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Timeless classic 8-bit style The most worthwhile pixel mobile game

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The story of the game starts with the protagonist waking up in an unknown room as the main scene. Later, he discovered that a weird murder had occurred here. Players must step by step to expose the truth of the murder and find out why they fainted The reason for this house.

The texture of the whole work is novel, the thick pixel picture is unprecedented in similar games, the image and the scene are also blurred, and the area with limited visibility has further aggravated the player's anxiety. It is worth mentioning that the whole game has no background music at all, but the various sound effects are in place, and the sudden "surprise" is indeed shocking.

In general, this work is indeed very special, especially in terms of narration. The concept of allowing players to create stories is also very novel, provided that you can understand the plot in English. Horror comes from the unknown and uneasy. It is more thought-provoking to leave some suspense. Maybe this is what this game wants to express.

8. Complex and diverse match-3 works: "Pixel Defenders Puzzle"

"Pixel Defenders Puzzle" is a retro pixel-style strategy game. The background of the game is positioned in medieval Europe. Players need to act as warriors to protect the kingdom from invasion. The game is in the original Based on the strategy game, match 3 is cleverly combined with tower defense, adventure, puzzle solving, RPG and other elements. Its surprising and innovative concept allows players to appreciate a different way of playing.

Of course, a game that integrates so many elements is not easy to play. You need to spare some time to learn to master its gameplay. The game contains a series of detailed interactive tutorials for beginners. The core idea of ​​the game is to use three or more identical blocks to stack and combine the "reverse elimination" mode. Elimination is just the most basic method of the game. What the game really wants to bring to players is a game experience similar to strategy RPG. Players will be exposed to RPG elements, tower defense and so on.

The positioning of "Pixel Defender" is definitely not a casual game that allows you to relax. You must pass the guidance of three novice tutorials to initially master the gameplay. This is not a bad thing, the more complex the game, the more time you may spend on it. Its gameplay customizes an advanced level similar to the learning curve for players, and no one can directly tell you the strategy of the game or teach you shortcuts. Its complexity is that you can only know what to do in the future game only through your own experience.

7. A self-abuse artifact that challenges the limit: "1001 Attempts (1001 Attempts)"

"1001 Attempts" is a very retro fast-paced game. Although its appearance is ugly, the gameplay is full of passion. It is easy to sink into crazy and challenge thousands of people. Back. In the game, the player will control the purple villain and collect diamonds on the screen, because the positions of the diamonds are random. Therefore, players must react quickly and avoid all kinds of dark arrows, such as rockets, wildfires, and drills. These things surround you at lightning speed, and one accident will be broken.

This game is definitely worthy of the name, because you are likely to Game Over soon after the game starts, so you have to play it repeatedly. This is why the game is called to abuse you 1001 times. However, I have to mention that this game feels very good, smooth and sensitive. Whether it is a two-button movement, a single-button jump, or a gravity-sensing movement, plus a single-button jump, there is no obvious or subtle discomfort. And the game is very fast-paced and the level of excitement does not lose the barrage game at all.

At present, this game has been landed on iOS and Android platforms. The essence of the game lies in repeated challenges, challenging high scores, and eating a gem will increase the score. The higher the score, the more exciting the missileThe more dangerous things there are, and there are endless surprises every time.

6. The indestructible sandbox fortress: "Block Fortress"

"Block Fortress" is a sandbox tower defense game that combines first-person shooting. The inspiration for this game is taken from "Minecraft", players can build your own defensive fortress completely according to their personal wishes. The game has a free mode, a casual mode and a more difficult survival mode. Players can use more than 30 building modules, 16 high-end turret types, as well as generators, depth bombs, mine arrays, spotlights, observation decks, etc. Auxiliary construction tools.

In the game, players need to build your base in the wilderness, security turrets and towers, to consolidate your position, and then resist waves of enemies. When the battle begins, you will switch from the construction mode to the combat mode. You enter the battlefield with a weapon in your hand. On the fortress, you can see the whole situation and bombard the enemy with your own hands. The game also has a day and night cycle. Players must take into account the characteristics of fighting at night and add spotlights and other lighting systems when building the turret.

Killing monsters in the game will get gold rewards. Gold can be used to buy items and build bases, upgrade turrets, buy generators, etc. In addition, we can also collect minerals from the top of the mountain to obtain mineral reserves. In addition to purchasing a large number of different weapons through the store, we can also manage the base by ourselves and build a special research and development organization, thus enriching the game content. Players can also equip a variety of advanced weapons.

The system of this game is very complex and powerful, with dazzling changes and always full of new ideas. Compared to "Minecraft", the world of the game "Sandbox Fortress" is more confrontational and challenging.

5. Simple and addictive pass-through duckling: "Gravity.Duck"

"Gravity Duck" is a 2D horizontal puzzle game produced by Ravenous Games. The protagonist of the game is a little yellow duck. , This cute little duck is blessed by the ancient stone statue so that it can change the direction of gravity at will, and is assigned by the stone statue to explore and collect all the golden eggs in a maze full of traps.

