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Youcan Robot Black Technology takes you to explore the mysteries of the deep sea

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71% of the world is covered by the ocean. Whether it is underwater sightseeing, photography, underwater aquaculture, underwater exploration, or underwater inspection and archaeology, the ocean is a huge blue ocean. Since the birth of the underwater robot in the second half of the 20th century, it has been developed with the continuous development of human understanding of the ocean, the development of the ocean, and the protection of the ocean. It is designed to perform various tasks in areas and depths that are difficult to reach by ordinary diving technology. Ocean development has entered a new era. The value of global demand for underwater entertainment drones alone will exceed US$2 billion.

A few days ago, during the "Two Cities Co-creation, Sharing Intelligent Manufacturing" Nanxiang Qiandeng Technology 50 Intelligent Manufacturing Acceleration Camp, interviewed Youcan Robot, a company specializing in underwater entertainment robots.

Underwater entertainment robots are a "good heart" for photographers

In August 2016, Youcan Robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was registered and established. The founder Li Zhiqin’s belief is that “there is a flying drone in the sky, and we want to build an underwater robot Youcan that can swim in the blue sea.” Youcan means “you can” and specializes in Underwater entertainment robots need to be fun, particularly cool, high-value, and stable. ”

From the birth of the first BW1 model machine in December 2016 to the birth of the BW Space intelligent underwater robot in March 2018, Li Zhiqin relied on his years of technical accumulation in video processing to make the product continuous Iteration. The BW Space tracking underwater drone is equipped with 4K high-definition video, supports up to 7 hours of underwater shooting, and has a maximum diving depth of 100 meters. It can intelligently adjust the lights and complete multiple shootings such as underwater tracking and underwater live broadcasting. Mission to take you to explore the ocean world. Youcan BW Space intelligent underwater robot won the "Capek Award 2017 Technology Innovation Award". In April 2019, Youcan released a new generation of underwater drones-Global BW Space Pro, the first zoom camera drone, continues to intensively cultivate in the field of underwater drones.

Li Zhiqin believes that underwater Entertainment robots are a "good heart" for diving enthusiasts. "Youcan Dive is now available on the APP Store and Google Play, which is bound to the hardware of Youcan underwater robots, and the control is relatively convenient. If you are an old player who can control and play drones, you can easily get started within an hour; even if you are a drone operation novice, you can also operate our underwater robots very well in one day. The proficient and simple operating system allows most diving enthusiasts to swim in the sea and explore the beauty of the ocean. ”

To make "fun" more grounded based on market demand

The blue ocean market has never been calm and there is no shortage of people who want to seize the opportunity. Li Zhiqin began to think about changing his mind. Starting from the needs of customers, only by grasping the first-hand feedback information from the client can we achieve more perfect product optimization.

"We not only sell hardware products, we also have our own underwater world forum, and we have overseas Facebook accounts. We will always pay attention to user feedback, users will communicate with us the first time to share their experience, and even have a lot of innovative suggestions, which are the ideas that users provide us. "Being market-oriented, guiding late-stage research and development, avoiding behind-the-scenes, and accepting market acceptance inspections after products come out. The first-time feedback from the market helped Youcan seize some of the opportunities.

Li Zhiqin, founder of Youcan Robotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

"Five Core" technologies make "fun" unlimited

AI shooting: more powerful AI intelligent algorithm, according to the shooting environment automatically enhance the video picture shooting effect, improve the image effect;

Image processing: underwater image sharpness processing, Underwater image light compensation technology, underwater color reproduction technology and algorithm;

Motion control: precise control and precise posture adjustment of underwater robots, underwater directional depth determination technology and motion algorithm, underwater Anti-shake technology, accurate underwater navigation technology;

Underwater positioning: Ultra-short baseline positioning system, using a deep communication system to transmit transducers, transponders, and receiving arrays, based on a hybrid of SBL and APIT Positioning algorithm, using APIT beacon triangle cutting to achieve high-precision positioning;

Automatic obstacle avoidance: water and light integrated obstacle avoidance technology, using sonar sensor-assisted image recognition algorithm to achieve precise obstacle avoidance.

The product line continues to enrich the deployment of underwater military drones

Play with new ideas, play tricks, and people who love to play are always growing endlessly. So in addition to conventional underwater drones, what other fun things does Youcan have?

BW Space Pro is the world’s first underwater drone for zoom photography: equipped with a 4K 6x zoom camera, which can move vertically up and down, and complete fixed-depth hover, directional straight travel, and 45-degree pitch shooting, with its own The lens anti-shake function makes your underwater field of view more open.

BW Swimate entertainment consumer underwater booster: It has a 9kgf propeller power, a maximum running speed of 1.5 m/s, a maximum dive of 40 meters, a battery life of 45 minutes, and a compass , So that diving enthusiasts can easily swim in the ocean.

Industrial-grade ROV: Mainly equipped with 4K cameras, which can complete multiple inspection tasks such as vertical/lateral movement, intelligent tracking, sound and light barriers, water quality inspection, x-ray inspection, mechanical handle movement, etc. Enterprises save inspection and exploration costs.

In addition to consumer-level underwater entertainment robots, Zhiqin hopes that in the future, it will also be able to contact more B-end users. Through the advantages of AI image and video processing technology, it will be The penetration of underwater inspections and other industries. Deeply cultivate underwater entertainment drones and deploy underwater military drones to form a three-dimensional product line for sea, land and air.

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