significantly improved, and the consistency of the measurement results is also compared with the previous generation of quality testing The instrument is increased by 3 to 4 times, and the communication function and online parameter binding function are added through the embedded software.

In the hardware, the LCD display data transmission interface and data storage module are added to the equipment to improve the man-machine interchangeability of the equipment, and the product has reached the international advanced level and obtained 4 patents. In addition, led by the China Astronaut Scientific Research and Training Center, the project team participated in the preparation of the "Human Body Mass Measuring Instrument Calibration Specification in Microgravity Environment" has been approved by the State Administration for Market Supervision and Administration. This specification is my country’s first aerospace test instrument specification. Solicitation of opinions is currently underway, and the follow-up will be archived and run as a new national standard.

The gas flow regulating valve is also one of the key equipment on the Tianhe cabin-by controlling the opening of the valve, the ratio of the condensing heat exchange gas flow is adjusted to change The heat exchange and dehumidification of the air are used to control the temperature and humidity in the cabin to ensure that the astronauts in the cabin have a suitable working environment.

This product was developed by another team from Aerospace Sanjiang. Since 1993, the team has successively provided supporting products for manned aerospace engineering. In my country’s previous flight missions, it has undertaken the development of more than ten products including the manned aerospace engineering environmental control life insurance sub-system, medical supervision and medical insurance equipment sub-system, etc., and a variety of ground test equipment has participated in the test tasks, all of which have obtained practical flight applications and Assessmentverification.

In addition, the long-life pump, a variety of valves and special pipelines developed by Henan Aerospace 695 Plant for the core cabin are respectively used in the application fluid circuit system and environmental control The life support system and the gas supply system are responsible for ensuring the realization of the constant temperature in the cabin under the complicated conditions of outer space, the transmission of the liquid medium in the cabin, the circulation and supply of the water resource system, and the leak detection and air supply of the cabin door. The safe implementation of space test missions by astronauts provides a solid guarantee.

These are just a few "black technologies" on the Tianhe core cabin, and there are more interesting technologies on the Tianhe core cabin. It should be said that the implementation of manned spaceflight is a big test for the manufacturing industry. We are also looking forward to the fact that it can further promote the improvement of China's manufacturing industry and enable us to become one of the world's manufacturing powers faster.

(Reporter Zhan Yuan)

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