Although the game screen is in retro pixel style, it does not look rough, and its details are in place, but it makes people feel exquisite. The game is matched with a cheerful retro-style soundtrack, which complements the screen and gives people a relaxed and happy feeling. The mechanism of the game is very simple. Use the virtual arrow keys to control the direction of the duckling's action. The A key changes the gravity so that the duckling can avoid dangerous traps and get the golden egg to open the maze exit.

The game has three scene packs and 108 levels. Players need to manipulate the duck to change the gravity all the way. Reaching the golden egg is considered as passing the level. The progressive difficulty of the play will potentially push you to continue. Refresh the operation level and response speed. On the whole, this game is worthy of being produced by a big dinosaur. Its exquisite and retro graphics, seemingly simple but extremely timing-testing operations, and rich level design make this game a boutique.

4. The brothers and sisters who pay tribute to "Super Mario": "The Other Brothers"

"Super Mario (The Other Brothers)" is an 8-bit style work that pays homage to Mario. It has a protagonist who looks like Uncle Mario and a platform clear theme that looks like Mario. , From the picture, music, pass method and smooth operation demonstration, there is no less than Mario's style, the game reveals unique innovation and black humor everywhere. The protagonists are two good brothers, they are like Mario, wearing overalls and beards.

The picture of "Super Mario" is simple but not rough. The adventure stage is not a different world level to enter from a certain entrance, but the real world that can be seen everywhere, with buildings, characters, animals and various The variety of items is rich, and the pixels are used to restore each picture to the right degree. The art skills of the production team can be seen. Just like the classic platform game, "jumping" is always the essence. Players must use the actions of "jumping", "double jump in the air" and "rapid jump" in the game to go to the nextThe exit of a scene. The levels are not straight and straight across from left to right, but have different levels. As the player reaches the position, where are the exits and hidden props? It requires the player to continue to explore.

The developer said that this is a family-fun adventure game, with a bright rhythm, combining many elements of running, jumping, and collecting. The background music is also quite good. The game is easy to learn, but difficult. Slightly larger, it is more suitable for players who have experience in the horizontal board game challenge. It is a rare leisure masterpiece.

3. A must-play for 2D sandbox games: "Terraria"

In the minds of sandbox game fans, "MineCraft" is definitely regarded as a "skilled work" in the sandbox game, and a work that can be as famous as it must be "Terraria". "Terraria" is a 2D horizontal pixel game. Compared with "Minecraft", its screen is more cartoonish. In addition to construction, the game pays more attention to combat and adventure. The content of the game is not limited to creation. In my own world, there are also a lot of action elements added, which is obviously different from "Minecraft".

Although this game only spreads out on a flat surface, the level of fascinating is not diminished. In the game, you can customize the name, gender, dress, skin color, etc. of the object. The game soundtrack is relatively simple, and there is no overly complicated sound rendering. The main purpose of the game is to gather, create and fight. Some necessities can be found on the surface, but rare materials will only appear deep underground. The underground world is like a traditional 2D action game. From giant slimes, skeletons, worms to all kinds of bugs, it is quite colorful. If the focus of the ground is construction and exploration, then the underground is your battlefield.

I believe that players who love pixel style will love this sincere work.

2. The pinnacle of pixel art: "Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP)"

"Super Bros: Sword and Witchcraft" is an action puzzle game. The main part of the game is occupied by decryption elements. In the part of the action game, It uses a very bright re-qualification mode, the overall difficulty is not great, and the focus of the game is on the design of the theater route. In addition to the sound and picture effects that impress players, the overall picture style retains a very retro style. 8-bit style.

This game is a collaboration of three Toronto designers. Although the game is in a pixelated style, every movement of the characters is very delicate, whether it is a rustling bush or a rash The details of his pink tongue are presented very clearly through the hazy color grid, which is a bit similar to the pointilism painting technique, and the effect is incredible. The background music of the game is produced by Jim Guthrie. The style is fresh and jumping. It can be said that the editor has heard the highest quality game soundtrack. With the game's screen, it gives people a feeling of a world away.

In "Super Bros: Sword and Witchcraft", players can feel a very unique and mythical atmosphere, and its artistic rendering effect will absolutely shock your soul. In the game, the player has to play the role of a swordsman on the journey. After going through all the difficulties along the way, the curse of the moon is finally solved and the road to a samurai is finally solved. What is more special is that this game also adds real time as a game element, which greatly increases it. Decryption difficulty, for players who like to play decryption games, this is definitely a work of the century.

1. Award-winning free country: "Minecraft-Pocket Edition"

"Minecraft" is a sandbox building game with survival adventure elements. The entire game world is made up of various pixel blocks. Players can destroy them or use their own blocks to build things at will. In order to survive and develop in the game, players need to obtain resources through logging, mining, hunting, etc., and create weapons and tools through a synthesis system. As the game progresses, players are self-reliant and gradually build their own homes.

The freedom of this game is quite high, it has no ending, no level and score. Although there are dangers such as monsters, it is usually not difficult to survive in the game. Even if they die, the player can stillThe location is reborn, and the only loss is that the items on the body will fall upon death and disappear after a period of time.

In short, this open game does not have a clear game purpose. Players can enjoy the fun of exploration and creation in it.

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