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Who can pretend most? Skills are king! _ Contest

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Industry Focus Competition of Top Ten Skilled Brands

Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security High-Skilled Talent Training Center, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, Vocational Ability Development Division and Shenzhen The person in charge of the Vocational Skills Appraisal and Guidance Office attended and watched the competition, and expressed affirmation of the competition hosted by Shenzhen Home Improvement and Home Furnishing Industry Association, and hoped that the competition can arouse attention and enhance the professional living space of the group of home improvement workers who are generally ignored by the society.

As the first skill competition project included in the government system in the national decoration industry, this competition has attracted great attention from the home improvement and home furnishing industry. Jiasen Wood, a local company in Shenzhen, assisted the association to undertake the work of organizing the competition, organizing industry experts to formulate technical plans for the competition, discussing referee rules and competition craftsmanship, and striving to hold the strength of the industry so that the professional style of home improvement workers can be the most beautiful embodiment.

Jianyi Marble Tiles and Jia Debao Home Furnishing Group gave special support to the competition and promoted the wide spread of the competition throughout the industry, attracting Jiasen, Flying Pigeon, Ada, and Dekor More than 230 craftsmen from ten major brands including Anxin, Hongji, Life Home, Kendia, King Kong Berlin, and Nature participated in the competition. After various levels of selection within the participating companies, nearly a hundred craftsmen finally stepped onto the arena to show off their skills.

Ten participating brands

Artisan competition site

Cultivate star craftsmen to create professional glory

Promote the industry to "win respect with quality", the home improvement craftsman competition is the Shenzhen home improvement home A major move by industry associations. In the first competition held in 2017, two front-line employees from Guoanju Decoration and Juzhong Decoration won the "Shenzhen May 1st Labor Medal" for an unprecedented time, which greatly boosted the spirit of industry workers.

Due to historical prejudice, the home improvement industry is a marginalized profession, and employees generally face a status quo that is looked down upon by others, lacking professional identity and sense of honor. As the promoter of the competition, Li Xiaofeng, president of the Shenzhen Home Improvement and Home Furnishing Industry Association, said that he hopes to cultivate star craftsmen through the artisan competition, shape professional glory, and stimulate industry enthusiasm. At the same time, it is hoped that through the promotion of the competition, the traditional employment system of the home improvement industry will be effectively reformed and the process of professionalization of industrial workers will be promoted.

Chairman Li Xiaofeng emphasized that the spirit of craftsmanship requires the common attention of the whole society. Enterprises and employees need to use the spirit of craftsmanship to provide products and services, and consumers also need to give the spirit of craftsmanship. Reward and respect accordingly.

Speech by Li Xiaofeng, President of Shenzhen Home Improvement Industry Association

Create a craftsman plan to promote quality development

In the craftsman competition At the scene, the vice president of Haotian Decoration Engineering Liu Shangcheng took over the award of the first chairman from the chairman Li Xiaofeng, which marked the official establishment of the Craftsman Committee of Shenzhen Home Improvement and Home Furnishing Industry Association.

Chairman Li Xiaofeng said that hosting a craftsman competition and the establishment of a craftsman committee are both important elements of the industry craftsman plan. The association will lead the industry from an excessive marketing type to a quality service type through the craftsman plan. return.

The establishment of the Craftsman Committee of the Home Decoration Industry was guided and supported by the Nanshan District Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau. It is understood that after the establishment of the Craftsman Committee, it will work on talent training, craft exchanges, craftsman files, site standards, site inspections, site selection, and craft competitions to promote the healthy development of the industry on the basis of respecting the spirit of craftsmen.

Chairman Li Xiaofeng awarded the plaque to the Chairman of the Craftsman Committee Liu Yunshang

Arena Highlights

Group photo of the winners

Winner list

The first place Jiasen Wood Industry—— Lu Wei

The second place Ada Flooring——Yang Xing

The third place Flying Pigeon Flooring ——Peng Hairong

The fourth place Anxin Flooring——Wang Yan

The fifth place Jiasen Wood Industry——Zhang Yanping

The sixth place living home wooden floor-Xu Shujin

The seventh place natural floor-Zhang Jiankang strong>

The eighth place Dekor Floor——Huang Weiwei

The ninth place Kendia——Jin Zhengping

The tenth place Anxin Flooring——Wu Xianxiang

The eleventh place Golden Steel Platinum Lin——Cheng Hongjin

The twelfth place Jiasen Wood Industry-Zhang Peng

The thirteenth place Living Home Wood Floor-Yang Siping p>

The fourteenth place Jiasen Wood-Wu Yuting

The fifteenth place Jiasen Wood-Zhou Choucheng

List of star craftsmen

Jiasen wood flooring


Lu Wei, Zhang Yanping, Zhou Choucheng, Yanyi, Huang Gubin

Wu Yuting

Wu Yuhong, Zhong Mengliang

Flying Pigeon Floor

Peng Hairong, Zhang Jinwei, Peng Haiping

Ada Wood Flooring

Feng Jiawei Yang Xing Ye Xueyong


Xiao Yulin

Feng Xingke

Liu Yuanqing, Liu Xiaoxing, Liu Hui, and Zhu Xiaobo

Zhang Peng

Liu Zhaowu and Zhou Lipan

Hongji Wood Industry

Chen Zhong Wang Shaoxiong Lu Jinfu Pei Xiaohui Li De

Anxin Flooring

Liu Shu Wu Xianxiang Wang Yan He Jianzhang

Natural floor

Wang Zhangchao and Zhang Jiankang

Ken Diya

Jin Zhengping, Du Fuhai and Li Fuhua

Living homeWooden floor

Yang Siping, Wang Siyong, Peng Yuanxin, Xiao Shifa, Xu Shujin

Dekor floor

Zhang Ruiying, Liu Yangda, Huang Weiwei, Lu Xingyuan, Liu Yiyong

Jin Gang Bo Lin

Cheng Hongjin Ding Xiaowen

Shenzhen Stock Exchange Property Management Company

Li Zhenqiang

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