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Chinese unmanned tank debut What is the main role of the black technology unmanned tank?

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The Chinese military has always been among the best in the world, and it is also the world's top in research and development. Recently, China's unmanned tanks were unveiled, and this news attracted many netizens to watch! After the debut of this unmanned tank in China, it has received repeated likes from netizens!

What is an unmanned tank

China's unmanned tank is here! A recent hot video on the Internet showed that a PLA soldier turned the steering wheel on the console, and the tank next to him turned flexibly. Russian Satellite Network said on the 18th that the video of China's unmanned tanks has recently sparked heated debate on the Internet. Old-fashioned tanks have realized unmanned operation under the control of computer terminals. Does this mean that the era of unmanned tanks is coming?

Old tank + black technology

The "Global Times" reporter noticed that the video of China's unmanned tanks first came from military news reports on CCTV. Related videos unveiled the mystery of the domestic "unmanned combat system laboratory", showing a series of unmanned equipment such as domestic unmanned aerial vehicles, underwater unmanned submarines, and unmanned ships. According to the Russian satellite network, what is quite attractive is the unmanned tank modified on the basis of the old 59 tank: a PLA soldier sits in front of the computer console, turning the steering wheel like playing a video game, and a 59 is not far away. The tank started to move on its own. Under the skilled operation of the operator, this 59 tank can easily complete forward and backward movements, and it looks full of technology.

According to the Russian satellite network, the prototype of the 59 unmanned tank is the Soviet T-54A tank, which was introduced to China in the 1950s and usually requires 4 crew members to operate it. It can be seen from the video that China's 59 unmanned tank has entered the testing phase, which indicates that China has grafted the most advanced military black technology to old tanks and is in a leading position in the development trend of unmanned tanks in the world.

Liu Qingshan, editor-in-chief of "Tanks and Armored Vehicles" magazine, told the Global Times reporter that as my country's first mass-produced medium-sized tank, the 59 tank has the largest number of servings and the largest number of modifications and upgrades. Some 59 tanks in active service are in maintenance status. Good, can continue to serve for a long time. If unmanned operation can be realized with the help of intelligent technology, it means that a large number of 59 tanks facing decommissioning can be transformed into unmanned armored corps and use the residual heat in the battle sequence of the People's Liberation Army.

Countries are competing to study unmanned tanks

China is not the first and not the only country in the world to develop unmanned tanks. The earliest unmanned tanks can even be traced back to the 1920s, but due to the immature remote control technology at that time, the remote control distance and reliability of these unmanned tanks were not ideal, and they were quickly eliminated.

Until the beginning of the 21st century, with the rapid development of intelligent technology, unmanned tanks received attention again. As the main battle weapon platform of the Army, the tank is facing increasingly complex battlefield threats. The heavy losses of the armored units in several local wars are shocking, but there is no other weapon that can replace its position. Armies of all countries are looking forward to the fact that if tanks can be operated unmanned, it will not only effectively reduce casualties, but also greatly improve firepower assault capabilities and combat efficiency.

The United States began to develop unmanned tanks very early. In 2004, the United States developed multiple models such as XUV unmanned reconnaissance tanks, unmanned minesweeping tanks, and "future combat systems". In 2009, the US "Popular Science" website disclosed a "fast-running tank"-MSI "coarse saw" unmanned ground vehicle with a speed of 97 kilometers per hour. During the field demonstration test at the Aberdeen Test Center, its prototype once climbed a 9-meter-high 45-degree hillside, demonstrating its excellent maneuverability through vegetation zones and in-situ turning.

The US Marine Corps already owns 200 "Robo Warrior" tactical unmanned vehicles. The vehicle can be regarded as a miniature unmanned tank, adopts a crawler-type traveling system, is equipped with an on-board smoke release system, barrier breakthrough system, tear gas, flash grenade, and many non-lethal weapons. It can work in any weather and terrain., Perform reconnaissance, nuclear, biological and chemical weapons detection, breakthrough obstacles, counter snipers and direct shooting tasks.

According to the Russian satellite network, the Russian army has developed a variety of unmanned combat vehicles, including reconnaissance, demining, armed patrol and other different types, some of which have also undergone actual combat tests. When the new Russian "Almata" tank was unveiled in 2016, a Russian Defense Ministry official revealed that Russia plans to develop an unmanned tank based on the tank. Turkish President Erdogan has also announced the development of unmanned tanks, "a step ahead" in defense technology.

When will you be on the battlefield?

The development of unmanned tanks is a frontier contest of military technology among major powers. The US "National Interest" website stated on the 18th that in order to defeat China and Russia on the battlefield, the United States must combine artificial intelligence technology and robotics to develop a miniaturized, networked, and intelligent robot corps.

What role will China's modified unmanned tank play on the battlefield? Some netizens speculated that it might be used as a decoy to distract the enemy's attention, to cover the main advance, or as an accompanying firepower for infantry on the battlefield. Liu Qingshan said that the tank is a land combat platform with a high degree of integration of maneuverability, firepower, and protection. Contemporary unmanned tanks are unmanned crawler armored platforms controlled by their own programs. The essence is a long-range attack type. The further development of "non-contact warfare" led by intelligent weapons and information weapons. When the future technology is mature, it can integrate various target information obtained from reconnaissance satellites, aircraft, ships, submarines, and ground reconnaissance forces, and cooperate with other unmanned platforms to implement faster response speeds and higher killing probability. Continuous battle.

Liu Qingshan believes that the 59 unmanned tank is still in the stage of concept demonstration and technology exploration. CCTV reports prove that my country has solved the problem of unmanned marching operation of tanks, but there are still many technical problems that need to be overcome in order to achieve the same combat level as manned tanks. According to reports, due to the complex and changeable environment of the ground battlefield, it is necessary to provide a large amount of real-time battlefield information to enable unmanned tanks to charge like a manned tank or provide fire support in time, and to quickly identify and judge enemy targets. The problem also exceeds that of drones. However, Liu Qingshan suggested that some of the conceptual technologies of foreign unmanned tanks can be tested on 59 unmanned tanks to develop special vehicles such as mine clearance, anti-terrorism, EOD, and reconnaissance.

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